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The Calm Before the Storm: Most Anticipated Events for ‘The Year of Charice’ 2011

The Calm Before the Storm: Most Anticipated Events for ‘The Year of Charice’ 2011

Hey Chasters! It’s hard to believe that we’re already into the second week of 2011, which I’ve already dubbed, “The Year of Charice!” 2010 was truly remarkable, and the articles by Admin recounting the sensational memories and accomplishments from the past year got me to thinking about the coming year ahead for Charice and her Chasters. It’s hard to imagine how her schedule could get any busier and crazier than last year’s (click on the “Events” tab at the top of screen just to get a sense of how insane Charice’s schedule in 2010 really was), but I have a feeling this year will be more about major “Events” that will propel Charice even higher up the top of the Pyramid.

Here’s my list of “Most Anticipated Events for 2011″:

1. Return of Charice/Sunshine on Glee

There is no doubt that Charice’s first appearance on Glee way back in September brought her into the mainstream consciousness in the U.S. The accolades and praises following her short appearance on that first episode came from all directions, and new and old Chasters alike anxiously awaited her return on the show, waiting patiently for the sun to rise again. It was not to be during the first half of the season, but it appears Charice may make her grand re-entry into the plot of Glee in the most important episode of the season, the episode following the Super Bowl game on February 6.

Glee SuperBowl The Calm Before the Storm: Most Anticipated Events for The Year of Charice 2011Why this would be HUGE for Charice: According to the end of year 2010 Nielsen television ratings, last year’s Superbowl game held the top three highest-rated telecasts for the entire year, with over 106.5 MILLION viewers in the U.S. alone watching the game, followed by the post-game and pre-game shows which held the #2 and #3 spots on the top 10 list. That made last year’s Superbowl game the most watched television program in the history of television! The KEY point here is that, although 8 of the 10 highest rated television shows in the U.S. for 2010 were football games, the other two shows that made the top 10 list were the Academy Awards, and a show called “Undercover Boss.” Why is it so significant that “Undercover Boss” made the top ten list of most watched shows of 2010? Because the particular episode of “Undercover Boss” that made it onto the top ten list was the episode that immediately FOLLOWED the telecast of the Superbowl on CBS in the U.S.

FOX will be televising this year’s Superbowl and, wouldn’t you know it, FOX is also the station that airs our favorite Chaster show called GLEE every week. In what can only be viewed as divine intervention, if indeed Charice returns to Glee on the episode following the Superbowl telecast, then she could potentially be seen on one of the TOP TEN most viewed t.v. programs in the U.S. for all of 2011. In fact, almost 40 million people decided to keep their t.v. sets on after last year’s Superbowl to watch the episode of “Undercover Boss” which followed the Superbowl game on the same station.

Thus, Charice’s next appearance on Glee could lead to millions of people who may still be unaware of the gift we’ve all received in Charice, watching in stunned amazement as she enters into their lives for the first time. My hunch is, the producers of Glee and Team Charice all knew how the public’s anticipation for Sunshine’s return would grow to a fervor by the time the Superbowl episode came around, and what a more perfect time than to bring back Rachel’s rival from the first episode of the season! If in fact Sunshine does return for the Superbowl episode, I’m sure Charicemania will have to double its server capacity because of the avalanche of new Chasters discovering Charicemania for the first time after the show. I truly believe Charice’s appearance on the Superbowl episode, and the subsequent appearances on Glee leading to the season finale, will

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be the one KEY event for 2011 that will cement Charice into the mainstream pop culture and conversation in the U.S. and abroad. This is why I have it at the top of my “Most Anticipated Events for 2011″ list.

2. First Solo International Debut Concert in Japan

Watching the amazing videos and pictures from the MOA concert and reading Artemis’ fabulous report got me even more excited about Charice’s upcoming solo shows in Japan next month. We’ve all been so blessed having our Ninja Chasters provide vids of Charice’s shows from opposite ends of the world Charice Zepp Tokyo The Calm Before the Storm: Most Anticipated Events for The Year of Charice 2011 throughout all of last year. And for those of us fortunate enough to attend some of her shows last year, our only ‘regret’ was that she only sang 2-5 songs per show, and we just dreamed of the day when we could look forward to a full concert with nothing but Charice sharing her gift for a full evening! Well, the lucky Chasters in Japan get their due rewards for making her “Gold” in Japan, with the first set of solo shows after her debut international album lined up for next month. Much like the solo debut concerts for legends like Michael Jackson, the Beatles, and Celine Dion, fans of those artists will never forget “being there” in person when their favorite artists also had their solo debuts on stage for a full-set. And the Japan Chasters will have similar stories to share to their grand-kids after witnessing this historic event next month. I can’t imagine what her concert set-list will be like… will we hear “In Love So Deep,” “Nobody’s Singing to Me”, and “Nothing” sung live in person for the first time? A little over a month until those questions are answered.

