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Valentine’s With My Family – Charice

Valentine’s With My Family – Charice

Charice has laughed off suggestions she will be spending Valentine’s Day with ‘someone special,’ insisting she will take time instead to be with her family. The Filipino singing sensation was speaking to the media upon her arrival in Manila to record a TV special, “Home For Valentine’s,” and was asked who she would actually be spending time with on February 14. The teenage diva has been dogged with romantic links, particularly to fellow singer and friend David Archuleta. And while she must, by now, be tired of having to deny everything beyond friendship with the young warbler, she happily told the press that she would not be spending the romantic holiday particularly romantically.

ChariceFamily1 300x232 Valentines With My Family   Charice

Charice will spend Valentine's Day with Mommy Raquel and brother Carl

“Valentine? My family,” she answered with a smile. “I want more time with my family. As now, I can get everything my family needs.” However, the Laguna-born songstress did admit that someone has “expressed interest” in her, describing him as a “foreign singer” but declining to give any more information. When asked if it was David Archuleta, she quickly replied, “No.” In fact, Charice has continually stressed that she is focused on her career at the moment and is not ready to get involved with any suitors – even though her mother has given her the freedom to. Although it matches the advice reportedly given to her by her “fairy godmother,” Oprah Winfrey, it’s clear that the 18-year-old is committed to a career that she has sought since she was 7. “Home For Valentine’s” is set to go on air in the Philippines on February 13, with Charice due to begin her long-awaited 4-gig solo tour of Japan 8 days later. She will fly
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back to Los Angeles on Tuesday (Feb 1) to continue work on her new album, amongst other engagements. She is also expected to continue filming episodes for “Glee,” on which co-creater Ryan Murphy confirmed she would be making 5 appearances at the end of the year – but we understand this to mean ‘end of the second series.’ By Robert Sheen,

31 Responses to “Valentine’s With My Family – Charice”

  1. CPfan says:

    david and jeanette are good buddies and hanging out. charice is still dating david A!!!!!!.

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    • Daydreaming says:

      I wont mind if Charice and David are dating but NO, Charice is not dating anyone yet! She has a suitor a new singer but i dont think it is David. I read that david is dating a different girl not charice!!

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      • CPfan says:
        i doubt it that charice is dating someone new and david isn’t either, i read that they are still dating. i just wanted to say that charice is the best singer in the world today. her voice is off the chain, can i say that?

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        • RuSuRe says:
          Yes, Charice is awesome! She’s not dating either david or the new singer that she mentioned. She said this guy is asking her to go out. I’ve seen her interview with channel[V] and she said she’s not looking for a very good looking guy because it will be a headache/hearthache(many girls drolling around)…i agree with her.

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  2. don says:
    Look what the media does when a celebrity gets involved with someone. Charice has enough on her plate now to worry about a relationship. She needs to focus on what she does from day to day. Remember too how her father was and how that effected her when she was young. I think she wants to play it safe for now. Don’t rush her. In time down the road when everything is going the way she wants it to, then maybe it will be time.Let her be a kid for now and let her enjoy the things she never had. She has worked to hard to start something that will get in her way.

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  3. tnt says:
    career and family first…whats wrong?

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  4. Brokenheartedme says:
    OUCH, i’m jealous! New SINGER courting Charice and not Archuleta? I thought so it’s either IYAZ and ORIGINAL(unique)Zayas lol. Iyaz has a song called “FRIEND and So big” so interesting the lyrics. ORIGINAL and CHARICE video clip of “wherever you are not shadow…whatever lol”. I wish i am charming like ORIGINAL ZAYAS lol. A friendly advice to Charice. Please be careful these two are both playboy lol! Try to love me instead lol, lol!!!

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  5. Do not play with the Big “O”S’ advice .Just stick with it as you said, there will be time for everything.Remember and take a look at most of teen stars nowadays,It is only good for the eyes to see and for controversies,Yet it is frustrations every time.All your hard earned wealth and dignity can be gone in a flick of an eye.Beware,Beware!!! As the saying goes,”it is better to love and lost, than not to love at all” But, there is time for everything.

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  6. minbeauty8 says:
    Charice is still enjoying her teenage days. She has those values that will help her to decide her kind of perfect. If it is just a crush it is ok but a deep involvement like what the young Hollywood stars are I am not in favor. Ooops, I don’t mean to be so conservative, just to make her stay safe and free from worries. But as what I have mentioned before I am still confident that she will have the time to go back to school and study law. There she will meet more responsible and loving person to make us proud and happy at the end. Am I so demanding?
    “Happy Valentines to Charice, Mom Raq, Carl & to all Chasters”!

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  7. dadartful says:
    Falling in love. Ahh yes, that happened to me 40 years ago. I could’t do anything in my normal day’s routine, it’s like daydreaming on cloud nine. Meeting your soulmate happens at a least expected time. Charice is on a fast track with a schedule that’s listed everyday to the minute, and I’m sure she’s totally focused on that.
    Charice keep on going and reach for all your dreams, and in time love will find a way in your life.

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  8. camo says:
    hmmmm charice says she and david are friends and no she is not courting him .why are people so eager for her to have a man. boyfriends have been around for centuries , let her enjoy her career. she barely had a childhood . charice is a smart kid she knows what she wants .a boy friend is the last to she needs to distract her from her goals , let her have fun with her life she will be ok .she will know when she is ready in the meantime chasters no pressure on the kid .

