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VISA Magazine Highlights Charice Tour

VISA Magazine Highlights Charice Tour

With Charice’s album set to go platinum in Japan, there’s no wonder that some major brands are happy to associate themselves with her upcoming solo tour, amongst them Visa.

In the January edition of Visa Magazine in Japan, the international credit card giants features Charice as one of the entertainment events not to be missed this year.

The promotional piece, which appears alongside promos for a number of Japanese events, provides details (if any were really needed) of who Charice is, and specifies the cost of tickets for her concerts in Tokyo are Y8,000 (US$97).

The two events take place on February 22 and 23, but this represents only half of the concert dates, with her opening show opening in Nagoya on February 21, and ending in Osaka on February 25.

Charice’s inclusion in the short list of entertainment events shows the status that the Laguna teenager has in Japan.

Clearly, the inclusion of several Japanese appearances on Charice’s schedule has paid off. She was a key artist in J-WAVE Radio’s winter programing, with her recording of John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” climbing immediately into the Top 10 of the Tokio Hot 100.

She also recorded a mini concert for J-WAVE, which was broadcast on Christmas Day, and was featured on the same station’s “Curious” program on December 30. She also appeared on Mezamashi TV a few days before Christmas Day, in an early morning performance that still managed to attract a large viewership.

Japan is the second-biggest music market in the world, and the Filipino teenager has already established herself as a major figure there. Before going gold in October, her album had to sell 100,000 copies, while a platinum rating only goes to a foreign artist who sells more than 200,000 copies.

And with gold about to turn platinum, is there any surprise that she has caught the attention of one of the world’s biggest financial brands.

Charice Visa Japan VISA Magazine Highlights Charice Tour

A shot of the VISA Magazine piece promoting Charice’s Japan tour

Here is a translation of the VISA piece:

The miraculous singing voice that the whole world has fallen in love with will finally be heard in her first solo Japan tour!

Her debut album reached 8th on the American charts, a remarkable feat, a first for an Asian!  At just 18 years of age, super strong singer Charice sold an amazing 120,000 copies of her album, and her solo tour has finally been confirmed! Please come and hear her miraculous, electrifying, soulful voice that stirs the soul which received much attention in the David Foster and Friends concert last year!  You will definitely be overwhelmed!

By Robert Sheen,

37 Responses to “VISA Magazine Highlights Charice Tour”

  1. carmen says:
    it has been every night i stay up late to check on youtube/charicemania to read news on charice and listen to her latest appearances and performances. I thank God for the extraordinary singing talent He has given Charice, angelic, and powerful voice that chills you, giving goosebumps and joy in your heart and life. thank God for the music, and thank God for all the talents He gave to men and women! Charice is just so blessed and will always be blessed! thank God for the devoted Chasters, and Lantao islands particularly for bringing us the photos and videos of all Charice’s engagements and perfomances!

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  2. Bernard says:
    Charice got easily platinum in Japan beacuse the Japanese people hate pirated copy I like the Japanese people I dearly hope some of the Asian countries will follow the example of Japan,…Thank You Japan…. I cant speak Japanese sorry

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  3. POPseeker says:

    Japanese people want just the BEST in everything (food, clothing…SINGERS, etc) for themselves. No wonder why they love CHARICE…because she’s one of the BEST singers in the world today.

    ….I love Japanese people! :)

    …can’t wait to watch her again in Glee, spreading GOOSEBUMPS to everybody! :D

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  4. EBJohns11 says:
    wow thats really GOOD! Thank you Japan. Im glad Japanese just adore her. I love it.

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  5. kabayan01 says:
    It seems that the major companies are starting to take notice of our Princess. To the top baby….

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  6. chasterdad says:
    Can’t we promote 2011 as :Charice year”?…..Associate one with the other cause this year will be epic and the most unforgetabble! T-shirts emblazoned with Charice and 2011 anyone? Can someone here get it started?

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      why not and since she was featured on visa magazine can’t she be included as one of the “official designs” for visa card designs? surely, thousands of us will change the design on our debit/credit visa cards and way of promoting or advertising both sides and more people will switch to visa.

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  7. lola-elrem says:
    i am not surprised she will go platinum in japan, because among many asian countries, the japanese are honest people they dont pirate or make illegal copies. we are so grateful to you for making charice number one in your country. charice truly deserves to be NUMERO UNO because she is the world`s most talented girl, as oprah had called her.

    please take good care of our charice, i know you do JAPAN, and continue treating our humble princess like a PRECIOUS JEWEL as she truly is. ARRIGATO JAPAN! takusan takusan arrigato (is that correct lol! forgive me if it is wrong grammar). in filipino we say, MARAMING SALAMAT PO JAPAN!

