Charice on Japanese NHK TV

Charice on Japanese NHK TV

Charice will be featured again on NHK TV this January 19th in the program “Songs”. Ai??According to her Warner Japan website, she will be performing “Pyramid”, “In This Song”, “My Heart Will Go On” and “I Will Always Love You”. Ai??Remember her mini live concert last year at the observatory deck of Roppongi Hills and no fan video was ever put up in any of the video-sharing sites?Ai?? Now is your chance to see and hear how she did and the reaction of her Japanese fans because snippets of the concert will be featured in “Songs”. Ai??All of this of course, are happening in preparation for her solo concert tour in Japan in February.

Charice’s performances in “Songs” will air on January 19th on NHK TV (Channel 1) from 10:55pm to 11:24pm with a replay on satellite TV BS2 on January 24th from 5:30am to 5:59am. Ai??(All times are Japan time.)

Picture 1 300x150 Charice on Japanese NHK TV

Part 1 with English subtitles:


Three years ago, a genius of a girl suddenly appeared on the American music scene. Her name is Charice. She grew up in a poor family in the Philippines and the key to her success lay in the support of her mother.

Charice: Good evening everyone!

Charice debuted last year at the age of 18. She holds the record of being the first Asian to chart in at number 8 on the (Billboard) album chart, and her popularity is surging even in Japan.

Charice: That’s cute!

Songs. Tonight we bring you the songs of Charice, an 18 year old genius of a singer who has caught the attention of the whole world.

Manila, Philippines. Charice was born into a poor family in San Pedro, a suburb of Manila. Charice, who was a genius in singing, joined all kinds of contests held nationwide from the age of 7, waltzing away with (the top prize) in every one of them. With her contest winnings, she was able to help support her family.

Charice reached a turning point when she was 15. A fan from the Philippines who was moved by her voice uploaded videos of her in (Youtube). She started attracting attention.

Because of her popularity, an offer to appear on the popular American TV show The Oprah Winfrey Show suddenly fell on her lap. Oprah, who was moved by Charice’s singing voice, immediately called her friend David Foster, a music producer of worldwide fame and sounded out to him the (possibility) of having Charice perform at Arimidex online bestellen his concert which was just 10 days away. On that day, an audience of 12,000 were bowled over by the singing voice of then-unheard of Charice.

The first song that she will sing tonight is the song that she sang at contests and the song which motivated her to hold on to her dreams – Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” Please listen.

David Foster was captivated by Charice’s talent, and with the goal of releasing her debut (album), he began to work with her in earnest. Charice realized her wish, debuting last May. Her first album charted 8th on the (Billboard) chart, and she accomplished this feat of being the first Asian to so.

Last June, she sang the Philippine national anthem in front of 500,000 people during the presidential inauguration. In America, she appeared on the popular TV show, “Glee”. And now, she is drawing intense attention from all over the world.

Tonight, we bring you “Pyramid”, a song from her debut album which charted 8th on the (Billboard chart) and also became a hit in Japan.

Part 2 with English subtitles:


In the shadows of her meteoric success, Charice was deeply wounded when she was a child. When Charice was 3, her parents separated. Her father’s extreme violence towards her mother was the cause.

To be able to support Charice and her younger brother, her mother Racquel worked 16 hour days without rest.

When Charice was 4 years old, Racquel sang her favorite song to Charice to cheer her up. That song was Celine Dion’s big hit, “My Heart Will Go On.” Charice, who did not understand English, learned the song spontaneously and began to sing it herself.

Celine Dion’s songs were very special to Charice and her mother. Charice was able to meet her idol Celine in 2008.
Celine is a world-famous singer now, but she was originally from Canada and did not speak English at all. Celine invited Charice to her concert and asked her to sing a duet with her.

Please listen now to the special, memorable song that her mother sang to her when she was little. Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”, sung by Charice.

Harajuku, Tokyo. Charice wanted to visit this place bustling with the youth of Japan.

At just 18, Charice has had an eventful life. Producer David Foster composed “In This Song”, a song about her life’s journey. Born into a poor family, she chanced upon singing, was saved by singing, and singing paved the way to her destiny.

Please listen to “In This Song”, a song that is filled with Charice’s faith in life, and is also tonight’s last song.

