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‘Hit Man Returns’ DVD Set for March Release

‘Hit Man Returns’ DVD Set for March Release

Charice’s remarkable duet with Ne-Yo is one of the highlights of the new “Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends” DVD and CD that will be released on March 1.

Recorded at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas last October, the show brought Charice on stage with some of the music business’ biggest names, including Natalie Cole, Seal, Donna Summer and Chaka Khan.

However, it was Charice in particular that everyone was talking about following the concert. Her performance with Ne-Yo of Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” caught the attention of those in the crowd in particular, but she also got standing ovations for her renditions of “All By My Self” and “To Love You More.”

The show was filmed for PBS and is set to be broadcast in March as part of their Great Performances series and, if his “Hit Man: David Foster & Friends” concert of 2009 is anything to go by, it is set to be one of the biggest TV events of the year.

David Foster himself believes that the concert was one of the finest that he has been involved in, and mentioned Charice as providing “a stand-out performance” from those given by seasoned professionals.

“There were so many magic moments that night.Ai??I’m especially proud of the terrific combinations of talent including a medley with Chaka, Seal and Michael Bolton, a breathtaking duet with Natalie Cole and Ruben Studdard and a standout performance by Charice, Ne-Yo and Robert Randolph,” he said.

The CD and DVDs will be released under David Foster’s own 143/Reprise Records label. As a taster, we’ve provided footage of two of Charice’s performances below. But remember, you can have these at home in high-definition DVD to get a full version of the experience.

Available March 1st, 2011. If you want “Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends” for yourself, then get in contact with your local music stores and order your copy. Every other Chaster will!

Pre-Order Now >> Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends (CD/DVD) Hit Man Returns DVD Set for March Release

“Hitman Returns” was filmed before a sold out crowd last year at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The lineup of talent lead by Foster as maestro of ceremonies includes performances by Seal, Donna Summer, Martina McBride, Earth, Wind & Fire, Natalie Cole, Ruben Studdard, All-4-One,”Glee” star Charice, Chaka Khan, Jackie Evancho, Lara Fabian and other artists Buy skunk seeds with paypal whose careers have been touched by Foster, a 15-time Grammy winning producer and songwriter.

Pre-Order Now >> Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends (CD/DVD) Hit Man Returns DVD Set for March Release

Charice ai???Sings Like Angelsai???

charice fox 5 75x75 Hit Man Returns DVD Set for March Releaseai???This lady has taken the music world by storm, giving Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and all the big names a run for their money,ai??? Ms. Grant started by saying as a modest Charice stood by giggling shyly. ai???Iai??i??m telling you,ai??? continued GrantAi??>> Full story

Charice: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Charice beautiful 75x75 Hit Man Returns DVD Set for March ReleaseWe had witnessed her as ai???Sunshine Corazonai???, dressed very casually, so soft-spoken, somewhat still shy, being so nice and respectful to her adoring, much older fans! Yet when she appeared on stage with Ne-Yo, she had undergone a transformation >> Full story

Hitman Returns: The David Foster & Friends Concert Experience

Fans David Foster Concert 75x75 Hit Man Returns DVD Set for March ReleaseIt was an unforgettable day, and there is so much going through my mind right now, that I hope to truly capture the events of the day as they transpired upon our arrival in Vegas earlier this afternoon. Had a wonderful car ride out to Vegas >> Full story

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221 Responses to “‘Hit Man Returns’ DVD Set for March Release”

  1. Garry says:

    I can’t find any figures of Charice Album’s worldwide total unit sales. So my estimate is between 2.24 million to 2.5 million units. Please shoot your comments.

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  2. artemushic says:
    I already ordered my hitman returns and expect to receive it on 21st April… Accra Ghana

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  3. msdreamtraveller says:
    Hello chasters, does anyone here know if this dvd/cd is available at target or walmart stores? thank you.

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    • johnw says:
      It’s available @ FYE and Best Buy.

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    • Lola Lily says:
      I got mine at Walmart here in Nevada for $17.88. Make sure you get it because it was a very remarkable concert especially Charice’s performance. I got mine the first day it came out and I just both another one yesterday for my sister. Enjoy!!

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    • CLFan says:
      I bought mine @ Barnes and Nobles. Call them first to make sure they have it on stock. You need to have it because it’s a treasure to have for years to come. You will not regret it. I played mine several times, the songs are great specially Charice’s songs.

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    • mindoro33 says:

      I bought mine at Target and Amazon….

