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‘Glee-Gate’ Leave Chasters One Question: “WHEN?!”

‘Glee-Gate’ Leave Chasters One Question: “WHEN?!”

Now that we have received confirmation that Charice will not be part of the Super Bowl episode of “Glee,” Chasters everywhere are frustratedly asking, “WHEN?!”

Speculation over when exactly our favorite Filipino songstress will return has begun to rage again.

In an interview on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, ABS-CBN was told by the series’ co-creator, Ryan Murphy, that Charice would make a return “in a big way,” but that it would come at the “end of the year.Ai??These words come both as a relief and a cause of anxiety.

Charice has already confirmed in several interviews that she has been filming with “Glee”, and told Radio Disney in NovemberAi??that she still had some recording to do (for future episodes). “I’m not yet finished shooting ‘Glee.’ I’m still going to do more episodes in it and I can’t wait for you guys to see it,” she said.

This helped to fuel speculation that Sunshine Corazon might be in the first episode of the New Year, on February 6, but certainly confirmed she would be back.

Leaked Information later revealed that Sunshine would sing the Black Eyed Peas’ “Meet Me Half Way” in the Super Bowl episode. But that information has since been discredited by Sunshine’s absence from the program synopsis, a twitter confirming that Charice hasn’t finished filming yet and now by Murphy’s reference to the “end of the year.”

ChariceInGlee1 300x254 Glee Gate Leave Chasters One Question: WHEN?!But the question on every Chaster’s (and indeed Gleek’s) lips is: “What does he mean by ‘end of the year’?” Was this a slip of the tongue, or a definitive piece of information? Did he mean to say “end of the season?”

Murphy did clarify at the Golden Globes that Sunshine Corazon would be appearing in 5 new episodes, not 7 as Charice herself was reported to have stated while on stage at the “1@11″ event in Manila on January 8. But even Charice has remained silent over when precisely her returning episode would be.

Could it be Buy cannabidiol cost that she will make a season’s end appearance, and then be a key figure in the third series? Both series have begun in September, and ended the final year. The second half of series 1 was only ordered after the first few episodes rated highly, in September 2009, with the first of 9 new episodes airing in April 2010.

A second series was secured in January last year, with filming beginning in June and the first episode – which also featured Charice – going on air in September.

Meanwhile, a third series was secured last May, and since the second series began in September, a third series would most likely begin then also.

It seems highly unlikely that Charice would be recording over the winter break for episodes to be broadcast in the fall, but isn’t next September “the end of the year?”

And with a live “Glee” show set to tour in Europe next summer, could it be that producers are getting whatever episodes they can out of the way now to ease their schedule later in the year?

Confusion reigns on this issue, with questions bounding and rebounding from one possibility to another. But on all Chasters lips is just one simple question: “WHEN, WHEN, WHEN will Charice return?”

Tell us what you think! Are we to wait for another 9 months or will Sunshine Corazon return sooner than that? If Charice isn’t returning in February, why was she given a 2-page spread in a special US Weekly “Glee” issue?

Is this confusion just a marketing ploy, and if it is, Ai??does “Glee” really need to resort to such cheap tricks?

Tell us how you feel about Glee-Gate!

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92 Responses to “‘Glee-Gate’ Leave Chasters One Question: “WHEN?!””

  1. Chaster#2 says:

    In my humble opinion, originally Charice was supposed to have a much larger part on GLEE (even in this past season), but due to issues going on behind the scenes with certain insecure cast members, it was reluctantly decided that Cha would have a smaller part on the show in order to keep the peace on-set. However, I believe that once Charice becomes a more established actor/entertainer and more well known in the States – then Sunshine will ultimately become the main character on GLEE – whether her co-stars like it or not :)

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  2. OBB says:

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  3. POPseeker says:

    i’m sure Warner-Reprise is now celebrating for Charice’s success…

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  4. 2die4 says:
    If I were Ryan Murphy- I would let Charice sing a song or more each and every episode.This will maximize the high rating of the show.