Performances only in HD

by Mooffin,

170 Responses to “Charice on Japanese NHK TV”

  1. chasterdad says:
    Japanes loves Charice because she is an achiever and an Asian at that! After WWII the Japanese had to prove to the world that Asians are at par with their Western counterpart and should be respected as well for their contributions and achievements which is also world class. Japan has strived hard to gain that respect and grudging admiration worldwide and look at them and where they are now. Japan has always been the regional leader to lay the foundation of Western respect towards Asians. Charice is an embodiment of what the Japanese looked forward to…..a beacon and an example for the rest of Asians to follow! Not only that but a parallelism that like a Phoenix, Japan and Charice have grown larger from their ashes, from nothing to something! No wonder they have adopted Charice as one of their own as they identify with her life’s journey and the character and traits that she conveys!

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  2. screech says:
    I stayed up late to wait for this show and well worth it. I just wish they aired this program at an earlier time when the Japanese people are still awake. They missed out big time! :) I guess they can’t find a better time slot for it?

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  3. danthansoy says:
    Charice’s CD Auction was bid for ¥15,500.00 (yen) which is equivalent to US$182.00

    Starting bid is ¥3,000 and closing bid is ¥15,500.00 with 5 Bidders.

    here is the website translation

    I think this a Pirate Home Made CD

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    • jimfan155 says:
      Very impressive. However, if it doesn’t help Charice and is “pirated” then it’s not really good. It does demonstrate there is a market for this product and I’ve been asking for a dvd/cd collection of her early performances for a couple of years now.

      ABS/CBN and Warner Brothers take note.

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  4. abi says:
    I got chaddicted with the latest video. haha. I’ve been watching thesame video since yesterday. LOL. You know what even though it feels like I’ve heard Charice life story million of times it never fails to touch my soul. I know all you guys feel the same.

    P.S. The BGM in 1:38 I often hear that in Japanese dramas when something emotional/heart breaking happened. Just saying, ‘coz I was like I think I hear that music somewhere. HAHAHA. :)

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  5. ArrVee says:
    in true Japanese minimalist style, it is just Charice and those essential equipment that are on the stage, a simple rectangular platform in the middle of the hall, all the more for one to appreciate better what is essentially Charice …

    and if you are hearing her for the first time, especially in the “My Heart Will Go On” video, it will be like how her mom discovered her talent so many years back, but with her now singing on a much larger “table”, for you to exclaim – “wow, that girl CAN SING!” …

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  6. expat_fs99 says:
    The Japanese has adopted Charice as their very own. Arigato.

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  7. Ecko_Khalil says:
    Oooops! I’m supposed to do some urgent stuffs in the office but I got hooked again to the latest performances of Charice in NHK TV in Japan last Jan 19th. Whoa! She’s so amazing. Never mind work. It can wait. Lols. :-D

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  8. lancecobi says:
    I love how much the Japanese are loving and supporting Charice!!! They treat her with so much respect and class. She’s really very special to them. Her performances were great, the production, the orchestra and of course, her voice, that mesmerizes everyone who listens to it. Charice, you truly are a world-class talent, you have touched so many hearts and inspired a lot of people. May your star shine brighter for the years to come.

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  9. sharisufan says:
    spectacular show! a very grand and classy way to showcase our beloved charice…the voice, the stage, the orchestra, the outfit, the cinematography, lightings, etc…i didn’t expect that even pyramid will give chills from start to finish. is this the standard charice and her management team set for us to expect this 2011? omg!! unimaginable! if this is the basis of the japan tour, how luck are those who have the tickets. complements also to moofin for the translations.

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  10. crewsnest says:
    i love the way charice makes great/new twists every time she sings a song and it’s one of the reasons why she’s truly unique and
    even her natural voice is already in a stereophonic mode :)
    We may have known what she went through in life,
    but why is it that every time it’s told it never misses
    to tear you up?

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  11. allgringo says:
    Have no doubt !! Nobody sings the song of David Foster better than this girl….Charice, of course !!
    IWALY…on this planet, only her !! Unforgettable !!