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  4. ivorsky0218 says:
    The latest DFF Tour, especially the one which I and my family enjoyed at the Big Dome last October, further cemented Charice’s reputation as the best singer in the world and further proved that Oprah’s proclaiming Charice as “The Most Talented Girl in the World” is no fluke…Never in my life did i have goose bumps with anybody’s singing performance before…with due respect to celine, whitney & mariah…only charice and honestly…only charice bombarded me with all these nerve wracking, awe inspiring and super-addicting… perfect renditions of all the songs i love and learn to love…

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  5. eve says:
    David Foster will be a guest on the Dr. Phil show this Thursday 3/31 according to Twitter:!/officialdfoster/status/52532284628279297

    “Tune in to watch David Foster on @DrPhil Show!! Thursday, March 31st at 3pm EST/ 4pm PST on CBS (check local listings)”

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  6. King says:
    Now I’m okay….. Got new acticles about our dear Charice…

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  7. hermiemel says:
    Just my two cents. Charice is young, a laser beam, a quick study and very smart in her musicality. She has a tendency to sing (ie Halo & IWALY) in a slightly different ways depending perhaps on the crowd, venue, purpose or how she wants to entertain the audience. In other words she put her “signature” and deliver the song to the audience in her “own” unique way possible.

    I don’t see any negative issue in her singing style. Like Oprah, Ellen, Celine, Andrea and DF maybe Beyonce will love her too if she hears Charice’s rendition of Halo, Listen, Irreplaceable, Telephone and Stand Up for Love. Peace.

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  8. euse clerigo says:
    @King……………do something ………….if you are running out of patience………..maybe do some volunter works………….help the people in FUKUSHIMA JAPAN………..surely they have no time to be bored………………or watch the link @from1chicago………..that is really funny…………………..

    THANKS A LOT @from1chicago……………………………

    and beside CHARICE need to hybernate……………if that is the case……………..she reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally deserve it and reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally needed it but i doutbt……………it


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  9. chasterdad says:
    Hi starbuck245.

    The youtube video of the FAAN event wherein Charice sang “Halo” is a good example of too much curl in the singing style. It just was an overkill of her previously perfected renditions.

    Perhaps Charice wanted to showboat her acrobatic singing prowess here and mind you she can actually deliver whenever she wants.

    But the question arises wether that performance sacrificed a better renditon if done in a much purer straightforward depiction rather than with all those uneccessary “curls’. So does style equate to quality? Most R&B singers would do a lot of these acrobatic curls just to compensate for the lack of vocal range and power. But for Charice to do it? Nah, Charice is the epitome of Vocal power and range and she does’nt need to prove to anyone that she can also do curls even if it isn’t necessary or required.

    Case point is the rendition of Christina Aguilera of the song “Run to you” wherein because of her deficiency in hitting high notes she rather balanced off this lack thereof with curls and stylizations. Charice “Run to you” as rendered in B&K was a much straightforward and purer style and to me personally it was the best version ever done. Actually it is one Charice’s song that has become my all time favourite!

    the link for the FAAN “Halo” redition-

    You decide.

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    • jimfan155 says:
      Oh man, I am too old. I thought you were talking about her hair. (ha,ha). But I see what you’re saying. She may be trying out different styles, like you said, but I don’t see her doing it on a consistent basis. I’m not a fan of a lot of too many runs, also.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Thanks for the follow up CDad. I have a better idea what curling means…like runs and up and downs (layman terms? :P)

      I don’t know. While I don’t disagree with you and at the risk of sounding like an extremely defensive chaster, I think we notice those things because we’re watching vids of all her performances. I get the feeling that Cha being so accepting of such a range of music that she’s just exploring and trying different things all the time. I don’t think someone like Cha could sing a song over and over the same way regardless of how great a version it is.

      Exploration and experimentation are how great things are accomplished and discovered. In music and art, you just don’t know how something will be received until you make it available to everyone. I’m grateful that Cha is willing to put herself out “out there” for all to see and try different things. Some don’t work out great and some are fantastic.

      Cha is so versatile and has such a wide range of voice and song interests, that she is a dozen great singers in one. And isn’t that one of the facets of Cha that draws Chasters and has us eagerly waiting for her next appearance/performance?

      I’m not disagreeing with you, CDad, but I think the downside of for example singing the B&K version of Run to You over and over, is the risk that we would quickly become bored — why watch her new performance of RTU if we can just replay B&K over and over?

