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Charice to Perform at Woman’s Day ‘Red Dress Awards’ Feb 8th

Charice to Perform at Woman’s Day ‘Red Dress Awards’ Feb 8th

Charice is scheduled to perform in New York City, Tuesday evening, at the 8th Annual Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards to be hosted by Mario Lopez. The event attracts popular musicians, designers, actors and models alike to help honor women’s heart health and raise awareness of the number one killer of women: heart disease.

The night is a star-studded gala which honors incredible people who are making a significant impact in the fight against heart disease in women. This year’s honorees include one of the best known names in journalism Barbara Walters, and Today show co-host Hoda Kotb, and more.

180797 196372680388635 100000477145647 740565 993174 n Charice to Perform at Womans Day Red Dress Awards Feb 8thCharice On The Red Carpet

Charice has arrived in New York City and was interviewed on the Red Carpet by Mario Lopez… and by the looks of it, a host of other cameras in her face!

Hope to see video later!

In the meantime, enjoy a couple of photos of Charice in, what else?… a red dress!

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Click on the image for the full size view

Thanks Lantao!!! I knew we could count on you for video in New Yorrrk City!!

Standing Ovation Princess!! Charice knocks it out of the park with the Whitney Houston “Bodyguard Medley” and “I Will Survive”

From Lantao: “Our Charice performed at the 8th Annual Woman’s Day Red Dress Award here in New York City in the Jazz of Lincoln Center. Charice is one of the highlight singers in this event. The audience applaused her with standing ovation and screams even before she completed each song.”

Charice Womans Day Charice to Perform at Womans Day Red Dress Awards Feb 8th
photo courtesy of Serrynyc

Tickets are available for $100. Visit for details on buying your tickets now and bios of the honorees and performers. Charice will perform along with Natasha Bedingfield and the gospel ensemble, Broadway Inspirational Voices.


Charice Charice to Perform at Womans Day Red Dress Awards Feb 8th“It’s been a dream come true,” is how 18 year old Filipino singing sensation Charice has described her extraordinary rise to fame over these last few years.

With a No. 1 song on Billboard’s Dance Charts (“Pyramid”), a Top Ten Pop debut last Spring—and a major role as Filipino exchange student Sunshine Corazon on the hit TV Show “Glee” this season, there’s no doubt… >> Read full Bio here

Watch the sizzle reel below for highlights of last year’s event with Grammy award winner Mary J. Blige among one of the performers. Looking forward to this year’s reel as Charice is sure to sizzle the crowd!

Click image to Buy Tickets for $100 each to the Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards gala at Broadway at 60th Street, New York City:

Womans Red Dress invitation Charice to Perform at Womans Day Red Dress Awards Feb 8th

by Eve,

169 Responses to “Charice to Perform at Woman’s Day ‘Red Dress Awards’ Feb 8th”

  1. She looks beautiful with her outfit. Her hair is too long though, I think she should trim it a little bit. Another great performance!!!

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    • mooffin says:
      i think that’s not her own hair, she admitted to having extensions in an interview once so that length is deliberate. i think it’s perfect on her, make it shorter and she’ll look like a 10 year old. only an 18 year old can get away with hair like that so i think she should keep it while she still can =D.

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  2. Yobhtron says:
    Perfect performances by CHARICE and a BIG thanks to the one and only MASTER NINJA CHASTER LANTAO!

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  3. chaloyal says:
    BRAVO to the Queen of Standing Ovations!!! Woot! Woot!

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  4. michael says:

    CHARICE’s rare contest video hosted by pilita corales and carding

    way back in 1991.

    she performed the song:

    JOURNEY TO THE PAST from the animated film ANASTASIA

    this was the singing contest she joined at BATANG KAMPEON

    see how cute she was on that contest.

    this was shown at the 2:30 to 2:31 part of
    A STAR IS BORN video of charice.

    i have the full copy of that video and its in HD.

    here’s the link guys:


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  5. aaalo says:
    I remember two years ago. Hoda only mention a little girl after hearing Chaice in Agass fundraising event. Now she knows her name. Charice really comes in a long way.