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  5. jeff says:

    i wanna see charice on glee doing the hercules theme song


    the original version was already in high-notes but she made it even higher.

    the most powerful, explosive yet flawless of all charice’s cover song.

    watch it and you will be convinced that there will be no more song that she couldn’t sing.


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  6. Earthquaker12 says:
    Hahaha!… this is becoming like a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight…. where people are becoming tired on waiting… which eventually turn out to be no point of waiting at all… LOLS!

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  7. EBJohns11 says:

    I am also getting tired of this but oh well, whatever, i dont need to wait, it will come =) Im sure im gonna be there on the couch watching Glee when she comes back.

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  8. jimfan155 says:
    Who else on GLEE has as busy a schedule as Charice – appearances in Japan, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, all over the USA, etc. That and working on her second album. Is it any wonder she is finding it hard to fit GLEE into her busy calendar. Ha, ha. Seriously, I think it all comes down to storyline and availability. The storyline ends with the choral competition like it did last season. After all the waiting, the disappointment, I would rather she appear in the final weeks of the season. If she had used up most of her appearances already and had only one or two left, I would be yelling for more.

    But it is not Sunshine’s show so we must wait for her role to fit in the plot. I’m anticipating some big appearances in the final weeks and that’s ok for me. Yes, the wait has been long but the rewards can be great. If the build up leads to huge ratings, who knows, Charice could be signed up for another season and we can wait for Sunshine to reappear next season. Then the process will start all over again – Ughhhhhh, errrrrrr, oh noooooooo.

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  9. camo says:
    music lover you are the one that gets whats happening with glee regarding sunshine the others think its just bring sunshine on and all is well in glee world .thats what i have been trying to say but you put it more eloquently thank you for explaining more deeply.

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    • Bigmusiclover says:
      I agree with much of what you said in past posts, Camo. I also respect other dissenting opinions. We are all Chasters here although we each have our strong opinions on certain topics. We may disagree on certain things but one thing we can all agree upon is that WE ALL LOVE CHARICE! That is why we are so passionate in our opinions. Chasters are made up of all races, different genders, different age groups and sexual orientation so we must be aware when posting one’s thought not to offend anyone here in CM, Youtube or in any other forum. We want to bring more fans to Charice from all walks of life because we believe in her talents. Her talent should be a unifying force in the world. It may be hard to satisfy everyone’s expectations for Charice but when it comes down to crunch time, she always deliver. We must all have the PATIENCE of a Charice who has had many obstacles to overcome in her life. Along with her dogged determination, she has set higher goals with each success. She may not get there as fast as we would like but come it shall to bestow the gift of music upon thee!

      Everyone should also support her management as they know the business. They know what it takes to get Charice to the top and GLEE plays a big part of it. GLEE caters to the widest demographic audience and will certainly make Charice a household name when Ryan Murphy feels the time is right and when Charice’s hectic schedule is more accommodating. Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is Sunshine. Soon everyone will see the light that is SUNSHINE CORAZON!

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  10. FredL says:
    Every hyperventilating Chaster should really read Bigmusiclover’s earlier comment. I mean really read it…

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  11. jonh says:

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  12. ags says:

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    • anto32 says:
      You may know that every singer sings about his life.Of course,some of them sing generic songs that almost everybody can identify with,but ,if you are true,you sing about what you live and not about what most people want to hear.But,anyway,I think the most important about a song is that to be good.And I think that Glee producers are the ones who are confusing people about Charice appearance,not telling a definitive date.She only films her scenes,but she’s not able to know when these will be broadcasted.

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  13. Verchiel says:
    Your statement:
    “not 7 as Charice herself was reported to have stated while on stage at the “1@11″ event in Manila on January 8.” is inaccurate.

    Charice said she would appear in 5 to 7 episodes. So she knew what she was talking about. Maybe at that time it was not certain exactly how many episodes she would be in so she was given a range not an exact number.

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  14. TinTin says:

    I think Charice should remain quiet about her episodes on Glee as the Glee Management can change plan anytime. Billboard news shows Charice announced her 5-7 episodes on Glee and is expected to perform in the Superbowl episode. Now that Ryan Murphy mentioned about Charice episodes by the end of the year (although it will be big), it will be embarrassing on Charice because she has announced her episodes without any official confirmation from Glee Producers. This is disappointing that her Superbowl episode appearance won’t happen.

