Charice on “The Best House 123″

Charice on “The Best House 123″


Just right after her amazing, tear-inducing performances on NHK’s “Songs”, Charice will once again be on Japanese TV!Ai?? According to her Warner Japan website, she will be featured on Fuji TV’s “The Best House 123″ on January 26.Ai?? “The Best House 123″ is a popular program that compiles information from around the globe to come up with the top 3 of anything under the sun.Ai?? For example, the top 3 hotels in the world.Ai?? Each “guest” of the program will present a 3 minute video of his or her best hotel, and in the end, one of the hosts will decide which the “best” one is.

The show on the 26th will be a TV special – they will feature the “best” new stars who have achieved their Lady era cost big dreams after going through many trials.Ai?? Charice will be up against Kento Mori, a Japanese dancer so good that Michael Jackson and Madonna have competed with each other to have him on their respective shows.Ai?? Charice and Kento’s life stories will be featured in video clips, and both of them will be in the studio to perform.

So who will be the best new star?Ai?? We are, of course, rooting for Charice but find out on January 26, Channel 8 from 10:00 pm Japan time.

Part 1 with English Subtitles

Alternate link >> Part 1

Part 2 with English Subtitles

Alternate link >> Part 2


One day after the broadcast, “Charice” the album reached number 1 on the overall album chart of Japan iTunes and number 2 on the overall album chart of mora, a major site for music downloads.

On the same day of the broadcast, 6 of Charice’s songs/covers made it to the top 20 downloads in Rekochaku, a music download site for cellphones. Ai??Only 2 or 3 artists have accomplished this feat in the last 2 years. Ai??The 6 songs are:

#2 Pyramid
#3 Crescent Moon
#4 I Will Always Love You
#9 In This Song
#11 I Have Nothing
#19 I Love You

Source: Music Lounge

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91 Responses to “Charice on “The Best House 123″”

  1. suzushii says:
    try to pause the clip part 2, time: 6:45 she have a VERY BEAUTIFUL SMILE. i cant stop looking at her *_*

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  2. idolming says:
    I want to embrace all these japanese people! They really know what true talent is! ありがとう Arigatou gozaimasu!

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  3. Julieann (uk) says:
    is there another way/ place to watch this ? im not a twitter pro and the other link wont go on full screen please help i really wanna c it


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  4. Nsanitee says:
    charice does not need to win a trophy because she won something more precious than that. she won the hearts of the whole nation. that is priceless! love japan!

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  5. abi says:
    Reading comments in Charice blog. I love this comment (of course this is Google translated already. LOL)

    Saw best house 123. I knew that Charice life is harsh but after watching it again I’m more impressed. It’s talk of the town in school and all my classmates was like [Hey, did you saw the Best House 123 yesterday?
    (* '∀ `*) Charice really killed it! ] All of my friends are Charice fan. I’m promoting her in every kids I know telling them to watch Charice videos on Youtube. I feel very happy when I hear great compliments about Charice. ^^

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  6. Capofret says:
    i think so too maybe parts of the story were lost in the translation and they had to fill up the missing lines to complete the reenactment. well, that’s what usually happens even to true-to-life movies. it may not be accurate but what’s important is their emphasize on how was charice’s life when she was a kid – they were poor. also, like the oprah part where she was alone in the plane, maybe charice didn’t mention that her mom was with her. sometimes when charice is asked how this all happened to her, she won’t mention everyone who helped her but we all know who are they and she’s thankful for them.

    bottomline, they were able to capture japanese’s emotion that they bought her singles/album and charice is back on charts again. i’ve been checking youtube daily and one thing i noticed is a jump of views on her videos tagged with シャリース, sharisu – her japanese name, just days after this show. more like 20k views for a video in a day. more japanese know her now. add on this, the daily blogs written about her.

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  7. cool_babe says:
    i want to go to japan to watch her concerts!!!!

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