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  6. sreCeb says:
    she’s a musical genius, incomparable, a league of her own…..

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  7. SergeLV says:
    Was it a guest performance or was it a Charice concert ? Awesome !

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  8. cheers says:
    I could play Charice’s version of I WILL SURVIVE for the 1,000th time and still won’t be tired of it!!! She is seriously this great!!

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  9. Jon says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • sanctuary says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • mdsjr says:
      This topic has been discussed extensively. Go to the last page of older comments, look for palaginghuli comment.

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    • cholo says:

      the honorees were on her right side.

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  10. Bigfan says:
    Charice takes my work related stress away, her voice calms me down…. I love you Charice!!!! :)

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  11. Joy Co says:
    Oh wow, Charice spoke like a pro hollywood personality. Her english was awesome and she looked very comfortable and smart. To the Top Baby!

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  12. ArrVee says:
    “I Will Survive” is more than a song that best highlights Charice’s vocal power and range. It is an anthem, quite appropriate for the event, where the donations of patrons will allow people afflicted with heart disease to survive.

    digging a little deeper, it is also about Charice’s life story, what with the tremendous odds she not only overcame, but turned into a fairy-tale success story.

    and listening in person to this live performance, you cannot help standing up and applauding that fighting spirit that her heroic voice and petite frame conjure up, especially with the passion with which she delivers it, emphasized all the more by her red dress …

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    • gunrunner says:
      im moment of depression, charice is like a dose of drug that lift my spirit. charism – is the art of surviving overwhelming odds and coming out of it triumphant. i put her pic as screen saver in my pc to charge my spirit everyday. this girl is an apostle of hope. they chose the right person to give meaning to this occassion. i love this girl like my daughter

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      • mpasig52 says:
        I couldn’t agree more! She’s really God’s gift to us. Her voice has away of calming us down after a hard day’s work. Thank you, Charice! Keep singing!

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  13. mdsjr says:
    Hoda Kotb, being interviewed at the Woman’s Day Red Carpet, asked the interviewer this question “Who is better than Charice” .

    See the rest of the video here:

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  14. dadartful says:
    Talk about praises from the media of this event, I saw this from Andy Swift of Hollywood Life. Quote “If for some ungodly reason, you’ve not already a fan of this majestic musical being, prepare to have you mind blown. She’s seriously that good”

    Hollywood Life loves Charice as much as we all do.

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  15. tita says:
    Sometimes I don’t want to describe her performances because it’s hard to find the best-fitting words. Is it WOW, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, OUT OF THIS WORLD, INCREDIBLE…? I think the word has not been coined yet. So, I took the liberty to come up with something:

    C H A R I C E T I C ! ! !

    The word should always come with at least 3 exclamation points.

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  16. hermiemel says:
    wow. she do it all the time, when she sing the place and the audience seems to jump up with excitement. And oh by the way, Charice is sexy, smoldering hot in red.

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  17. angels:) says:
    Super High level performance …. powerful voice , clear diction and excellent body moves , she looks good wearing bright colors … more power and GOD bless ….:)

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  18. Charrific says:
    Thank you Lantao! You have no idea how much I and Chasters from all over the world appreciate these videos. This certainly made my day. I cannot thank you enough!

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    • Melisma22 says:
      I apologize for inadvertently checked the “Dislike” button with my fat finger.
      I must say that the standing ovation should also go to Lantao! You deserve all the credit for taking the time and effort to tape the show for us. I’d think you must have paid $100 or more to get in. We all owe you a big favor, Lantao…hope you can see this comment.

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  19. lola-elrem says:
    charice is so good, whatever she covers she does it excellently. i wish i was there but i didnt know the tickets were only $100; because i thought it was as expensive as the FAAN charities. some newyork chasters missed out on this show big time! i could have strutted with the guests in flaming red outfit and would have enjoyed myself painting the town RED! LOL!

