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‘Telephone’ Makes Best ‘Glee’ Musical Numbers List

‘Telephone’ Makes Best ‘Glee’ Musical Numbers List

In yet another boost of support for Charice’s return to “Glee,” her “Telephone” sing-off has been named No 6 Ai??in the 11 Best Musical Numbers in the series to date.

The list was published by, with the resumption of the second series set to take place tonight, when the second season’sAi??11th episode is aired after the Super Bowl.

Charice’s character hasn’t been Phone spyware, Phone call tracker. seen since the first episode of the season was broadcast last September, but the impact that the fast growing international singing sensation had was enough to keep “Glee” fans and commentators talking about her. named Charice’s performance in 6th place, one place ahead of Gwyneth Paltrow’s celebrated rendition of “Forget You” with New Directions, when she appeared as substitute teacher Holly Holliday.

“The casting of Philippines singing sensation Charice created a ton of anticipation during Glee’s summer vacation, and the big payoff arrived rather unexpectedly during a sing-off in the girls’ room, opposite New Directions’ insecure leading lady” the TV website states.

Topping the list is Rachel’s version of “Don’t Rain on My Parade” in the “Sectionals” episode in the first season, with Kurt’s performance of the Beatles’ classic “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in the “Grilled Cheesus” episode in second place. New Direction’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” which was preformed in the pilot of the first season, is in third place.

Charice has already been included in Ryan Seacrest’s list of the Top 10 “Glee” Celebrity Guest Stars, while BuddyTV placed her at No 11 in their list of the 15 Best Performances on “Glee,” Season 2.

She was also chosen as the 7th most popular guest star, ahead of Britney Spears, in EW’s list of the 15 Most Popular Guest Appearances on “Glee“.

Charice as Sunshine Corazon in her famous sing-off with Rachel in ‘Glee’

TVLine Counts Down Glee’s 11 Best Numbers!

Glee best performance 75x75 Telephone Makes Best Glee Musical Numbers ListDial 1-800-About-Damn-Time: Foxai??i??s Glee is back on Sunday, and in the post-Super Bowl slot, no less! Thereai??i??s crazy-loud buzz right now about a football-field mashup of ai???Thrillerai??? and ai???Heads Will Roll,ai??? but if that performance is going to join the pantheon of the showai??i??s all-time greatest musical numbers, itai??i??ll have to leapfrog over these 11 performances. Without further ado, hereai??i??s TVLineai??i??s countdown. >> Full story

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11 Responses to “‘Telephone’ Makes Best ‘Glee’ Musical Numbers List”

  1. chariceqayu says:

    hi, im new here,but im chaster since starking era…hehehe,sorry for my poor english but i’ll try my best,for me,charice is my organic food for my ears and my heart..thank you…

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  2. EBJohns11 says:

    yeah the bathroom scene with Lea singing telephone was one of my GLEEs favorite esp at the end when Sue said ” SHUT up” lol

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  3. unknown says:

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  4. brayalovescheng says:
    very deserving . . she never dissapoint me . .

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  5. jimfan155 says:
    Wow her very first song, as a rookie – congratulations Charice. I too am surprised that Listen wasn’t acknowledged. Wonder if a panel selected this list or was voting involved (probably not or CM would have been on top of it).

    One thing I always wondered, if Rachel had onions or garlic before the duet, because she was all up in Sunshine’s face – what’s up with that, ha, ha.

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  6. POPseeker says:
    Yeah I agree, where’s Charice’s own rendition of “Listen”?

    …well it’s still great that Charice belonged in best performances again! :)

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  7. Mo nique says:
    What about “listen”? I think she was spectacular in that rendition.

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  8. daddy 0 says:
    Wow!! Me first!!! Charice were are you???

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  9. Astrud says:
    I’m first….Telephone is popular as ring tones cause Charice made it sound more catchy. Also, that snippet of toilet singing is something becomes now part of the music history.
    Glee had a good start because of this piece.

    So something big must be coming at the end of the season as they say.

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