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Charice Week in Review January 10-16

Charice Week in Review January 10-16

Charice’s Week in Review is a Weekly Series on CM to help you follow Charice’s hectic schedule. Each Monday, we will post a concise review of the past week’s events. We realize many Chasters: have limited time, or may miss something good with so many Charice events to follow. Think of this as medicine for Chadiction.  Charice Week in Review January 10 16The Calm Before the Storm: Most Anticipated Events for ‘The Year of Charice’ 2011 - It’s hard to imagine how her schedule could get any busier and crazier than last year’s, but I have a feeling this year will be more about major “Events” that will propel Charice even higher up the top of the Pyramid. More >>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16Charice Wants Grammy ‘All in Good Time’ – With the 2010 Grammy Ceremony approaching, Charice has answered that winning the most famous award in music is a major goal for her, but that she can afford to be patient. “I wasn’t nominated but there are more years to come, let’s wait for that,” More>>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16 Unbelievable” Charice Wows TV Critics in LA - Charice, the tiny 18-year-old girl with the big voice, who starred on this season’s opening episode of Glee, came onstage to sing “All By Myself” to perfection. I had goose bumps, and couldn’t sleep afterwards because of the rush her performance gave me.” More >  Charice Week in Review January 10 16Charice at Posh Mar-a-Lago Club for Private ‘David Foster & Friends’ Show, Jan 15, 2011 – Charice performed with her mentor along with 10-year old Jackie Evancho of “America’s God Talent” fame, Kenneth “Baby Face” Edmonds, and some of Foster’s many famous friends. . More >>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16 Charice Set for 7 New “Glee” Episodes - The only confusion remaining over Charice’s return to “Glee” has been the number

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of episodes she would return for, but the Philippine’s own teenage singing icon has finally cleared the issue up. Next appearance is following the Superbowl, February 6th . . . . More >>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16Mommy Racquel: Charice Not Forgetting PhilippinesConcerns were raised by the fact that Charice’s itinerary while in the Philippines last weekend allowed for just a lightening visit involving two appearances in two days, January 8 and 9. She was afforded no time to spend at home with family, friends. . More >>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16 Charice Free to Choose in Career and Love – Charice’s mother has revealed that her singing superstar daughter has had the right to make her own career and personal decisions since she turned 18 last May. It may seem like a young age for an artist to be invested with so much trust but Charice has . . . . More >>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16“30 Days With Charice” Episode 11: Charice Experiences Some Technical Difficulties: Charice heads to Harrisburg for another live performance and an on-air KISS FM interview. Charice shows no sign of being tired of all the hard work. No doubt about it, she just loves her job so much. . More >>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16Charice Conquers Childhood Fear - It might seem like a trivial thing, but I’d bet to Charice herself it was no small success. Beating a childhood fear normally is for the person concerned, and many a Chaster around the world will share their singing icon’s joy in beating hers . . . More >>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16 VISA Magazine Highlights Charice Tour - With Charice’s album set to go platinum in Japan, there’s no wonder that some major brands are happy to associate themselves with Charice’s upcoming solo tour, amongst them VISA (yes, The VISA) . . . More >>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16Charice to Sing for FAANs - The FAAN awards ceremony will be attended by some of the US’s largest and most powerful food companiesans like Campbell Soups and food distributers like Disney Parks & Resorts and National / International Media . Charice is performing . . More >>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16Charice on Japanese NHK TV – Charice will be featured again on NHK TV this January 19th in the program “Songs”. performing “Pyramid”, “In This Song”, “My Heart Will Go On” and “I Will Always Love You”. January 19th on NHK TV (Channel 1) from 10:55pm to 11:24pm with a replay on satellite TV BS2 More>>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16Charice Tweets for Operation Smile Support - Charice’s most recent tweet asks everyone to view Operation Smile’s “Year in Review” video. LINK It features Charice’s inspirational track “Thank You” and reveals the work done by the organization over the year 2010. More>>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16“30 Days With Charice” Episode 12: The Finale! - Day 30 is aptly titled “The End of the Beginning”, which marks Charice’s transition to no longer being a newbie in the music business. Those performances, interviews, and promotions have already baptized her into a world where everything is going to get bigger! More>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16Make Charice J-WAVE “Best New Artist” - J-WAVE Radio is a big fan of Charice. It has been a spectacular year for Charice in the Land of the Rising Sun, but you Chasters can make it even better by voting her J-WAVE Radio’s “Best New Artist” for 2010. All you need to do is Vote! More>> Also vote Shorty Award  Charice Week in Review January 10 16Support Charice’s Return to “Glee” - If you are a Chaster, we would assume you are also a Sunshine Corazon fan too! In that case, you should check out a poll that our friends at are running. Last I looked it showed over 90% looking forward to Charice’s return. . . More>>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16Critic Comments Reiterates Charice’s Canadian Support - They say that the media reflects the true feelings of a nation. So, we can take as gospel the comments of one of the nation’s most respected TV critics after witnessing the teenage sensation in the flesh. (A must read) . . More>>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16Music Charts Explained: Compilation Methods for a Radio Playlist - Generally, the final decision on the make-up of a radio’s playlist falls to a Program Director, but increasingly the decision is made at corporate level and passed on to individual radio stations within the radio network . . . More>>  Charice Week in Review January 10 16FanTalk – January 14 episode #36 is, in my opinion, the best non-Celebrity episode of FanTalk ever! DJ Drake and Eve were in the Zone parsing through great info better than TV Anchor Reporters. Great callers too. A must listen. Listen to recent episodes below. .


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3 Responses to “Charice Week in Review January 10-16”

  1. eve says:

    WOW that was some week eh, I count 19 articles there in ONE WEEK! Thanks Webby for putting this all together every week… amazing. Oh and I guess I better listen to that FanTalk episode, seriously, I have no idea what we sound like when we’re right in the middle of the show lol.

    Have a GREAT week WebScribes… till next week. :)

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  2. Percy says:
    More eyes will be on glee because of the recent Golden Globe awards for the two cast members.. and of course Sunshine Corazon’s return!!!! Man, I have been waiting for so long!

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