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Charice Documentary Featuring on Chinese TV

Charice Documentary Featuring on Chinese TV

Charice will be the focus of a special documentary on Chinese TV tonight (January 29) when UBC Star World broadcasts “Star World Presents: V Special – The Charice Aleve over the counter canada Story.”

At just 25 minutes in length, the show chronicles the rise of the Filipino and international singing sensation, from her successes in the Philippines and appearance on Star King in South Korea, to her impact on American audiences on Ellen and Oprah, and rise globally over the past three years.


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The Star World channel broadcasts throughout Asia, with the notable exception of Japan. The station’s official schedule for today also includes the “Star World Presents: V Special” segment, but does not state whether the “The Charice Story” is the feature to be broadcast.

So far, “The Charice Story” has only been confirmed for Chinese TV, through the UBC cable network, but all Chasters in Asia should check their local Star World schedule for details.

The program is perfectly placed for music, Glee and Charice fans, with “American Idol” pencilled in immediately before “Glee” and “Live To Dance” set to follow “The Charice Story.”

So, Chasters can treat themselves to a mini-Charice-fest tonight! Check out your local TV schedules and tune in to watch the 25-minute special on the Philippines biggest name in music!

REMEMBER: UBC Star World Presents: V Special – Charice Story (21.45 – 22.10)

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33 Responses to “Charice Documentary Featuring on Chinese TV”

  1. mie says:

    STAR World is an Asian English language cable so it also caters to chinese people but not only that. the “chinese” thing on the title is quite misleading,i’ve seen one chinese show featuring Charice and it’s definitely not this..on the above video, the interviewer definitely knows tagalog basing on his conversation with Charice…

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  2. sharisufan says:
    i think that there is an impression that this feature video was shown mainly in china. if you google it, star world is an asian english language cable and satellite television network owned by star tv and fox int’l channels and is distributed in india, middle east and southeast asia. i believe it is not distributed in mainland china but only in taiwan and hongkong (maybe the reason for the impression) where it is based. i hope it was shown in all of star world’s cable channels in asia, but definitely shown in ‘star world asia’, which broadcasts their programmes here in singapore (i’ve watched it), hongkong, jakarta, and bangkok. however, it is present in many other asian countries, including india where the population is also over a billion :) – hope bollywood-crazy india have seen it and get to know our darling charice.

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  3. lee says:
    Wow! This is what I was waiting for. I’ve been to China about two years ago and I can see that this country is developing very, very fast. One of their cities, Suzhou, 2hrs drive from Shanghai International Airport, is really a beautiful and progressive city. My point is that maybe China is not a powerhouse in the music industry now, but I won’t be surprised if it will barge in in a few years from now. If our Chinese brethren prefer to buy pirated over the original now, then at least they will be exposed to her music and to her life and will be inspired. To me, the inspiration she gives to us is equally as important as her music. Eventually, she will be rewarded. With the class act that she is, she won’t be denied…

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  4. chasterdaily says:
    Are you excited for charice’s return on Glee?? Please guys vote!! Hollywooflife really supports charice. Heres the link jr/#293658-2-013011_charice1_XXXX_

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  5. h3nr1_x -- Los Angeles CA says:
    My job is to counter score the crabs who gave thumbs down to lovely Chasters.

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  6. POPseeker says:
    Oh no!!! I missed it! :(

    I hope there will be a replay…

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  7. EBJohns11 says:
    aww Yesterday was my wedding anniversary and i was busy so i ony got the chance to read this today . Too many articles to read for being away for one day waaaaa.

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  8. HerMingJesty says:
    Go Charice. Conquer the world and spread happiness and inspiration through your music. Your persona is something to be admired of. Labyo.

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  9. morgan111 says:
    I’m sure this video has subtitles when shown in china.

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  10. X-pider says:
    she looks chinese here.