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  10. chasterdad says:
    I guess by now all regulars here would know that I am a certified blue blooded Chaster.

    I stated this fact because I need to comment on recent development concerning Charice’s present singing style. This may come as a negative observation to some, but believe me, it is far from that. What I have to say is constructive criticism directed only for the further perfection of our muse.

    Lately Charice has been experimenting with too much curls in her style. What Filipinos would say as too much “Kulot”(curls).

    Previous Charice to me was already perfect and maybe a small doze of these curls were added spice. However lately, and maybe because of her thrust to be more R&B, she has been overdoing this excercise to the point that it does not suit her anymore.

    Still beautifully rendered actually but……but for me it is like an overdone gourmwt course. An overkill.

    Maybe its just me I said, but scrolling other Chasters sites and
    Youtube video comments, her latest renditions do have this peculiarities that have been also observed by other fans. Note that I said fans and not detractors or crabs.

    Nonetheless for this latest DF&F video, her renditions were perfect.

    Again this is just a personal observation not to demean or discredit our Charice. Perhaps she is still in tnis experimental stage in trying to perfect a certain genre style. if so, then she is not that complete yet for this particular style and will still take a little while to do so. Yet, all the success for her to conquer such a genre in the future.


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    • starbuck245 says:

      Hi ChasterDad. Can you provide at least one example of Kulot in one of Cha’s recent performances? Thx!

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  11. marie says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  12. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  13. Daniel says:
    This moment is like a calm before the big storm hits. Charice is busy recording her album and shooting for Glee episodes. Chasters are spoiled on new articles and news about Charice almost daily.
    Let’s take this time to relax and pray that Charice endeavors will
    be successful…be patience…OK back to hibenation.

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  14. hermiemel says:
    Because it is so quiet here at ChariceMania, this “Lent” of March 2011, I can honestly say that I gave up (partly my addiction to) Charice for almost several weeks now and counting.

    Counting the days and hoping that our “agony” of waiting will soon be replaced with “estacy” of when our Princess comes back to this site. Peace.

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  15. gunrunner says:
    wake me up on chasters day. i will hibernate and go back to my cave. i cant stand the long wait for my princess. charice charice charic chari char cha ch c ……….

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  16. from1chicago says:
    Charice is in hiatus. Please give her a break.
    (Oh my, when will this end?).

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  17. King says:
    Admin people where you at? This is really worrying me…. what happend? almost 2 weeks of not having any news about our dear Charice… please let us know..

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  18. chit says:
    CM, could someone please tell us something about Charice? This silence is deafening! Please tell us anything, anything. Like where she is or what she’s up to. Even a tiny tidbit will do. It will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. (I am hoping and praying that everything about her is well.)

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  19. from1chicago says:
    If you are bored, go to this link, it will make you laugh and cure your loneliness as well as laziness and imagine that Charice is with you to enjoy!

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  20. jimfan155 says:
    The last I read she was working up to 12 hours a day on her new album. For me it’s good to know she is staying in one place for a while instead of traveling all over the place. Some of us want to see her get some rest, but if she does than we wonder why there is “nothing” going on; as we miss current news about her.

    I would love to see her on AI, DWTS, or any of the late nite talk shows, but I wonder if it would make sense at this time as her new album is not completed yet. It’s just logical these appearances would come at the time when she has something to promote.

    But I can’t wait to see what’s next on her journey, just like the rest of my fellow Chasters. Like many tell me – patience, patience.

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  21. arvie says:
    admin people, what is going on here please? is there nothing new about charice? its been, what, more than a week now? is there something wrong going on about the site? hope not.

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  22. King says:

    I’ll wait a new article tomorrow… let’s see if there’s any. if none, well there must be something wrong here. I’ve been waiting for news about charice for a week now…

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  23. King says:

    It’s tuesday, but still no latest news about our dear Charice. why oh why???

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  24. King says:

    any news about charice?

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  25. King says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  26. from1chicago says:
    If you are bored, go to this link, it will make you happy and cure your loneliness as well as laziness:

    Love Cha….

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    • mj says:

      ha ha ha ha. thanks.

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    • jvfulge says:
      Thank you very much for sharing. I really did enjoy watching and I’m pretty sure Charice will love to see this as well. Charice is very fond of scaring people if she were given a chance to portray herself as the villain in a scary movie. Well, what a way to have a Charice fix, huh?..

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  27. King says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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