3. Release of Next Hit Single

So many of us waited and waited towards the end of last year, wondering when Warner would release the next single for mass radio/promotion. Once we heard that the next single would not be from her debut album, we eagerly awaited any news about when that song would be released, and with whom if any she would collaborate with for that song. The Japanese Chasters got to hear Charice featured on
“Wherever You Are” by Unique Zayas, and we all got a glimpse of what that next song might sound like, though many commented that the next U.S. single would likely be even more ‘dance’ than WYA. Well, I’m hoping that after Charice re-enters America’s stream of consciousness again following her upcoming appearances on Glee, the timing will be ripe for the release and success of her next single. Though many of us lamented that so many treasures were still locked away on her debut album, we all hold out hope that after her next dance single gains traction and catapults Charice into the Top 40 billboard/radio charts, Warner will feel confident to release the edgy rock ballad “In Love So Deep” and the R&B poppy “Nobody’s Singing to Me” from her last album before they decide to shift promotion on to the next album. I’ve been thinking all along that Warner was purposefully keeping these songs off her live set-list to save them for ultimate release as singles. How tragic it would be for those two songs to never get a chance to be heard by the masses on Top 40 radio!

4. Release of Next Album

So we wonder, will Warner release her next album shortly after the release of her next single, or is the next album still months away from completion? We know Charice has been BUSY working with so many amazingly talented producers and artists for her next album, and we also know Warner will have her next album move even more towards the dance/R&B genre. For those of us who have literally ‘worn out’ our “Charice” CD’s (if that’s possible) from playing them on virtual loop throughout the year since last May, we can’t even imagine what it will be like to have another 10 or so new Charice songs to fuse into our lives’ musical tracklists. It’s always a special moment when you hit ‘play’ on the CD player for the first time after you purchase a new CD, and I can’t wait for that day when we get to hear 10 new fresh songs from our favorite artist in the world.

5. Return guesting on Ellen?

I’ll finish off my top 5 list with a hope of mine that Charice will be able to make it onto “Ellen” for her second guesting sometime this year. I think we’re all fairly certain that Oprah will likely have Charice on one more time before her show goes ‘off the air’ this season. With success on radio airplay with the next single and increased popularity from Glee, Charice may definitely be looking at invites to the late-night shows in the U.S. like Jay Leno and David Letterman as well.

charice ellen The Calm Before the Storm: Most Anticipated Events for The Year of Charice 2011However, because Charice first made her unforgettable introduction to many in the world and to those of us in the U.S. on the “Ellen” show in 2007, seeing her return to the show and give Ellen a big hug would be a beautiful thing to witness. Just as so many of us eagerly anticipated Charice’s return on Star King this past year because of the special meaning of Charice’s first appearance on that show, a return visit to Ellen would evoke a similar response considering it was Ellen who first introduced us to this amazing girl from the Philippines, who Ellen promised we would never forget about after hearing her sing. I love that Charice’s appearance on Ellen took place during the Christmas season, and Ellen told the audience that seeing and hearing Charice sing was going to be the best gift we all received from her that year. And yes Ellen, that statement has rung true for us ever since we all first heard and saw Charice, and for many of us, that took place on that fateful “Ellen” episode. Charice is the gift that keeps on giving, and Ellen had such a huge part in getting that never-ending cycle started when she first shared the gift of Charice with us over 3 years ago. What a joy it would be to see our little girl “all grown up” back on Ellen’s stage!

Well, that’s my top 5 list of “Most Anticipated Events for 2011.” What’s yours Chasters? We can compare notes at the end of this year! icon smile The Calm Before the Storm: Most Anticipated Events for The Year of Charice 2011

A Toast to Charice… wishing her all the best for an amazing year ahead… AT THE TOP BABY !!!

by LAfan,

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  2. jimfan155 says:
    Rarely do I disagree with Eve, but this is one case where our opinions differ.

    Although all the previous events have brought Charice to this point in time one question is if she would have “made it” without the Oprah factor. I firmly believe that after the Ellen appearance she would have been picked up by somebody. It might have taken more time but when your 15 you have time.

    Assuming YouTube, FalseVoice, Star King, Cool Smurf, and Ellen all remained in place, Charice would definitely have a shot at stardom, in my opinion. Justin Bieber was signed by Usher and Justin Timberlake signed another YouTube “star” Esmee Denters. There are many producers looking for the newest thing, so with her raw undeniable talent Charice could have been signed by someone. Even Ellen has started her own record company signing another YouTuber, Greyson Chance, so is there any doubt she would have had interest in Charice.

    Without Oprah, Charice could have ended up on the X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, or American Idol, if she qualified and you have seen what these shows have done for Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle and Kelly Clarkson. Do you think she would have had a shot as the winner? That’s a no brainer.

    Just saying that Oprah is one avenue toward success (Dr. Phil, Nate Burkus, Gail King), but she’s not the only path. Ask Britney, Kesha, Miley, Lady Gaga, Arnel, etc. All depends on the drive, determination, and a little bit of luck. I do believe Charice has what it takes to “make it”, no matter what road taken. That’s how much faith I have in her. But make no mistake, I am glad she has Oprah and David Foster as her guiding lights (along side Mommy Raqz).

    Again, just my opinion.

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    • C.M. says:

      Speculating at events that otherwise might have taken place, I agree with Jimfan that Oprah is one path to stardom but not the only one. Don’t remember exactly which video it was I saw where David F. himself said on stage in one of his intros to Charice something like — It would eventually happen for her. It cannot not happen. Oprah and him playing a role was just a shortcut to get there.— But we will never ever know that.

