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“Unbelievable” Charice Wows TV Critics in LA

“Unbelievable” Charice Wows TV Critics in LA

To those Chasters who wondered why Charice left the Philippines so quickly on Sunday, it was a live performance alongside David Foster and Donna Summer in Los Angeles that was to blame.

Charice was a surprise guest at the Television Critics Association tour at the historic Orpheum Theater on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles, Sunday night. The special event was to promote David Foster’s upcoming PBS Special “The Hitman Returns,” which will air in March. She joined her mentor and godfather on stage, along with Summer, to wow the critical audience.

TV Guide had this to say: “The critics were on their feet dancing [to Donna Summer's Last Dance] — a rare feat for that crowd. But the real treat of the evening was the evening’s final guest, who had just landed at LAX from the Philippines an hour previous to the concert’s start. Charice, the tiny
18-year-old girl with the big voice, who starred on this season’s opening episode of Glee, came onstage to sing “All By Myself” to perfection. I had goose bumps, and couldn’t sleep afterwards because of the rush her performance gave me.”

TVweekonline said: “Filipino pop sensation Charice blew the figurative roof off the joint with her vocal gymnastics.”

By all accounts, the performance was to the usual phenomenal standard, with another critic from the Star Tribune saying “Move over, Justin Bieber. There’s a new teenage sensation on the scene… Charice nailed a version of “All By Myself,” hitting a high note that almost shattered the wine glasses… Summer was great, but it’s Charice’s voice that keeps ringing in my ears…”

The Sioux City Journal offered just one word as a description of the night: “incredible,” before going on to elaborate on the concert and saving some special praise for Charice herself.

“Unbelievable. Un-be-liev-a-ble! She performed “All By Myself” and hit those killer notes with such ease you’d swear she was lip-syncing. But she wasn’t. And, like Summer, she got the normally sedate people to cheer.”

Turning the “sedate” into the “cheering” has become something of a habit for Charice, and after her highly acclaimed performance in front of 80,000 screaming Chasters in Manila on Saturday last (Jan 8), the “cheering” audience at the Orpheum Theater must have seemed a little quiet. Regardless of the volume, to have a crowd of hard-nosed and even harder-to-please TV critics in raptures about her is further evidence that she is a class apart.

“The Hitman Returns” will feature both Charice and Donna Summer, as it is a recording of the
Las Vegas leg of the “David Foster and Friends Tour,” which was taped live on October 15 last. Also amongst the stars of the show were Ne-Yo (who Charice sang a duet with), Seal, Natalie Cole, Chaka Khan and Michael Bolton.

The Television Critics Association tour comprises TV critics from the US and Canada, who preview the television network’s biggest upcoming programs over the course of a few weeks. In total, about 200 journalists are present at the tour, which is held in January and July each year.

The association is highly influential, meaning that a poor review can kill a program before it even happens. Clearly, Charice played no small part in ensuring that Foster’s PBS special will be amongst the highest ranking TV events of the year.

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By Robert Sheen,

65 Responses to ““Unbelievable” Charice Wows TV Critics in LA”

  1. musiclover123 says:

    She’s gaining weight. Although I understand that she was a deprived of some of the childhood pleasures such as ice cream and pizza because of their financial situation, I still think she needs to control a bit in her diet since she is now an international star. I really think she is pretty (I’m inclined to chinese and east asian beauty which she is), especially during her first two appearances in Oprah and the DFF 2008. She doesn’t need any cosmetic procedures had she maintained her weight. FYI, I am a fan and bought her CD (international) and the DFF (2008)DVD and DFF 2010 Blue-Ray. When I learned about her star, I had sleepless nights scouring YT and Google.

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  2. busybee says:
    I’m still waiting to see the video of it. When are they going to start selling the cd of the PBS? I’m already excited. Congrats Charice, just remember, always be humble and be out of trouble.

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  3. chit says:

    Wouldn’t it be great to hear Charice sing All By Myself and see those critics’ gaping mouths in stunned disbelief? LOL…

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  4. lola-elrem says:
    what person on earth can fly into a city, from a gruesome 13-hour flight from across the globe, come in fresh and pretty and nail a DIFFICULT SONG. only charice! and to take into mind, she is only 18 years old, not even mature enough to deliver a powerful rendition of any celine/ whitney/ mariah song. only charice! no wonder hundreds and thousands of us global fans are addicted to her.

    I AM SO HAPPY FOR CHA! and to impress these entertainment critics is another feather for our princess` cap!

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  5. jollyjollynveveh says:
    wow! i wanna see the video plss..! looking forward to that! pls… i’ve watch her at the EK! and i’m still waiting for more!

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  6. glen says:
    Hey Chasters! I am a law graduate waiting for the bar results. Just wanna share a testimony of chaddiction. Last April to August, when I reviewed in Manila for the September exam, something crazy happened. All those months I was glued to studying and actually had to give up so many things…. cellphone, TV, Facebook, Movies and sometimes sleep. But there was one activity I just could not give up. Twice a week I had to listen and watch at youtube as many Charice songs as I could. HEhehehehehe! Aside from Church and prayers and listening to Manila’s tambalan on mornings, it was Charice who kept me SANE. I remember years back when I watched her apearance on Oprah for Note to God four months everynight after work. HUH! Thats addiction. I also remember predicting Charice would make it big in the US (as if I can tell the future, hahahahah). A friend of mine would not believe then. But now, he tells me ” YOU HAVE A FEEL FOR REAL SUPERSTAR YOU KNEW CHARICE WOULD BE BIG!!!!”.