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    • jimfan155 says:
      I was one of those chasters lola. I am vowing right now, as long as the tickets are affordable and I don’t have a family or work obligation, I will be there. I am still kicking myself for missing that opportunity to not only get another picture, but hanging out with her, Serry and Lantao. I think I’m feeling like those people who went to the superbowl and couldn’t get in (although they paid for their tickets). Though I suffered no monetary lose the disappointment I have will last a long time.

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  20. alou says:
    did they show the interview on extra? Just got home and i missed it on tv.

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    • jimfan155 says:
      Mario interviewed Barbara Walters and although they didn’t mention anyone else they did show a picture on the red carpet that included Charice with 4 other people. Only about 1 second but worth it.

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  21. jojo says:
    watch this guyz…
    they featured charice again

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  22. UBERCHA says:
    I have been a Chaster ever since Charice appeared on Oprah. Like many of you Chasters out there, I practically check youtube and charicemania every day…literally EVERYday for the latest news and videos of Charice. I can’t get enough of her; she is so darn talented. And this performance is Insanely GREAT! I don’t usually leave comments, but this time I decided to because I just have to express my gratitude to Charice. Thank you! You are a fireball performing this classic disco song and you owned it. Who wouldn’t get up and dance to this performance? Even the most depressed and catatonic person in the world would jump up for joy to this performance.

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  23. Erika says:
    Wow! What an amazingly superb performance! No one can ever top that!

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  24. Rogue says:
    Even though she’s so tiny and petite. God gave her BIG voice. Saying that, watching her while she’s singing, she already grew a couple of inches to me. That’s how strong her voice and is sooooo addicting!!! :)

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  25. litodavao says:
    I told you so that at this point in time, the only one who can surpass charice’s talent and charisma, is Charice herself.

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  26. ceedum says:
    Spectacular jaw dropping rendition! Yes, she singing her trademark cover song yet again but she’s also managed to outdo herself – yet again!

    For those on YouTube complaining, these cover songs were appropriate for the event. Other than Glee, I expect that if she were guesting on TV shows like GMA, David Letterman, MTV, etc, she would sing her own original songs.

    I hope that her new CD will have great material that really showcases her awesome vocal power & range. I know they’re focusing on dance & R&B, but there’s still a market for ballads. Note to WMG: Kelly Clarkson’s Because of You was a huge worldwide hit. And perhaps just like Kelly, Charice’s sophomore album will be the one to hit the stratosphere & have multiple top 10 hits.

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  27. JABUAN says:
    It must be refreshing for those older, highly successful women, to watch such a beautiful, respectful, deferential, and gracious young woman perform so earnestly. Charice unintentionally evokes superior comparison’s to other female artist’s in her age group. You’ll never see Charice caught on video, partying, drunk, or being promiscuous – I hope. Good thing a lot of adults like Oprah, David, Mommy, etc. are keeping hawk eyes on anyone trying to get close or influence her.

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    WHAT A TERRIFIC SINGER! if i was there i could just wish that it will turnout to be her live concert but after those two songs oh my God! i don’t know, i just couldn’t get enough of her. darling Charice more power to you!

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  29. DayDeb says:
    Ohhh..that rendition of “I will survive” will get stuck in my head for sometime. They should let Charice sing that song on GLEE. Probably mash it up with another song since GLEE is so good in doing that. Mashing it up will make it more current and modern. WOW!!! I could imagine her doing this song with the Vocal Adrenaline backing her up. It would be terrific!!! I check up Vocal Adrenaline’s performances last season, and they were always big in scope and performance and production values. I expect no less when Charice come back on board and reprises her role as Sunshine Corazon. Sometimes I think Charice doesn’t need GLEE but somehow her appearances on the show will make her star explode much bigger in the US. ‘Can’t wait for her return! Please pass this on to the GLEE team.

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  30. imgooddy says:
    Charice is so adorable and the performance is so great. These are the kind of performances that the world is clamoring for. Charice is a absolute performer to the highest degree. Charice is a like a laser beam, you don’t know when you get hit, and when you do it get stuck in your senses. She ablsolutely marvelous. Love this girl and love both her performances but her version of the I Will Survive, this is epic. Just wish that DF and Warner will consider including this in her future album or even a single. Amazing performance.

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