      Now, looking at events that already took place, there’s no question, Oprah WAS “the big break”, the biggest break if you will. Oprah believed enough in Charice’s talent to use her powerful connections to help begin the unknown singer’s express ride to success.

      And yes, of course, absolutely, no doubt, I am excited by just the thought of Charice returning to Ellen. And I concur with LAfan’s top 5.

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  3. chasterdad says:
    This article got me started to be a little nostalgic and rewinded back to old Charice youtube videos…..just to be reminded how talented our girl was since way back, and spunky too!

    “One moment in time” sang together with the best singers of PI was the best of the best for me though there are other performsnces that are also my fond favourites but this one takes the cake.

    The link:

    In this video Lani Misalucha was clapping with admiration like the enetgizer bunny non-stop, Zsa Zsa Padilla held her anticipation while almost having a heart attack and when the glass breaking high note came, Sarah Geronimo was so blown away that her head snapped back in awe and surprise! First time I saw the performance I though that Cha singing this song in a very high level might balk at the crescendoe, but no!,…..she crested it effortly to my relief.My bad for even doubting her ability.

    She was only 16 years old here. Point is if she was like this then, and she is what she is now, what then will she become when she develops much further in the near future? this was 2 years ago and many achievements and accolades later, she still mesmerizes and give us chills.

    If this is any indication of what the future has in store for Charice, it is indeed a mighty one. 2011 will be her break-out year for global stardom and where in the USA she will finally be acknowledged and be a househild name.

    Oh and may I add that the Pyramid studio version video with Iyaz turned viral has now garnered almost 29 million hits. Guestimate of all Charice youtube videos put together with their total hits would easily reach 100 million and thats a conservative assumption.

    Now talking of just youtube you get the bigger picture of how Charice is becoming humongously a superduper nova diva.

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  4. M A Fan says:
    Hold on one second! Ellen may not have too much of a hand in Charice’s career, but she did have a hand definitely. IMHO, Ellen saw her first, got her to the US first, and made her sing in US soil for the first time. If you ask me…that’s a a bit of a “hand” in her career. Now I am not the type to speculate so I won’t. Would she have been seen by Oprah if she didn’t appear in Ellen’s….I don’t know, and I am not sure…nobody will ever know. It’s just that Oprah gave her that extra opportunity that she needed. But I strongly feel that if it weren’t for Ellen’s show, things may have turned out a little different for Charice.

    So should Charice have another guesting in Ellen’s? You damn betcha! At least for nostalgia and memories sake.

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  5. kb117 says:
    You have summed it all up pretty neatly !!!!

    The most emotional, imho, would be #5 Charice return on Ellen…

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  6. eve says:
    Ellen played as much a role in Charice’s rise to stardom as Jimmy Kimmel did for Manny Pacquiao. None, IMHO. Charice also had an appearance on Good Morning America early in her career – should they be credited as well for her success for a mere appearance on their show? That’s about all that Ellen provided, nothing more.

    I enjoyed the Ellen performance tremendously and promptly forgot about it until Charice resurfaced with her debut of Note to God on the Oprah Show more than a year later. Oprah made the phone calls to give her the big break. Without Oprah’s intervention in pulling her off the airplane on that fateful day, Charice would still be in the Philippines and nowhere near the life that she has today.

    StarKing, FalseVoice, Ellen are steppingstones, but insufficient as events in themselves. It’s sorta ridiculous to reason that “A preceded B preceded C or else D wouldn’t have happened.” But let’s face it, if you take Oprah out of the equation, then A nor B nor C would make no difference in the world. Oprah is indeed “the big break”, the fairy Godmother who is making Charice’s dreams come true.

    Well, that said, does not mean that I’m not looking forward to a reappearance on the Ellen Show. But mostly for sentimental reasons because Ellen was so warm to Charice and rightly predicted that they “just watched her begin her stardom. It’s something to be sitting next to her and you could just smell the star on her.” lol I love Ellen.

    “Ellen just can’t get enough of Charice” Watch this clip…

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    • Gleekster says:



      I hope you didn’t just try to rewrite history?! AIATY that has been tried before already and it FAILED miserably. Why did it fail? Well, there were just too many eye witness accounts (TV and YouTube LMAO!) Even Boy Abunda knew and caught Charice by surprise when he pointed out in his show, “Isn’t it Ellen who actually discovered you long before Oprah?”

      Ellen was put back and acknowledged for a very good reason and I happen to agree with THEM (on this one ONLY). All the while I thought this site trust THEM and patient with THEIR calls.
      You being a MOD here don’t seem to be so.

      I really, really look forward to seeing Charice back on Ellen. Will it EVER happen? Let’s see. Hmmm. If I were on Ellen’s sneakers, I may well be thinking — THEY wrote me off but THEY put me back in so everything should be cool now. But, this EVE doesn’t seem to agree! Maybe there’s more like her or maybe lots! Don’t wanna think about this right now. I have a new guest coming! Hello Greyson!

