Charice Feels “Blessed” to be Part of “Glee”

Charice Feels “Blessed” to be Part of “Glee”

We know that Charice isn’t one to take the success she is enjoying for granted: she’s much too down to earth for that.

Which is why she was happy to take the opportunity to express her appreciation at being involved in the musical TV phenomenon that is “Glee.”

“Startalk,” the entertainment program on Philippine TV station GMA, reported on Saturday last that the nation’s biggest international music celebrity felt “blessed” to be part of “Glee,” with footage taken from Charice’s press conference after her free concert at the Enchanted Kingdom theme park on January 9.

In the video segment, Charice speaks briefly about her free concert at Enchanted Kingdom, her new album and once again gives nothing away on the specifics of her return to “Glee.” However, she is more forthcoming regarding her gratitude at being accepted by the show’s creators and its fans worldwide.

“I think I’m very blessed, and I am very thankful to people of other countries, because even though I’m Asian, they placed their trust in me,” she says.

Another ‘blessing’ she referred to was her inclusion on Entertainment Weekly’s list of “11 to watch in 2011,” an exclusive list that establishes her as one of the world’s major up-and-coming music stars.

“I wasn’t expecting it because of the number of new artists in the scene now, and I am very proud to the Filipino and be able to make it there,” she comments. “I just want to thank them, you know, for making me a part of it. So, I’m very happy.”

Of course, as an 18-year-old, some journalists couldn’t resist asking her about her plans for romance. She was clearly surprised to be faced with the topic.

“Me? No! Mommy is open, but I’m not,” she laughed, before continuing. “It’s not because I don’t want love. Maybe I’m just not ready and I’m still enjoying what I’m doing. So, there will be Buy kytril package time for that.”

Within hours of the press conference, Charice was on a plane to the US where she would meet with David Foster and Donna Summer to perform before the Television Critics Association tour in Los Angeles.

Since then, she has also performed at the FAAN gala dinner in LA and as part of ‘David Foster and Friends’ at a private dinner at Donald Trump’s exclusive Mar-a-Lago Resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Courtesy of GMA News, translation by Charice TV Crew

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5 Responses to “Charice Feels “Blessed” to be Part of “Glee””

  1. bluedanube says:

    it was told charice would be granted 10 episodes. I’m disappointed about the producers that they don’t have consistent planning…
    is it a donkey and carrot game or do they take watchers for serious?

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  2. syamasundara says:
    Glee is a seasonal hit here in the US, but the popularity somewhat continue to fade as episode sometimes energetic and sometimes fairly good. I guess for me, I can also say that Glee is blessed to have Charice to add conflict, dimension, more drama, competition and glamour to this TV series. Definitely the impact to the first appearance of charice in Glee again is somewhat give Glee a total twist of Color.

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  3. kakawati1000 says:
    Delay in reappearrance of Sunshine meant to ensure high ratings at the end of the season……just asking.

    It is simply taking so long.

    The excitement is almost gone .

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  4. dadartful says:
    Love this adorable, down-to-earth sweetheart! Charice deserves all the praises and accorlades showered by all. She is going to surprise everyone by her talents moreover in the future. More and more blessings are in store for her future.
    Speaking of Glee, by viewing the interview of Ryan Murphy, a calculation of Cha’s 5 appearances at the ending of Season 2 would date it about March 8 or 15. So let’s all together hold our collective breaths until then. Or you’ll never know Charice might pop up for one song before then. Until then Take Care CHA!!!

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  5. MrAspirant08 says:
    Charice deserves all the blessings she is receiving now. Her humility is adorable.

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