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Charice Revealing Nothing on ‘Glee’ Return

Charice Revealing Nothing on ‘Glee’ Return

Charice is not shy of having some fun with the media for time to time, and when it comes to her return to “Glee,” she seems happy to keep everyone guessing.

On her recent return to the Philippines last Sunday, she fielded some questions from local reporters but once again refused to give a definitive answer regarding when and how her character Sunshine Corazon will make her next appearance.

When reminded by a reporter that show co-creator Ryan Murphy has stated she would return for 5 episodes at the end of the year, she simply opted not to disagree but not to offer any new information on the matter.

“Since it was Sir Ryan who announced it, let’s just stick to what he said,” she said playfully. Clearly, she is sticking to her pact to give nothing away to the press – a common requirement from TV show makers.

Of course, it could be that she knows nothing more than she will appear on “Glee” again, and is focused instead on other major career events that lie just around the corner – not least her tour of Japan and preparations for a second album.

However, her “Glee” co-star Harry Shum Jr has relieved fears amongst Chasters and Gleeks that will see Sunshine Corazon again later rather than sooner. Speaking to Hollywood Life, he revealed that the writers of the show had confirmed to him that Charice’s character would be making a return before the end of the current series.

ChariceHarryShumGlee 300x2201 Charice Revealing Nothing on Glee Return

Charice with her 'Glee' co-star Harry Shum Jr

“I talked to some of the writers and they were saying that she’s going to come back to fulfill her storyline,” he said on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Colospa online dating Guild Awards in LA on January 30. “I think that she will come back in the future, in the second season.”

Initial reports that Sunshine would be back immediately after the series’ winter break, for the Super Bowl episode on February 6, have been skuppered by an episode synopsis released to the media a couple of weeks ago. No mention of Charice’s character or the song she was expected to perform were mentioned in it.

In fact, “Glee” musical director, Adam Anders, later stated that Charice hadn’t even begun recording Black Eyed Peas’ “Meet Me Half Way,” a fact that effectively put an end to the ‘will she-won’t she’ debate that has followed both Charice and the episode itself around since December.

You get the feeling that when she does finally re-appear, the world – or at least Gleek world – will sigh a huge sigh of relief.

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19 Responses to “Charice Revealing Nothing on ‘Glee’ Return”

  1. jaybe lungalung says:

    i am CRAVING for some SUNSHINE!!! i need vitamin D fyi RM.. lol.. just kidding.. i will be waiting for Sunshine’s return PATIENTLY no matter what… i will be watching every episode because they might be make a surprise for us… i’d love that! :D

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  2. POPseeker says:

    …am I not late about the news, well hope not…just wanna share this

    …WE WILL SEE HER TOMORROW! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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  3. Le T says:

    I like surprises…can’t wait to see you back in glee. At least we’re looking forward to see our idol. WAY TO GO CHARICE…We chasters are proud of you!!!!

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  4. odie052s says:

    Well, for me the wait did not bother me a bit, after all RM the producer himself confirmed that Charice will be returning at the end of the season. And Charice on several occasions promises that she will return. I knew one of the great promises, a very famous words that became part of history when Gen. Douglas McArthur stated that “I SHALL RETURN” and true of his promise, he became great and famous. Though it seems its a long wait, still the wait is worth the prize. All you guys prepare and hold on, on her return to Glee she would go down in history and be among one of the great and famous.

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  5. EBJohns11 says:

    =( Too long but Time flies fast anyway . Its just around the corner.

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  6. trevor25 says:

    Keep Chasters salivating for waiting. It adds up to the adrenaline. How in this world an artist like Charice gives? She is the ONE!

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  7. POPseeker says:
    If that so, then we, Chasters, will then again wait for a longer period of time. :(

    …but Charice is full of surprises! I think it’ll be worth the wait… :)

    —>and good things happen to those who wait!


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  8. tnt says:

    I think RM just rearranged the scenes in some episodes with Charice and put it the last part of the season but they made bigger to highlight the competition

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  9. madeleine says:
    My bet is she’ll be on the season finale. Makes sense because she’ll be competing with leah.