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      • eve says:
        Let’s be clear that of course Ellen should be acknowledged and I am in complete agreement with LAfan’s list. However, there’s a difference between “which show did she appear on first? or who discovered her?” versus “who is responsible for Charice’s success/rising stardom?” If Charice never appeared on Ellen, she would still be successful because of Oprah. However if Charice were not invited to Oprah, she would not be a rising star in America and it’s debatable if she’d even be a star in Philippines. Her current popularity is a direct result of the accolades showered on her in America that caught the rest of the world’s attention. And btw Oprah’s people saw the Star King video same as Ellen’s did and were planning their “World’s Most Talented Kids Episode” with Charice in mind irregardless of the Ellen Show. Ellen played a role, but it was as important to the progress of Cha’s career as Jimmy Kimmel’s to Pacman.

        I’m not rewriting history, I’m stating an opinion, my own, not “this site.” Not sure what calls you’re talking about that should be trusted and don’t know what AIATY means. I am sure, however, that a guesting on Ellen would be on my top 5 list of anticipated 2011 events. I’m a big Ellen fan and can’t wait to see it happen.

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    • M A Fan says:
      Eve, I enjoy reading your posts, a true Chaster fan if you ask me. But regarding this post, I would have to disagree. Falsevoice, Star King, and Ellen are not just steppingstones. Without Falsevoice, there wouldn’t be the Star King performance. Without the Star King performance, there wouldn’t be the Ellen appearance. And maybe, just maybe, without the Ellen appearance, there wouldn’t be the Oprah. Think about it. Without A, B, and C, would there have been a D. You give credit where credit is due. Oprah may have majority stock ownership in the “Charice Success”, but that doesn’t mean none of the abovementioned didn’t have a hand in her career.

      But you know what, in the end…it was the talent of Charice that gave her the opportunities.

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      • eve says:
        I’m in complete agreement with you M A Fan. I knew my post would be unpopular or misunderstood, but that’s okay, I’m still a trueblue chaster. We’re all basically saying the same thing: definition of steppingstone = an advantageous position, also called a helping hand, for advancement toward a goal …the goal being STARDOM!

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        • Gleekster says:


          Your concept of “stepping stones”, no matter how you conveniently steered it towards acknowledgment and credit for Ellen (finally), was still off because it presupposes a preconceived plan by Charice to reach stardom. The fact is there was no plan at all (just hope). It was all by FATE that Coolsmurf posted the viral video, then Ellen saw it (and somewhere down the line, Oprah).

          Your “stepping stones” did not correctly depict what truly happened in Charice rise to stardom.

          And, that is why I said you were trying to rewrite history and still you did here by clinging to your concept of “stepping stones”!

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      • Percy says:

        M A Fan, you just saved me from replying to Eve for I feel the same way. Anyway the bottom line is we are all Charice lovers!

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  7. LAfan says:

    Great comments Chasters. Clearly, this list is, as jimfan said, just the tip of the iceberg for what could await Charice this year. As much as I would love to see Charice perform on all the award shows this year, the response to #1 (Glee), and more importantly #3 in terms of a hit single that she would be invited to sing on these shows (to include American Idol and Simon Cowell’s new show, X-Factor) are the pivotal markers for how that will turn out. My thinking is the award nominations/invites will likely come next year following a breakthrough year with a hit single (and more) this year.

    Oh, and as much as I would LOVE a world/U.S. tour, can’t see that in the works quite yet until again, #3 (hit single) takes off and sales of #4 (current/next album) skyrocket. And though the first U.S. show will be momentous, Japan will forever hold the unique distinction of hosting the first debut solo shows post-album release.

    Also can’t wait for the release of the DFF special from Vegas on PBS/DVD/CD in March! That power performance with Neyo ranks at the top of my favorite performances of 2010!

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  8. ultravoiz27 says:
    Hi! To all CM. This is my first time to write something for this cute petite lady. I became so much in love with her when i saw her sing at Ellen de Generes Show sometime in 2007 when i was in Bahrain. I became an instant fan of Charice and almost everyday i check her out on CM before and after office hours. I don’t know what struck me, it was like an unidentified thing pierced through my senses and that began it all. I’m now back here in the Philippines and proud to say that i am a Filipino. I’m so happy for Charice and believe you me, this year will be her year….and more. Go Charice!

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  9. mingsfan says:
    I want her to do a SOLO U.S. tour — ASAP!

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  10. Nequi says:
    Cha has been described in so many superlatives and they’re all positive. And she has delivered. NOthing mediocre at all. Such a very inspiring kid. To be the best in whatever station one is in. What a good role model!

    Hey everyone! Check out Cha’s activities for the past year 2010. What a grueling sked she had! Click Events at CM and ul see and be amazed. And some of us still complains. Could anyone of us beat it? Just check and the whinies i’m sure will stop complaining. Peace!

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  11. rob47 says:
    Check out below link of Charice’s performances in 2010. Have you seen them all? Nice video entitled Charice “2010 Year-End Special” ! I am sure that 2011 will even be better!

    Great choices of LAFan and the rest of Chasters for the
    “Most Anticipated Events ‘For the Year of Charice’ 2011″!

