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Mommy Racquel: Charice Not Forgetting Philippines

Mommy Racquel: Charice Not Forgetting Philippines

Charice’s own mother has moved to quell fears amongst Chasters in the Philippines that their singing icon is set to make fewer appearances on home soil. Concerns were raised by the fact that Charice’s itinerary while in the Philippines last weekend allowed for just a lightening visit involving two appearances in two days, January 8 and 9. She was afforded no time to spend at home with family, friends or fans, and flew out

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immediately after her second engagement at the Enchanted Kingdom theme park in Laguna on January 9. However, Mommy Racquel, speaking to the press after her daughter’s acclaimed performance at SM Mall of Asia on January 8, stressed that the fact that Charice made two appearances in such a short period of time is proof that she remains committed to her Philippines-based fans. “If you look at it, even if she only stayed for two days here, she didn’t forget to perform in our country,” she reasoned. Mommy Racquel also admitted that though Charice’s schedule forces her to work so much outside of the Philippines, especially in the US, it is something that needs to be done. “Everyone knows that it’s really in America (that her work is). Just like her album in Japan is going platinum, of course, we can’t stop (a tour of Japan),” she explained, before offering a more philosophical explanation. “It depends on the flow,” she said. “As we all know, it’s just like where ever the water flows, that’s where we go.” Charice flew back to the US only a matter of hours after finishing her free concert on January 9 as part of the Enchanted Kingdom’s 15th anniversary celebrations. After arriving in California, she immediately joined David Foster for a live performance at the Television Critics Association tour. The event, which also featured Donna Summer, was to promote Foster’s upcoming PBS Special “The Hitman Returns,” which is set to go on air in March. Charice is due to begin her first solo tour in Japan in February, with gigs set for Nagoya (21st), Tokyo (22nd, 23rd) and Osaka (25th). Her album “Charice” was released there in July and was certified gold after less than 3 months – a rare accomplishment by a foreign artist.


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33 Responses to “Mommy Racquel: Charice Not Forgetting Philippines”

  1. ilsid says:

    i salute alfie lorenzo for having a good heart in understanding charice’s situation that other reporters should emulate.

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  2. Daniel says:
    Prioritizing your schedule is very crucial especially when you become a “hot” commodity in the music scene. I am sure Charice gets all kinds of invitation to appear in different venues and booking those schedules that matters most to Charice career without alienating her fans is what her management is doing.

    Like Mommy Raquel said, go with the flow of water and the Japan solo tour is one concert to satisfy the Japanese yen for Charice and her music. U.S. is also a crucial market because once you become successful in mainstream America, other countries will follow. Charice loves Philippines as much as she loves performing with Filipino audiences and just because she’s not performing as much in PI doesn’t mean she has forgotten her roots.

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  3. CutieSinger23 says:
    Correct :) woot woot!

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  4. cesjj1058 says:
    Charice grew up to be humble, with respect and dignity. And to Mommy Racquel, thank you for being a wonderful mom to Charice. That’s why Chasters love Charice.

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  5. kmcheeful says:
    This girl is doing herself, family, and country proud while still being incredibly humble and self-deprecating. She always acknowledges her roots and gives shout-outs to her fellow citizens during concerts. She went to her country and performed fitting it into her tight schedule. You are doing good, girl! This one person’s critique does not reflect the vast majority of fans who are so very proud of you!

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  6. tnt says:
    Just by reading articles here and with the links given by Chasters we are just one day behind (maximum) his actual schedule…everything is updated here….those comments from Phl media are just their interpretation and the same as when we give comments for any articles here in CM but the difference is we always optimistic…

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  7. anromable says:
    Everytime Charice is performing outside the Philippines, it does’nt mean she already forget our country. Remember there are also Filipinos base in other country where Charice is performing. So, we don’t need to be jealous to other races, we should be thankful and honored everytime Charice get a standing ovations coming from them.

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  8. Ber2 says:
    go go go Charice… go and conquer the world…. we are very happy for you… you make us proud…

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  9. chit says:
    Chasters in the Philippines! You who always visit this site and see Charice’s performances abroad can testify how she loves to do shout-outs to the Filipinos in the audience and have herself introduced as ( from the Philippines…). If that does not show how she loves her country, I don’t know what does. And you are right about the likes of Lolit Solis-only some low-IQ’d members (like her) in Philippine media would write something like that article to incite others to hate Charice. Para may maisulat lang. (Meaning: Just so they can “write” something.) Jealousy?