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  10. AIM says:
    The last episode that Sunshine was in, I was at the Dinner Meeting with 22 ladies. I am the only Filipino in our group and I don’t know if they will understand if I will tell them that I won’t be able to finish our meeting because I would love to watch Glee at 7.30. The meeting started at six and dinner will be served at seven. I looked at my watch and the time says 6.45, I yelled out and asked for my dinner to be served straight away because I have to go at seven. All the ladies were looking at me and asked “what’s got on to you? I said, there is a very especial girl waiting for me at home.” The dinner was served and gallop, gallop, gallop and the food gone in a few minutes. I stood up and say good night to the ladies and went home. On my way home I was praying that there is no police on the road to pull me out not because I am drunk but it will take my time. Anyway I came home safely and arrived at 7.29 and plunge straight away on my sofa. I gave myself a big sigh and turn the TV on and watch Sunshine with amusement. I enjoyed every bit of it, she made my night. She has this affect on me that I can’t explain. She is amazing. Anyway, I don’t know what you will think about me guys but for me that was a very good experienced that I will be able to tell to my grandchildren one day. Sunshine we love you and we will wait for your return on Glee, you can count on that.

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    • saudi_charistic says:
      what an unbelievable experience!!! We are so proud of you of sharing this king of experience. For me, I think this is not enough to tell my experience about charice!!! It’s been a part of my life. lol…

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  11. anitako says:
    do u guys filipinos still remember when we’re a kid the game,”jack and Poy?” its like hand gestures ifs “a stone,a paper,a scissor,icepick u formed in ur hand/fingers? or the game in pinas,”pitik bulag?”(the IT covers her eyes w/her hand and the opponent will click her/his fingers into the knuckles of the IT and guess the gestures of the opponent,these 2 games u really dont know whats coming,u or we only guessing if the “IT” will or can guess what the opponent is gesturing. this is the same way of guessing game of the GLEE when will charice return on Glee. So, we might as well have some fun then,and see who can guess right?? i think, we dont have to read anymore news articles fr mags or online telling us charice return on Glee sang BEP’s MMH,when in fact she hasnt even taped it yet, hahaha!!! we’re going crazy believing!and fantacizing she will be singing that and talk and talk about it. then she will be on the Superbowl epi Feb.6th sat. or post S.B.epis feb.8 tues; and cha said @ MOA she will guest at least 5 or 7 times more on GLEE just wait and watch. then on Golden Globe Award, RyanM. was asked by fil.reporter about cha’s ret. and said a nice reply,”will do super ballads,5 epis at the end of the yr” now we learned something again. on jan.30th cha pinas & had a presscon at the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport)& report asked again her ret. on GLEE and how many more episodes,and as she heard what RM said during the interview, “we will stick to what sir Ryan said.” so guys this is the end of the guessing game. 5 more epis. super ballads at the end of this season2, so its clear. unless there’s another twist or twister that will come. well, this is opinion is just for fun, so getting mad. we just love our idol princess of our lives, yes thanks God she came to conquer us. Luv u Charice!! Congrats to ur Glee as SUNSHINE CORAZON-that SUN will SHINE one day and we will see u again.

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  12. lola-elrem says:
    i will patiently wait for sunshine to come back on GLEE. i waited all my 6 decades of life on earth for a charice to happen in my life == waiting for few weeks more pale in comparison.

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  13. saudi_charistic says:
    It’s a very good strategy to gain more viewers. But be careful not too much because everything has an end. Sometimes, it’s tiring of waiting something or someone but not for charice. We are still waiting for the appearance of our sunshine!!! Hope that they will not delay it too much!!!

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  14. dande says:
    I think by not making it known to the public as to when Charice will reappear on Glee is a management strategy to make us keep watching Glee every week in anticipation that Charice might be in it. If I know the exact date of when Charice is appering on Glee I would not watch the other episodes that I know she won’t be a part of. This is just my 2 cents.

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  15. Salin0709 says:
    Not to say any concrete scenes or what´s going to happen in the coming episodes of Glee is actually the proper protocol. We fans and writers are just spoiled and used to by knowing things ahead of time. Charice is just doing what she has been told, to keep quiet. The main reason why they are not giving the specific details because, the directors, producers, writers or management usually changes the scenes, the guest stars, the stories, the sceneries, the plot and many more at the last moment in each episodes which is happening right now. Ryan Murphy have lots of plans because Glee today is very successful series. He is constantly changing his mind and ideas due to the fact that many popular artists are eager joining in to boost their careers. Big names like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Elton John, Gwyneth Paltrow are just among them who wanted to be in the show. They are even offering Ryan Murphy their own services and their own composed songs. When Charice scenes is ready to air, it´s worth waiting. That´s how special she is. Good for her image as well as avoiding too much exposure.

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  16. tsuki says:
    Sunshine is killing me for the wait. When is she COMING BACK!!! AAArrgh#$@%.

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  17. Nsanitee says:
    and so the mystery continues, my friends. keep on the watch or you will miss it altogether. love the suspense, like a thriller!

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  18. Princess Serena says:
    Oh! A guessing game for Sunshine. Is she there or not there? LOL! So fun! But whenever you are there Cha; we are also there to watch you. MUAH! LOL!

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