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    • Marife says:
      When Charice said 5-7 episodes, its an estimation, she didn’t say that she will be in 7 episodes exactly. This shouldn’t be an issue it’s just a small matter. Why do we have to always blame somebody, when our expectations are not met. Look in to ourselves first maybe we have interpret things wrongly. She shouldn’t have done that or they shouldn’t have written this..We are too spoiled I guess.

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      • TinTin says:

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        • Marife says:
          I didn’t hear Charice said anything about particular date of her coming back to Glee. She just simply says that she is definitely coming back to Glee 5 to 7 episodes. I’m sure she was instructed by her management to say that, or to reply that way whenever asked about her Glee comeback. The Glee Management can always change their mind about how many more episodes sure, but definitely Charice is coming back in a big way, according to Ryan Murphy and I am more than happy to hear that.

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    • anromable says:
      Charice didn’t mentioned that she will appear on the Superbowl Episode, she only announced that she will be on glee 5 to 7 times. I believe that she is only estimating the number of appearances not exactly 5 ,6 or 7 times.

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    • Nikki says:

      I’m with you on this. It’d better for Charice to just be quiet about how many episodes she’s gonna be in or when or what she’s gonna do because it’s embarrassing when things change. I love Charice but I guess she’s too over eager about the Glee thing, though I understand it’s something she really wants. I hope she avoids making announcements like that next time. Also, I hope she will advise some rabid chasters to please stop getting into twitter war. Can they just shrug off those negative comments some people make about her? I noticed nonfans deliberately post hateful Tweets against Charice because they know chasters are going to take the bait. I’ve read articles & watched videos of Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna & Lady Gaga– there were so many criticisms, hatred but I noticed majority of their fans don’t mind it & don’t get into a fight. Can’t chasters can do the same? And please, avoid saying negative generalizations about the Philippines because you don’t really know who reads your comments…and they will take it against Charice, not her fans.

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  15. Lisbon says:
    I really am tired of waiting for return on Glee. Honestly, I really felt frustrated reading some articles with no certainty on WHEN she’s going to appear on that SHOW. So much blah blah blah… I hate those articles saying that she’s going to appear on glee this February…

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    • Marife says:
      Awwws.. Don’t hate on the writers/articles(US), they probably got too excited as well, and can’t wait for Charice to comeback on TV. I think they are Charice’s fans just like us (Perez Hilton and others) some even refer to Charice as “their girl”. They wrote nothing Bad about Charice. Its all good publicity.

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      • Lisbon says:

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        • Marife says:
          Misleading or not, I can feel their love and appreciation of Charice. And I am thankful that charice isn’t being ignored and the write ups are mostly good. For me, its the intention that counts. I don’t see anything wrong with all their wtite-ups its all to promote Charice in a good way. Ohh well to each his own..

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          • Lisbon says:

            We do have different ideas on how we interpret articles that we read. In some way or another, I was thinking of an artist widely known for being the most search celebrity on the planet- Britney Spears! Yeah, her official website is posting annual list of rumors, unconfirmed details, and etc … that were posted in several websites. Yeah, those articles helped promote the artist and those articles earned her more hits on the internet’s search engines like Yahoo or google. But, for a Chaster like me who’s been following her since 2007, reading all those unconfirmed, misleading articles about her which are available on the internet makes me feel I’m just wasting my time.

            Unlike Britney’s team, her management quickly sends statement that those rumors are true or NOT. And reject right away the rumors circulating on different websites so as not to confuse the fans.

            But, on Charice’s team, I barely read articles and statements from her management rejecting rumors on Charice’s behalf. They knew Charice has a twitter account to say and confirm anything. I am 100% sure that her management knew about the articles that she’s going to appear on The Superbowl Episode of Glee. And that she’s said to perform a Black-Eyed Peas song. Because, if they don’t, I think they’re not doing their job!

