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Grounded Charice Targets “Success and Health” in 2011

Grounded Charice Targets “Success and Health” in 2011

At this time of year, asking a star of screen or studio what their priority for the new year is, is only to be expected., for one, was busy getting the low-down on a litany of the music world’s big names. Amongst them was Charice, who summed up her 2011 ambitions in three words: “success and health.”

To those who have grown to know her, it comes as no great surprise that one of Charice’s main targets is to continue in the successful vein that has been the past two years. With her first solo tour of Japan around the corner, and a likely visit to Europe, and more recording for “Glee” expected, it’s likely to get pretty busy for the teenager too.

With that in mind, ‘health’ would be a major concern amongst family and friends, though not normally the starlet themselves. No such worry when it comes to Charice, who no doubt has already felt the sting of exhaustion after the year that she has had. Pinballing from the Philippines to the US, to Canada, to Asia, to Europe, to the US, to Asia, to the US: itai??i??s enough to drain the stripes from a tiger.

Her answer was quick and not particularly revealing, but it is noteworthy in that it reveals just how grounded Charice is. She has already exuded a maturity that defies Generic of alesse her years in her consistent ability to turn what must be nerve-trembling interviews on TV and radio into broadcasting events of their own, boasting a mixture of fun and frankness.

But against this mesh of pop and RnB stars, her answer stands out as down-to-earth and real. Billboard produced a video, which is posted on their website, where others revealed their more self-demanding ambitions. Justin Bieber wants to win a Grammy; Selena Gomez wants to “trust myself a little more”; Michael Buble wants to make a record “that becomes the quintessential album”; and Jesse McCartney wants to return to TV films for a while.

In contrast, while success may well lead Charice to conquering the globe, she doesn’t want to get sick doing it. In an industry filled with workaholics, and those who reportedly ‘live it up’, Charice remains a breath of fresh air.

By Robert Sheen,

13 Responses to “Grounded Charice Targets “Success and Health” in 2011”

  1. chasterdad says:
    2011 will be the year Charice will be known finally as an international Diva…….that means finally becoming known especially in the USA. Previous to 2011, all her efforts were for laying the cornerstones and foundations for her bright future. 2011 will be her christening year as she will finally break-out in the US big, big-time! I would not be surprised if various music industry nominations are announced, particularly the Grammy. To all her supporters. fans and die-hard Chasters, 2011 will be the year to fondly remember as the year Charice finally bloomed into a nova diva.

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  2. jimfan155 says:
    Charice you are a success already. From where you came from to where you are now – incredible. Now it just remains to be seen on what level of success you reach.

    It’s your health that really concerns me the most, probably for selfish reasons. If you go down my spirit will plummet like a meteor falling from the sky – and we can’t have that, can we?

    Seriously, please take care of yourself as without our health we can’t do many things. Many times we take things for granted and do things when we should step back.

    All the best in 2011 for you, Mommy and Carl.

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  3. Ahilario26 says:
    Wohooo TO CHARICE and CASTING CROWNS!!! :)

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  4. neild38 says:
    Take good care and stay healthy.

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  5. neild38 says:
    Charice wish shows her humility and down-to-earth attitude. She was right of saying that because good health is the backbone of her success.

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  6. tnt says:
    Yes its just her health problem who can only stop Charice zooming to the top…..Go Charice!!!!!!

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  7. EBJohns11 says:
    i have the same wish for her – HEALTH. Enjoy and be happy what ya doing yo! Say hi to mommyraqz for me.

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  8. Luisa says:
    In as much as I want to see or hear new vids of her I am trully concern about her health, she is practically living in her suitcase. So I continue my silent prayer for you charice that god continue his blessing for you, not only for more success, but also continued good health and he may always be with you and protect you in all your travels. one of my disappointment is not being able to buy her “crescent moon” and the new release with Zayas “wherever you are” I am wondering why can’t they release them world wide, and now her new line of fragrance is only available in the philippines. I hate not being able to contribute for all her hard work. I love you charice take care always!!

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  9. vic trinidad says:
    my piece of advice to charice “health is wealth”

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  10. stefie2325 says:
    princess…im am one of the millions who just can’t wait to see your comeback in glee…but i am also praying for your health as well…we as your followers wishes too the same with you…u cud ask for a grammy too or conquering the world with your voice but still you remained as the sole one to give importance to your humble and practical new year’s wish..no1 cud ever get close to a real gem like you..thats why we love you..i love and adore you!gudluck and gud health! muah from kuwait!

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  11. chengna says:
    I’m one of your unpopular chadict, Charice. I love and care everything about you. You are right, with your extremely busy sked, your health shld be your # 1 concern. Take care bec. I care and all chadicks care!!!

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  12. khelcute says:
    yahh.. health is really important.. god bless u charice.. More charicemania to come..

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  13. ABCD says:
    Charice…Take care of your health despite of your super busy schedule of Concerts and Shows… Chasters are eagerly waiting for your Glee come back…

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