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  11. aaalo says:
    WTF, I saw interviewer before in Malaysia. no Chinese caption or translation. My conclusion is that uploader is fooling us or ignore of Chinese language. How can this video reach 1.3billion people.

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  12. 28venice says:
    Low CD sales in China ?…… anyone ?

    Ha Ha !

    I bet yah ……….Watch CHARICE change the whole of China.

    China helps ASIANS . How do you deny true talent , that dear gentlemen is what will sell !

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  13. Cholo says:
    great interview.!

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  14. Anna139 says:
    I did see it last night here in Singapore by chance only. When I scanning my tv channel. It’s still catch quite descent a time. I was so happy to see her and she’s really beautiful.

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  15. sali says:
    charice story was aired 10:30 pm yesterday 1/29/2011 here in Taiwan. Of is there are no chinese subtitiles cuz it is star world channel.

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  16. EZ says:
    This is an essential part of Charice’s globalization. China, here she comes!

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  17. myinkheart4 says:
    Wow, I just watched it and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing her tell her story. Her optimism throughout her life of poverty is such an inspiration. She’s where she is now because of her voice of course, but ALSO because of how she is as a person – thankful, humble, hardworking, and forgiving.

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  18. george says:
    This is a great place to market any album.As it is a given with unbelievable population,if only a million will buy a legit one,you can become a filthy rich entertainer.Yet we know this is a place where number one pirated stuffs specially albums,woW!!!!! is something.But the haves’ of course they buy the good ones’ and not to say they are cheap,they are smart and classy.Like I said it’s everywhere the low class most of them will likely buy those pirated ones.And who knows it will be still a good ads because those cheap ones will be played all over and be heard and it will be a “CHA’VIRUS” and you don’t know what hit them.Again Kudos to this show and the guy is well aware of Charice and they are having fun.Looks like this is in the Philippines,yet it will be aired all over Asia but Japan.
    Many thanks!!!!!!!

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  19. allgringo says:
    Go, go, go….at the top of the world baby !!!

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  20. bld9696 says:
    How can anybody not fall in love with this young lady. Twenty-four minutes of that beautiful smile and sparkling personality will surely put all who see this video in a state of nirvana. Charice, you are the best. Keep it going all the way to the top, baby.

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  21. beyonce' says:
    whats name of that man??

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  22. J. Kulisap says:
    Ahhhha. Her confidence is getting very good.
    Very smart and articulate young lady she is.

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  23. starbuck245 says:
    Hmmm, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Cha’s story is being exposed to the Chinese market on a 25 minute segment, but I can’t help but notice no Chinese subtitles.

    Maybe an English language station in China, but w/o subs, will be missing a whole lot of potential Chasters. I hope someone adds Chinese subtitles and rebroadcasts her story.

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    • lola-elrem says:
      maybe because we are watching it from the philippine television thats why we dont see chinese subs. i saw one of the same show with indonesian subs. maybe in china, there were chinese subs. maybe.

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  24. whatever555 says:
    Wow, she met Whitney Houston.

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  25. Nsanitee says:
    i do not know much about chinese taste for western music but just to show charice story could produce a ripple effect to unknown hundreds, thousands, millions and maybe billions of people. this is insanely wild!

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  26. mpasig52 says:
    More success for our dear Charice. We are always behind you,Sunshine Corazon!!!

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  27. aaalo says:
    Never heard of UBC in China. correct me if i am wrong.

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  28. 553 says:
    China might have billions of people but the amount of ppl buying cd is much lower than japan …

    For example Charice sold 200,000 album in japan
    In china it would be 20,000

    Top Music Industry

    2. Japan
    4. France
    5. Germany

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  29. palaginghuli says:
    China has over a billion people. It will be awesome if Charice gets popular there! More Chasters to defend her!

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    • kb117 says:
      Imagine websites of haters & crabs going down due to Chinese Chasters hackers. (I like the way it sounds. :-) )

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  30. vla says:
    wow……….nice going!!!

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