Charice on Space Shower TV (Japan)

Charice on Space Shower TV (Japan)


Charice will be featured again on Space Shower TV, a Japanese satellite and cable TV channel dedicated solely to music. Space Shower TV can be seen on SkyPerfecTV!, Hikari TV among others.

A 5-minute interview with her will be shown on the program “Supesharea”, a play on the words “special” and “area”. The interview will be in the segment “Supesharea World”. This was most likely recorded when she was last here in Japan, in preparation for her solo concert tour in February. Space Shower TV is one of the sponsors of her concert.

You can watch her previous interview on Space Shower TV here.

First airing: January 26 (Wed.) 19:00-21:00
Replays: January 26 (Wed.) 24:00-
January 28 (Fri.) 22:00-
January 30 (Sun.) 18:00-

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  1. efryll says:

    hi cha…just keep on doing the best that you can be… all your fans will always be there to support you… hit or miss… i’m just here to support you and to pray for your success and happiness… God Bless… and thank you for making us Filipino proud…

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  2. eve says:
    @Theo, I’m glad you have enjoyed Robert Sheens’ series on Charice Music Industry 101. As a matter of fact, he will be our special guest on Charice FanTalk Radio this Friday… listen for that and call in with any questions!

    I agree with some of your points as well but I prefer to see the glass as half full with all the inroads Charice has overcome by even getting on those Top 21 lists in the first place, recognition on Billboard,, HollywoodLife, Disney Radio interviews, Oprah several times, national television on the Rockefeller Christmas Special and more of Glee! It’s amazing what Charice has accomplished thus far, a talent that cannot be denied in spite of her Asian-ness which, yes, the American public still has to get used to seeing ‘front and center’ in roles other than the stereotype. I’m a Fil-Am, born and raised in the states, so I know first-hand what you are speaking about, I’m not naive, but it is a complicated mix of factors at play. I do feel, however, that if Charice’s songs were runaway catchy tunes like Keisha’s ‘TicToc’ or Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed a Girl’ then there would be no problem getting radio airplay with listeners calling radio stations in droves to hear that amazing song that they just heard her debut on the Oprah Show. ‘Pyramid’ just was not catchy enough nor ‘I Love You’ nor ‘In This Song.’

    Then there is the matter of Charice’s appeal to consider as well. The public has to accept her and support her as well by buying her CD. But sometimes talent just isn’t enough, sorry to say, when people like to be dazzled with music videos, costumes, personality and sex appeal. There have been a number of one-hit wonders through the years like James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful’ but where is he now? Cee Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’ might fall into that category as well even though he’s scheduled to sing his hit song with Gwyneth Paltrow on Grammy Night. It’s not the first time either that Grammy contenders have made just one appearance. Is Charice’s personality perhaps too bland to appeal to the American public? Have her hit-and-miss fashion choices affected public acceptance? (think ‘Cherry Blossom’ festival in DC which was just awkward… oops, sorry chasters) Is her association with 60-year old David Foster (with song hits from the 80′s and early 90′s) a hindrance or a help to her career? …all of which I have heard discussed at one point or another, not popular sentiments among chasters, but there nevertheless. Btw I love Charice’s personality, but just keeping it real here from what I’ve heard elsewhere.

    Well I don’t know what the answer is or the magic formula to success. I don’t think blonde and blue-eyed and a voluptuous figure is a guarantee either but of course that would help if it comes with talent and a great personality. We’re in America, who in their rational minds would blame a country for naturally relating to starlets who look moreso like themselves? The same is true for any country. That’s not blatant discrimination, it’s just human nature to embrace your own just as we Filipinos embrace Charice with passion. How many of us would feel so passionate if Charice were not pinay? Does that mean we are racist because we do not support Jackie Evancho or Greyson Chance who’s got an incredible voice for a 13-year old kid? I salute chasters like sideburner sol and webscribes and camo and trust who love Charice as much as we do.

