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Charice Included on EW 2011 Watch List

Charice Included on EW  2011 Watch List

Entertainment Weekly’s official website,, has backed Charice to make an even deeper impression in the world of music and acting in 2011 than she did in 2010.

With the new year already buzzing with anticipation, EW has included the Filipino songstress in their list of “11 to Watch in ’11″, a gathering of the young and not-so-young actors and singers that EW expects will be remembered for all the right reasons 12 months from now.

The list also includes fellow music artist Wiz Khalifa, the 23-year-old Pittsburgh-based rapper who is due to follow Where can i buy shatavari up his “Black and Yellow” hit with an album release, and fellow actor, 25-year-old Rooney Mara, who fended off the likes of Scarlett Johanson to land the lead role in the movie trilogy, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”

Charice had an incredible year in 2010, given the success of her debut international album, the remarkable excitement she’s generated in the notoriously difficult Japanese music scene, and her much-celebrated impact on American TV through “Glee”.

2011 does promise to provide more reasons for cheer. She is set to tour Japan in February and is widely expected to make it to Europe too, though no dates have been confirmed. Demand for her return to “Glee” will be answered, reportedly on February 6 just after the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, she is about to step into the cosmetics market with the launch her own line in perfume set to take place in Manila on January 8.

But, accustomed to being included in shortlists of the great and most promising that she is, this will not doubt come as a major boost to Charice ahead of a year that is likely to dish more challenges out to her.

The unofficial bible when it comes to all things entertaining, Entertainment Weekly has been a big fan of Charice’s on “Glee.” After her debut on the show in September, one reviewer described her voice as “insane,” and her impact on the show was “absolutely bitch-tastic” – both ringing endorsements if ever there were.

In fact, Charice was given seventh spot on their list of the Most Popular Guest Apperances on the show, ranking above the likes of Britney Spears, Josh Groban and Olivia Newton John.

Charice Entertainement Weekly 11 to watch Charice Included on EW  2011 Watch List

By Robert Sheen,

120x240 Charice Included on EW  2011 Watch List

14 Responses to “Charice Included on EW 2011 Watch List”

  1. Mimi says:

    Her first Album was amazing! Charice was blessed with that voice. She deserves all the good things happening to her, it’s nice to see dreams come true ^^ Man Oprah really outdid herself with bringing Charice to the spotlight along with great songwriters!

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  2. Tori says:

    Loved Charice since her youtube videos. Charice is amazing :) Come to Miami!!!

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  3. 28venice says:

    No surprise . The surprise is that she was not even nominated at grammys. !

    Tells you ASIANS , just like Canadians ( a nieghbor of the USA ) has to
    doubly work to succeed in AMERICA .

    However, outstandings like Charice will be there.

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  4. LuckyRain0rig says:

    Thank you for this article. Charice is working hard and she deserve all the good things happening to her carreer right now. Good Luck and more Blessings to you Cha!

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  5. webmarketer says:
    You have to click the link image guys…

    Charice is at number 9, not number 1.

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  6. khelcute says:

    i mean no.1 hheheheh

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  7. khelcute says:
    ur amazing charice.. your at the no. spot.. GALING.. !!!! hehheh
    At the top babe.. =)

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  8. Natzky says:
    I wish there’s a “Most live performance of 2010″ and “Best live performance of 2010″. I bet Charice will top that list.

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  9. flowjams21 says:
    wow..another buzzing news to our pop princess Charice….n so much excited on her nxt Glee appearance..i can’t wait for that,,,yeahhhh.

    absolutely EW…didn’t got mistake to included Charice in to “Watch in 2011″.

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  10. Moira_Inori says:
    Great news to start the new year with. Am looking forward to a year filled with Charice again, even more than last year. ^_^

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  11. eva says:

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  12. Daniel says:
    Haven’t posted a comment lately until now. What a great year to start with. Charice is once again on top 11 personalities to watch out for 2011. With Charice perfume launching and upcoming Glee appearance during the Super Bowl, the fun and great ride to stardom continues. Charice will be very busy again with back to back appearances, solo concert in Japan, and upcoming single and album release. Charice needed the well-deserved rest and recreation the last two weeks.

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  13. vic trinidad says:
    what a great start for the new year!!! this will be the year to watch!

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  14. Portia says:
    I love this article, thanks Robert Sheen, as always you are great!!!.

    I know, Charice’s “STAR” shines so brightly this 2011 year. Just can’t wait to know and hear her future performances and achievements.

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