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Chasters to Gather for ChariceA?s GMA Valentine Special

Chasters to Gather for ChariceA?s GMA Valentine Special

Calling 100 Lucky Philippine Chasters! A year ago, we saw Charice in her very first Valentines Concert together with Ryan Cayabyab. This year, 100 chasters could get a chance to witness another LIVE concert from Charice for a GMA Valentine’s Special.

lab1 300x194 Chasters to Gather for ChariceA?s GMA Valentine Special

On January 31, 2011 (Monday), 8:00 pm Manila time, GMA Network will be taping a Valentine’s Special Concert with Charice to be featured on their network on this special date. They are calling for 100 Chasters to be included in the audience who will have an exclusive sneak peek of the concert as it is being taped. Meeting time for the tickets would be 6pm in the 7-11 convenient store near GMA studios in Timog Ave.,Quezon City . Please wear RED for the event and bring charice banners if you can. Also, kindly bring your IDs. WAITING LIST WOULD BE UNTIL SUNDAY 10pm ONLY. We will give the slots to other chasters who will be late for the 6pm meet up but they have to be on the waiting list. Cameras would not be allowed inside the studio. Waitlist are as follows: Garth, Sunshine, Sapphireblue95, Belim Contigo, Robin Flores, Efren Antiporda, Tala, Edgar Somosierra, (2) Bosio, Joemarie Cordova, Edgar Eduardo, Millie, Julius, Kenji Chua Vera, Alyssa Penales, Catherine Papa, Ian, Judivic Jermoso, Jonas Herrera, Joel Ortiz, Micharl Gilledo, Jen Magpily, Krisitne Rueca and Sol Yangao. If you want to be part of this special moment and witness the show LIVE, please register your name in Mommy RaquelA?s Facebook page and add your name there. HereA?s the link: Mommy RaquelA?s FB. If you are not friends on Facebook, kindly post it here in Charicemania. Thank you! LIST:

  1. JM Leonoras
  2. Carolyn Chaster
  3. Vincent Paul
  4. Anthony Gaton
  5. Martin Keith Bangcoy
  6. Mark Ian Lopez
  7. Yojan Esguerra
  8. Jianee Chaster
  9. Lucky Ngo
  10. Joanne Joe Chaster
  11. Christine Iballar
  12. Gemma Banaga

  14. Timmy Rose Correo
  15. Kimberly Olmedo
  16. Miguel Rafael Abad
  17. Karl Joseph Nuqui
  18. Christine Toledo
  19. Leah Isabel Rubin
  20. Appin Pinkihan
  21. Wamond
  22. Roy Arilla
  23. Annie Lucero
  24. Madelaine Medina
  25. Edwin Macacando
  26. Claire Ibanez
  27. Michelle Escolano
  28. Tita Wower
  29. Julius Michael Gernandiso
  30. Judelyn Montebon Hall
  31. Carl San Luis
  32. Rhaine Anne Vicente
  33. Jayson Kenneth Prudente
  34. Jamie Ann Peters
  35. Madelaine Red
  36. Abbie Manalo
  37. Rodel Redor
  38. Mariam Redor
  39. Mark Anthony Guevarra
  40. Suzette Guevarra
  41. Kristine Tyrol Rosales
  42. Mylene dela Cruz
  43. Monica Joaquin
  44. Kamille Ebalin
  45. Paolo Ong
  46. Michelle Tan
  47. Maria Antonia Puno
  48. Rosalinda Montilla
  49. Lally Polintan
  50. Kris Angelica Dela Cruz
  51. Jessica Cruz
  52. Cory Ibias
  53. Arianne Encila
  54. Karlo Michael Bellen
  55. Angeline Carandang
  56. Kristine Dela Fuente
  57. Arlene Jancinal
  58. Aerold Unidad
  59. Bryan S Gaza
  60. Annie Lucero’s daughter
  61. Jamie Lyssa
  62. Sean Santos
  63. Anne Bernadette Bonita
  64. John Raphael S Gaza
  65. Ardi Muhamad Farhan
  66. Alexander Foz
  67. Lui Tolentino Jr.
  68. April Lim
  69. Ma Angelica M Javier
  70. Divina Columbano
  71. Gloria Columbano
  72. Amy Quintos
  73. Francis Lorenz Medina
  74. Kia Camille Vinas
  75. Jason Glenn
  76. Carmela Ibanez
  77. Chezil Flamenio
  78. Randy Balunday
  79. Romeo Morales
  80. Dina Reyes
  81. Jojo Portugal
  82. Virginia Valenzuela
  83. Jose Noel Ducanes
  84. Dir23 – please post your full name
  85. Bosio Abella
  86. Sally Melo
  87. Jackie Gemao
  88. Abi Aldaba
  89. Christ Correa
  90. Janine Calvez
  91. Jen Kimpo
  92. Shirley Cortez
  93. Christian Decasa
  94. Emma Carandang
  95. Kristine Albino
  96. Ken E. – please post your full names
  97. Vicky Inguillo
  98. Jeff_free – please post your full names
  99. Ronald Rocco
  100. Vic Trinidad
  101. Jesse Garcia (Garth)

