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Charice in Thailand to Celebrate the SCB Centennial with Private Concert

Charice in Thailand to Celebrate the SCB Centennial with Private Concert

After her promotional tour in Japan at Mezamashi TV and Tokyo City View, Charice flew to Thailand where she was honored to be a special guest performer at a private concert celebrating the 100 Years Anniversary of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB). SCB is a top bank in Thailand and in fact is the oldest Thailand bank established one hundred years ago when the country was still known as Siam.

A Thailand press release describes the internationally renowned singer as “a young Filipina singer, internet sensation, and a global star in the making… her videos were uploaded online by fans and gone viral, which soon attracted attention in America and led to her appearances on Ellen and Oprah. The starlet released her first English album in May 2010 with the backing of legendary Canadian music producer David Foster.”

While in Thailand, Charice stayed at the award winning Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel in Bangkok where she was greeted warmly and stayed at the hotel’s most luxurious suite overlooking the Chao Phraya River. Many celebrities have called the Royal Orchid Suite “home” when visiting Bangkok. A brief glimpse of the suite can be seen on the hotel’s promotional video and photos at

Charice poses for a picture with Hotel Manager Tina Liu (left) and Director of Marketing Communications-Jirapa Chankitisakoon (right) – Dec 27, 2010

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Charice performed a short set of 5 or 6 songs, two of which are posted below.

BODYGUARD MEDLEY: I Have Nothing, I Will Always Love You


Source: – “International singing superstar Charice Pempengco Stayed at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers” / Videos uploaded by: loyjearkjirm

44 Responses to “Charice in Thailand to Celebrate the SCB Centennial with Private Concert”

  1. Ben says:

    Fan.. we are one with you about our desire to keep the best of Charice and to support her for whatever improvements she would work hard for as any artist would need to prolong her popularity and success. But this is what you wrote:

    “Sometimes, I noticed her having a so, so performance. She must be tiered sometimes. I just find it unfair for those sponsors who paid a handsome price expecting for an awesome signature performance by Charice. Take your time to rest Charice when you have the opportunity to do so.”

    1. Tell us why you think it is a “so-so performance”.
    2. Unfair?
    3. Signature performance? She should have sung pyramid? What if the two songs she sang were the ones requested by the bank?

    I think we already have made our point very clear. So let’s move on. The whole point is let’s not make sweeping statements that are unsubstantiated by facts.

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  2. Fan says:
    There will come a time that we will no longer serve our purpose as fans who give constructive criticizms to Charice. We guys are so biased to her and so careful not to say anything unlikely about her performances. Simply put, you are being overprotective to Charice and that might not be healthy to her growth as an artist at all times. Remember, she has come to a point of realization of fulfilling her dreams and desired to become the best because she was challenged by the hardships in life that she went through. It makes sense that others stop trying harder once they declared to themselves that they are already doing their best. Let Charice fall at times and process constuctive criticizms on her own. She’s an overcomer by nature. I am hoping now that you’ve understood my point or at least respect my opinions and stop being defensive.

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