            I am not mad about Charice. I understand why she’s not saying anything about when she’s going to appear. But, her team should say something! It is not a good idea that we’ll watch the show and see for ourselves that she really is indeed not on that episode. If it is not yet the right time to reveal any accurate informations, when is the right time? It doesn’t make any difference anyway.

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            • Marife says:
              I can understand your sentiments and we all have different opinions and views. As for me, I’m not hating anyone/anything, who/that is for Charice. Peace and God Bless!

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              • Lisbon says:

                Yeah, that is why our admin is posting this article to let us express ourselves about this gLee thing! This is the only article which earned me more thumbs down. I don’t care. hahaha. Peace be with you too. It’s not only me who felt the same. Slap admin slap admin for posting this hahahaha. peace…

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  16. Daniel says:
    To Glee or not to Glee ? that is the question.
    My hope of seeing Charice on Glee vaporized after the sixth episode when she didn’t appear. My mindset is now focused on her upcoming Japan tour and her new single/album. My guess is that Ryan Murphy and the writers on this show is cooking something to bring Charice back in a big way. Five or seven episodes is fine with me as long as she is showcase in a grand exit before the end of the season.

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  17. Mel says:
    First of all, I am disappointed that she won’t be on the Feb 6th episode since I’ve been waiting since the premiere aired for her return.

    I am a fan of Glee with or without Charice but definitely prefer her being there.

    I really think that the reason we haven’t seen Charice is that her schedule doesn’t allow her to be added in at a moment’s notice. As with any other TV show, rewrites are fairly common and even the best laid plans may be changed.

    Charice still has a concert in Japan before she can come back and be available but then I’m not sure what she has after that. If she really wants Glee….she needs to be accessible for their shooting schedule which she is not.

    As Chasters, we ALL want her to be a household name and we want it to happen for her NOW!

    But a few things MUST change:
    1. Get your management team to come up with a cohesive game plan, not this hectic pace and schedule they’ve got her on. They need to start saying NO to certain appearances; she already has too many commitments.
    2. Stop doing David Foster concerts, I know he put her on the map but Charice needs to appeal to a younger crowd to be a SUPERSTAR!! No young person sees his concerts and if they do, she doesn’t sing her songs but his. Even David Foster admits that it is hard to skew a singer younger once they have established an elder fan base.
    3. She needs to pick an image and stick with it. Sometimes she comes across as a little girl, another as a mature woman. Pick one and go with it. The media doesn’t know how to market something that doesn’t have a definite packaging.
    4. I know she’s gotten flack for this in the Philippines but I think it was a smart move not to be too available for the media unless you become more comfortable in your own skin. She’s still growing into her own personality…let her develop it without the scrutinizing gaze of the public.

    So that’s my opinion, agree or not. One thing’s for sure, I love her and I hope she stays around for a long time.

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    • nordin says:

      You got a very good opinion but your opinion may works for American artist only. Don’t forget that Charice is an Asian and no Asian ever been through of what she’s been through so this is a first time ever happened to an Asian and this is very critical that is why her management is taking there time to make Charice as you said a SUPERSTAR (even myself I want her not only a Superstar but a Superstar of the Superstars).

      Charice’s management been there and done that in music industry for so many years but none of them ever handled as this very huge talented Artist. So huge that no American Artist can compete with her caliber she’s a league of her own. In Music World Charice is Jill of all trades and master of all. As what DF said it’s very difficult for them to find her own genre because she is good mostly of all genre.

      It’s easy for us to tell Charice’s management what needs to do for her to become a Superstar because there’s nothing to lose from us but our dreams but for them it’s their huge amount of money. Not unless if you are rich and got experience in music industry then perhaps you can manage Charice career. But if not then just leave her management to decide what needs to be done to her career and sit back, relax and enjoy the ride we are witnessing an Asian Artist Superstar in the making.

      Just be patient Shes getting there it’s just one step at a time and What DF said it’s all about timing. Remember Celine Dion’s huge Titanic song and Whitney Houston Bodyguard medley song, right after millions of viewers heard those songs they become a huge Superstar and I cannot wait for it to happen to Charice and I hope it will happen soon but I doubt it because she’s still very young for that if you really compare her to all Divas.