AS OF THIS MOMENT, THE LIST IS NOW CLOSED. JAN. 26, 10:27PM. More information would be released as soon as it becomes available. Posted byTintol, Eve and Schoen,

old chasters and great supporters J

214 Responses to “Chasters to Gather for ChariceA?s GMA Valentine Special”

  1. palaginghuli says:

    Boy, oh,boy. Ain’t I glad I had GMA Pinoy hooked up last Thanksgiving courtesy of DirecTV. My question is, do you guys have any idea when it will be shown in the US? I am in Los Angeles.

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  2. Marlyn says:

    You’re so lucky PHIL CHASTERS you got a real treat for free and got your chance to be up close to Charice . Here in the U.S. I always get the expensive tickets except for the last DFF concert which was the second expensive one , registered for the meet n greet but I ‘m always in the waiting list , the last one we are on the list , but didn’t get the message where to meet , lost my chance of getting up close to her, I just hope that on her own concert here , I ‘ll have my chance to meet and greet her .

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  3. Lisbon says:
    Hi Chasters,

    I just arrived here in Calamba, Laguna at 01:30am after witnessing the pre-taped GMA-7 Special entitled CHARICE: HOME FOR VALENTINE which will be aired on February 13, 2011. The show was fantastic! Spectacular!

    Before the taping started, lucky Chasters gathered infront of 7-11 convenient store near studio 7. Lots and lots of picture taking happened. I met several Chasters including: Kmeater, Cha-Chaquel, Manette, Ymma, Dfox, Jianee, Ab.Bonita, Cutiesinger, Randy B, C and many others… I believe 40-50% of the audience are Chasters. Can you imagine how noisy they were inside the studio LOL. There were screaming in each performance. We couldn’t make noise in our side because Nanette Inventor was always looking at the screaming Chasters like she was really disturbed LOL.

    Cameras are NOT ALLOWED inside the studio but some ninja Chasters (including me hahha) were able bring inside. But, I focused more on Charice’s performances so I didn’t dare to record. I was sitting beside Manette, 5th row infront of the stage, and near Joel Cruz (CEO of Aficionado Perfumes haha). Allan K was also a few chairs away from our location.

    Charice received her first loud applause and standing ovation after she performed the song Listen. It was very loud and long. I noticed Allan K stood up quickly and applauded our dear Charice like he was totally blown away! Charice followed it with her performance of I Will Survive wherein the audience stood up and danced with her. That was really fun. But, the funniest moment was her performance with Michael V. LOL. I couldn’t find words to describe it. I was laughing ‘til the end of the song! LOL.

