Charice Gives Home Tour on Philippine TV

Charice Gives Home Tour on Philippine TV

You get the impression that Charice is as much a gracious host as she is a talented singer, when just before Christmas she allowed TV cameras into her home in the Philippines.

As part of their ‘Holiday House Raid’ special segment, “SNN”, which is broadcast on Philippine station ABS-CBN, was given a guided tour of Charice’s family home in Tagaytay.

The show was broadcast on December 17, with Charice looking fresh and upbeat, no doubt relaxed and happy to be at home after her hectic year.

In a segment similar to MTV’s “Cribs,” cameras are welcomed by Charice at her front door where she offers to be “the tourist guide” for her guests, and takes them directly into her home’s richly decorated lounge and living room.

With Christmas not far away, the house had all of the festive items you’d expect, and Charice’s mother, Mommy Raquel, speaks about how she decorated the home and designed the Christmas decorations.

On the second floor of the house, Charice shows us some of her own photo albums, with pictures of her early singing contest appearances.

We are even taken into Charice’s bedroom, where we are Order aleve samples shown her collections of cameras, stuffed toys and even toy cars. “It’s really my dream to have a car,” she explains. “It all started with this, you see – an Expedition (Ford). Then, I was able to buy an Expedition.”

Asked how many stuffed toys she has, Charice answers, “I don’t know. Some of those toys, I’ve had since I was still a baby.” She then introduces us to some of her favorites, which includes a specially made ‘Charice Doll’ that was presented to her in Manila while on tour with David Foster and Friends.

She also picks out a very special doll that she bought from “Adopt a Baby” in Las Vegas in November 2009, but it’s more than just a cute doll to her.

“When I got home and looked at the birth certificate and saw his birthday, he had the same birthday as my brother, who died 17 years ago,” she reveals.

“I thought, he is perhaps trying to let us know that he’ still watching over us, so we won’t forget him.”

Having had to do so much traveling over the past year, there is little doubt that she was happy to home for the break – in fact, she admits so on tape. In fact, even finding time for this house tour must have been a nightmare.

Just a few days before the broadcast, on December 13, she was in Orlando, Florida, appearing at the XL’ent Xmas 2010 event, and just two days afterwards she would be in Japan recording a mini-concert for J-WAVE Radio.

Courtesy of Showbiz News Ngayon (SNN) ABS-CBN & Charice TV Crew

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  1. EBJohns11 says:
    Nice house, hope to see their house even outside and take pic haha

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  2. lola-elrem says:
    and to think that in the past, they needed to borrow things from their neighbours such as chairs, and even a foam to sleep on. they used to stay in a dimly-lit empty apartment devoid of even the basic furnitures. now the world has turned, they now have everything they can ask for. cha deserves her beautiful house. they can even afford to change their furnitures to fit the curtains. HA! HA! so happy for you mommy raqz and your 2 kids.

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  3. Marilou O. Chua says:
    unable to see charice home tour. would you be able to send it to my email address? i love everything about charice. she’s so awesome, talented and very humble. i like and love her so dearly the way i love my two children. she is a superstar and more power to her and may she bve successful on all her endeavours and God be always with her. aloha and mahalo from kauai

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  4. Rick0825 says:
    More blessing to pempengco family.

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  5. Nsanitee says:
    it looks very homey. the pempengco family certainly deserve such a large friendly and hospitable home. i like it a lot.

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