Charice: Rejection Made Me Stronger

Charice: Rejection Made Me Stronger

Charice has revealed that the challenge of overcoming rejection has made her a stronger person, and that the pain of rejection had almost convinced her to give up singing Phone spyware, Mobile tracking. completely.

In probably the most revealing and wide-ranging interview of her career so far, the Philippine’s biggest international pop and RnB artist talked to Tokyo-based InterFM DJ Guy Perryman about her childhood, “Glee,” her next album, and the pain caused by that occupational hazard, rejection.

Despite her remarkable success over the past two years under the wing of the revered music industry “Hitman,” David Foster, Charice has suffered failures and rejections during her years on the singing contest circuit in the Philippines.

Charice sang in local contests from the age of 7 to earn money for her family’s upkeep. In 2005, at the age of 13, she qualified to appear on the premier season of the Philippine talent show Little Big Star but, despite the voice she is famous for, she was knocked out in the opening round. She was recalled as a wild card and eventually reached the final, finishing third.

The show survived just one more season, but despite coming third, Charice is the only one of the finalists in both seasons to have gone on to international stardom. Ultimately, it was the judges who didn’t vote for her in many of her more than 100 contests, that compelled her to work harder as a professional singer.

“That’s why I want to thank them for doing that to me, actually,” she says, tongue in cheek. “I mean, I’m not mad at all. In fact, I want to thank them. That made me really strong. The rejections. The PAIN! (laughs).

Charice is frank in her description of just how difficult it had become to cope with rejection. She admits that, in the aftermath of that failure and subsequent TV rejections, she suffered a lot of self-doubt and seriously considered giving up singing. Advice from her mother kept her focused.

“It was very hard before I realized that (I could say) ‘okay, moving on.’ It was very hard to move on,” she reveals. “Especially a couple of years ago (when) I got rejected by a lot of contests on TV and I actually thought about giving up.

“That’s why I want to thank my Mom because she’s been there for me. She was there at the time when I thought about giving up. She was like, “you don’t have to give up because they rejected you. If they reject you, you should be more strong, because you (should) think that next time you’re going to do better. So, ‘Okay!’ I moved on.”

In moving on, Charice learned to release herself from some of the debilitating pressures that might otherwise have ruined a career filled with potential. That potential was underlined when the world’s most powerful TV personality, Oprah Winfrey, dubbed her “the most talented girl in the world.”

It’s clear that her potential is now being realized with her overwhelming success on “Glee,” her becoming the only Asian to crack the US with a Top 10 album, her album attaining gold status in Japan, and a growing fanatical global following known as Chasters. In effect, her success dwarfs the accomplishments of many Filipino artists who have gone before her.

Asked if, as a healing force, music is a key thing in her life, Charice didn’t hesitate in pointing out that it was, and added that it is a key theme of her favorite song on her upcoming new album.

“Yes! And, actually, I’m working on my next album now and we did this song called “Saved By A Love Song.” It’s about my life,” she says.

“We were talking about the title and they were talking about Ne-Yo’s “So Sick of Love Songs” (sings), and I was like, ‘well, you know, that’s very negative! (laughs). How about “Saved By A Love Song” – just like me!’ So, I guess that will be my favorite song.”

Charice also offered some advice to aspiring singers.

“Be patient. Don’t rush everything. Everything happens for a reason even if it’s negative or positive. Be positive always, and always love the people who actually help you from the very beginning – don’t forget to thank them. Have faith in God and love your family.”

“Say you wouldn’t believe the changes I’ve been through
Changes that some just don’t make it through
But my sky has changed from dark to blue
Amazing what one love song can do… ”

By Robert Sheen,

34 Responses to “Charice: Rejection Made Me Stronger”

  1. sharisufan says:
    wow, a new phase i will tell myself everytime someone pulls me down…’rejection makes me stronger’. thanks charice…you make me get better and better everyday! kudos to robert for this article.

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  2. syamasundara says:
    Failure and Trial makes men a better and more achievable person. I’ve seen talented people, more talented to other famous people nowadays, but sometimes opportunity and luck seem somewhat missing. The basic idea of failure is for people to keep on going. Charice experiences make her a better person, nurture for more excellent and higher position. I guess that is one way that God saying to Charice that you’re not deserved to win in that contest because you deserve higher than that. You’re talent must hear by the whole world not by Philippines only.

    “The only way to look down is when you do the first step up.”

    Syamasundara :\

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  3. artemis gibran says:
    AMAZING what one child can do.

    CHARICE is one little girl who can move PEOPLE’s HEARTS (Corazon).