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    • LAfan says:

      Hey rob47! Thanks for the link to the awesome video. 2010 was such an unbelievable year, and you’re right, I think 2011 will top it! Thanks to you as well for all your support during “Operation Chaster White Elephant”. Because of dedicated Chasters like you, it was a tremendous success and I can’t imagine how many new Chasters were created after receiving their white elephant CD gifts. Wonder if we’ll have a new Charice album to use as stocking stuffers next Christmas? :)

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      • rob47 says:

        You’re welcome, LAFan. I always enjoy your articles. You always have something interesting to say which keeps this site alive!

        If not an R&B/Pop album, I am almost certain that she will have a full Christmas album this year, considering that she was the best performer during the Christmas Rockefeller Special. Just look at the number of hits on youtube and it is obvious that she was the favorite performer. Maybe we should give it a big push on this site towards the second half of the year. And if she has a full Christmas album, we could use it for the next ‘Operation Chaster White Elephant’. And if she has both R&B/Pop and Christmas album, we could use both!

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  12. jomari says:
    this is my daily vitamins to visit and my day’s will complete i love charice i watch her concert, buy her alabum, and the top 5 song
    1.all that i need to survive
    2. ilove you ilove you orginal and remixes
    3. pyramid
    4. nobody singing to me
    5. in this song
    now im craving for her next single or album which pop dance/rnb which i like most

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  13. KUNGFU PANDA says:
    if 2010 has been sooooo GOOD to charice…. i wish 2011 will be sooooo much BETTER!… let’s all wish for her good health,,, more TV exposure…. more songs to sing…. more guestings…. more live performances…. more ellen and oprah appearances…. more concerts…. more crazy fanatics….. more addicted chasters…. and more meet and greet for chasters!!!

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  14. RodBelt says:
    No argument on your list here, LAfan. Although I wish to mention that Charice’s FIRST US SOLO CONCERT should be included. That being said, I have been anticipating since last year that Charice should have a return engagement at the Ellen de Generes Show. Let us not forget that it was really Ellen who opened the door for Charice to the American public. As sweet, endearing and memorable was her performance on Ellen, I cannot help but notice in many of her past early interviews that Charice often fail to acknowledge Ellen as among her benefactors probably an oversight that should be pointed to her by her management (thumbs down here?). I’m sure this is an event that everyone will be looking forward to in 2011.

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    • LAfan says:

      Hey Rodbelt. Yes, Charice doesn’t mention Ellen as much as Oprah/D.Foster these days when recounting her main benefactors, but I do recall her earlier interviews where she did include Ellen in her acknowledgments, along with Falsevoice and Starking. Clearly, Charice isn’t purposefully neglecting to credit Ellen; I just think it’s hard to do a laundry list of all the key players behind her success without leaving someone out on the list, especially in a short interview.

      Although Ellen introduced Charice to the U.S., Oprah/D. Foster literally took Charice under their wings and brought her to where she is today. So I think it would be difficult to put Ellen on the ‘same level’ so to speak as Oprah/D. Foster, and the fact that Oprah/D.Foster are two of Charice’s Godparents speaks to that fact. We are all indebted to Ellen and her show for bringing that tiny little girl from the starking video to the U.S. and starting the chain reaction that led her to today, and I do hope that the reunion takes place sometime this year. I know both Ellen and Charice would be nothing but smiles throughout the episode!

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      • Gleekster says:


        Check carousel of hope (I think) charity gig. She was on pig-tails. No mention/credit to Ellen there.

        It’s just lately that the story she tells before was corrected — I.e. Ellen finally playing a role on her rise to stardom.

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  15. Theo says:
    Great write up…although…though I have different preference on what songs are the best in her album, which I think is All That I Need To Survive because the words are:

    great display of vocal range (both subtle and powerful)
    can be used for ballroom dancing
    the composer of the song is amazing
    timeless in arrangement

    and the lyrics are not cheesy that all age groups could appreciate it.

    I do like In Love So Deep but because of its alternative feel but it just doesn’t have that extra power and catchy feel…though I think it is a cut above than Pyramid, I Love You and Reset and Note to God. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I could intelligently argue why I think:

    All That I need To Survive
    Thank You
    In Love So Deep
    In This Song
    Nobody Singing To Me

    Are the best in her album, followed by:

    Note To God


    I Love You
    The Truth Is

    and also, if they only made Fingerprint less 80s sounding with the instruments…it is WAAAAY catchier than Pyramid.


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    • Woody says:
      I haven’t made a list of the whole album as you have, Theo, but my number one pick (All That I Need To Survive) is the same as yours, sung live though.

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      • Theo says:
        Absolutely, Woody. In fact, if I had my way, I will:

        a) collect all her original live performance songs and release it with YouTube produced music videos (unfortunately I am not a media tech savy

        b) Entitle the Album..Charice Live & Raw (Autotune-Free)

        c) and also include her Italian Duet with Christian Imparato!

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    • LAfan says:

      Hey Theo and Woody. I always do find it interesting talking to other Chasters about what their favorite songs from the album are. The album crosses so many different genres of music, and clearly we all have our own personal favorites. For me, my two favorites, (ILSD and NSTM) coincide with the two songs on the album which I feel have the most potential for Top 40 radio/billboard success.