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      • bluedanube says:

        I think the philippines should use the same scheme as the americans and the koreans do. they use government and diplomacy to sell licenses and deals about showbiz, services, and industry, in packages.
        then under that regulative umbrella a joint venture between DF and a major filipino entertainment corporation can be created, that can push her into mainstream in many european, arab and southamerican countries. something that works similar to her success in japan.
        traveling with that vehicle, she has a standing to get predictable and reliable exposure in telenovelas and comedy too. she need not come on her knees then. later on she can become the entertainment layer that she is planning and get her share in controlling that structure, buying her way into the board.

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    • FanOne says:
      @Mel…I agree with all your four points. The most difficult, if not impossible, to do is to distance herself from David Foster and his events. DF has a vested interest and has powerful clout to keep Charice. Financially, he makes lots of money with Charice performing. Prestige wise, he has to be involved in whatever albums she records, so he could claim some credit when it hits big. Knowing how grateful she and her mother are to DF, they simply won’t say no to DF. @Nordin commented, her Warner team is in quandary how to market her. It’s mainly because her talents could be appreciated only when she sings power ballads and soaring love songs. Yet, that’s not selling well and is a small niche market. What’s selling are good danceable beats and lyrics preferred by the youth of today, where vocal talent is not a huge factor for success. That’s so obvious with the likes of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears. In short, Warner and Charice are both between a rock and hard place…no easy answers or solutions.

      So the best scenario I could envision is for Charice to get lucky with a couple of hit singles from young songwriter/producers, targeting the young buyers, followed by a hit R&B album along the genre of Beyonce, then cap it with a hit album of ballads ala Celine and Whitney, where her true talents would be appreciated.

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      • Dave says:

        Very well said, FanOne!!!

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      • Mel says:

        I think everyone knows that Charice will never say no to DF. That’s her godfather and Filipinos are very loyal so I just hope maybe he’ll do what’s best and step aside to give her a chance to soar.

        Again, one thing we would all agree with is we all love Charice!

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        • FanOne says:

          It may come to that, Mel. DF himself admitted that he does not know how to write/produce songs for the youth market. He tried his kind of music on her first album and they did not sell well and I am sure he realizes this. So it won’t be a surprise if most songs in her second album will be from some of the current hits songwriters/producers. I also expect one or two songs to be produced by him. It will be an interesting year, so many events could affect Charice. Glee appearances or not. DF contract with Warner is about to expire and there are other labels wanting him to switch. Warner Music is for sale or want to acquire/merge with one of the big four. Combine with the digital revolution in music, where the young buyers today prefer to buy/download only singles they like and the fast changing buyer demographics, who knows? May be the power ballads and adult songs will make a resurgence and Charice with DF could find the right formula for her success. My wish is that she succeeds first with the youth market, then bring them along through the years towards adult music, as they grow older with her.

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  18. anromable says:
    Well, if I have only money to produce a new primetime television show for Charice, I will do it, b’coz I;m very sure that it will surpass the rating of Glee.

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  19. whatever.i still wait.waiting would kill me but i still wait and watch glee hoping that there would be a surprise appearance of her.who knows what RM is thinking?i love charice so much that it makes me patiently waiting for her appearance.i won’t get angry nor hate that will resort to heart attack and not seing her anymore.i will relax and enjoy all her amazing performance and angelic voice.thats more than enough for me

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  20. ohyayay13 says:
    I pity Glee for not letting charice appear in several past episodes. So many people have been expecting charice to appear on Glee. For me, I only watch glee because of Charice. I watched once, it is when Charice appeared on the first episode. After that, I honestly didn’t watch even one complete epsiode of glee. It’s getting boring. Charice put some spice on the said TV SHOW. If i will be the director of Glee, I will feed the hunger of the people of wanting to see charice on Glee. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WE NEEEED SUNSHINE ON YOUR TV SHOW.

