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Charice in Studio with The Jackie Boyz

Charice in Studio with The Jackie Boyz

Charice’s value continues to soar in the RnB scene with confirmation that she is currently working with singer/songwriter duo, The Jackie Boyz. On Wednesday (Jan 26), the Jackie Boyz tweeted that Charice was amongst several artists that they were “in the studio with.” The tweet read: “In the studio with the stereotypes and charice allison and kahbron oh boy!!!” It seems that Charice is making all the right moves in the RnB scene, with the result that the brightest and best talents want to work with her. But what precisely she is working on with the ‘Boyz’ still isn’t clear, beyond a likely new song for her eagerly awaited second album. JackieBoyz2 300x2061 Charice in Studio with The Jackie Boyz The Jackie Boyz have been making waves

in the RnB scene for the past three years, writing some of the best tacks in recent times and

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for a string of major artists, including Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent, Madonna, Sean Kingston, Jennifer Hudson, Bruno Mars and even Justin Bieber. In fact, they were the writers behind Bieber’s collaboration with Sean Kingston, entitled “Eenie Meenie,” which recently went platinum. They are working with up-and-coming producer Matthew Kurz on a string of tracks with well-known artists. The Stereotypes, meanwhile, are an established production team, and have been nominated 5 times for a grammy, including RnB Album of the Year for Ne-Yo’s 2008 “Year of the Gentleman,” and in 2010 Best Pop Vocal Album for Justin Bieber’s “My World 2.0.” Charice has already collaborated with artists like Unique Zayas, Iyaz, rapper/producer Sean Garrett, and legendary producer Jim Beanz, and is obviously collaborating with more for her new album.

Video Playlist: Jackie Boyz’s Popular Hits (as song writers)

Their inspiration and love for music was instilled in them early on from their mother Jackie Battey (R.I.P). Their name, Jackie Assignment Boyz, carries on the memory of their mother through their music and reaches out to their fansai??i??..

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26 Responses to “Charice in Studio with The Jackie Boyz”

  1. Fiona Volks says:

    i cant wait to see charice on RNB scene .

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  2. saudi_charistic says:

    It’s very good for charice to be collaborated to other good singers. it will be a perfect and unforgettable song for us!!! Can’t wait…

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  3. POPseeker says:

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  4. dk and jj says:

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    • tadp013 says:
      Very nice article, “MUST READ”

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    • Fran says:
      Excellent article supporting Charice in her home country. While abroad it so great to watch Charice continue on course with her life doing her thing… preparing for her album, concerts and her long awaited return to Glee. So very focus with a good attitude and smartly staying out of the media hullabaloo in her country… a real class act. Let mommy and her Chasters (her commandos) take care of those irritants. We all know Charice so well as if her whole life isn’t splattered over the net. The Chasters and the global world know better that she isn’t what these mean spirited journalists and TV hosts purportedly try to make of her out to be. They are desperate lot wanting to be part of her fame and will go negative and controversial as an expedient way to get her attention.

      What they and the local media industry should realize…. there are ten million Filipino immigrants that have coronated Charice, a mere 18 year child, as their princess, inspiration, and champion. She, like them, has been working hard to improve their well-being. She is a symbol of their cause and brought national pride for them… in the far distant countries where they’ve settled. The overseas Filipinos are a “force” to be reckoned with, not only of their economic might in the remittances send back yearly, but are highly educated, technical trained and creative people. Charice dedicated commandos have already sort retribution through the internet, but let the media industry be forewarned…. if they continue to belittle Charice below the belt, there will be repercussions. The wrath and clout of the “balalikbayans” will be heard loudly.

      Here’s one of the clip why they are so endeared with her.

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  5. dk and jj says:
    re: pa-tutuban article.

    very inspiring! great write-up! congrats to the writer! how i wish i could have same talent in writing.

    hopefully that write-up would be an eye opener for everyone especially to those who are irresponsible. Let us be optimistic, supportive and responsible citizens of the RP.

    after all we come from same race, same blood and same culture, let us support one another! Peace!

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  6. EBJohns11 says:
    Oh wow, i cant wait for this album. I like RnB . This is gonna be interesting. Good Luck My baby Charice

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  7. king says:
    Good luck Charice!

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  8. chadav says:
    i hope its true R&B too becuz some can get boring as hell to be honest but charice can do it

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  9. Daniel says:
    Charice collaboration with top notch R&B artists and producers will produce a surprise single/album that I hope will conquer the top 40 billboard. Can’t wait to hear the finished product !!

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  10. anromable says:
    I am very optimistic that year 2011 is the fruitful year for Charice. She will conquer not only the music industry but also movie industry.

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  11. FanOne says:
    I am keeping my fingers crossed. Hope they really come out with true r&b.

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  12. dadartful says:
    Please excuse me, but I have decided to place this comment which is not of the topic of this post. The credit for this article belongs to a Chaster who posted it on the chatbox. It’s long but I’m sure you will get a lot out of it with all of the negative and conflicting articles coming from writers and commentators of various news scene.

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    • christinedl says:
      thank you for posting the link to this wonderful article…i hope you dont mind that i decided to post this link to my FB account to also serve as an inspiration to other Filipinos….

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    • Percy says:
      Thanks for posting this. It’s one of best articles I’ve read in a long time. I wish more Filipinos can be like this writer.

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    • sharisufan says:
      thanks for the link. a very good and insightful writing. i totally recommend to read, esp to filipinos like me. for the record, no other filipino inspires me compared to charice. its her attitude towards life that really strikes me – her voice is a bonus.

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      • dadartful says:
        All of you are welcomed. I’m happy to get this kind of response from you all. I was hoping that this article would be posted on other sites, to quell all the hatred, animosity and jealousy that some people display with no common sense at all. Charice is an ideal role model for all of our children to follow and I myself cannot understand why a handful of people can speculate untrue negative stories of her. I’m sure that in her heart and mind Charice only wants to make the world feel happiness and love thru her singing.

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  13. MrAspirant08 says:
    I am looking forward to Charice’s collaboration with the greatest singers and composers of the present time. I think we will see a modern Charice this time. Ballads are really great for her. For her to soar even higher in the mainstream, she will embrace the type of music which is in demand nowadays. I will support whatever genre of music she will sing.

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  14. trevor25 says:
    Take the world by storm. Charice is in effect in so many ways!

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  15. Nsanitee says:
    charice has made enough noise in 2010 that doors are starting to open in 2011. go girl!

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  16. jimfan155 says:
    Can’t wait to see where this takes Charice. The next step up in her career. Good luck to Charice and The Jackie Boyz.

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  17. juerry says:
    another awesome artist to collaborate with our princess charice thats a pretty cool,Goodluck Girl…..

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