    Fortunately America is such a melting pot and the major markets like New York and Los Angeles are quite used to inviting and interviewing different artists of various ethnicities. Charice herself has been welcomed in all sorts of radio stations criss-crossing the country from LA to Vegas to Colorado to Florida to Wash. DC, New York & back. I really refuse to put too much stock in the race card given the success that she has already enjoyed in America. I see that she’s working hard to lay the groundwork for raising her profile in the music industry and her familiarity amongst the DJ’s. She’s doing the work, planting the seeds. It just takes a little time to take root. We want it fast, we want it now, without realizing or appreciating the fact that it is actually happening very, very quickly for Charice who may I remind you is only 18 years old. So we just have to be patient a little while longer as her management is putting together the pieces of her amazing career thus far. I’m sure the rewards will come. Let’s stay positive!

    oops sorry so long-winded this time, I get carried away sometimes =)

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    • leanza1992 says:
      “She’s doing the work, planting the seeds. It just takes a little time to take root. We want it fast, we want it now, without realizing or appreciating the fact that it is actually happening very, very quickly for Charice who may I remind you is only 18 years old. So we just have to be patient a little while longer as her management is putting together the pieces of her amazing career thus far. I’m sure the rewards will come. Let’s stay positive!”

      you are very very right Eve, i thank you for those words. ciao

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    • Theo says:
      Hi, Eve. Thanks for the response. We’ll just have to disagree on this particular issue…lol. Having read what you said, however, one of the strongest points of USA is it is also more accepting of change (more than most countries), and I think this is why it makes them strong. Yes, it is kind of ironic that it is Americans that eventually (well, Koreans first) gave her true notice, and, that praise, made her more popular in the Philippines because it is “foreign” praised. Fortunately, in the USA, its a bit harder to get away (at least in public) with being prejudice, racist, etc. The key for Charice is, of course, for her management team to appeal to those who are melting pot mainstream because there is nothing much you can do if someone is prejudiced, and one’s energy is better of channeled somewhere else. Charice already had lots of practice facing social barriers in the Philippines, so I think she will have nerves of steel for potential challenges in the future in the USA, and I really think that it is nice that she acknowledges her roots but a concerted effort must be made to ensure that she is not ghettoed into one particular community; she is for the world!


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  3. Joy Co says:
    Gentleman host (to Marie): seeing that tape and you talking about Charice sounds like you’ve raised her.

    Each Chaster said the same thing, have’nt we? lol…. since the very beginning, waiting for news, updates, especially videos kept us awake all night. We tried to be at her live performances. We braved the traffic, the rain and the storms. We talked, discussed and argued about her outfit, her english, boyfriend and what not. We saw her pictures when she was a baby. Her tears and laughter. Her successes and defeats. The Oprah episodes and the miracles. The standing Os. We were all there step by step to where she is now and we all bragged how special and wonderful she is. We dream with her. she awed us. She kept us waiting in suspense and we clapped and cheered coz she won yet another feat. …. Chasters, we all been called her Mom/Dad coz we’ve been there every step of the way. We almost like raised her as own child. (it is weird saying this coz I don’t have a child, but that’s how I feel about her).

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  4. george says:
    Basically,speaking of popularity,Charice is @ the top of the ladder already.Millions know her already and had the chance to view and watched her performed.She is with the top POP PRINCESS in the US,One of the top under 21 years old,Top hit on YOU TUBE, Top 10 Bill board,TOp “No 1″ Dance chart In US,TOp album and download in JAPAN and Thailand and other asian countries,Gold and going Platinum in Japan,Top download on I-Tunes,Trending on Yahoo . com,Top and No 4 best lyrics on Yahoo,Many Honors already in the Philippines and she is not even a mainstay in PH,With a STAR WALK in the PH,has been to the Top TV shows in America.Not everybody is invited to Oprah not to mention her affinity with the BIG O, Amen to that!!!!What else do you want? For me everything now are just ICING on the CAKE BABES’.Take it or leave it Charice is There LOOOOKKKKK!!!!!!!! AT THE TOP,Can’t you SEEEEE!!!!!!

