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“Pyramid” No 32 in Disney’s Top Songs of 2010

“Pyramid” No 32 in Disney’s Top Songs of 2010

Charice’s chart-topping single “Pyramid” was given a memory-jolting thumbs-up once more with Radio Disney revealing it was the 32nd most requested song from its listeners in 2010.

Radio Disney’s annual Top 50 Songs list is put together after calculating their most requested and played tracks over the course of the year. “Pyramid,” which also featured Iyaz, was released in February (remixes version) and reach No 1 on the Billboard Hot dance Club Songs.

In May, the only single released in 2010 from her debut international album “Charice,” was also ranked 13th in Radio Disney’s own Top 30 chart. But its popularity amongst radio Disney listeners has kept it amongst the top 32 songs played on the 42-station network over the course of the whole year.

Charice Disney Charts Pyramid No 32 in Disneys Top Songs of 2010

The upper end of the list is dominated by Charice’s fellow teenage music sensations, Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez (with her band The Order diakofti Scene), who together occupy 6 of the top 10 spots. Unsurprisingly, Bieber’s “Baby” makes it to No 1, with “Someone to Love” at No 4 and “U Smile” at No 8. Selena Gomez is at No 2 with “Naturally”, at No 5 with “Round and Round”, and takes 7th place with “A Year Without Rain.”

“Pyramid” is sandwiched between the Jonas Brothers tracks “Hey You” at No 31 and “Your Biggest Fan” (with China McClain) at No 33. Meanwhile, her own collaborator, Iyaz, features at No 26 with his hit song “Solo.”

Charice has become one of Radio Disney’s favorite artists and was a major hit when she guested on the station in June, a radio event that we rated in our Top 5 Most Engaging Radio Interviews of 2010. She held court during Ernie D’s show, exuding that playful side of her character we’ve become familiar with, and which obviously struck a cord with listeners. Later she performed live in studio.

In November, she was interview again by Radio Disney host Jake before her performance at the lighting of the Christmas Tree LightsAi??at the Citadel Buildings in Los Angeles, a concert she did alongside Cody Simpson in front of an estimated 6,000 screaming teenagers.

Radio Disney may be the musical ear of the Disney mega-industry, but in catering specifically for the early teens of the United States, it packs a significant punch in the pop world.

Charice’s popularity then can be seen as a positive sign for her career, and while this list may feature songs only, David Foster himself will no doubt be pleased by his protege’s impact.

By Robert Sheen,

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  1. Taa says:

    Like Song Charice

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  2. Kakawati1000 says:

    Pyramid did showcase the abilities of Cha. But certainly with all the efforts , time and money sank into it , commercially , the other songs in the album could have done better,… just saying .

    “Nothing, In This Song , Nobody Is Singing To Me ” are better landmarks..

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  3. KUNGFU PANDA says:

    watch her 2nd album… for sure it’s on TOP!.. haha.. just my wish….

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  4. Rachellajames says:
    Charice on her way to the top, it’s just a matter of time chasters just be patient.

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  5. sheldonbuzz says:
    You are at the top of pyramid Charice!!!

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  6. kakai says:
    Charice’s year 2010 was great!!! In a short span of time she achieved alot and still coming..journey to the top is overwhelming.. woot… woot!! Happy for cha and kudos to my fellow chasters all around the world for keeping the fire burning!! 2011 gonna be a piece of cake so eat alot chasters!!! LOL

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  7. heuge says:
    way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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