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  12. tonz says:
    It is pointedly clear that Charice have a distinct market or demographic for ballads worldwide, which she can perform it like no other. So it’s just perfect for her management to produce her as such. It should not be in conflict with her being positioned as an R&B artist, since she can also entertain and be capable of doing that genre as well. If they do that, then we or anybody who have always been mesmerized by her singing any ballad pieces, don’t have to wait too long to enjoy her again. My two cents, thanks.

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  13. J. Kulisap says:
    The production as well as the introduction about Charice was beautifully executed.
    The arrangement of songs are spectacular, classy and mesmerizing.
    A job well done for Japan. :) Arigato Japan

    The Feb concert is one of the most awaited time for Chasters.:)

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  14. jn says:
    Thank you for sharing the vids of Charice’s recent stint in Japan. My hats off to Moofin for the translation, Capofret, Charice Tv crew and others for making it possible.

    Like the rest, I was teary eyed just watching and hearing Charice sing these songs….Songs that I’ve heard her sing before but still touched my inner core. She is getting better and remains the down to earth and respectful daughter despite her achievements…She is definitely an inspiration and best example for the young and old to follow.

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  15. Mamavi says:
    Perfect! The Japanese surpassed the very best of quality music. I can’t help feeling what Charice felt in the interview. I guess the interviewer is a typical Japanese, ‘seriously direct to the point, sensei-type’. I mean it in a best way. They are perfectionist but polite. Thank you for the video. Will it be available on DVD soon?

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  16. Fran says:
    As the second largest music market in the world, the Japanese are noted for recognizing true talent and their excellent treatment and respect for these great artists. Charice recent mini concert validates their professional acumen in all respect. They are so in awe with her that one major media announcer described Charice…”so very talented that it is scary”. The Japanese literally acclaimed Charice as the top Asian singer in this generation that has the potential to challenge the West dominance in music. And putting their money where their mouths is, Japan has begun promoting her as one of their own, rolling out the carpets and bombarding the media with continuous coverage for her. And where Japan goes with Charice, so do all of Asia.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Is this true, Fran? Cha is all over Japanese media? If overdone I hope this doesn’t have the opposite effect of alienating Japanese artists, their fans, and turning them against her.

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      • Vinz says:
        Don’t worry STARBUCK. There are no crabies people in Japan. Japanese are very appreciative, and they love perfection too which is in Charice’s talent.

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      • Fran says:
        Appears you haven’t been keeping up with her numerous appearances on the Japanese media for the past months. Lived there for five years and the people are most appreciative of “great talent” and importantly have a keen sense of “good character”. These two go hand in hand. They love Charice because she is naturally humble and respectful, traits that cannot be faked. Jealousy, I don’t think so, the artists and fans recognize her true talents and are very supportive. Why the negative concern when none of these assertions are happening? This is not the PI.

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        • marie says:
          Well said. The Japanese are really good at recognizing that what’s important is in the essence of something- in the most minute details. So they quickly pick up on Charice’s sincerity matched with her passion for perfection in everything that she does.

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          • dadartful says:
            I fourth the motion of Fran, Vinz, and marie. I am a Japanese-American born and raised in a household with strick emphasis for honor, respect, perfection and humbleness for everything and everyone in your life, and I can truly relate to all your comments. I know Charice only thru her videos and I can truly, honestly say that I KNOW that every word comming from her are honest and from her inner soul.

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          • rabbit says:
            The Japanese are proud Asians. Now that they have taken Charice as their own expect them to rally behind her.

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        • starbuck245 says:
          hehe, nice surprise for me when I got back from work and logged in here.

          Gee, take it easy folks. Nothing negative was intended at all by my question. I asked what I thought was a simple question about how some in the industry felt about Cha apparently taking Japan by storm.

          I don’t live in Japan nor do I speak or read the language, whereas it appears some others who live in Japan could provide us that type of intel on if any Japanese had anything bad to say about how Cha is being promoted.

          With what apparently is going on in PI with some negative press, I was just wondering if something similar might/could happen in Japan if it appears to some Japanese that Cha is taking the spotllight from their native artists.

