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Charice Included on More ‘Best of Glee’ Lists

Charice Included on More ‘Best of Glee’ Lists

Not for the first time in the last week or so, Charice has figured on a “Best of” list or two. This time BuddyTv and American Top 40 host Ryan Seacrest have rated the Filipino singing icon in their top “Glee” moments of the second series (2010).

On the official Ryan Seacrest website,, Charice is ranked at No 9 in the Top 10 “Glee” Celebrity Guest Stars. It is clearly based on Sunshine’s ability to get under the skin of arch-rival Rachel and crank up both the drama and comedy in the TV musical. “Charice sings her way into some drama at William McKinley High School. Who doesn’t love watching Lea (Rachel) get mad?” The accompanying comment reads.

The list is topped by Britney Spears, whose appearance as herself is hailed as the pop queen’s “ultimate comeback”, with former ER actor John Stamos ranking second and Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow coming in third following her memorable performance of Cee-Lo’s “Forget You” .

Just ahead of Charice at No 8 is the living legend of high school musicals, “Grease” star Olivia Newton John, while Josh Groban makes No 7 for his appearance as one of the celebrity judges. Molly Shannon, the comic actress who joined “Glee” as the new badminton coach, is at No 10.

Meanwhile, BuddyTv has placed Charice at No 11 in their list of ‘The 15 Best Performances of “Glee,” season 2,’ for Sunshine’s “Telephone” duet with Rachel.

“CHARICE! Short-lived as her appearance as Sunshine was, at least it produced this hilarious, epic diva-off in the girls’ bathroom,” explained. “And just when we thought it couldn’t get better, Sue busted in and yelled “SHUT UP!” So awesome.”

Charice BuddyTV Glee Charice Included on More Best of Glee Lists

There aren’t many who would argue with the hilarity of the scene, nor would they argue with the idea that Charice stole it with a pristine vocal performance against one of the established cast members. We all know now that it proved enough to guarantee her a future on the show, as we await her return – reportedly in February.

Top of BuddyTv’s list of best performances is Blaine and the Dalton Warblers’ rendition of Katy Perry’s “Never Been Kissed,” a rendition that had viewers running to their iTunes accounts afterwards. Second was Kurt’s version of the Beatles classic “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and the third went to Mercedes and Santana’s interpretation of “River Deep, Mountain High.”

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13 Responses to “Charice Included on More ‘Best of Glee’ Lists”

  1. Drake and Eve are worried about lomg absence in Glee . True, But must be part of a strategy .

    Must be planning the second tsunami for Charice in 2011 !Consider

    Return to Glee
    PBS Mandalay DFF TV Show / Nationwide
    Japan Tour
    New Single
    New Album
    European Tour

    Its building up to a cresendo , excellent planning !

    And its only the 8th of January !

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  2. neild38 says:
    YEAHHH.. More exposure, more episodes on Glee I’m positive Sunshine C will outshine the entire casts.

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  3. lola-elrem says:
    as to cha’s health, luckily she is still young at 18 and very strong — yes she can do it. she always say that she takes the 13 hour flight sleeping in her business class cabin so she gets lots of rest. i am sure her team knows what is best for her and will not tire her out unnecessarily; let us put our trust on her handlers.

    bytheways, how can we avail of those parfums??

    also, also — let us not forget to greet momraqz HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! the best MOM in the world (like all other single moms out there!).

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  4. Luisa says:
    charice is currently at the philippines launching her fragrance with Gary Valencia,and then tomorrow she will be performing at kingdom live. I really can’t wait to see her back on glee. I was lucky enough to see the rerun the other day, but at the same time I’m also worried about her health because she is too busy, it makes you wonder if she get enough rest.

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  5. stefie2325 says:
    its is really top of my list..Charice with “listen” as her best but of course…plenty to write on “telephone scene” with rachel…i can’t wait for february..i need to see our princess again on glee..hulu is not streaming here in kuwait thats why i don’t know now whats happening on glee…oh well…i might buy the whole season on dvd when it least i cud catch up with the entire season…but really i got tired of waiting for glee to show Sunshine again..but i’s worth waiting for february..i won’t miss this in a million!..good mor-night chasters! muah from kuwait!

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  6. jimfan155 says:
    As good as Telephone was I loved her version of Listen and you can see her “fellow students” were stunned by her performance as it was reported they kept their reactions in the episode, as is.

    Of course Charice is my number 1 on my Best of Everything listing.

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  7. wilma says:
    Charice you are really the best. God richly bless you

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  8. eve says:
    oh dear, lots of reading to catch up on :)

    I’m looking forward to FanTalk tonight. We’ve been out for 2 weeks and have lots to talk about, Charice is a busy bee LoL. As I write, she’s now in Philippines to launch her new fragrance line today.

    Please tune in to FanTalk tonight and give us a call too…

    Hope everyone has had a Happy New Year and a great Christmas!

    ~ Eve

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  9. Justcharrie says:
    She can never be left out when it comes to the BEST! But I could have given her a higher rank.

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  10. eenez says:

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  11. 18wheeleredy says:
    heheh…am i FIRST….


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    • EBJohns11 says:
      aw 18wheeler , good to hear from you!

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      • 18wheeleredy says:
        Hello EB…
        …one of this days I’ll make a video of myself singin’ ANAK dedicated to thumbdowners….LOL

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