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Charice to Sing for FAANs, February 10

Charice to Sing for FAANs, February 10

FEB 15 UPDATE: PERFORMANCE VIDEO ADDED As we would only expect, Charice’s 2011 schedule is beginning to fill up, with yet another high-profile awards ceremony pencilled in for February. It has been confirmed that Charice will perform at the Los Angeles Gala for the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), an awards ceremony that will be attended by some of the US’s largest and most powerful food companies. Charice is no stranger to performing amongst America’s rich and powerful, and she is set to perform as part of a private David Foster and Friends tour date at Donald Trump’s resort, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida on January 15. She has also already performed at several benefit concerts, not least her mentor’s own charity, The David Foster Foundation, in Toronto last November. Nor, for that matter, are we strangers to seeing those at such special events in awe of the petite Filipino teenager, with standing ovations already an established norm. In fact, it’s likely that the guarantee of having guests witness an astonishing vocal performance is the reason why the 18-year-old is in such demand. Charice’s performance in Los Angeles is set to take place on February

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10, just over a week before she jets to Japan where she will begin her first international solo tour, playing 4 concerts over the course of 5 days. She appears in Nagoya on February 21, in Tokyo on February 22 and 23, and then travels to Osaka for her final show on February 25. The gala event in Los Angeles, which will be held at the El Rey Theatre, recognizes companies and individuals who have helped to address the problems faces by sufferers of food allergies, with Campbell’s Soup and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts amongst those set to be honored this year. Also performing will be Altlanta-born country music singer-songwriter Luke Pilgrim, who is also a Celebrity FAAN Ambassador due to his

own allergy to peanuts.

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135 Responses to “Charice to Sing for FAANs, February 10”

  1. HerMingJesty says:
    You are so right Camo except I would not like that to happen that we won.t be able to see Charice video anymore. What would we do?. So Chasters if you really call yourself Chasters, just enjoy the video. Charice is awesome and entertaining and only try to please her fans. So Chasters, Crabsters, be nice, a whole dollop of nice. We love Charice.

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  2. EMERALD says:

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  3. You're_the_Inspiration says:
    If I wrote a note to GOD……..

    I would speak what’s in my soul

    I’ll ask for all the HATE

    To be SWEPT AWAY by LOVE………….

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  4. ebjohns11 says:
    Oh come on, Charice is awesome! so who is complaining here? haha

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  5. Wendy Hunt says:
    Very well said…very true and should hit the mark for some of the people here who nitpicks the small stuff.

    Me? I just sit back, enjoy and wish the vids would never stop coming even if she gets to the very top of the heap of great performers and just continually marvel at how well Charice can adapt to any crowd and sing a song in many different ways that you just never tire of listening to her.

    And true too, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and there is really no harm in that, even Charice keep saying she is not affected and welcomes comments good or bad. But just be ready for some comments/reaction on what you write…coz just like you, everyone is entitled to like or dislike or yes even nitpick at your comments here. I also wish some people dont overreact and volley back if they perceive for any reason that someone made a negative comment against Charice. Lets just unite and stay solid and focus on supporting Charice instead of focusing on word war and liking or disliking.

    This site is for Charice …its all about Charice…not what we feel or think is right or wrong with any of her performance or how she looks, dresses, speaks or how she is managed. Coz Charice is what we are trolling this site for :)

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  6. camo says:
    chasters are the only people who nitpick every performance.they are getting free show on youtube and they bellyache at each turn. ask some of them to pay and see her the prefer wait on youtube .the day will come when they cant accessa video from instead of nitpicking things that dont matter just enjoy the ride while you can.

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    • luckieme510 says:
      @ Camo… I agree, don’t understand why some people nitpick so much. geeezzz. Miserable people !!! Charice did a very good job as always.

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  7. D-J says:
    Don’t forget that she was singing with the Backbeats. Maybe to harmonize together, they choose this R&B version of NGT instead of her kind of “Gospel” version on Oprah. Looked like it didn’t please few people here, but Charice was great as usual.

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  8. abeng1127 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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