          Hey, it’s just a slow news day. :)

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          • marie says:
            Well, the Philippines and Japan aren’t the same countries and cultural norms are different so you can’t expect the same reactions. The Japanese culture emphasizes harmony. They are concerned with making sure they don’t offend anyone or step into each others’ space. If they say someone that’s exceptionally talented, they don’t go out and, well, hate on the person, but they look within themselves and find out what about them that they can improve to become better members of society. Charice, to the Japanese, is a role model rather than a deterrent. Now, of course, everyone has their own choice of musical tastes and you can’t please everyone and that’s universal, but that’s certainly not enough of a reason to speak badly of an artists. The Japanese know what they’ve got and aren’t threatened by anyone else.

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  17. jimfan155 says:
    I know Charice wants to perform upbeat dance songs, and well she should go after her age group. But the only question is no one sings ballads better than her and someone has to step up and take the torch from Celine. She is the most logical choice and can bring new life to “ballad” songs and make them popular once again.

    Who can say you weren’t moved by these songs with this magnificent orchestra? Charice, you can have it all. I am completely bonkers over your singing just like many, many of my fellow Chasters.

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    • Pisces23 says:
      @ jimfan – I’m with you.

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    • bld9696 says:
      Amen, my brother. Everyone keeps saying there is no place for ballad singers in todays market. Has anyone heard of Michael Buble and his sold out concert tours? I remember a ballad came out in the 70′s that a lot of people said was a one-hit-wonder that would not “sustain” with the music of that era. That ballad was “Mandy”. I think Mr. Manilow has sustained quite well, thank you. Ditto for Celine, another that would not “sustain”. There will always be a market for those few special voices that can and do appeal to all ages. Charice is one of those few. She needs to sing ballads because she does it better than anyone else. We need it, too. The whole world needs it.

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  18. tipenski says:
    So perfect – . Watching Charice’s performances in NHK, one word comes to mind..”EXQUISITE” in every way.

    1. intense or sharp
    2. lavishly elegant and refined
    3. of delicate composition and artistry

    Am looking forward to the day when she’ll have a solo concert with a full orchestra like this. That will be an event not to miss.

    … again.

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  19. hermiemel says:
    I don’t know what it is, but everytime I watched Charice’s vids (like these vids) there is always that episode that my eyes wells out. my ears becomes a victim and is tenderly assaulted by her “voice” and my nose suddenly runs. Is this a chemical reaction of my body to watching her vids? And to keep this going on till the wee hours every night is just plain “crazy”. I don’t think that a doctor can clinically explain this symtoms.

    And you know the funny thing is I do it again the following day. A unbreakable “pattern” that I simply can’t shake-off. My brain is constantly occupied by her. Sometimes, I ask myself a question if I’m sane. But you know, despite this unexplain reactions of my body to her I am happy. Charice is a bright spot in my life and it is beautiful because of this unshakeable connection she has to my world.

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  20. starbuck245 says:
    Wow! It’s amazing to be witness to Cha’s rapid development as a singer and performer right before our eyes on YT. It really does have the feel of seeing your own child grow a little more each day.

    Truly amazing the way she seems to truly be attempting to develop her God given talents. I’m so proud to be…a human!

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  21. kakawati1000 says:
    These four ( 4 ) musical pieces by the NHK orchestra seem and feel so ” CLEAN ” !

    Hope America get to see them. Outstanding !

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  22. chris says:
    Charice conquers the world with her powerful voice and her charm -
    Europe : Italy, Sweden, London, Netherland, Germany, France,
    Asia : Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea
    USA : Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Washington,
    Texas, Florida, Massachucetts, San Jose, Las Vegas
    Canada : Toronto, Vancouver, Alberta
    Middle East: Dubai
    And more countries… to come, Charice is only 18 yrs. old, almost 2/3 of the world she has been through, Everywhere is standing ovations from all ages, 8 – 80 yrs. old. YOU ARE PHENOMENAL.
    They always say, SKY IS THE LIMIT for Charice.
    Philippines only treasure and ASIA is so lucky to have Charice.

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  23. dadartful says:
    My view from heaven………

    And then God created the human beings, and then God created voices so they could communicate, and then God created music so they could sing with their voices, and then God created the ultimate singer CHARICE!!! AHMEN!!!

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  24. trevor25 says:
    why my earlier post did not show up???