    Well, I am an accomplished teacher, book writer, singer, emcee, movie addict,seminar speaker/resource person, lawyer and ON TOP OF IT ALL A CHARICE CERTIFIED FAN. I have much knowledge about anything Charice equally as I do my LAW BOOKS. HAhahahahahahahaha!!! I hope I have a way of telling Charice how much of a fan I am. But its enough that I love her and her talent!!!! LOVE YOU CHA.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 79 Thumb down 5

  7. John Russell says:
    She is simply the Universal Empress of Music – no doubt.

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  8. shintaru says:
    where’s the video? please post it! cant wait to see her new videos!!!

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  9. hermiemel says:
    The beauty of Charice is in her personality, self confidence and perseverance. She is so happy and enjoys herself on the stage. Each show always outdo the last one. Once you see her, she seem to occupy a portion of your brain for unexplained reason. You keep on “playing” her in your brain. It seems that there is no pychological reason to it, you just naturally fall in love with her and that feels so good.

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  10. mj says:
    CHARICE the Conqueror!!!!!

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  11. syamasundara says:
    As Asian, it is really hard to prove something in American Soil, but talent show how a single lady can turn this dream into a reality. Charice open the bridge to aspiring Asian dreaming to hit globally.

    Hey! Chaster hold your breath because this year is another year for charice superb performances.

    Keep on supporting Charice because she deserve it.

    Syamasundara :)

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  12. chris says:
    please vote charice on yahoo/facebook:

    Which song was stuck in your head this year?
    ‘Baby,’ Justin Bieber
    ‘Love the Way You Lie,’ Eminem
    ‘Bad Romance,’ Lady Gaga
    ‘Pyramid,’ Charice
    ‘Tik Tok,’ Ke$ha

    please share this info to all chaster worldwide, let’s support charice

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  13. Charice#3Fan says:
    I always thought being overworked supposed to make peeps lose weight.
    Seems to me she gained weight… That’s happy weight, I’ll take that!

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  14. chris says:
    please vote charice on yahoo/facebook:

    Which song was stuck in your head this year?
    ‘Baby,’ Justin Bieber
    ‘Love the Way You Lie,’ Eminem
    ‘Bad Romance,’ Lady Gaga
    ‘Pyramid,’ Charice
    ‘Tik Tok,’ Ke$ha


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  15. chris says:
    please vote charice @gleewiki:
    Who was your favorite Glee Guest Star?

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    • jeff says:

      IN LAST WEEK’S POLL we asked:
      “Who was your favorite Glee Guest Star? ”

      The Winner:43% said Charice (Sunshine) , The Least Voted for: 0.32% said Eve. This poll set record, with being the most voted poll, 2500 people voted!

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  16. cueA says:
    Marc Johnston doesn’t normally accompany Charice to such Philippines performances as the last ones but as her manager he went there to be sure that she returned in time to LA to perform before the Tv Critics Assoc group. But that was cutting it close…one hour! Whew!

    Besides her Glee appearances the world gets to see her in the upcoming second PBS Special of the DFF concert last year. Add to the mix her japan concert, her new single/album and so on. Got to stop here, guys, getting dizzy!

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  17. Portia says:
    I guess, we all have our own share of experience i.e., being blown away by the way Charice sings her own version of any songs. There is a special tinge that she adds/makes in all the cover songs she is doing, that is why for me, she is a musical genius.

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  18. khelcute says:
    charice u r truly amazing.. Start conquering 2011 and make u as a no.1 singer in the world.. is there a video of this?

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  19. justcharrie says:
    Ms. Amber Dowling of TV Guide said she couldn’t sleep afterwards after witnessing Cha’s roof blowing performance. Do we all Chasters lack sleep because of attaching ourselves on every Charice stuff? Perhaps she’d been googling Charice since then and couldn’t find way to stop, lol. She’s in the verge of Chaddiction!

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    • ArrVee says:
      i would think that too, that she is in Phase 1 of the Charice Addiction Syndrome …

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    • gandalf says:

      She’d be YouTubing till the wee hours of the morning I’m sure, then reported sick for work, then watched some more Charice vids and so on. She’ll be teary-eyed, clapping alone on her sofa, giving solo standing O’s and chaddicted by now. Like us! Soon she would find her way in CM. Lurking, lurking and finally confessing and maybe writing/commenting in CM. Who knows? It happened to me. To most of us. And many more people to come! That’s what I call the Charice Effect – its a social phenomenom!

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  20. phil boy says:
    Go for it Charice- blow us away with your powerful voice. Show them how it is done. You deserve to be recognized because you are a real talent. You can give goosebumps like no other, and that makes you way better than any artists I know. I’m really looking forward to listening more of your own songs.

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  21. chasterdad says:
    One thing that surmounts the awe, incredibility, surprise or sheer adoration from persons hearing Charice sing is the amount of happiness her performance provides the listeners which compounds to further happiness from Chasters and other fans alike when they hear the news of the effect of her repertoire is on others. I am happy when I hear the good news that Cha’s singing has given extreme happiness and satisfaction to the audience……what now say critics? Sunshine brings joy,happiness and lights up the entire room.Let there be light in everyone’s life whenever Charice is around especially when she shares her God given gift of singing.The world will be better for this…planting the seed of happiness!

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  22. TEXAN says:
    Charice,,, SHE starts the new year with a BANGBANG BANG!!!!. cant wait for Glee Feb 6 SUNDAY,, right after the Superbowl….. remember not on a usual airing Tuesday…..what a HUGE AUdience for Glee and CHARICE!!

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  23. Nsanitee says:
    is this her first US performance for 2011? what a way to start off the new year. go get them, charice!!!

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  24. mpasig52 says:
    Charice!!!!! Great performances, now its time to sleep, sweet dreams, princess.We love you!!!

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