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  8. lola-elrem says:
    charice is everywhere.. and chasters are happy because she comes to us and this gives us chaddicts the opprtunity to see her sing live. take good care of your health and have plenty of rest. WE LABYO CHA, FOREVER AND EVER CHA! MWAH!

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  9. hermiemel says:
    Just dreaming in Charice’s solo concert in Japan…

    Wonder who will open for her?
    With Charice speaking some Japlish (Japanese/English)and with her witty personality and charisma: Could you imagine what kind of commotion Charice will cause in Japan if she do Beatle’s “Yesterday” and Lennon’s “Imagine”.

    Since the Japanese made her “Gold” maybe sing some or all of her l4 album songs starting from Pyramid to Are We Over. And Crescent Moon with Ayaka too.

    And some cover songs too from Celine, Whitney, Beyonce, Mariah and Alicia. Wow and some impersonification too of JB/Gaga/Perry/Miley to spice things up. Perhaps do an MJ too?

    Not to worry, I am sure ahe and her team already have a format and a idea of what to perform in this concerts. I am just dreaming…

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  10. gilbert says:
    Me and my wife are suppose to watch in Osaka but we are short in budget cause we just transferred to a new house huhuhu!

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  11. eve says:
    “miraculous, electrifying, soulful voice that stirs the soul which received much attention in the David Foster and Friends concert last year!  You will definitely be overwhelmed!” Love it! Thanks Mooffin!

    I’m so excited for Charice. Roller Coaster is on the upswing as we start out the year 2011 hehe.

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  12. CharisseToo says:
    Im nuts, getting teary eyed for that short but wonderful write-up. Way to go Charice!!!

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  13. justcharrie says:
    Very heartwarming to hear the news that “Charice” is going Platinum. But what I know is that it must be 250,000 copies sold to get that Platinum award.

    and just wanna share a flattering news to you guys…my friend and I went to a record bar to find a particular music DVD and since it’s kinda old, it’s not available anymore. My friend asked the sales rep for a popular CD instead and guess what? She offered “Charice” saying “It is popular and sells fast”. Haha! That line made my day!

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  14. euse clerigo says:
    way ………………to go BABY……….

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  15. jip140sef says:
    I’m so proud of you cha, as one of your big fans you have the rights to deserve this large compliment at the top baby!

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  16. Luisa says:
    wow 2011 really start good for charice, go girl you deserve this. one thing I hate when traveling is packing and unpacking. soon charice won’t have to do that anymore, if she get hotel sponsorship, and designers clothing, shoes and accesories should just be waitng in the hotel room for her. she should be able to just pick up and leave and have a relaxing travel. more blessing and power charice for 2011. I miss Lantao videos though..

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  17. renee_gabrielle75 says:
    Japan knows. Charice is natural and real. She embodies the character they respect and admire most. And they show their appreciation very well. The short but heartfelt accolades written on the Visa promo is very nice to read. Thank you Japan

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  18. Stockpicker says:
    The stone that the builder rejected has become a corner stone. Charice is now building a pyramid in the music world soaring to the stars and beyond. Be kind and humble Charice and God’s blessings will always be yours!!

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  19. Moira_Inori says:
    Sugoi! Sugoi! Go, Charice! I only wish I could read Japanese so I could understand what’s written on that image, other than “Charice Japan Tour 2011″. ^_^

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  20. rachellajames says:

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  21. Xul says:
    i only have Mastercard credit cards, but today I will apply for a Visa card. TY for supporting Charice

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  22. Princess Serena says:
    Charice..let us hold hand and shout proudly…HERe WE GO WORLD!!!!!

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  23. Carol says:
    And she doesn’t stop there, she’ll continue soaring high. Watch out for that!!!

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  24. tnt says:
    sky is the limit…

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    • ABCD says:
      Wow.. Congrats.. Charice.. Like Pyramid.. Japanese Chasters.. To the Top Baby.. Hhhhmmm..I need to upgrade then my VISA Card from Gold to Platinum too… he he he. .

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    • kb117 says:
      I think she’ll go beyond the sky…….

      Charice is Universal !!!!!!

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