      Won’t begin to argue against your reasons for choosing ATINTS as your favorite; I just can’t imagine that song finding any traction on Top 40 radio these days. Definitely on Adult Contemporary stations, but not Top 40. Although “Nothing” is the strongest ‘dance’ track on the album, and dance is the rave these days, I still feel that ILSD has the strongest ‘edge’ both vocally and musically, that would make people ask, who is that girl singing that song on the radio? I just LOVE Charice’s low-register. Very much reminds me of a Lady Gagy type of vibe, who of course, is immensely popular these days.

      I think NSTM has the greatest potential for Top 40 success simply b/c it is so darn catchy and has a wonderful hook. Don’t know if it’s ‘dancey’ enough, which is why Team Charice is going outside the album for the next single. All in all, our differences in opinion just accentuate the mass appeal that Charice has, from 8 to 80 years of age, which also is partly the reason why her debut album was critiqued for lacking a ‘focus’ in one clearly identifiable genre of music.

      You just can’t contain Charice to just ONE genre or musical style, but I think the next album will clearly have more of a dance/R&B focus, though it should also have several ballads in the line of ATINTS to keep the ‘more mature’ crowd happy. Thanks for your comments!

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  16. gabriel black says:
    t’s been 2 years now since i start following charice. She’s been part
    of my life. Sometimes the only reason of my overnights in internet
    cafe. I know that’s beyond normal but i just can’t help it. I think
    more than her talent which literally wowing the world, is her story
    that enchanted me. She makes me believe of fairy tales. She definitely
    changed my perception towards life. She is my inspiration. And I know
    I’m just one of the millions cheering up for her. Anyway, I have to
    post some links here (i’m working as an SEOer for the meantime)for my
    work’s sake. hehe LOL. I hope the admin won’t delete it. ;)

    Thanks for sharing.

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  17. jimfan155 says:
    In my heart I have been waiting for Charice to be on Ellen’s show once again. She was so ga-ga about Charice and they had a nice, warm chemistry between them. It’s long overdue for a return visit.

    Career wise you can’t beat the exposure on Glee, especially following the Super Bowl and with the knowledge she will be on at least 5 more episodes. It would be great if she could sing a song will the “wow” punch in it. From the opinions I’ve read the Black Eyed Peas song is just so-so. But we all know Charice can make magic with any song.

    I’m always hoping for a resurgence in sales of her first album as there may be a few more singles that have been yet unleashed. It is without a doubt the most listened to album, by me (without skipping a song)in my life.

    You really can’t go wrong with any of LAfan’s choices and they are only the tip of the iceberg for 2011. Also, looking for appearances on the late night talk show circuit, prime time guest spots, and music award show performances. This year’s gonna be a good year.

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  18. flowjam21 says:
    my anticipated from Charice first:2nd Glee Appearance,then Sophomore album..lastly many live performance in all major awards,like VMA,AMA,BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARD TEEN CHOICE AWARD N GRAMMY AWARD.

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  19. Optimalist says:
    First nomination in MTV, VMA, AMA, or even The Grammys. Or, how ’bout nomination in the Emmys?

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  20. Luisa says:
    Charice is already way up there, and I love everything about her, now all I wish for her is to consider to sorround herself with people who can recommend approriate clothing that are customed fit for her. that incident of her pulling up her pants while performing although that one time was cute some people say, but it won’t be that cute anymore the next time, Let’s face it, I love her simplicity and all, but she is in this profession that require or at least expect you dress up like a diva, the child is working very hard to make a living, I hope they can spend money to approriately dressed her up. it is not her hair, her make up because she look beautiful the way she is, she just need to change the way she dress herself. I love her look each time she is in Japan, or in S. Korea. I’m surprise some of the pilipino fashion designer are not coming forward so charice can endorse thier clothes design. millions of chasters around the globe is watching charice every move and every outfit she wears and they want to have the same, even her shoes.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 18 Thumb down 12

    • Gia says:

      She does need to dress herself up like a diva, speak like a diva – make herself stand out not just vocally. That’s part of the package. Otherwise, potential fans will just find her boring with nothing new to offer. Being a new fan, I find her vocal power amazing but something’s lacking…she needs confidence and be more comfortable in talking to her audience during performances. She seems so awkward.

