VOTE NOW: Make Charice J-WAVE “Best New Artist”

VOTE NOW: Make Charice J-WAVE “Best New Artist”

It has been a spectacular year for Charice in the Land of the Rising Sun, but you Chasters can make it even better by voting her J-WAVE Radio’s “Best New Artist” for 2010. All you need to do is Vote!

J-WAVE Radio is a big fan of Charice, and their official Tokio Hot 100 chart saw their favorite Filipina take John Lennon’s classic Christmas track “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” to No 3 by December 19.

In fact, they had invited her to record the song specifically to use it as the official theme for their winter “Love and Peace, Wishes Come True” campaign. In a country whose culture places honor and respect above all else, extending an honor that is only offered to “first-class artists” shows just how highly the 18-year-old is regarded in Japan.

Charice also recorded a mini-concert on December 19 for J-WAVE, which was broadcast on Christmas Day, and she was then featured again on the station’s “Curious” program on December 30.

The Laguna-born songstress has made a myriad of other interviews and appearances in the country and, in short, Japan is crazy about Charice!

But, she still needs the help of the global ‘Charice Internet Army’, as she’s up against some stiff opposition in her category, with Justin Bieber, Ke$sha, Hawaiian-born Bruno Mars, English soul singer/songwriter Rox, Australian rock musician Orianthi, and South Korean girl band Kara, also in the running.

Justin Bieber has been sweeping up awards left and right (prompting some Chaster to argue ‘he must be stopped!’) Purchase midamor word and in J-WAVE’s Special Hot 100 chart for 2010, is placed at No 13 with “Baby”, one place behind Charice’s “Pyramid” at No 12.

In the same chart, Ke$sha is at No 3 with “Tik Tok,” Bruno Mars is at No 4 with “Just The Way You Are,” Rox is at No 26 with “My Baby Left Me,” Orianthi, is at No 46 with “According to You,” and Kara is at 100.

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To fend off the opposition and make Charice the Best New Artist of 2010, just go to the official McDonald’s Tokio Hot 100 Awards page, and vote. The steps are easy:

1. Click on the dot beside Charice’s name
2. Go to the very bottom of the page and click the large button.
3. You can feel good that you’ve done your bit!

Vote Charice Jwave Radio VOTE NOW: Make Charice J WAVE Best New Artist

Please vote in every category. J-Wave asks for votes in every category so it might be necessary to do so to guarantee that our votes for Charice count. Categories are (from top to bottom, left to right): Best Song, Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Group and Best New Artist.

Voting officially open on January 9, but it continues until February 6, with an awards party set to be held on February 24. Luckily, Charice is free that night, despite being in the middle of her Japan Tour: her only night off is the 24th!

Come on! Make Charice’s 2010! Make her J-WAVE’s Best New Artist for the year! Every self-respecting Chaster would!!

By Admin,

29 Responses to “VOTE NOW: Make Charice J-WAVE “Best New Artist””

  1. 1604-bg says:
    To Admin of CM

    Please put this news to the TOP of CM! in order that all chasters who did not know and not yet voted can see this news and VOTE Charice to win.

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  2. MarjzV says:

    Can i vote Charice as many as i can each day? or there is a minimum vote each day?

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  3. marlyn says:

    I voted already ,the link posted in the chat box helps a lot to make it easy for us to vote ; keep it posting in the chat box .C’mon CHASTERS !!!

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  4. jeff says:

    thanks for giving us the instructions on how to vote.

    i voted last week but i didn’t press the voting button at the bottom of the page,

    i thought clicking only the button beside charice’s picture makes my vote counted,

    maybe a lot of people out there did the same mistake i made coz we dont understand those japanese writings,

    but now i know,

    now you know,

    you know…

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  5. Kuan says:

    Let’s do it Chaster

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  6. ctrl798 says:
    go chaster!vote now until charice is no.1

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  7. marriott says:
    I just did it. Voted for Charice

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  8. EBJohns11 says:
    OK voting soon. Hope she ‘ll get it. Come on Chaster Power!