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  21. Theo says:

    There’s a lot of more politics that it appears here. Do we even really KNOW how non-Charice fans (maybe fans of Lea Michelle) received Charice? The ratings went high because many Charice fans watched it like crazy.

    Perhaps they feel the US demographics is not ready yet. I mean even the in the show show leads are mainly Caucassian (as with most shows), typical Hollywood good-looking, etc. Perhaps they are waiting next year until the ratings drop, so then when they bring Charice backs rating goes up again and then it gives them more to justify continuing the series.

    They should really choose better songs and maybe starting something more innovative like choosing original songs, so more people will buy it as it is a new hit (and potentially be more played in other stations). It’s too bad they can’t use Charice’s other songs in her album due to different record labels, etc. I mean if they can get a guy to sing an Evita song I’m sure her songs will fare well.

    With all the other new guests as well, having Charice there could “take away” the attention from them, so there’s a lot more to this that just strategy.


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    • anto32 says:

      I think that Glee shows a GREAT VARIETY OF RACES and ETHNICS.They are jewish,african-american,latin…I don´t see the problem of an asian character. And Lea is not exactly the kind of beauty typical in Hollywood,is she? Isn’t Glee all about that? That race,gender, sexual orientation, are not something to exclude, but that everybody has his place in this world? And Charice is a rising star, they would be crazy if they didn´t want her in the show.No offence, pal, but I think you get it all wrong.

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      • bluedanube says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  22. Bigmusiclover says:
    Yes, we are all Chasters here but I do get the feeling that there are not too many here that understand the Glee plotline nor care about any of the Glee cast members other than Charice based on the recent comments and continued trashing of Lea/Rachel on youtube and elsewhere. That is unfortunate to see. One must also take care not to cross the perception bordering on arrogance based on the ‘Filipino pride’ and ‘Asian power’ remarks that I often see. This perception can put a bad light on Charice. I realize that many here are disappointed in not seeing Charice’s Sunshine character. But it’s also possible that Charice’s hectic schedule may be altering some of Ryan Murphy’s original plans. It takes a long time to plan and set up shots for an episode. Regular cast members have reported working 16 hours for many days in preparation for a planned episode. Now imagine combining Charice’s hectic schedule with this grueling shooting schedule with singing and dance rehearsals. These are all actors and actresses with much more extensive experience than Charice in terms of acting. Charice herself says that acting is quite difficult and requires a constant focus. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that Ryan will have Sunshine back for the final 5 episodes of this tv season (i.e. Season 2) and not the literal meaning of end of this year. Too much promotion has already been made regarding the Rachel/Sunshine rivalry this season and on recent magazine articles.

    For those who are unfamiliar with the storyline, Sunshine is no longer a student at McKinley High; thus, she is not a member of the New Directions Glee Club. Sure, Kurt still has a storyline as a member of the Warblers Glee Club but he is a regular cast member; whereas, Sunshine is only a recurring cast member. If she was still a member of New Directions, then there would be a point of contention to be mad about. I just think that it’s tough for Ryan Murphy to incorporate 3 different Glee Clubs storylines into an episode. GLEE episodes are usually based on specific themes such as love, religion or a superstar diva theme like Madonna or Britney Spears. The only logical opening that would make sense is to introduce Sunshine again just prior to the Regionals and the eventual National showdown.

    I believe that Ryan Murphy knows how to bring out the best in character development in his show. He would not jeopardize his successful show by just having Sunshine sing a song arbitrarily out of the blue just to appease her fans. Would just showing Sunshine for a minute appearance with no singing satiate you? No, not for me! I want nothing less than a ‘raise the roof’ moment for Sunshine. There is a strategy and I suspect that he is just waiting for the right moment to display Sunshine’s extraordinary vocal skills. He was blown away at Charice’s interview for a Glee role and I seriously doubt that he will waste a chance to showcase her vocal talent on his popular show. To paraphrase, Ryan or Brad Fulchuk said about Charice ‘she’s like 4’2″ and she sings like that? RIDICULOUS!’ Succinctly put, Ryan also had an Oprah and David Foster goosebump moment just like when they heard her for the first time. I find it hard to believe that Ryan would disappoint power brokers such as Oprah and David. Furthermore, I strongly believe that Charice’s management is actively providing valued input. The song LISTEN and Lady Gaga songs are a strong suit of Charice’s repertoire. Management input for the premiere show? Ryan is just waiting for the right moment to unleash Sunshine! I think I read it somewhere that he would like to add Celine Dion ballads to the show. Coincidence or more management input? Who would be better than Charice to sing a song like ALL BY MYSELF? I’m just salivating at the thought! Just be a little more patient, Chasters. The Regional competion episode is not too far away! That means Charice appearances soon as Vocal Adrenaline is the defending champion. I believe that it’s going to be EPIC and all this unnecessary hand wringing will be all forgotten! PEACE!

