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Young Hollywood Interview: Charice Reveals Twitter Broke Glee News

Young Hollywood Interview: Charice Reveals Twitter Broke Glee News

The holiday season may be in full swing but the flow of Charice-related news doesn’t take a break, with the revelation that Charice learned that she had secured a role in Glee on Twitter. In an interview with host Tatiana Diana, which was recorded before Charice’s performance at the 9th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Show at the Citadel Outlets in LA in November, the high-flying

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songstress admitted she didn’t believe the Tweet until she received confirmation from “Glee” just minutes later. “I checked my twitter and there were a thousand responses so something was happening,” she told Diana. “So I opened it and it said ‘Charice is on Glee,’ and I was like, ‘this is not true.’” “I couldn’t believe it,” she continued. “I mean, it was just on Twitter and I hadn’t got any email from them. So after 30 minutes I got an email from them saying ‘congratulations you’ve got a role.’ So after 3 days, I flew back here to LA and recorded songs and started shooting.” Charice described her involvement in the hit TV show as “the coolest thing ever that has happened in my life” but confirmed that she had to ask the creators of “Glee”, Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, if she could sing for them during her audition. “I told my story to Brad (Falchuk) and Ryan Murphy and they were like, ‘okay.’ I thought this wasn’t really going to happen. They didn’t ask me to sing so I said, ‘can I sing for you’ and they said, ‘sure.’ I was so ready, I had brought my laptop and sang my song.” Three weeks later, Charice was in Europe and it was there that she read the news that she had secured the role of Sunshine Corazon. The manner of the news’ arrival was perhaps apt since web-based media is chiefly responsible for her success to date. She was discovered on YouTube and the number of Chasters worldwide is growing thanks to the availability of her music on YourTube, iTunes and her official and fan sites, including ChariceMania. In fact, when asked by her interviewer how to get a spot on Oprah, Charice advised her to upload something on YouTube, and even offered to post it on her own official website. The Laguna-born star also confirmed that the character would be returning for the next series but refused to reveal when Sunshine’s reappearance would occur. Charice went on to complete a six-song performance as part the tree-lighting ceremony, which also involved Australian teenager Cody Simpson, before continuing a grueling high profile Christmas schedule.

From Oprah to “Glee” – Meet Pop Sensation CHARICE Young Hollywood host Tatiana Diana hangs backstage at the Citadel with the amazingly talented Charice, who was called ‘The Most Talented Girl in the World’ by Oprah herself. Since then, a wildly successful appearance on “Glee” has catapulted the Filipino singer into the stratosphere, creating a legion of Charice fans affectionately dubbed “Chasters.”

. is a leading entertainment website which gets 3 million unique views a month and 5 million video streams. Young Hollywood is known for gaining VIP access to some of Hollywood’s hottest stars and having the pulse on up-and-coming stars, the hottest trends, and the next big thing.

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30 Responses to “Young Hollywood Interview: Charice Reveals Twitter Broke Glee News”

  1. jimfan155 says:

    Great to see this weeks Glee. Although it was a repeat, seeing Charice on national tv again was riveting. I was glued to the tv and it was almost as good as seeing the Season Premier for the first time. Smile on my face from ear to ear. Can’t wait for her next appearance.

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  2. Fran says:

    Looks like Charice will be appearing on Glee February 6, the SuperBowl Episode:

    There is a YT video on her on the song she will be singing…Meet You Halfway by the Black Eyed Peas:

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  3. william says:

    Charice is way beyond amazing.. How I wish I’d see her in real life

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  4. Silangan says:

    as always she’s the best. Gods blessings to you, DF, Oprah and your family.

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  5. rachel_gleek says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Nequi says:
      ur funny! lighten up @rachel_gleek! it’s new year, have a good life. Charice is making her dreams come true. Hope u will, too. So start being positive. And start now. God has given u talent, too. It’s for u to discover and share it so u and ur talent will become a blessing to others too. Just like what Charice does. See? She has received a lot of blessings because she has blessed others too. God bless u.

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    • dangerously insane says:

      hey rachel, u ryt that u are truly a glee fan, but the regular casts which ur a fan of are not talented, peace out. Labyo ;p

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  6. cesjj1058 says:
    chasters are looking forward for something “BIG” for Charice. Charice virus are multiplying all over the world & count me in.

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  7. stefie2325 says:
    saw this vid 4 weeks ago and til now can’t get enough of our princess.she is just so confident and so pretty’s good to know that tatiana tries to speak our language..this is just to show that they are very “in” to Charice.getting to know what she really is and where she came’s getting more personal to her in a good’s really something that our princess has that draws them towards her, yes we told them so that it’s her entire personality that we got addicted to her….in this new year i hope to see her more and more…looking forward for her solo concert and wishing her all the best in her family,carreer and life in general.Happy New Year everyone.Good mor-nights Chasters! muah from kuwait!