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    • tnt says:
      that is not enough…shes just starting…….cant you see her potentials?

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      • Theo says:
        I am certainly not discrediting her success in tv appearances and the benefits she has gotten from her connection with Oprah and David Foster, but I do agree with TNT that is not enough. I am not saying either that this is Charice’s fault. I just think that in order for her to be a complete success she needs to get her songs out there to be recognized just for what it is. This is the most significant testament for an artist, which is the product that you produce. And Charice is currently NOT at the top of the ladder yet…should she be? Absolutely! Since Charice is found to face many demographics, stereotypical and social barriers – even with her connections – her management has taken the route of many collaborations in order to ease her in into mainstream America. In Japan, I ask if her songs are actually being played in the radio because it would be more beneficial for her if it was. Radio stations and hit songs can reach more people than TV appearances believe it or not; it gets other people hooked on songs; then they request; they buy (well, sometimes, they download for free); etc., etc.

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      • eve says:
        agree, she has a lot further to go in the US. She’s on a lot of lists, but these are up-and-comer lists of young artists “to watch for in 2011″ which means she has to produce a hot Top40 song with radio airplay to prove her staying power, like Charice says, “that she belongs there.” I know that’s not popular to say in this forum, of course we all know that she has the talent, but it’s about getting a hit song. The Filipino perspective is a bit biased from the comments I read here because she’s such a huge star in her home country, but she still has a way to go here in the US.

        I don’t think Charice being Asian is a hindrance because there are enough instances of Asian success here to discount that. Asians are all over American TV shows, even one Maggie Q who is the star of her own show ‘Nikita’, Asians on Glee and other primetime shows, the Disney channel, in American movies too – Ken Watanabe, Ang Lee – and radio’s Far East Movement. We have all sorts of international stars making it big in America cuz of their talents. Charice has gotten enough coverage here with Oprah, David Foster’s PBS Special, Rockefeller Christmas Special etc. to be known by the American public. She’s very familiar to us here and with a hit song, she will be readily embraced.

        Listeners enjoy a good song without having any idea who the singer is or what they look like. I’ll often hear a catchy tune being played for weeks and not find out what they look like till the next grammy award show lol. Listeners are not discriminating in choosing their favorite songs. I hope Charice will have several hit songs with the collaborations we have been reading about. I look forward to seeing her climb even greater heights of success. She’s only 18, she is just getting started.

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        • Theo says:
          Hi, Eve. I agree with you on so many points perhaps but differently on social and racial barriers that Charice will face in the U.S. The problem is that this is hard to quantify. Having been a casting agent for 7 years, I can tell you for a fact that IT IS a problem for singers/actors, especially in movie sets to be represented, to the point it needs to be by LAW that whenever you have a movie set, you need to hire a certain amount of minorities if it was a regular set. And I was specifically told that casting directors still perpetuate typical Hollywood roles, such Asians being relegated as computer people, scientists, kung experts, and on normally, if they were to be sexual, usually portrayed as massage parlor attendants, etc. Of course, there’s been breaking ground in Hollywood and in the music industry, but let us not forget that that is still a RELATIVE minority. For example, do you have any doubt if Charice was let’s say was blond, blue eyed, hollywood skinny, big busts, tall, etc., that she would have gotten all levels of commercial endorsements. I do agree in the premise that people will listen to songs they like regardless of the race (they would not even know if it was being sung on the radio), but barriers do exist and that is a reality. Have you ever wondered why with so many medical shows out there and literally nurses of Filipino descent, as well as doctors, that hardly no Filipino’s have been portrayed? Normally, they will go Chinese first because they are a larger minority; that’s demographics for you. The music business is even tougher because the pie is even smaller. This is one of the major reasons why Charice is doing collaborations with singers that are mainstream, to ease her into the demographics of the US populace. Does she even really need these collaborations honestly? Yes in a sense that it will help her career..talent wise? hell no! It’s they who need her…lol! Oprah Winfrey realizes the hurdle that minorities encounter in the US, and this is why she uses her influence a lot, starting with David Foster, but why with even David Foster and with so MUCH radio appearances, talk shows, Glee, etc., etc. more than any artist around her age is she not yet a common house hold name in the US? What is missing? Connections? A hit single (absolutely), but what is the deciding factor that will get those middle people to play her song? I was so disappointed that with those so many appearances that she sang 2/3 covers, rather than her songs. I know, I know, this was a “strategy” in her management part, and I thoroughly enjoy Mr. Sheen’s articles on the music business, which is almost 90% similar to the film business, but a different medium. What I would like for Mr. Sheen to write to enlighten (and I mean that in no disrespectful way) is to perhaps his thoughts on what is Charice’s major challenges in the US and why is the cause of it. My best educational is: connections, funding, demographics, song trendiness, etc., and social/racial factors are integrated in this business. I am not saying that a radio station will blatantly refuse Charice because she is not white, but I can guarantee you that a per say, Cover Girl, where to use Charice as a make up model on TV, and if they did, that will not be the norm for sure. I totally understand that most people (I hope) will not care if the song is sung a Filipino or a Somalian if it is so excellent that people will listen to it, but getting it there to be played will involve a lot of people, and this is where the challenge lies because everyone has prejudices (Filipinos included) when it comes race, sex, height, figure, all the way to the clothes you wear!