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    • anitako says:
      jan.12.2011 @ 5:40a.m been reading this cm article & the comments,of course we all have our say,that’s demcracy,but for fun.sharing honest opinions its ok. Luisa, ur talking about cha pulling up her pants in EK as cha said ,”my mommy said my pants slipping down” thats normal for any pants/shorts wearing to kind pull up their pants even those fame artists kinda do that,its not because she’s not wearing good outfit,that pants is nice,of course even me i kinda pull up my pants sometimes even i’m wearing belt w/ it and that was funny anyways saying that and she kinda bounce up to pull it up,thats hilarious and its human behavior and she’s not performing in the hall of fame venue that evening,its not formal affair, she’s performing outfield in the rain or shine venue, in the children’s playground when parents has to bring their little kids to see charice & if she will wear a long gown in that affair? i dont think its proper. i love her outfit in EK its so human like us, she dont show that shes there at the very top of us, she shows to us that she and us can wear pants,blouse as simple as that and be human. i’m not of her to see her wearing formal gown specially in open field playground,it looks plastic and not appropriate. if she goes to formal affair,yes she needs to wear nice outfit like she wore at the hall of fame and other formal venues. just plain and simple is fine,not those gowns that is revealing exposing chest like those other celebrities,nope!! and yes to what u said that no designers store that offered her to wear their clothes,like other celebs can wear their clothing lines for free and return after performance-or lease. coz celebs they can lease what they wear even lease or rent their jewelries-very expensive they dont buy those-they rent to look attractive-but thats a waste of hmoney, cha is not that top celeb earners yet to do shopping spree,that time will come,let’s hope for the best for her. can u imagine buying a dress for at least $500.00 to wear for only 1 night and shoes for $300.00? i didnt mean that she bought these its only example if she will spend these? for me thats a lot. some celebs said they go to payless to save money and marshalls dept store where u can buy nice decent clothes, for god sakes dont go to sakowitz,dillards,other famous designer stores-if u want to go down poor-yes waste ur money there,u will see u will be back living in an apartment. celebs has to save money too,look out fr their hard earned money,coz their fame not for life,coz many newbies coming out too. hoped she will have the new album as they want to target the teens ears for music–just 1 hit song will lead the way to the top. yes, me too longing to see her once again on “ELLEN DEGENERES TV SHOW” Ellen so admired her and yes i love their chemistry too dancing. to be guest singer on “american idol” and “dancing w/ the stars” and what if she becomes one of the dancerZ?? isnt it she’s a good dancer or that she loves to dance or want to be a dancer b4?? so what about this?? whoa!! ooohhh god let this wish comes true-charice as contestant on “dancing w/ the stars”” this is great!! of course we all wanted charice to have solo concert in our own state..but dont happened in all states, only selected venues. so maybe i’ll be flying again to vegas to watch a solo concert if there will be one held there,its just this chaddictive, watching charice on You Tube videos or livestreaming on her gigs, seems not enough to fulfill the craze, got to see her live performing-its so different indeed. a lot flew to vegas me fr houston,others hawaii, R.I. N.Y. Utah,to see her in person singing! comes Feb. Japan is the luckiest country for charice to announce her 1st solo concert for other place announce yet as of this date jan 12,2011. wished , wished here in houston texas!!

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  21. litodavao says:
    I hope that Oprah will allow Charice to visit Ellen again.

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  22. 1604-bg says:
    Charice in JAPAN again!

    Our own Charice will be featured on Japan National Boradcasting TV
    Cha will be on 19th.Jan in NHK from 22:55 on live studio Program[SONGS]

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    • 1604-bg says:

      Charice nominate as the Best New Artist on of J-WAVE TOKYO HIT 100 AWARDS along with Bruno Mars, Justin Biebber, and so on.
      Chasters in Japan please help Cha to get this award.
      The winner depends upon your vote.
      You can vote to her on the following HP up to 6th.Feb.2011:
      The winners will be announced on 24th.Feb.2011

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  23. Lisbon says:
    I am also thinking that one of the Charice’s best 2011 moments would be: a. World Tour
    b. A Live Performance on American Idol
    c. A live Performance on MTV VMA’s

    hehehe… I’m just expanding my imaginations and pushing boundaries because Charice’s talent is too huge for me to imagine! :)

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  24. DENNIS says:
    I’m looking forward for everthing comming her way, Like most Chasters I have adoptive Charice as my Granddaughter and I’m so proud of her. Its like watching a new baby grow each moment is precious as is Charice, Her talent amazes me and her sweetness makes me so happy. I wish all happiness comes her way.

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  25. CLFan says:
    The first 4 events are what we all anticipating this Year of Charice 2011. And the last one will be a bonus to us since Ellen was Charice first appearance in the US.

    Although Charice was already seen in Glee’s 1st episode and made her an instant star of the show with her rendition of Listen and Telephone, the remaining episodes of Charice will make her very well known all over the mainland USA….that will put her to the top.

    SOLO Concert in Japan
    On the other hand, her first solo concert in Japan will cement her stardom in Japan and other asian countries. After receiving the gold award and her continued success in the Japanese music industry, I am sure other ASIAN countries like THailand, Singapore, Indonesia, will follow not to mention that those are already chasters oriented countries.

    This is the most important of all the list. I keep hearing from this site and other chatroom or blogs that in order for charice to really penetrate the US and the younger teens she needs to have a single that capture the hard to please young audience. I must say that there is truth to that not because that they do not like her ballad songs but nowadays radios, billboards, teenagers like a danceable songs (pop, rap etc,) And Charice is on the right track. She mentioned before that they are creating her new single that is danceable and can please the younger generation. Look at her collaboration with Iyaz on “Pyramid”, Unique on “Whenever You Are” and her cover of Bruno Mars “Grenade” they are all very good. So I think her new single will be AMAZING.

    After her new single, the album will continue to be a success. Everybody knows that most of us chasters are waiting on her next album. We even request to have her own Christmas album and I think it will happen. I can already imagine the list..