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  9. trevor25 says:
    DONE the voting but will keep till Feb-6. CIA attack!!!

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  10. noelbd says:
    i voted charice like 100 x………go chasters ATTACK…….

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  11. rob47 says:
    Hey Chasters!

    There is no excuse for not voting! It is so easy to do. After clicking on the button to the left of Charice on the above article, it will bring you to the site. When you are already on the site of the Tokio Radio J Wave page, click again on the button to the left of Charice. Then click on the big button at the bottom of the page, which is the big “oblong/rectangular” shape box with Japanese characters.

    Be counted! This is another rally that Charice needs from us!

    And as our Admin says, we need the global ‘Charice Internet Army’ to bring her to the top. AND “YOU’LL FEEL GOOD YOU’VE DONE YOUR BIT”!

    We need 100% SUPPORT for this!

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  12. justcharrie says:
    Keep on voting till February 6…

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  13. Arianna says:
    Voted. I’m just glad Charice got nominated in that category. Some really serious competition there especially from KARA. Let’s all do our best to take Charice at the top.

    I doubt that they’d be revealing the current results. Ahh. Hope Charice wins this. It would be awesome since she’d be in Japan that time. Go, go!

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  14. chengna2010 says:
    just casted my vote good luck charice and all chasters!

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  15. Ana says:
    a charice játem milhões-e quantos concertos é que ela já deu a solo e com quantas pessoas?

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  16. heuge says:
    Chasters ATTACK!

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  17. ohyayay13 says:
    I don’t get it. Justin Bieber was getting some major AWARDS from AMA. @.@ Tssss. And Charice wasn’t nominated for this Grammy 2011. What’s happening to the music world?

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    • sam says:

      not really sure! but i suspect because she’s asian. just my humble opinion.

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    • eve says:
      Bieber has had two albums released that both went Platinum (that’s One Million sales) in the U.S. and Top 10 in several countries and SEVERAL hit songs here and around the world. He’s got a hot producer in Usher and songwriters who apparently know how to pen a hit song and he has a good stage presence with teenage girls who buy his records. According to Wikipedia, he’s the first artist to have seven hits songs from a debut album hit the Billboard 100. We haven’t seen such a phenomenon in a long time. I’m not a JB fan and I hate to sing his praises, but Charice has accomplished nowhere near those figures. The songs have to connect and that has nothing to do with her being Asian. She’s got the voice, the charisma,the presence… she just needs the hit songs.

      Glad to see DF collaborating with other producers that’ll hopefully get Charice on the radio. His heyday has past and she needs to connect with a younger audience to get popular attention. I believe it’s coming! The Year of Charice is 2011 where she’ll be.. At The Top Baby!

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      • Theo says:
        Hi, Eve

        Does anyone know if they are actually playing Charice’s song in Japan (other than Pyramid)?

        They say she is doing well in Japan, but I’m curious if people actually release her other songs in the radio stations?


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      • dadartful says:
        Exactly Eve, you penned the truthful facts. Note To God and Pyramid were good songs but just didn’t have that connection to the teens. Three songs that come to mind that have that “it factor” were Baby, California Gurls and Party In The USA. I’m sure Charice has one like this coming real quick like in the next single. Go Charice!!!

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      • amaineko says:
        You nailed it Eve! Hope to see Charice do even better this year. She’ll be there!

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      • rabbit says:

        We have the voice now we need the song! Let me add, we need the dance! Charice is all set to fly!

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  18. Kai says:
    Is there a way we can look at the current result?

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  19. Portia says:
    I just cast my vote, but how can we be sure that it is counted for I don’t understand the Japanese characters in it.

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  20. kb117 says:
    It would also help if we vote repeatedly, which this particular poll allows.

    Proof: results page always have same message after every vote

    “We accepted their vote.
    Thank you.”
    (by Google Translate)

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  21. artemis gibran says:
    Hey CHASTERS, let’s VOTE!

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  22. ABCD says:
    Worldwide Chasters, we need your attention… Vote for Charice.. To the top baby, like Pyramid..

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