          Now, fortunately for Charice, her talent is so immense that she’s passed the 1st barrier of challenges in the US; the 2nd one is getting many hit no. 1 songs out there to get her name recognized even if they have not seen her, and the 3rd one is to be everywhere – radio, tv, commercials, charities, touring, etc., etc.. It’s only a matter of time before Charice hopefully breaks out of the stigma of just someone who does cover songs (as far as her critics are concerned). We all know she can sing, dance and acting needs work. She definitely needs the right people around her to and for her management team and her fans to be more open minded about the greater she faces in the future.


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          • ceedum says:
            Having lived here for a very long time in the US, I’ve yet to see an Asian be the main star of a TV hit show, see Asian models/actress on the cover of Glamour, Vogue, Cosmo, or Vanity Fair.

            I think there is some hesitation in the US mainstream of seeing us Asians beyond our stereotypes. Hollywood seems resistant to give bigger and major roles to Asians except for the big martial arts actors like Jet Li, Jackie Chan. Unless ofcourse the film is set in Asia. The music industry is more diverse but Asians are hardly represented.

            Charice needs all the help she can get to break new ground here. No other Asian solo performer has done it, and if she does, it truly will be groundbreaking.

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            • Theo says:

              Hi, Ceedum.

              This is what I was telling you. As a casting agent, I was actually “told” that casting directors when looking for a spot on film, television, etc. need to go with the “standard” plus 3% “ethnic” casting. This was the law a few years ago, and its changed only a bit. With the music industry, although the pie is smaller, your chances may be better if you get a song out there without them knowing who you are, and you become so popular, and all of a sudden all other benefits (such as commercial endorsements, etc. will come after). Now is there an “evil” plot to prevent Charice from becoming successful? Of course not! But let’s just say that a famous casting director is thinking of making a story that involves a great singer who struggles to get to the top I can assure you that they will not choose Charice for that (unless it was “asian” story) because first and foremost, they will look for someone hollywood gorgeous, white, tall, blond, etc. ( and expect to see some Asians on the background). That is the reality of things. I am not sure if you watch the cartoon Avatar–clearly an asian cartoon–and yet they changed all the characters to caucassian and one Indian only when one of the characters could not do it (apparently after lots of complaints and criticisms).

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              • Theo says:
                My apologies, Ceedum..did not mean to be abrupt when I mentioned “I was telling you..Just a typo.”

                Yes, I agree that she needs more funding and connections to further her career. As it is, she has already accomplished what most Asians have not been able to do in the music industry, even more than the Korean singer rain, who is very popular in Asia. That is certainly not be disocunted, and I’m sure she will get there. I just want her to get there out of the merit of her own songs alone, and not just because overwhelming Filipino support. I lived half of my life in the Philippines, and i can’t say fully that I don’t feel pride when Charice is acknowledged as it makes one feel good about himself, but that is just really ego. In fact, Charice rise to success should be a humbling and learning experience for many in the Philippines not to be so tough on one of their owns.