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  10. Nequi says:
    i guess some comment writers here read Lolit Solis article. From now on, when u see that name as the author of an article, SKIP IT. Take it from me. Just pray that she will be a blessing to others instead.

    What’s important is that we know what Cha is made of. May we continue to pray for her because she’s a rare gem. And that we are blessed because of her God-given gift not only her talent but also of what she is: childlike, loveable, respectful, polite, humble, generous, entertaining. She may have her weaknesses but she always shines because of her humility. Young and old are mesmerized by her except of course those who believe that they are better than her and want to pull her down. But just the same, let’s pray for them so that this world will become a better place.

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    • EBJohns11 says:
      Ok im not reading LOlit Solis article then, sounds like a bad one.
      Charice is just a humble one. She always look back where she came from. One of the nice behavior i adore.

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    • Maria Jane says:
      Yes, we should avoid articles written by those rumor mongerer-tabloid writers like Loli Solis. She just wants to have some readers attention to her so Chasters, better skip , dont read her trashy write-ups.No use psoitng links of that sort here. I ws tempted to read taht but good my computer was slow in openingthat link.

      Media or industry people in Manila should get it into their heads that it ws in the US that she got her big break. It was David Foster who signed her up with Reprise Records, so naturally, that is Charice’ primary responsibility to do all her commitments in the US as per her contract demands. Why should local tv stations or wahtever in the Phil. feel bad about her not staying so much over there whereas before Ellen/Oprah discovered her and DFF sigend her, no one gave her a big break there. People are kind of forgetful of her story..

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  11. Fran says:
    Whoa, all this venom towards the PI news media and sometimes the country is not healthy. One bad apple does not spoil the whole barrel. Put everything in prospective…. 99% percent of the Philippine people are proud and supportive of Charice for what she has already accomplished for the country. If not for her, I was amazed that some in Europe have never heard of the PI. The vast majority stands with her and understands her diligent quest to achieve her goals…watching her and enjoying the ride. She is an inspiration to the young and old, not only in her homeland but the world.

    Look, there will always be those who are highly critical, envious, and egotistical and like parasites hanging on her coattails…. looking to be on the spotlight with their sicko and crazy statements. This is part of human nature. We should be head and shoulders above this….. Dispense with this like flicking a fly off your shoulder. Dwell on the big stuffs and not bother with these small stuffs and minor as they are, they can incite and take a life of its own and degenerate into Palin-like “crosshairs statements”.

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    • Mr tibbs says:
      I’m a loyal chaster like you are… Eveything you wrote was right on except the palin-like comment you made. keep politics out of the discussion, Charice have conservative/republicans supporters too. LOL…

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  12. edy says:
    Ellen, Ophra,and DF gave Charice the break and she worked hard for what she is now, an international star and celebrity and was not handed on a silver platter. Warner Music and team Charice does all her schedules, performances and appearances. Charice is under contract to fulfill all commitments.
    As a Pilipino, I feel sad reading some negative comments almost addressed to our whole race. To PI media and music industry people, Charice gave you the chance and was snubbed. She is now an international treasure.
    To my fellow international Chasters, keep in mind that Pilipino Chasters are great in number and we all love and support Charice as you do. Pls refrain from generalizing. at times we do get hurt too. PEACE

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  13. jimfan155 says:
    The “international singing sensation”. Yep, that’s what you are Charice and that’s what you were known as for at least 3 years, even in the Philippines. Thanks once again to Falsevoice for getting you in the starting blocks. Now you are soaring, but you never have forgotten your home country. Gosh, you have been flying back and forth to the Philippines since this journey started.

    Although you have to concentrate on more performances in the US and abroad, you will never forget your roots. That is what I admire about you – your loyalty. How anyone can even question this is beyond me. Hopefully, it’s just a few and you have to know the majority back home love you and these are the Chasters and fans you go back for.

