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Sunshine Returning “End of The Year” – Murphy

Sunshine Returning “End of The Year” – Murphy

Fears amongst Chasters that Charice will not be returning to “Glee” in time for the first episode of 2011 seem to be well-placed, according to the latest quotes in the media.

On Thursday, “Balitang America News” program, on Philippines TV channel ABS-CBN, featured an interview with “Glee” co-creator Ryan Murphy at the Golden Globes. While his enthusiastic comments confirmed Charice would be back “in a big way,” he also revealed that it would not be until “the end of the year.”

“She’s coming back in a big way,” he stated. “We’re finishing the year with her. She’s coming back for five episodes at the end of the year. So, she’s going to be great. Lots of big, big, big ballads for Charice.”

This seems to confirm that Sunshine Corazon will NOT be returning to the hit TV musical show in time for the Super Bowl episode in two weeks time.

This is a huge blow to Chasters and Gleeks alike, who had been convinced by media reports that she was set to join the main cast for the much-hyped episode. But it’s not the only bad hint that they have had that there would be no Sunshine on February 6.

Confusion, and no small amount of panic, broke out when all mention of Charice’s character was omitted from the official “Glee” synopsis issued to media to promote the program.

ChariceGlee1 Sunshine Returning End of The Year   Murphy

When is Charice returning to Glee?

According to the published synopsis, the show’s guest cast – of which Charice should have been one – includes Dot Marie Jones, Darren Criss, Harry Shum, Ashley Fink, Lauren Potter, Max Adler, Chord Overstreet and James Earl – but no Charice!

It also details the plot of the episode, with Mr Schuester and Coach Beiste conspiring to join the warring glee club and football team, while Sue plots to ensure her cheerleaders actually win the Nationals. The only song that’s confirmed is Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” which will be performed by New Directions.

Charice was believed to be set to perform the Black Eyed Peas’ hit song “Meet Me Half Way,” along with Vocal Adrenaline, but if the truth be told, this was based on information leaked to the public.

There has never been any official confirmation from the show producers or cast members themselves, and this is completely understandable. No show gives away the plot of an upcoming major episode and producers are perfectly happy to allow the public go with whatever rumors circulate – unless it’s damaging, of course.

“Glee” co-creator Ryan Murphy speaks of Charice’s return to the show. Courtesy of ABS-CBN

Cast members are always sworn to secrecy, and Charice has never said a thing to the press other than to confirm her character would be returning and could be in the show for 5 – 7 episodes.

Now, with just over 2 weeks to go before Gleeks are set to end their long wait, it seems that Chasters and Gleeks alike are set to be disappointed.

Alternatively, is this just another marketing twist to clinch everyone’s attention? Or, is all this confusion simply the result of a clerical error? It seems speculation is set to rage right up until broadcast time!

By Robert Sheen,

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  1. hopinh says:

    It’s already December… Any update(s)?

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  2. dxb says:

    omg we will wait on sept 2011 to see charice in glee

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  3. POPseeker says:

    …to those who want Charice to be nominated in 2012 Grammys,
    we can now prepare as early as now click the link below:

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  4. es2pido says:

    I guess I have to wait till the next season comes in. *sigh*

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  5. cueA says:
    As in real estate where location, location, location is the byword, the fact remains is that for an artist, it’s exposure, exposure, exposure. In addition to north america, Glee is shown worldwide so many more millions will get to see her singing, many for the first time. And Glee is a hit show so that in itself will draw the curious, adding to the totals. To have the same exposure without Glee Charice would have to perform in all the countries where Glee is shown, Think about that!!

    For a few long tough days of rehearsels and tapings she gets to forego the equivelant of months and months of traveling back and forth through numerous time zones and all the accompanying hardships and health risks. Remember, everybody is pushing and shoving to get on this show. The fact that she is already member on the show is a blessing for her. If she’s excited then I’m excited!!

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  6. jeff says:
    i wanna see charice on glee doing the hercules theme song


    the original version was already in high-notes but she made it even higher.

    the most powerful, explosive yet flawless of all charice’s cover song.

    watch it and you will be convinced that there will be no more song that she couldn’t sing.

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  7. vla says:
    For Charice…..everything will happen in good time and in Gods own time………

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  8. fritz.zegger says:
    A lot of emotions on the subject. Here’s my two cents worth.

    I believe the new arrangementsis a product of the two managements, Charice and Glee.

    1.two many great stars elbowing each other in the first quarter to have a part in Glee Hathaway, Timberlake , Paltrow etc. Charice lose much beside these established stars.

    2.No need to do battle in the first quarter. her gigs continous during the period. Japan Tour and PBS . No problem on Presence. single and new album the 2nd quarter

    4. Tour of Europe mid-year

    5. G L E E

    Hope you can see how each event get to prepare the next one for greater impact. Seems like they have this set up.

    I miss Charice .

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    • bluedanube says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  9. chafvl says:
    Can’t wait for the new episodes.

    This weekend I read that Glee’s Season 2 will start tomorow in The Netherlands. I am excited what that episode will do to the dutch people, probably bring lots of new people to this website. All looking for Sunshine Corazon… ;-)

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  10. mingquote says:

    Glee Management is obviously giving us the run around! Apparently, they are trying to put away the notion that they can’t survive without Charice…so be it then! After all, same goes with Charice, she has a lot of options, and her being on Glee is just an added bonus.

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  11. king says:
    Can’t wait for Charice’s return on GLee!

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  12. jimfan155 says:
    Remember this is only a TV show. There is no life or death situation here. Real pain is seeing my 99 year old mom with serious health issues and there‘s nothing I can do about it, young people dying in war, tsunami’s, earthquakes and tragedies. Sure there is disappointment in waiting for Charice to reappear on GLEE, but it is so trivial in the big picture of life.

    GLEE will continue to be successful with or without Chaster’s as fans. Charice will make her way to the top with or without GLEE. No doubt they can help each other, but they will be fine, as is. Anyway Charice will be on eventually and all this nonsense can be put to rest. Looking at the positive side of it, Charice is working on her new album and if it’s timed right maybe her 5 appearances later in the season will help build momentum for increased fans which in turn will lead to increased CD sales, which will lead to a new Billboard record for an Asian if it debuts’ higher than No. 8.

    We all have personal feelings about different situations in life and I’m sure we have said things in private not to be publicized. And that’s how some things should be kept. When racist statements are made here it’s something that should not be associated with Charice or CM. If you really love her and have been inspired by her, do you think we would ever hear hateful things from her? Some things are better left unsaid or at least toned down using civilized terms. Nothing good can come of using harshness. It will only breed contempt so be aware of the consequences.

    Finally, Charice is honored to be on GLEE as she has said many times. She was never a permanent cast member so we couldn’t count on seeing her week in or week out. Looking at the big picture of the show, it’s a 22 week season, and although the wait has been long and disappointing it all leads up to the singing competition which would be in the final weeks. No other member of Vocal Adrenaline has been shown so why would they show Sunshine until the competition rounds? Ryan Murphy has said he has big plans for Charice, so that’s all I have to go by. We either choose to watch GLEE or not but this is about what their story line is. I will be patient and see what’s in store for Sunshine. If it’s as big as what RM says it will be I will have a big smile on my face by season’s end.

    Peace and love to all. Just my personal feelings.

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