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                • ceedum says:
                  Hi Theo,

                  Thanks for the response. And no, I did not think you were abrupt, I thought you were just enthusiastic about this subject like I am! LOL!

                  I agree that there is no ‘evil’ plot to prevent Charice (and Asians in general) from becoming successful. However, I just think there is an overall reluctance to change things up in Hollywood & the media. Just in the past decade, African-Americans had to fight for more roles. Hollywood adjusted, and now we have black box-office stars like Will Smith, Halle Berry, Eddie Murphy, etc. Hispanic enterainers have also broken ground, Selma Hayak, George Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Shakira.

                  Asians are left behind. While I see a lot of Asian local newsreporters in many cities, since Connie Chung left there is no prominent Asian national news anchor.

                  There have been efforts to import Asian talents like pop icon Utada from Japan, BoA the Korean Madonna. Both have collaborated with big name music producers. Yet they failed. Rain made an action movie that was a modest success and but no one remembered his name. Now Wondergirls are up next. Good luck with that. I don’t know if America is ready for an Asian version of the Pussycat Dolls.

                  My belief is that for Charice to be very successful here, she will need ALL the help she can get. She’s a strong young lady but it takes a big concerted effort to break through the general disinterest America has for something very different.

                  Mind you, Charice is not only Asian, she’s truly one of a kind. She’s tiny that at 18 she looks like a child. She has this massive voice and tackles mature diva songs from Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Beyonce, & Lady Gaga yet is more comfortable in sneakers & nerdy glasses. She can handle many musical genres, singing Whitney songs to Bruno Mars. She even outdos Justin Beiber. She can’t yet drink and gamble but has been performing in Vegas casinos for some time.

                  To be honest, while its amazing to hear her tackle ALL by Myself & kill it, I inwardly cringe because the lyrics is inappropriate for someone who yet hasn’t even dated yet.

                  Charice is really a dichotomy. Its almost impossible to categorize her. She’s so unusual, I can compare her to Michael Jackson. They’re not the same but they are both very unique & one of a kind talent. In a way, I can understand why she lost the contest in the Philippines, it isn’t so much that she wasn’t pretty but she looks so different from the standard.

                  Overall though, her success so far has been astounding and nothing to sneeze at. Like you, as a fellow Filipino, I’m very happy for Charice’s success, in the same manner I was for Lea Salonga 2 decades ago. Ditto for Manny Pacquaio & the up & coming Donito Donaire.

                  The harshest critics fortunately in the minority are back home in the Philippines. They have no idea how difficult it is to succeed in another country let alone the US. Is it no wonder that it is the Filipino abroad who are her most ardent supporters? She represent us, the Filipino diaspora who’ve moved to find a better life elsewhere. Her success shows it is possible for the rest of us Filipinos and Asians.

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                • ceedum says:

                  Hi Theo! No you’re not abrupt, just enthusiastic like I am about this topic. I wrote a very lengthy reply but CM lost it!

                  Like you as a fellow Filipino I’m very happy for Charice’s current success, the same way I was for Lea Salonga 2 decades ago. Ditto for Manny Pacquaio & the up & coming Nonito Donaire. The successes of these grown talents doesn’t necessarily evoke pride in oneself but it represents the collective yearing of the Filipino diaspora to succeed elsewhere.

                  That is why a lot of Charice’s most ardent Filipino fans are abroad. The harshest critics back home are fortunately in the minority. They have no idea how difficult it is to succeed in another country with a different culture & a different way of doing things.