    Remember the WOLF MOON ( JAn. 19, 2011)? Those HUNGRY WOLVES in MOA did not go there for any other artist but CHARICE. I was there. I saw it with my own eyes. They stayed until CHARICE finished her songs…and they were HOWLING and BEGGING for more when she finished.

    Almost 100k people is no JOKE. People who rejected her (some press people who were not supportive of her before) are now chasing to interview her…lol. They are whining as to how they were not allowed to. Did they give this Girl a second look when she was a struggling (but already owning the MOST BEAUTIFUL VOICE even at a very young age) young conctestant?

    Now Charice has so many ARMIES. So many people have been inspired of her VOICE and story…her kindness and humility.

    I will defend my NINA HIJA…anywhere…anyday.

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  4. fef says:
    Pride makes our heart soar, that’s what this girl had gifted to us. Talent, humility, courage, faith,gratitude,respectful she got these & more.That is why mostly everybody loves Charice,regardless of age, status,race,religion,gender, where ever u are her story & music go straight from her heart to our hearts the core of our being.We love this girl so much & sharing her w/ others is precious & need preparation that we can no longer have more of her time. So pls. donot get frustrated if she has no time for us, she has many commitments, she even has no xtra time for herself. Pls. no bad media,it will just reflect of who we are. GOD Bless Us always.

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  5. EMERALD says:

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  6. jopl says:
    i truly admire charice.not only that she is the best singer in the world right now she is also very intelligent. many of us failed to realize that being interviewed is not have to be succinct with your responses and has to be quick otherwise it would become boring.just imagine she is only eighteen years a days many eighteen years old does not even know how to tie their shoe laces,but charice tackles all the challenges very smartly.she is really a quick learner. two years ago she can hardly express herself in english,but today she is full of eloquence,grace and confidence.being an international star is not easy.i truly believe that it would take another century for philippines to produce another charice.i know many can sing in the philippines as what ms salonga said in her interview,but not as charice’s caliber.analyze deeply how talented this girl is. she is like david foster who can make a boring song pleasant to listen are in the right path charice. maintain your ideals.May God Bless you more!!!

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  7. crewsnest says:
    i’m speechless.
    she has everything within that a great entertainer needs.
    so proud to be a CHASTER :)
    her success will always be sweeter because she attains it through
    struggles and defeats.

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  8. EBJohns11 says:
    Rejections are always there, Thank God for Mommyraqz , her advise made you strong! I’ll be waiitng for your next album, hopefully SOON!

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  9. Melisma22 says:
    I, as a first generation Chaster, always find the story of Charice most inspiring. She has talked about her early childhood live many times. I always find her singing voice powerful and deep with passion, and that her talking voice is sweet and feminine. But in this interview I have noticed a significant deterioration of her talking voice. I think she must have overworked her vocal cords after all these concerts. I remember Tom Jones once said in an interview that it was most scary to suddenly come to realize that my life (career) depends on this part of my body (finger pointing to his throat). And I also recall that Celine has her private vocal coach or doctor that follows her day in and day out to check on how much time she has put her vocal cords to use and how much time she needs to rest and not allowing her to open her mouth, and 24 hour before her performing on stage she could only whisper. In this interview, I’m saddened to hear that Charice’s voice has become hoarse, like the voice of a weathered lady that’s been decades on the road. Please, Charice, for heaven’s sake, take good care of your voice and have plenty of rest and eat well.

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    • Don says:
      Totally disagree with you. Just watch youtube and click Charice’s rendition of all by myself in 2009. Compare it to 2010 (Mandalay Bay rendition.) You’ll be amazed at her improvement. She is 18 and therefore she gets more endurance than older singers. I’m pretty sure one of her protocols is enough rest before the performance. She rarely sings more than 5 songs except for big concerts. One more thing, Don’t rely on youtube uploads which affect the tone of your voice significantly depending upon the quality of the camera not unless you are always present in all her concerts and interviews. Then, I might put more weight on your observations.

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  10. John Russell says:
    Charice’s rejections/failures are the foundation of her success, of which motivated her to become wild dreamer like unreachable star. Once already, I dubbed her as simply the Universal Empress of Music, where it configure the wide array of stardom from her native land to international scene. All Chasters will always remain hands-on in terms of support and love.

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  11. Extreme says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Woody says:
      They are not writing Contracts or Encyclopedias, The message got through just fine. In that respect, CM is jut fine as is.

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  12. rom remus says:

    Thank you for advising would-be artists to have faith in God. Saved by a love song comes close to the gospel`s God is Love.

    Don`t hesitate to share that episode when your mom took you to Quiapo church at the lowest moment of your life.

    Finally, each of us must rely on a power much stronger than us.

    God bless you and keep you always.