    RETURN Guesting on ELLEN
    This will be a very emotional and dramatic event that I will not miss if it happen. I am still playing the YT video when she first introduce in the US. The reaction of the crowd in total awe of young Charice. This will be an epic Ellen episode. And I am hoping that this will be all Charice episode. I am having goosebumps just imagining the event.

    I am so excited and cannot wait to see and experience all of these as it happen.

    Toast to 2011 – Year of Charice.

    At the top Baby !

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  26. mnchaster1 says:
    You never know, she might even make a cameo on CSI or star in a new horror movie like The Grudge 4 or something. This girl never fails to surprise her fans with something new.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 28 Thumb down 1

    • anitako says:

      yes, mnchaster,who knows, let’s keep our fingers crossed that that surprise of horror movie will happened. as cha had mentioned if she will be in horror movie she dont want to be the one to be scared, she wants to be the one to scare us,and that guy interviewer on said if that happened he wants for charice to kill him if cha is the horror monster, hehehe, so the 2 had their movie,hehe. hoped and wished our waiting will come true comes Halloween??

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  27. charicenatoc says:
    i want everything!!!!

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    • anitako says:

      HEHE!! charicenatoc u can’t have and cover everything dudhh!! pick 5-10 ur choice,then we argue on ur choice. no drama if u picked all.some debates is nice-discussions.

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  28. AngelFace101 says:
    Talking about that Ellen Show – I can vividly remember the very next day after Charice’s guesting. Ellen talked about that special day before where she was all praises about Charice. She said “You will remember that day where everyone will say – I was there I witnessed it. Then she added (prophetically)”I can smell a star right there”. I have loved Ellen more after that day.

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    • ArrVee says:
      even when Ellen was introducing her to the audience, based on what she heard during her rehearsal, she could hardly complete a sentence describing her, starting at aroung 0:42 here:

      and even if we were not there in person, we will remember the first time we saw this video … and that is just the tip of the iceberg of the Charice Effect …

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      • anitako says:

        yes,Arrvee, that’s the momentum of ELLEN introducing charice, i cant forget when she introduced charice,the amazement in her face,and what she told the audience,the best gift ever she will give is the voice of charice than those xmas gift giveaways on her 12 days of xmas giveaways. nov.2007 when a viral em was fwded to me by my sis here in houston that she received fr friends around and california-charice appearance on south korea starking-was awesome,i watched that perf i can exaggerate million times,then i saw on ELLEN DEGENERES TV SHOW she was paging that little girl name charice pempengco etc etc to come to her show and sit right there next to her-we want her here as she said.. and then the next dayshe was still paging and got a return notice that charice will be there on her show-so and so date.. so i make sure i wont missed the show-i wrote in big paper ELLEN’S SHOW-CHARICE guesting and date. wow, it was a blast performance, ELLEN so wonderful to charice,so nice and loving and caring,even gave charice a touch screen ipod coz she lost hers,in her amazement of that gift she was shocked and kept on hugging ellen and gave me goosebumps -her so much appreciation on that ipod. it was awesome to watch them. but of course,the peak of charice to stardom was made by her fairy godmother the “big O” as charice said her fairy godmother made all her dreams come true, like a duet w/ celine dion, andrea bocelli, met whitney houston, mariah carey, the fairy mansion,cars,the one dream not fulfill yet as she said “tweety bird” what will come out of this tweety bird?? thats nice to have a dream journal-as evidence as a child u were dreaming of whom u want to see,or sing duet w/ ,drawing of a house u want to have a mansion, a little child already drawing what kind of home she wants to have-thats like a fantasy when charice was once living w/ her father in that small house when she was 3yrs old, then separated fr dad and they moved in w/ her mom’s mother and then has to move out and lived in a small rented place w/o anything there and sometimes borrowed stuffs from good neighbors in laguna,no food to eat-or little food to eat and now living in a mansion-ain’t that a fairytale story,this little girl who used to cry coz pips telling her shes not that pretty enough to become someone or somebody someday?? cant afford to buy pizza and has to join a singing contest to buy pizza? yes, Oprah fulfilled charice dreams-come true!! its so touching story. the touchdown on this fairytale story was after she performed on Oprah and way to the airport-seated on the plane almost ready to lift off for philippines-there came 2 airport security police sought them and took them to their police security office wondering for what case? what they’ve done? did mom took that hotel sample bot of shampoo etc? both of them asking one another the what’s and whys?? until the Oprah staffer took them to the “HARPO PRODUCTION BLDG” at Oprah’s home office, and there O asked for them to tell her her life story and promised charice/mommy she will help charice and it will be big,and called DF that moment in front of cha and mom to help charice. so that happened. the story is history. i hoped O will bring back charice onher show after Oscar party and before her show on CBS terminates in May 2011?? and cha on O’s “OWN” as grand opening of OWN. wished,wished wished. of course wished her solo concert here in houston, so i dont need to fly to vegas.hoped for more wonderful events for charice.

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  29. Bianca says:
    I am looking forward to everything that Charice will be a part in and achieve :) Im hoping for a US tour to happen, i will be there in the front,cheering for her. Woot woot!!

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  30. Percy says:
    Guesting on Ellen would be top on my list. That would be so emotional for both of them… me too!

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