                  That aside, Charice will need all the help she can get to make it here. Yes, she is immensely talented, but she is rather unusual. Think about it. She’s almost an anomaly, truly one of a kind. It’s impossible to compare her to any other artist. She is not only Asian, she’s tiny looks like a child but has a massive voice. She sings all these big diva songs but is more comfortable wearing sneakers & nerdy glasses. She’s been singing in Vegas casinos for some time though she cannot yet drink or gamble. Some of her lyrics are age innappropriate. While I’m astounded everytime she sings All By Myself & kills it, I cringe at the lyrics, since Charice hasn’t even dated yet!

                  Bottom line it will be hard to categorize Charice. Her looks aren’t the typical type to sell L’Oreal or Covergirl ala Rihanna or Beyonce. It will be very odd to see her hawking her favorite Nikes since she’s not an athlete. Her personality while pleasant and cheerful is a bit too bland for late night talk shows or even SNL. Perhaps they’ll just make her sing and skip the interview.

                  Yes, my hopes are for this immensely talented young lady to go far and become as big as her idols Celine, Beyonce, Whitney & Lady Gaga. She will have to forge her own path, a different because she’s not only Asian but one of a kind.

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                • eve says:
                  Your comment’s not lost ceedum, just held up in the SPAM folder which is where lengthy Comments go for moderation. It’s been released above. Perhaps we should all make the effort to keep Comments brief. Chasters do like to talk… myself included lol. I’ll try to change. ^.^

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  5. zee-o-nga says:
    Marie (the lady japanese host) looks like Paris Hilton hihi

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  6. Theo says:
    Does anyone know if Charice’s songs are actually being played in Radio Stations in Japan? And, if so, which ones?

    I think this is very important because right now Charice is cruising more on the reputation of her incredible voice, stardom journey, and cover songs. It is important that Charice be known because of the songs she is signing because this is eventually what is doing to carry her long-term when all the hype is over.



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    • Justcharrie says:
      Pyramid was played a lot here when it was newly released and since a lot of new singles are coming in constantly, it is understandable that its airtime decreased as well. But please note that although it’s the only officially released single from Charice, her album is still selling very well. I remember, weeks ago when my friend and I went to a record bar, the sales agent even recommended “CHARICE” citing as being “popular and is selling fast.”

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  7. beth says:
    Everything makes beautiful in Gods time. For Charice, i believe pretty soo she will be on the top of the music Ministry. i agree with what her mentor David Foster said…..Go charice…stay as sweet as you are. Gods blessings for you this year.

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  8. markgelo says:
    Charice interview! Top 5 richest Filipinos
    and she is now on LA gym to reduce wt, great!!

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    • bld9696 says:
      Charice is worth 12 million? You go, Girl!!! Here’s wishing her many more millions.

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      • cueA says:

        12 million?…absolutely not true! Some with real life experience will tell you that it takes 280,000 to 300,000 sold albums just to break even cuz of all the costs. An artist would have to reach beyond gold and into the platinum and multi-platinum heights to be richly rewarded. At this time I don’t believe her album has even reached gold in the states.

        I’m posting this in hopes of quelching this false figure before it goes viral.

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      • eve says:

        Charice has other sources of income as well from her concert appearances, Glee, endorsements, TV commercials… but I would have to agree with cueA that 12 mill is a gross overstatement. I’m doing the math in my head and it just doesn’t compute for 3 years time since her Ellen appearance. And I think the endorsements and TV commercials are in pesos. Even top movie stars may get $2-5 mill to make just one movie per year. Top TV stars may get $75-125K per episode, but the guest stars depending on their “star” meter would get much less. There is no logistical way that Charice could earn US$4 million in one year with the kind of work that she’s doing right now. Fans should not believe everything they read just because it is in print on some website.

        here are some interesting figures:

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  9. chasterdaily says:
    Are you excited for charice’s return on Glee??

    Please guys vote!!!
    Hollywooflife really supports charice. Heres the link

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  10. Zee says:
    Thank You for subbing!! ‹3 when the guy said “it feels like as if you’ve raised her (by the way you talked about her) :D that’s what we all feel! She’s like our own little sister, best friend, daughter, granddaughter Charice is family once you know her. “The audience ranged from older people to younger people, everyone was moved to the point we could cry” This is why Charice is special. She’s everywhere in Japan now, she’s even on the train & that’s big publicity.

