German News: Charice Back Soon on Glee

German News: Charice Back Soon on Glee

The Glee fever has hit Germany and we don’t want to be cured! With Glee winning 3 Golden Globes just a couple of nights ago, including Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical, we’re excited that the US hit series is premiering it’s Season One here in Germany. I really enjoyed the first two viagra episodes from last night and boy am I glad itA?s dubbed in German! Charice is not in Season One, as we all know, but surprisingly Charice is mentioned in many German news stories about the hit show. I’ve translated a few of the stories below. It’s interesting to read the on-going vote for Favorite Glee Guest Stars. Yes indeed, our Charice is included in the poll in spite of not being in the cast for Season One. This sure tells you that she is indeed an international celebrity although perhaps not as well known yet in Germany, so we see that Neil Patrick Harris is winning. Let’s see if this will change after Season 2 of Glee.

Glee: Singer Charice with Story

A new detail has been announced about the huge Super Bowl episode of the comedy series Glee: Rachel Berry’s biggest rival, Charice alias Sunshine Corazon will return back to the set for this and more Aricept 5 mg price episodes on the series.

gleepic1 300x127 German News: Charice Back Soon on Glee

Ai?? FOX

Three awards were granted to “Glee, ” from yesterday evening at the Golden Globes on 17th cialis brand online January 2011. The next highlight of the Fox hit show comes after the Super Bowl XLV on 6th February and is eagerly anticipated. The musical series returns to the screen after the Christmas break with the continuation of the second season. As more and more details leaked about the plot of the episode (Serienjunkies from 13th December 2010), the singer Charice announced over the weekend at one of her concerts in Manila that she was engaged for a recurring role. In the opening episode of season two, Charice Pempengco alias Sunshine Corazon showed Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) that she has something to be scared about. Sunshine appeared as a Filipino exchange student at McKinley High. At first Rachel thinks that the new gal would be an asset to New Directions, but soon Rachel feels threatened in her unique position and sabotages SunshineA?s audition. After Rachel realizes her mistake, it’s too late, because Coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) who has been the biggest rival of New Directions, gave Vocal Adrenaline a tip so they were able to lure the exceptional talent with a green card immediately. As we know, the kids of New Directions will be interpreting Michael JacksonA?s song “Thriller” on the February 6th episode. Charice will sing with Vocal Adrenaline a song by the Black Eyed Peas at their best. The return of the singer, according to extends over five to seven episodes although further details are not yet known. Will there possibly be a romance with Jesse St. James or will the New Directions try again to win Sunshine over? Charice Pempengco (18) is a Filipino singer who became a star in 2007, thanks to YouTube. SheA?s the first Asian solo artist to land a hit in the Top 10 on the Billboard album chart. The only 1.50 meters tall Charice inspires millions of fans with her voice viagra original use and according to Oprah Winfrey is the most talented girl in the world. For German fans “Glee” starts tonight at 20:15 clock with a double episode at the regular station SuperRTL after it already had a preview yesterday, Sunday on RTL. Source link:

Vote: Best Guest Stars in Glee

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Ai?? Adam Rose/FOX

YouTube phenomenon Charice competes with Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) as a shy little exchange student with a great voice. At the end of the episode, she’s lured away by Vocal Adrenaline but it’s very likely we’ll see her again.

Germany Glee Poll Best Guest Star German News: Charice Back Soon on Glee

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Charice Soon to be Back on Glee

In the opening of the second season of “Glee” (# 2:01 Audition) the Glee Kids are on the lookout for new voices for ‘New Directions’ and they find two promising singers. First, Sam Evans, who is played by Chord Overstreet and is now an integral part of Glee, and the other one is Sunshine Corazon played by Charice who is now a member of their biggest competitor “Vocal Adrenaline” at the start of the season. So far in the second season, Charice has had no further guest appearances on the show. However, she announced at a recent concert in Manila that she will return for five to seven more episodes. According to the latest spoilers for “Glee”, Sunshine will sing the song “Meet Me Halfway” by the Black Eyed Peas on the Super Bowl episode with Vocal Adrenaline. In this episode, we will finally meet ChariceA?s character again. “Glee” will be aired today with # 1:01 Overture at RTL for the first time in Germany. Then from tomorrow, the series will be aired every Monday at 8:15 pm at Super RTL. Source Link: by Annika Leichner

In other News: Download “Pyramid” in Germany blackmagic 300x300 German News: Charice Back Soon on Glee

Great news for German Chasters, you can now download “Pyramid feat. Iyaz” from and iTunes Germany or buy the how long does it take for viagra to work album “Black Magic The Best of R&B 2010. Click here for link Charice Pyramid feat. Iyaz and iTunes link ChariceA?s song Pyramid was released by Warner Music Germany in an album called “Black Magic, The Best of R & B 2010 which includes big stars like Flo Rida, Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, and others. ItA?s a compilation of songs from both American and German artists. by Schoen,

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  1. david says:

    i really have doubts as to why she dint quite make to top 5 about who’s the best guest on glee in the us last year, i would be satisfied if she even landed 3rd for me but way down 7?? huh? it was phenomenal in the phils where almost every filipino waited and watched it when aired..sorry..just am not convinced at all with the result.

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  2. mc says:

    it will be great it charice will sing HALO by beyonce or DIVA …

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  3. Portia says:
    Thanks @Schoen for sharing this wonderful article at your side of the world. Yes, there is n doubt about it, pretty soon Charice will invade the german music industry.

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  4. EMERALD says:
    Atleast she’s included,goodluck cha soar high!can’t wait to see u on glee again.

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  5. MrAspirant08 says:
    Vielen dank Schoen! Ich liebe Charice. =)

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  6. justcharrie says:
    Thanks schoen! Though she’s not winning the poll, it still is a pleasure to see her name among others and she’s tied with Josh Groban while others got 0 (zero) haha. That’s fine with me. Is the album available in Amazon?

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    • Schoen says:
      Hi Justcharrie, Charice´s album is not yet officially released in Germany but could be ordered thru (import).

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      • justcharrie says:
        Just checked it now, there’s the Black Magic but only in MP3 not the literal album. Thanks schoen.

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  7. Divina says:
    Thank you so much Schoen for sharing this news about Charice in Germany.

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  8. Canadian_lolo says:
    Wunderbar – To the top baby….

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  9. Adrianne says:
    I cannot wait!!! Hurry up Charice, I’ve missed you!!! =)

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  10. 18wheeleredy says:


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  11. 18wheeleredy says:
    I’m first…


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