    Mommy – you need not apologize for Charice’ actions. You and your family are a class act who have brought happiness to countless people and actually changed lives for the better. It is so much fun following her journey. Charice is so young and yet so level headed. Kudos to you Mommy.

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  14. luckieme510 says:
    @ ralph.. i agree 100 %. No one else but them. Do you know why? because they’re jealous. Just ignore those critics,Ming! you don’t need those kind of people. We Chasters are here always supporting and loving you. Labyo ! little princess. Take good care of your health. Good Luck and God Bless !

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  15. trevor25 says:
    For where your treasure is, your heart will be there. I must agree, there are many countries asking Charice to appear but still she is not forgetting Philippines. Now, it’s proven that one claims for something they never invested/planted.

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  16. KUNGFU PANDA says:
    let’s celebrate of charice japan album!!! mmy raqs said is about to be platinum in japan!!!// wooot!!!! boommmm!

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  17. KUNGFU PANDA says:
    haha.. only in the philippines…. the hardest audience to be pleased are filipinos….(agree?) the heardest audience to give standing ovation are filipinos (agree?)… the hardest critics are filipinos (agree?) the nonesense and baloney media/news about charice are filipinos news men.the best crabs in the whole world are filipinos…(agree?)… i mean not all… but it’s proven…

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    • luckieme510 says:
      I agree, agree, agree 110 %.

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    • Nikki says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • insolitude123 says:

        The truth hurts isn’t it niki? Filipinos trying to pull down their fellow filipino…….. a trait that’s obviously seen by the international press in the case of charice who’s trying to struggle to put up a good image for the philippines and yet what do some filipino press people do….they try to put her down…isn’t that pathetic? are you trying to defend the filipinos who do these nikki?

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  18. Ralph says:
    I highly think the negative critics are Filipinos.

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  19. Portia says:
    I don’t understand why some people made such comments about Charice being a “snob” they just don’t understand anything about work commitments with hectic schedule. Charice is no longer what she was before i.e., she has to look for singing contests to join and to make money for their daily sustenance, and now it is the reversal of role, she is the one that is beeing seek to perform for her undeniable talent. That is what life is, before she was a nobody and look at her now, the world clamors for her performance and presence.

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    • insolitude123 says:
      Hi Portia! You know why some people made some comments that charice was a snob during her last visit to the Philippines? ….. it is because these people who accuse charice of being a snob are very narrow-minded people. Geeeeezzz……these people should be ashamed of themselves because they’re just broadcasting to the world their level of intelect and understanding.

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      • casssie0519 says:
        @insolitude123 – your comments hurts, but it hits bull’s eye. It’s the truth. The sad truth. Even some of the big personalities in the Philippines only started to get fond of her when Oprah took her under her wings.(i.e. Kris Aquino) :(

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  20. ChasterInConfession says:
    I posted this comment on an article where they call her a snub, I just can’t resist share it here.

    She was on a tight schedule. trying to beat time as she was scheduled to perform at PBS in the US after her trip in the Philippines. Charice is a professional singer with professional handler. She cannot just decide on her own cuz that would make her unprofessional.

    Also Philippine Media should be thankful to Charice in trying to please them in ways she can when going back to her past she was the one been snubbed by the media because back then she was not worth a news.

    How pathetic whom ever called her a snub… If I were Charice I wouldn’t even bother to please the media and broadcasting stations in the Philippines. But she has this character of not being bitter (How I wish we could all be like her) to whoever insulted and laughed at her in the past.. She will be blessed.

    Give her a break!!!! Will yah?!!!!

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  21. jn says:
    Ignore the critics…..More power to you Charice. Wish you all the best this 2011!!!!

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  22. camo says:
    dont let anyone get you down you dont need to explain to anyone .charice career is outside the phils and she will never forget her roots.outside people made her career so her priority is her us commitments so people should understand that she will be going home when she can.

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  23. Percy says:
    Let the professionals handle what’s best for Charice. Let’s just support and pray for her success and good health. She brings us a lot of happiness through her music and makes us so proud.. just enjoy!

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  24. lola-elrem says:
    just stay healthy and humble that’s all we ask of you our dear princess! whereever you go we will follow you even if it has to be just through youtubes. labyo girl!

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  25. Ken says:
    …I, certainly, do understand that Mommy Raquel…More power to you!…

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