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  11. Theo says:

    I see absolutely NOTHING wrong expressing her sexuality if she is something she is comfortable with and she does not feel like she is resorting to it to simply get attention. Like it or not, people will resort to hair arrangements, make up, hip or sexy outfits, movements, etc., and they are all designed to “attract.” Like it or not, in her own way, Charice will need to play this game eventually being in Hollywood. That standard, of course, is up to Charice herself and her moral sensibilities. But just because someone is sexual does not mean she/he is a tramp. For example, why did you think they made her look “Japanese” while in Japan? Because that is what considered “attractive” and hip in Japan. I did not like the idea that they made Charice “nerdy” in Glee; it just plays into typical stereotypical asian roles. They should have just capitalized on her current features and made the best out of it.


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  12. jn says:
    Thanks Mooffin for all the updates from Japan about our Charice.
    I can agree no less that she will be one of the top artists who will be here for a long time. True, it will be just a matter of time that she will be known/famous worldwide….

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  13. POPseeker says:
    Japanese people really loves Charice! We should love them back! :)
    ……..WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! :D

    …wait!!!!!!!Hello fellow Chasters! I just wanna ask who is the foreign singer that is courting Charice??? is it David Archuleta???

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  14. EBJohns11 says:
    oh Tnx for this . and the caption helped =) Way to go!

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  15. AIM says:
    Charice is doing great and there is no doubt that she is very popular in Japan and she captures a lot of hearts. We are proud of you.

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  16. lee says:
    I believe it take longer for her to be recognized in the US for so many reasons, but I just want to mention one which is that she is not a typical American artist, she is Asian and she performed like one; in a good way, I mean. Many American artists, of course not all, use the element of sex, to name just one, in their performances. This instantly added to their attraction. This is of couse non-existent in Charice performances. She always presented herself as simple, modest and respectable. But I believe that her breath-of-fresh-air personality — no pretense, humility, respectfulness, modesty, happy aura, and natural friendliness — behind that amazing voice will eventually take her to the top. Chasters, it’s just a matter of time. Let’s just pray that she will not be tempted to meander into the wrong side of the fence, morally speaking. Normally, the more popular one becomes the more temptation one encounters also. But with the guidance of her mother, and her respect for her, plus the respectable professionals guiding her profession, I have high hopes that she won’t become another….you know…one of those who wasted their talents, money and life. To end my rather long comment I would say, ungodly ways maybe faster, but God’s way will beat it with endurance…Cheers to Charice and to all chasters out there!

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    • gunrunner says:
      lets pray for her clean success without resorting to sexy appearances just to get noticed.

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    • tnt says:
      I am not living in the US nor reading holywood showbiz news but it is very clear for me that Charice is setting a brand new trend or unique quality of artist to be recognized.

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      • gunrunner says:
        yeah tnt i agree with you. its about time to change the face of the music industry to real talents and not auto tuned voices. it may take sometime but i know charice will set the pace.

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    • Cholo says:
      Sorry, that was kind off a negative comment for me. She IS recognized in the US. If you mean getting an award for something. Artists aren’t measured by awards. It’s how they are loved by their fans, I believe. You’re other comments were right though. :) PEACE!

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      • sdlj@cm says:
        well, not quite yet compared to justin bieber, miley cyrus, demi lovato, and even the half filipino guy – bruno mars, and a lot of other artists who are unfortunately, none is full asian. she has got to be invited by various talk show hosts in the US, like jimmy kimmel , david lettermen, jay leno, and also be a guest singer in all the other popular shows, like The View, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, etc. So far she only conquered a few but still with the help of either ophrah or david foster. however, with her glee appearance, then just wait, and what you were saying will become reality which all chasters are hoping for her. but right now, it’s not there yet.

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  17. Ripley says:
    Thank you again for all the hard work. Such is the power of Charice! Able to make people cry when hearing her sing! She touches your soul! More and more people being converted Chasters as she goes on her musical journey!

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