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    • mooffin says:
      sometimes comments go to the spam folder – we think the word “japan” triggers it. my comments go to spam too and i have to release them. i just released yours.

      tip: try using “JP” instead of japan, maybe that will make your comment go through.

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  25. trevor25 says:
    My few cents of share:
    Flashback from the 80′s when someone asked where a product manufactured from. If it is from Japan, will be low class quality. If it is from the USA, sure, equates the price with quality.

    Fast forward, now, if it is made from Japan, we’re sure of quality perfection. “5S” as famous for heavyweights industries of the world originated in Japan. That makes Japan edge over other companies.

    Music as it called Japan as relatively on concealed zone to just within Japan territory has embarked heights anew. With Charice (as a foreign artist), although an Asian, started modifying the new generation Japanese.

    Truly, the world is changing and we need to adopt. I remember someone says in one of the professional meetings I attended to in the past, one executive says, “The future belongs to those who can think at least 5 years from now”. This means, we may not understand the way Charice and her management do now but they have a team analyzing “WHAT’S NEXT”.

    Kudos to Charice. I loved and keep loving her.
    Chasters are the best fans in the world! Woot! Woot!

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  26. kristine says:
    i found the HD vids of the NHK show here:

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    • CharisseToo says:
      Thanks a lot Kristine. HD really makes a big difference. I wonder if our scalp gets goosebumps bit mine certainly did! Just this nice, weird crawling sensation that goes to my head that I can only experience with Charice’s amazing voice. If only she could bottle this magic and sell them… Oh I forgot, it comes free with her the music! Aren’t we blessed to have a talent like her in this generation.

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  27. chadav says:
    CHARICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHASTER !****2011****!

    1. Charice Album to go Platinum in Japan***
    2. Win Shorty Award —–****
    3. J-Wave Best New Artist —-****
    4. Japan Fiji & The Best House 123****
    5. Japan Concert & More promotion + More Fans****
    6. New U.S ALBUM****
    7. New Single + New Music Video****
    8. Charice to sing on “FAANS”****
    9. Nominate Charice for PEOPLE’S CHOICE ****
    10. More of GLEE*****
    11. Attack the U.S Market… More radio play +++ and T.V stuff****
    12. U.S Solo Concert*****
    13. A new shot for Grammy*****

    That’s what i guess. This is not a schedule but things i can think off for Charice right now. Of course more stuff will come in between …this is just for now *******

    —-> J-WAVE Hot 100 Award …spread the word
    —-> Shorty Award….. Spread the word

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  28. chit says:
    Charice is rightfully presented as THE star in this program. The full orchestra is in the background providing the (terrific) accompaniment and no distracting ornamentation/special lights are on the stage. So it’s only Charice, the PERFORMER, that people should watch and listen to. Splendid job, our Japanese friends!!And thanks to CM for this post.

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  29. RodBelt says:
    This amazing production shows how much the Japanese will go to great lengths in pursuit of excellence when they recognize they have a good product who turned out to be Charice in this case. And to no one’s surprise Charice delivered another of her give-it-my-all performance that will be etched in the memories of the Japanese audience for a long time. The setting, the full orchestral background and the beautiful variation of the musical arrangements, especially the haunting solo sax in the IWALY, added a spirit-soothing flavor to this destined-to-be classic song that true music lovers will appreciate. I wish Warner (Japan) will record this peformance in both CD/DVD and make it available in US.

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  30. 8yerhartawt says:
    So who wants to translate ?? is anyone translating wheres mooffin? i cant wait to sub this…

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    • mooffin says:
      lol 8yerhartawt. am on it. =D

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      • CharisseToo says:
        Aren’t we so lucky to have you! Thank you so much for all that you do!

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        • mooffin says:
          you’re welcome =D

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          • 8yerhartawt says:
            ahh looks like charicetvcrew got it subbed already (^_^) mebbe the next one haha Thanks mooffin for all your hardwork :)

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            • eve says:
              lol perhaps you didn’t notice mooffin’s name at the start of the video as Translator. We work closely with CTV crew to get them subbed asap… yehey mooffin, capo, hiroyuki for providing the video & CTV Crew… you DA BEST!

              fantastic show, first class all the way, with Charice absolutely the highlight!

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