Charice on Japanese NHK TV

Charice on Japanese NHK TV

Charice will be featured again on NHK TV this January 19th in the program “Songs”. Ai??According to her Warner Japan website, she will be performing “Pyramid”, “In This Song”, “My Heart Will Go On” and “I Will Always Love You”. Ai??Remember her mini live concert last year at the observatory deck of Roppongi Hills and no fan video was ever put up in any of the video-sharing sites?Ai?? Now is your chance to see and hear how she did and the reaction of her Japanese fans because snippets of the concert will be featured in “Songs”. Ai??All of this of course, are happening in preparation for her solo concert tour in Japan in February.

Charice’s performances in “Songs” will air on January 19th on NHK TV (Channel 1) from 10:55pm to 11:24pm with a replay on satellite TV BS2 on January 24th from 5:30am to 5:59am. Ai??(All times are Japan time.)

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Part 1 with English subtitles:


Three years ago, a genius of a girl suddenly appeared on the American music scene. Her name is Charice. She grew up in a poor family in the Philippines and the key to her success lay in the support of her mother.

Charice: Good evening everyone!

Charice debuted last year at the age of 18. She holds the record of being the first Asian to chart in at number 8 on the (Billboard) album chart, and her popularity is surging even in Japan.

Charice: That’s cute!

Songs. Tonight we bring you the songs of Charice, an 18 year old genius of a singer who has caught the attention of the whole world.

Manila, Philippines. Charice was born into a poor family in San Pedro, a suburb of Manila. Charice, who was a genius in singing, joined all kinds of contests held nationwide from the age of 7, waltzing away with (the top prize) in every one of them. With her contest winnings, she was able to help support her family.

Charice reached a turning point when she was 15. A fan from the Philippines who was moved by her voice uploaded videos of her in (Youtube). She started attracting attention.

Because of her popularity, an offer to appear on the popular American TV show The Oprah Winfrey Show suddenly fell on her lap. Oprah, who was moved by Charice’s singing voice, immediately called her friend David Foster, a music producer of worldwide fame and sounded out to him the (possibility) of having Charice perform at Arimidex online bestellen his concert which was just 10 days away. On that day, an audience of 12,000 were bowled over by the singing voice of then-unheard of Charice.

The first song that she will sing tonight is the song that she sang at contests and the song which motivated her to hold on to her dreams – Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” Please listen.

David Foster was captivated by Charice’s talent, and with the goal of releasing her debut (album), he began to work with her in earnest. Charice realized her wish, debuting last May. Her first album charted 8th on the (Billboard) chart, and she accomplished this feat of being the first Asian to so.

Last June, she sang the Philippine national anthem in front of 500,000 people during the presidential inauguration. In America, she appeared on the popular TV show, “Glee”. And now, she is drawing intense attention from all over the world.

Tonight, we bring you “Pyramid”, a song from her debut album which charted 8th on the (Billboard chart) and also became a hit in Japan.

Part 2 with English subtitles:


In the shadows of her meteoric success, Charice was deeply wounded when she was a child. When Charice was 3, her parents separated. Her father’s extreme violence towards her mother was the cause.

To be able to support Charice and her younger brother, her mother Racquel worked 16 hour days without rest.

When Charice was 4 years old, Racquel sang her favorite song to Charice to cheer her up. That song was Celine Dion’s big hit, “My Heart Will Go On.” Charice, who did not understand English, learned the song spontaneously and began to sing it herself.

Celine Dion’s songs were very special to Charice and her mother. Charice was able to meet her idol Celine in 2008.
Celine is a world-famous singer now, but she was originally from Canada and did not speak English at all. Celine invited Charice to her concert and asked her to sing a duet with her.

Please listen now to the special, memorable song that her mother sang to her when she was little. Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”, sung by Charice.

Harajuku, Tokyo. Charice wanted to visit this place bustling with the youth of Japan.

At just 18, Charice has had an eventful life. Producer David Foster composed “In This Song”, a song about her life’s journey. Born into a poor family, she chanced upon singing, was saved by singing, and singing paved the way to her destiny.

Please listen to “In This Song”, a song that is filled with Charice’s faith in life, and is also tonight’s last song.

Performances only in HD

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  1. flor of texas says:
    Just to put it plainly: Charice is awesome and it’s out of this world. Bravo.

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  2. chasterdaily says:

    Found charice in hollywood site

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  3. anniefound says:
    WOW!!! Thank you for posting these videos of Charice’s performance in this particular TV show showcasing her wonderful story and songs. What a testimony for an amazing orchestra back up collaboration with Charice’s songs. And Charice, you look sooooooo…. awesome and wonderful! Thank you Japan for embracing our princess and sharing her wonderful gift of singing for the whole country to hear her sing from her heart. Oh, what a treat these videos are to the chasters! Thank you CM.

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  4. 1604-bg says:
    Interview with Charice will be aired on SPACE SHOWER TV on 26.Jan from 21:00 to 22;00 in Japan.
    and will be REPEATED on the following;
    1/26 24:00~ 1/28 22:00~  1/30 18:00~

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  5. renz says:
    I watched the videos and Charice is truly amazing, I cant help but being proud of her

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  6. renz says:
    I watched the videos and Charice is truly amazing, I cant help but being proud of her, im her silent fan, I’ll support her in everyway I ca… Keep Cha.

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  7. AIM says:
    way to go Charice – we luv u

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    another goosebump >_< your touching souls again charice

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