ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? Episode 12: The Finale!

ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? Episode 12: The Finale!

ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? is a documentary by Emmy-award winning director Matthew Mills, cut into four-minute-episodes with new ones released every Wednesday and Friday on

Previous Episode

The eleventh episode took us from a concert in Allentown to another concert in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ai??i?? but not before having a short side-trip to a radio station for a live interview. Charice is known for loving radio interviews because she ai???always has so much fun with the DJsai???. KISS FM DJ Mike Miller looked like he had fun as well asking Charice about traveling all over the world and the kind of music that she does. The love for Charice didnai??i??t stop in that radio booth that day because the audience at Hardware Bar was one amazing crowd. With them singing along and cheering, Charice easily got into the zone an delivered another exciting and memorable performance.

The Finale

Our calendars have already changed from 2010 to 2011 during the whole run of this incredible series. And the days of looking forward to every Wednesday and Friday are about to end, as this episode is already the series finale of ai???30 Days With Chariceai???.

Day 30 is aptly titled ai???The End of the Beginningai???, which marks Chariceai??i??s transition from being a newbie in the music business to being an adolescent, perhaps? But for sure, those string of performances, interviews, and promotions have already baptized her into a world where everything is just going to get bigger than anything weai??i??ve seen Charice do in the past twelve episodes. And what better thing to do on this day than feed some tigers! Every artist needs to take a break from being on the road and performing, and more so for Charice because, as Tommy Page, VP of Kik spy, Phone call tracker. Top 40 Reprise/Warner Bros. Records, said: ai???at the end of the day sheai??i??s still a kidai??? and ai???we try to make her feel fun and comfortableai???. But being the born-performer that she is, her tiredness from travelling and touring goes away the moment that she starts singing and seeing all the people whoai??i??re watching.

For some, success and fame may bring negative traits to the surface like egotism and greed. But David Foster sees Charice differently, ai???Contrary to what you might think about what happens to people when they start getting success, I believe sheai??i??s somebody that will stay humble; and I believe sheai??i??s somebody thatai??i??ll keep singing whether thereai??i??s success or

Both Iyaz and Marc Johnston, Chariceai??i??s manager, have seen something very special in her. Iyaz reveals how heai??i??s become protective of her, who he considers as his little sister. Johnston even said how “there’s more talent in that girl than you can He also believes how film and television is going to be a big part of her music career, ai???itai??i??s her destiny, I

Charice describes her current stardom as something that should not be thought of surely. She takes it one step at a time, and is currently being thankful for the ai???achievements of my single and my album, that landed on Billboard at No. But thereai??i??s a fighter inside Charice, and she wonai??i??t settle for anything less if she can still do better, ai???Itai??i??s all good for me, but Iai??i??m just hoping for

Being Asian can indeed be a hindrance for achieving international stardom and gaining a wide fan base in America, but Charice has already proven that itai??i??s not impossible. And as a perfect ending to the series, Charice expresses how thankful she is for the support sheai??i??s got from the likes of Oprah, David Foster, Ellen, and of course, the Chasters all over the world. ai???Because of their love and support, I feel like theyai??i??re my

As her thirty day press tour winds down, Charice takes time out for some fun at Six Flags where she feeds tigers with her brother, Carl. She’s still a kid, after all! Charice reflects back on the past month’s adventures and looks ahead to the promising future in store.

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Whatai??i??s Next?

ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? officially ends with this episode but Chariceai??i??s career is just starting to skyrocket and this wonai??i??t be the last that we see of her, thatai??i??s for sure. already has every Chaster excited with this statement: ai???And stay tunedai??i??30 Days With Charice may be over, but we may not be done with Charice just yet!ai??? Will air another series about Charice? What do you want it to be about? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

By Sofia Carrera,

21 Responses to “ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? Episode 12: The Finale!”

  1. orolph says:

    why not make it 15 episodes? it’s only three more episodes anyway?
    please? we never get tired of anything about charice. “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” common, guys, three more episodes please?

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  2. DENNIS says:
    Charice ,We think of you as our family too, our daughter or granddaughter. And we LOVE YOU so much!!!!!!!!God bless you with your talent and sweetness and blessed us with you as a gift to the world. Always remember that we adore you and love you and care about you. Dennis

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  3. nokia1200 says:

    0:52 part is hilarious! lol

    Yes we would love to see more of such episodes, hopefully.

    Kudos to the Matthew Mills and crew and!

    Labyo Charice!

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  4. stefie2325 says:
    im not sad coz this is the excited to see more of the behind the scenes…and im counting few days now for feb to hit my calendar…Sunshine will comeback and we’ll definitely be there to support her song in itunes once it airs on gleeeeeeeeeeeeee…too much of waiting…now 30 days is over but forever wanting for more of our princess….Love you to death Charice! good mor-nights Chasters!! muah from kuwait!

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  5. Anna139 says:

    Aawww. I can’t see the video. It says not authorized to see in my place. Can’t find it on you tube too. Can anyone connect me to the final episode? Thanks.

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  6. justcharrie says:

    still waiting for Behind The Scene of this episode…I guess they still have something on their sleeves that will pop out anytime…hopefully.

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  7. Joan says:

    I want more please. Going to miss waiting to see behind the scenes of Charice’s events. This will make such a great bio documentary piece. I’m sure someone in Charice’s team would have already this in mind. I hope so.

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  8. Marlyn says:
    We want more behind the scenes like these with Charice, I hope teen .com or somebody else will come up with another one . Thanks and Charicemania

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  9. vic says:
    we want more behind the scenes videos of charice. hope dir. matthew mills will do a sequel of this!!

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  10. wilma says:
    we want more episode foe charice 30 days.

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  11. jeff says:
    guys, there’s already a result on this post last week:

    please vote charice @gleewiki:
    Who was your favorite Glee Guest Star?

    IN LAST WEEK’S POLL we asked:
    “Who was your favorite Glee Guest Star? ”

    The Winner:43% said Charice (Sunshine) , The Least Voted for: 0.32% said Eve. This poll set record, with being the most voted poll, 2500 people voted!

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  12. jimfan155 says:
    Encore, encore. More and more of these high quality behind the scenes videos. Loved this series.

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  13. krazyforyou says:
    Of course more 360 days with Charice bakasyon na lang yung 5 days! We want more!More! We want more! We want a bigger and better Charice videos! CHARICE 360!

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  14. Angela says:
    Weekly episode of her performances, activities etc…………More……….more……….
    more of Charice……Thank you.

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  15. amor says:
    yes, we want more! more! more! season 2 plsssss…

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  16. DavidFan says:
    <3 all episodes!!! :)

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  17. DavidFan says:
    12 Episodes is not enough ^^! I say MORE!!! It’s going to be cool if will feature her GLEE SEASON 2 experiences/Japan tour/and the new album DANG! I love <3 you CHARICE!!!

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  18. Stockpicker says:
    Charice is like coffee to me. I take it in the morning during my breakfast and after lunch. I’m just chaddicted to this girl wonder and wanting to hear more of anything that she’s doing all the time!

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  19. Dakkeltibuto4466 says:
    No this is not the end! We want more. Why not make it updates with Charice covering all her activites and shows everyday? Just a sggestion.

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  20. Chajenmer says:
    We want 365 days with Chariceeeeee!!! Labyo Cha! Labyo, thanks a million1 Labyo Admin & CM…Labyo Chasters!! Charice At the Top Baby!!

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  21. Bigfan says:
    More please….. :) I can’t get enough of Charice….

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