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  9. jimfan155 says:
    As long as he’s respectful and has the same core values as Charice that’s all I need to hear. And since it’s really none of my business, I’ll just wait till Charice is ready to make a statement about her private life.

    Until then, more great music Cha.

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  10. vp says:
    Arigato! to all japanese and Ni hao! to all chinese. I want to know if there are any other chasters nationality visiting website. Pls also share you thoughts about charice. Welcome to all new chaster converts.

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  11. flor of texas says:
    I think that Charice should wait to get involved with any man. She is only eighteen. She is just starting with her career here in America and the world. But of course, she can pick and start to get involved with anyone if she wishes to. She is her own decision maker.

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    • Chadav says:
      Yes Charice is brave. She knows what she’s doing :)

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    • Santa Santita says:
      Charice is turning 19 this coming May, if she wishes to get involved so be it(love is unpredictable)…its her life! I believe that Charice is different to the young girls in Hollywood counting boyfriends before they turn 18..just keep your values Charice! I dont need to guess if who’s guy she’s refering to…they’re actually perfect for each other and mommyraqz like him for charice. “Mommy’s knows best”. I’ll start to save up to buy their album haaa, i am supporting not only charice now but also to her uhummm lol!

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      • jenny says:
        that “uhummm” is quite intriguing you know. lol. yeah! mommy knows best. and we all know who mommy likes for charice. lol. advance happy valentines day chasters. and as to charice, just enjoy life girl. feel free to love and be loved. it is healthy to have a balance in life.

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  12. Moira_Inori says:
    Well, here’s a little Valentine’s Day mystery for all of us Chasters. ^_^

    I love the idea of her and David, but whoever this young singer is, I hope he’s a good person. Then again, given Charice’s good, honest heart and sweet soul, she’s bound to attract only the good ones.

    Happy Valentine’s and Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

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  13. Tina says:
    Awww … she misses her family since her mom doesn’t stay with her all the time now. Let her enjoy her “single” life and being a teenager. Smart girl for wanting to be friends first then “select” a boyfriend when the time is right! Love will come around when you don’t expect it. :)

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  14. bld9696 says:
    If I could give one piece of advice for Charice to take to heart, it would be to never get involved with a man involved in show business or professional sports. It is too hard to to have a real life and the pressures eventually become too great to overcome. Besides, these men are NEVER faithful. Charice deserves a man who will be totally devoted to her, with good Cnristian values like hers. He will never cheat and remain devoted to her forever. A regular guy, that is who Charice will need. But not until she is AT LEAST 40, LOL.

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  15. lancecobi says:
    She said it’s a new artist. David is not a new artist, so probably it’s Unique Zayas…hehhehe, he’s cute by the way….

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  16. sharisufan says:
    this young lady is really smart for her age…knows what she wants and what to prioritize. with regards to relationships, i think she wants to be friends first and know the person – another smart move. suitors must also have patience like her :). anyway, she’s truly being loved by her family and so many chasters. happy valentine’s to everyone; go xi fat cai to all chinese chasters.

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  17. jenny says:
    I have a feeling that she’s referring to David Archuleta. I mean who else would that be? Maybe she just said NO because she doesn’t want Chasters to make big of a deal about it. Or maybe she wants us to keep on guessing since a lot of us are so interested on her lovelife. lol. But as a female chaster i have this gut feeling that it is David. And if u try to look at David’s twitter account, you can get hints and clues. And my feeling is that he is breaking it all gently to his fans. So they wont freak out anymore when he finally reveal that Charice is his kind of perfect. But i don’t know, maybe i’m wrong too. lol

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    • melody says:

      excuse me…but you;re totally wrong. David is not it

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    • nona says:
      I respect your opinion jenny! as you said this is your own guess. I wish them all the best because im a fan of DA also.

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      • luvCha says:
        I don’t know i’m confuse also. I thought it’s David A, but now going back to his twits and fansites, it seems like he’s been spending time with his BFF Jennette McCurdy – She was there on almost all his LA concerts and just the beginning of the year they went snowboarding together in Utah – see her twit on 7th and his videoblog on the 11th both mentioned snowboarding this past weekend.

        I’m a big ArChaleta shipper, I thought he is the 3rd David in Charice’s life, but i don’t know anymore if DA is right for Charice…perhaps this is the reason why she is saying she’s not ready, love can be crazy and a headache/heartache as she mentioned in the StarWorld interview, specially if the guy is good looking like DA, so she’s looking for responsible, funny and simple/not so good looking. To Charice i do hope that someday you’ll meet that person who would care about you unconditionally.

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  18. chit says:
    Let’s allow Charice to enjoy her charmed teenage life. She is not rushing it, so let’s just wait for that deserving someone who will unconditionally love her as much as her Chasters love her.

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  19. Regina says:

    If the foreign singer who expressed interest in Charice was not David, then who else but Iyaz!!

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  20. AIM says:
    A nice sweet fragile girl like you Charice deserves to be loved by a very good man one day – for the rest of your life.

    Don’t work too hard. Look after yourself, always.

    Advance Happy Valentine’s to you and to your family.

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  21. Zee says:
    u know I had always had the idea she’ll be at the end. Meeting Rachel at the Regional/National. Cuz they do need to develope the characters, the cast will be gone when they finish High School. Can’t wait for the competition. Now who is this singer? ^-^

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