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Charice Featured on ‘Wherever You Are’ Video Trailer

Charice Featured on ‘Wherever You Are’ Video Trailer

With her Japan tour set to begin next month, a video trailer of Charice’s recent successful collaboration with Unique Zayas has been released.

The 2 min-54 sec video features Unique and Charice in studio recording “Wherever You Are,” the first single from Unique Zayas’ album “From Brooklyn To You.”

Footage wasAi??first ‘leaked’ to the public on YouTube in early December, with the album set for release on December 22, though it was later confirmed that Unique’s record label, Manhattan Records (Japan) has released it.

This video trailer was made available on the Facebook page of Manhattan Records (Japan) only at the weekend, but it’s the best video yet released of the duo in action in the studio.

“Wherever You Are” has had a good run of it Buy cannabis seeds toronto in the iTunes Japan charts, with a No1 spot in the official iTunes RnB chart secured on January 12. It entered the RnB chart at No 9 on December 15, and (at the time of writing) is at No 3.

Of course, Charice has since gone on to establish herself in the charts, taking her own “Pyramid” to No 4 in the Oricon singles charts and her recording of John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” to No 2. She’s earned a legion of new Chasters in the Land of the Rising Sun thanks to those successes and her performances on radio and TV.

With her first solo concert tour set to begin next month, the video is a reminder of one of the tracks that has helped to catapult her to the top of the Japan market.

Charice features with her “Wherever You Are” collaborator, Unique Zayas

Courtesy of Manhattan Records (Japan)

By Robert Sheen,

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  1. chasterdad says:
    I switched to the Yahoo version just to read further comments. Now funny thing is, fans are making a big issue about the big nerd glasses that Charice always seems to wear nowadays. Not in a negative way though, but still thoose specs do solicite a lot of talk time and comments. Which puts me to state that those eyeglasses are now closely associated with either Charice or her other incarnate which is Sunshine of Glee. Vis-a-vis Charice and those spectacle are recognisable as one! Believe me you me that just a graphic image of those eyeglasses alone will remind you of Cha and this maybe her branding symbol for her global thrust and perhaps for her worldwide Chaster army’s patch of honor. Just like Nike’s “swoosh” Lacoste’s Alligator, Mcdonald’s “Golden double Arc” and a host of famous logos, them Charice/Sunshine “Eyeglasses” is brand Charice written all over. Would hopefully see someday this ” Nerd eyeglass” on Chaster fan t-shirts, memorablias and even fashion wears. One day soon perhaps?

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  3. george says:
    The part of Charice makes the song likable specially the highs and lows.Those are high pitch voice to tackle with the likes of Charice can only hit!!!!!It makes the song comfortable and soothing to hear.I feel it when there is something going on with a song and this is one of them.My only wish was that it could have been much better if she was not only featured but the main singer.Still Charice is with the song and its hard to cover.

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  4. JR says:
    I so love this song…! I like the beat.. and its gonna be a very hard song to sing live (except for Charice) and be covered.

    Man.. notes for these where quite high: “tonight..” & ” i’ll be with you, wherever you are”.

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  5. saudi_charistic says:
    congrats charice for another success!!!! bravo…

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  6. Cyjen says:

    OMG! is that Jojo @ 2:54? hmmmm…. wazzup with her?… ^_^

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  7. vilma hill says:
    OMG! Charice, you are unbelievable!! their is no songs that you cannot sing. you are very talented. you could even sing a duet with any singer in the planet. I love all your songs.

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  8. trevor25 says:
    i wrote my previous post with my heart and yet it didnt come out? why o why????

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    • eve says:
      sometimes comments are moderated by our automatic filter. It gets released eventually. Sorry about that. You can read it below now. :)

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  9. trevor25 says:
    This is song is really unique in many ways. The beat and instruments.
    Although this hit in Japan for some reason but didnt stay for long.

    I remember Pyramid is surely a hit cause there’s a part or hymn that calls the listener’s attention and it makes you sing-along.

    Also, from Philippines, when Aiza Seguerra (former child star turned into a ballader/soul singer), re-introduced from being an actress to singer, she was a hit on “Pagdating ng Panahon (When Time Comes)”. Even kids are singing and when I first heard it, I told to myself, “viola!”. This is very captivating.

    That is why I understand why 2nd album is more of finger-snapping and tip-toe dancing songs and alike. I’m more than sure 2nd album will hit the BB bigtime. As in BIGTIME!!!

    Charice is the next BIG DIVA! Watchout Chasters!

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  10. Mnchaster says:
    Awesome video from Unique. In my opinion, I think the song is good for the Japanese market and charice fans but it won’t do well here in the states. I got to be honest, the melody is very boring and won’t catch the American audience. That’s why they chosen not to release it here.

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  11. ArrVee says:
    just like her song Reset, this song is about being separated from one’s significant other because of various commitments, which mirrors her situation as she criss-crosses the globe from one event to another. And when she finds that (lucky) significant other, she will really sing this one with feeling …

    and just like Pyramid, this song heralds her name at the beginning of the song (although more prominently), just like a brand … and when they hear her beautiful voice and especially the effortless high sustained notes, they will know it will have delivered on the promise of the Charice brand … and they will also expect this to sound as good or even better when performed live, which she will deliver in spades …

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  12. dottie says:
    a very challenging song… can charice sing this live…??? maxado…

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    • palaginghuli says:
      Of course! Didn’t she singthis in the studio? Isn’t Charice the best live singer in the world? Aren’t her live performances always better than the studio versions? Come on! Where have you been?

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  13. jimfan155 says:
    Did Unique say the song was called Shadow and did they change the title? Anyway, Charice and Unique sound fantastic. I want to hear it played on the radio, here in the states.

    Is Unique’s album available in the US? If he’s from Brooklyn why was the album launched in Japan and not here in the US? Robert Sheen, help because I don’t understand.

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  14. tralala says:
    I like this better than Pyramid. I hope this gets released Stateside–bet it’ll be a huge hit that will catapult Charice further into the stratosphere of stardom.

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  15. POPseeker says:

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    • LadyS says:

      BIG Thumbs down. I wouldn’t want to take that honor away from Charice. We don’t have to cheat or go mafia-style just to get her a Grammy. In time, she will be recognized for her own talent.

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  16. POPseeker says:
    when i first heard this song, i really loved it…the song made me want to dance a bit…the more impressing about this song, Charice’s vocal’s so HIGH making the song a “difficult-to-sing” song…same with Unique, he has beautiful voice too…both voices blended perfectly! WELL DONE :)

    —–>to those who are wants Charice to be nominated in 2012 Grammys,
    we can now prepare as early as now click the link below:

    Let’s should be desperate now!

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  17. dadartful says:
    This collaboration is a winner for both artists. I can foresee the tune as an indication of where Charice is heading with her 2nd international album. Currently I believe Unique’s album has only been release in Japan, anyone with info on future plans for this album? Man, with her busy schedule (printed out every day) and events coming up, (Japan tour, Glee, maybe single release) the next three months will escalate her loyal followers tenfold. What a ride! I’m enjoying every second of it!

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  18. bianca says:
    i love this song so much :] i listen to it every single day ^.^

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  19. anromable says:
    Wow, This is another hit song again. This will be no.1 in a billboard for sure.

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