    Here’s the list of songs that she did perform (as far as I could remember LOL):
    1. The Power of Love
    2. Halo
    3. Grenade
    4. If I Ain’t Got You feat. Rachelle Ann Go
    5. Listen
    6. I Will Survive
    7. Pyramid and Reset feat. Elmo Magalona
    8. All By Myself
    9. Billie Jean feat. Michael V.
    10. Thank You (dedicated to MommyRaqz)
    11. The Bodyguard Medley
    12. Hanggang Ngayon feat. Ogie Alcasid
    13. Note To God
    14. Maghintay Ka Lamang
    15. Bonus Song: Are We Over

    Maghintay Ka Lamang was so emotional. She made me cry huhuhu… Also, I loved her performance of Thank You which she did dedicate to her mother. Mommyraqz’ tears were overflowing huhuhu…

    GMA-7 did a great show for Charice.

    I thanked the organizers at GMA-7 for recognizing all Chasters and for allowing us the opportunity to take a picture with our idol.

    Thank you Tintol. It was the best experience I had with Charice.

    Thank you Chasters for being so nice… Labyo Labyo…

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    • flowjam21 says:
      hi there chaster Lisbon….a very congratulation to you for witnessing the another spectacular performance of our Diva Charice and to all fellow chaster’s also there.You all very lucky always,witnessing the Most Talented Girl in the World a.k.a Charice on that very special event.Unlike Us here in Malaysia…i wonder where that happen to witness that kind of event….?As Malaysian chaster’s here can not wait when that happen to witness and heard the very beautiful Diva Charice n her vocal killer voice…hayzzzz!!!!!Hoping they will included the Malaysian Tour after Japan Tour……please…Charice Managements….

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    • Ripley says:

      Thank you for the account Lisbon. Wow! So many songs! Just like in her concert! Now I regret not being able to make it into the list and experiencing this fantastic show. :( Anyway, I will eagerly wait for the showing this Feb. 13. Cheers!

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    • kcmaria says:

      hi kuya lisbon! where can i find the pics that u took po? im the one who posed in front of the gma signage. maraming salamat po ulit! ^_^

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  4. dxb says:

    grabe si cristy fermin siraan ba ang mother ni charice na nag kumukuha raw ng mga gamit sa hotel hay grabe talga

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  5. Ripley says:

    Lucky Chasters! Good Luck! And for those who did not make it to the list, please convey our love to Charice! Show the whole world how much we treasure Charice! Go Chasters!

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  6. alma says:

    We will try our luck.. please add us Buboy Gabalfin, Alma Fajardo and Joshua Lapid

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  7. han says:

    can we still watch?

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  8. starbuck245 says:
    I’m getting excited just following all the posts and comments, the jockying for spots, the waiting list, the trying to get friends and family in…it’s going to be crazy!

    This GMA event, the Japan concerts, her eventual Glee appearances…what a great way to start off the year for Cha and Chasters worldwide.

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  9. virginia valenzuela says:

    Hi Ms Tintol,

    I know this is already late but my friend Kristine Albino #88 slot could not make it for tomorrow’s event. Can my other friend Sulpicio Yangao be her replacement?

    Thanks in advance…

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  10. noelbd says:

    Surething…..thanks Tintol!

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  11. mpasig52 says:

    Good luck Chasters! Since some of us can’t be with you in GMA, please give our hugs and kisses to our dear Charice… and Mommy Raquel and Carl too!

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  12. francis says:
    ate tintol. i know your number. txt na lng kita bukas ha pag naligaw ako
    hahaha.. magreply ka ha :D

    guys. pasobrahan nyo yung banner na gagawin nyo. manghihingi ako. hehe

    excited na :D

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  13. noelbd says:

    hello………wher’s the meet up place??????? any body?

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    • Tintol says:

      noelbd, pls read the article above po. Its in 7-11 in timog ave near gma studios po :)pls wera red and bring banners if u can :)

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      • han says:

        tintol, pwede pa po ba? Apat po kasi kami Alma Fajardo, Buboy Gabalfin, Joshua, Adam Selga. Sana po makapasok pa rin kami haysstt…

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  14. Alyssa Marie Penales says:

    Ms. Tintol, i’m also Alyssa Pen commented January 27. :) sna mkhbol sa pending list. (cross fingers)

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