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  8. kate says:
    wow, the host really did her assignment… she took extra effort to kow the tagalog word for “i am” (ako si) and “thank you” (salamat).. very dedicated and resourceful host, and charice, she’s really lively, funny, and cute..

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  9. EBJohns11 says:
    Very confident and comfortable on cam! I luv it.

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  10. aciddbbrain says:
    Chasters Middle East here 4ever, thanks younghollywood!

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    • paperroses says:
      Let’s start to organize Charice Fans Club here in Riyadh (in case if there is none yet).Please follow the rest of the Middle East…Let’s get BIG in 2011…

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  11. Ripley says:
    Great interview! As usual Charice brightened up the room with her star aura and sunny disposition! Happy Holidays everyone!

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  12. jimfan155 says:
    Charice looks soooo beautiful and relaxed with this interview.

    Have a Happy New Year to Charice, her family, her management, Admin and moderators, and finally, all Chasters.

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  13. sheldonbuzz says:
    I was amazed by the way Charice shows her confidence on the interviews being thrown at her. She looks so relaxed and her English and accent are dramatically improved over the years. I know you can do it Charice and you know because from the very beginning you believed in yourself because whatever you believe you become.

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  14. anromable says:
    I have a TESTIMONY. My whole life changed and transformed when I started to keep on watching all videos and bought CD’s of Charice, why?, because I go home early and be with my kids and my wife now. They were also a Chasters. Our home started to glow and happy again. THANK YOU SO MUCH CHARICE AND SORRY TO MY DRINKING BUDDIES BECAUSE I NO LONGER HUNG WITH THEM THE WHOLE NIGHT.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Wow, that’s something. I’m sure your family appreciate that change in routine. I hope they aren’t jealous of Cha now. :)

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  15. rob47 says:
    God has touched Oprah, DF and everyone else who is helping Charice!
    Charice “success” does not come from any single person! Charice may consider Oprah to be her fairy godmother, but it is God who is truly blessing her!

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  16. lola-elrem says:
    never before has any filipino given a positive image of our country the philippines — i say POSITIVE — other than charice. as we chat daily on various chat rooms, non-pinoys are trying to learn tagalog expressions and slangs like labyo, etc.. and people do google about charice and our country. even the character rachel berry made a research about PI and found out that it is a place where the sun shines everyday (except for the monsoons lol). good job CHA! you are indeed a GIFT FROM GOD.

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  17. euse clerigo says:
    sorry guy’s…..i love all of them……i do not want to make a choice….


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  18. inyallan says:
    Charice’s english has really improved!!! Go Cha!

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  19. Don says:
    To be honest I never heard that much about the Philippines until I first saw Charice. She has done more for her country than anyone with the exemption of Arnel and Manny.She was the first to be put on the main stream from her Country. I have learned more about the Philippines than ever before. Everyone there should be proud of her.

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    • luvkcha09 says:

      I have always said this in the beginning that Charice is the best Ambassador of the Philippines and she should be recognized by her country as such by giving her the Title Officially – ” Charice – Ambassador of the Philippines Arts and Culture and even Tourism and Entertainment”. Surely President Aquino can create a title for Charice- am I correct?

      And what is this Kuh trying to do wanting to ban foreign artists to do concerts to Phils? What a stupid idea- she should be promoting Philippines instead- if Beiber and Taylor go to Phils for concerts – its good for tourism , what is Kuh thinking????? she should just shut up her mouth, and to think that she also tried to make it in America duh….

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  20. justcharrie says:
    Ambassador to the world – CHARICE!

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  21. juerry says:
    Good job charice,,happy new year to all chasters,,,

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  22. Chajenmer says:
    Did you notice just recently, many famous people & Hollywood celebrities are now visiting the Philippines? Maybe it’s because of Charice personality & attitude that they wanted to go to Philippines, paving the way for more foreigners to come & visit the Philippines. Charice is the Phillipine Ambassador for the world. Thanks Charice!!!

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  23. Extreme says:
    Nice interview!

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  24. Chajenmer says:
    Because of Charice, many non-Filipinos(different nationalities) wants to learn Tagalog words. That’s what you call Charice-charm & Charice-effect to all the people around the world who knows Charice. Charice is the ultimate ambassador of goodwill, love & peace… Labyo you more Charice!!! God bless!!

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  25. anitako says:
    nice interview by Tatiana, good charice u teach her some Tagalog words at least Thank You-as Salamat. Charice Happy New Year 2011 and to all Chasters!

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