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    • cueA says:
      Excellant comments, Bigmusiclover. My wish is that all chasters get to read this. I’m putting you on my Watch List…keep it up!

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    • flowjam21 says:
      i think we all chaster’s must concentrating promoting the 2nd Album of Charice instead of GLEE hell episode.yes….@bigmusiclover….maybe ur correct about the hectic schedule of Charice,that’s why she didn’t appear yet in any other episode of Glee.but i hope,the creator of Glee must also know how to protect the reputation of Charice to be an innocent.As we know also that Charice already said(1@11 in Manila) that she will on that show(Glee) for 5-7 episode but then,contrary for what the creator said that Charice will appear at the end of the year…confusion any way

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    • Lisbon says:

      Yeah, I like that one. Just be a little more patient, Chasters… Because, we love Charice so much, Chasters can always wait patiently! Let’s just enjoy chatting at our Chatbox while it’s still rainy at gLee lol hahaha…

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    • anromable says:

      @ Bigmusiclover, you have a point, but you have to consider also that not all Chasters are of the same attitude as you. Remember that Chasters are Global. They belong on different races with different cultures. It is very easy to said than done.

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  23. X-pider says:
    now the people are angry on the show. come on, with or without charice, the show goes on. and it’s charice who needs Glee more. don’t you agree?

    if you really want her back earlier, make noise on the internet. i don’t know how you guys will do it, but it might help. you believe that she has a really big fanbase right? so why not make use of these fans all over the globe? to initiate an online campaign to bring her back sooner. Don’t underestimate the power of the internet. It’s where Charice started. Goodluck

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  24. X-pider says:

    speculations again. come on.

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  25. chasterdad says:

    That’s it… more Glee for me. I did’nt know about this series till Charice became part of it, reason why I watched the first episode “Auditon” was just because of charice….period! I mean, why watch an auto-tuned pretentious show and singers in the first place? Charice is the only real talent there is to be appreciated. Rest of the cast are superb actors but mediocre techno-enhanced singers. Too overblown and hyped with the Sue shenanigans being an old and worned out joke. “My bad” was buying the Glee first season DVD as a primer for further Sunshine guestings. “My good” was I never really started even opening the package and so it shall remain just like that! That’s it… more Glee for me except Sunshine episodes and to hell with the rest of the show for all I care. Sunshine is all I care for, not comedians and so-so singer. Amen!

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    • perla says:

      you’re right! i second the motion. what the hell is that show all about, anyway? I never heard about it ’till Charice was there. I’m not going to watch it anymore until they bring back sunshine corazon.
      i hope they’d realize that we are a force to reckon with.

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  26. CutieSinger23 says:
    WHEN?! LOL woot woot! we WANT SUNSHINE CORAZON!!

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  27. screech says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  28. kakawati1000 says:
    Am hurt by the postponement and maybe Charice too.
    Bigger stars volunteering ! WoW. We do not have an antidote to that.

    In any case , THE PRINCESS have faced more difficult situations in the past.

    Not to worry …she is alone on what she does ! Let Hathaway come in first. This is part of the “CLIMB ” remember !

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  29. sharisufan says:
    just a thought, maybe rm saw charice’ nhk tv and told his team …”okay guys, cut charices’ superbowl appearance…we need months of thinking and hard work…we must squeeze our brains out to top that!…people will compare.”lol.

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