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  13. nona says:
    Lol, i’m rushing things always, going to work in the morning speeding in the highway just to get at work on time lol this is what i get of youtubing charice in the morning (very bad) and i hate it. Rushing back home also, just to check charice new video and watch her new gig. Believe me i tried not to rush coming home lol. Rushing is not a good idea really take it from me!!!.

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  14. J.Kulisap says:
    I think the next album is therapeutical especially the song entitled Saved by a Love Song.

    She said, the song is about her life, indeed an inspiration to many.

    Hi Chasters and lurkers.

    Good day :)

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  15. MrAspirant08 says:
    Her life is truly inspiring. As what Charice did, we can use our failures and rejections as driving force to move forward and achieve our dreams…

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  16. euse clerigo says:
    PYRAMID…………BABY………… matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we are behind you…………

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  17. saudi_charistic says:
    i was there watching when charice got 3rd placer on that show. that time, i was so much disappointed about the result! it was clearly seen that that night was meant for charice to become the first honor but it was not. but i understood it the result because mostly here in the philippines love those beautiful faces than the talent. i mean, they voted sam concepcion because of his charming face. but as charice said, it made her stronger… you are such a good example charice for those people who are losing hope for a rejection. guys, don’t give up. don’t rush anything. just patiently wait for your turn to success. keep moving like charice did!!! have a nice day chasters!!!

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  18. Nsanitee says:
    it hurts to have to read again the trials that charice has gone through. however, it is the pain and suffering that makes the person she is today. i hope she continues to have the positive attitude and self-confidence she has developed as a result of her trials. and then, to keep moving on towards the future and the fulfillment of her destiny, whatever that may be. we believe in you, charice. keep forging on. we are right behind you!

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  19. StevenLA says:
    Charice should not feel guilty if she chooses to be selective in granting interviews in Philippine soil. And they should not complain. They should follow what Charice said in this interview,

    “Be patient. Don’t rush everything. Everything happens for a reason even if it’s negative or positive.”

    Where were they when Charice was rejected from LBS?

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  20. minbeauty8 says:
    Charice, you are our inspiration. I rush everytime I come home to find out where you are now and listen to your voice. Your voice is a magnet that attracts attention and then will utter…”I LOVE HER, SHE IS THE BEST.”

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    • muzikluvr says:
      You are so right minbeauty8…i thought its just me who feels that way, sometimes am even embarassed to admit to myself coz im a grown woman & I was raise to act accordingly,& age is one of them :) but it seem funny that I find myself enjoying this fondness that I have for charice & regardless of anythhing it makes me open up on things :) Just amazing…

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      • lee says:
        Count me in…she is truly a gift from God whose voice can soothe our heart.

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        • AngelFace101 says:
          There were no days that I did not seek any news about Charice. She has the most of my “favorites” in my YT acct. In my office ChariceMania is always an opened link. I don’t know what had happened to me then, since listening to her very first rendition of IWALY. I thought then I was under her spell, now I know I really am. You guys are not alone. We are all in this together – Forever.

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          • kb117 says:

            I think there is no one word that can describe and define what Charice fans feel.
            If it is an infection, the symptoms are all the same, differing only on the gravity.
            I do not want to be cured of this addiction….let the whole world have the Charice pandemic.

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  21. RodBelt says:
    Another endearing interview with responses coming straight from her heart. Without her being emotional, Charice expressed in few short words the hardship and trials she faced in the past and the pillar of strength that Mommy Racqz provided her. And to acknowledge False Voice as the one who started it all is so admirable of Charice. It is like saying that False Voice is the first brick of her Pyramid!

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  22. Percy says:
    Wow!, another beautiful song I’m looking forward to hearing soon. Take us all to heaven Charice!

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  23. chit says:
    As again, Charice showed her cool demeanor and confidence in this interview.(The interviewer is clearly impressed by her life story.) Charice has something to teach everyone about patience and turning a negative into a big positive. Wise and humble for her age.

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  24. antonjuan says:
    night shift here in Doha. all alone watching over blinking LED lights. Thanks for having Charicemania all night long to keep me company and awake all night long! Thank God almighty for keeping Charice, and all Chasters safe and warm. I was one of those who got mesmerized first time i saw her singing, one lucky day on the TV contest. We was rooting for her. Her story will always be fascinating.

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  25. Fan from Spain says:
    Wow!Saved by a love song is one of the songs in her next album,can’t wait for it to come out.I love the teaser,I think I’ll love the song when it comes out.Now my waiting starts.

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  26. camo says:
    princess never fear always have faith a nd continue to stay true to who you are , there will always be stumbling blocks but you will clear those hurdles one at a time .never feel the need to conform to others , just be true to yourself.those rejections fuel your motivation and your still being rejected , but dont worry god is omnipresent, and he is always with you . win , lose or stay strong kid.

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