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Charice 2010 Year in Review: Most Engaging Radio Interviews

Charice 2010 Year in Review: Most Engaging Radio Interviews

We speak so much about Charice’s tremendous onstage and TV performances, but we can’t forget her radio interviews that have engaged the public so much over 2010. Of course, there are a large number under her belt this year, but the Top 5 Most Engaging Radio Interviews, in our Editor’s view, are listed below for you to choose Order micronase medication the best from.

You’ll notice that all of these interviews occur in the first half to the year when Charice was busy promoting her album – in fact, most of them are in May. But the range of interviews is a good indicator of just how in control she is when faced with the media. From her fun Z100 date, where Charice revealed her ‘cat-like’ powers, to her in depth interview on Voice of America, she holds court in commanding fashion.

Most Engaging Radio Interviews (Editor’s Choice):

1. Z100 – The Many Voices of Charice

z100 5 75x75 Charice 2010 Year in Review: Most Engaging Radio Interviews As if her singing voice was not enough to impress us, Charice’s abilities to impersonate some of the music world’s stars had listeners to Z100 in New York spellbound in May. Host JJ was amazed when Rihanna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber seemed to join in on the interview. Charice also did her lost kitten and puppy-in-the-rain impressions too, explaining that her Mom called her “Ming” because of her cat-like voice. Entertaining? Well, it seems there is no end to Charice’s ability to entertain. Memorable? Without a doubt. >> Full story

Listen >> Z100 – The Many Voices of Charice

2. Radio Disney

Radio Disney 75x75 Charice 2010 Year in Review: Most Engaging Radio Interviews In June, Charice visited the Radio Disney Studios to join Ernie D on air and, for lack of a better phrase, took the whole show over. Not in a bad way, of course, but in a way that saw her talk about her past, her present, her mentor David Foster and throw in a couple of acoustic performances to boot. It was one of the most hyped interviews by Radio Disney and paid off as it was one of their most popular of the year. >> Full story

Listen >> Radio Disney

3. Voice of America (VOA)

charice voice of america 75x75 Charice 2010 Year in Review: Most Engaging Radio Interviews No finer host than Larry London to bring out the very best of his guests, but even Larry was stumped after Charice’s live performance of “In The Song” on his show on Voice of America on May 21. For almost 30 minutes, Charice talked about her mother’s influence on her life and career, breaking into the music world and expressing herself through her music in what was the most in depth of her promotional interviews. We wouldn’t be surprised if you voted this one the best of the year. >> Full story

Listen >> Part 1 – Voice of America (VOA)
Listen >> Part 2 – Voice of America (VOA)

4. B96 – Charice and IYAZ on the Hot Seat

Charice B96 Interview 75x75 Charice 2010 Year in Review: Most Engaging Radio Interviews If anyone wondered what it’s like to hang with Charice, then Chicago’s B96, who interviewed her just before the official launch of “Charice” on Oprah on May 11, provides the answer to the question. Charice jokes around with Iyaz, who is extremely protective of his “Pyramid” partner. Asked by host Showbiz Shelley if she would go out on a date with Justin Bieber, Iyaz interjected with “over my dead body!” It is probably the most relaxed and most fun interview of the year – and listeners were treated to a live performance of “Pyramid” too. >> Full story

Listen >> B96 – Charice & Iyaz

5 KISS FM 99.3: The O Show

m cfde1d8728444f7cb5c2aae4cc67a5c7 75x75 Charice 2010 Year in Review: Most Engaging Radio Interviews Back in April, Charice guested on “The O Show” on KISS FM in Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania, and was put through her paces by fast-talking host DJ OC. Could she handle it? Of course she could and, as usual, blew her host away with her voice following her live performance of “Pyramid.” For taking on one of the fastest-talking radio hosts and leaving him stunned, this interview gets into the shortlist. But is it your favorite? >> Full story

Listen >> 99.3: The O Show

We know that most of you wouldn’t have heard the interviews live, but you will have heard them via links here on So, we want to know which of the five you think is the best of Charice’s radio interviews this year. Of course, leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts too.

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9 Responses to “Charice 2010 Year in Review: Most Engaging Radio Interviews”

  1. lola-elrem says:

    right why were toronto radio interviews excluded. also, what about the tv24 where she was interviewed by a fil-can host? that was great considering the cable 24 is the top tv channel in toronto.

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  2. hermiemel says:

    Charice is such a pleasant interview because she does not have “airs” about her. Her interview with ET Canada’s Kim D’eon in June 6, 2010 in Toronto is so remarkable because the interviewer starter by saying that “she is so obssessed by Charice” and she became a confirmed “chaster” by the end of the 10 minutes interview.

    After Charice’s acapella “If I Ain’t Got You” a happy Ms D’eon ends the interview by saying, “I am in awe of you, so happy and proud of all your successes and I can’t wait to see what life brings you”.

    Later on that evening, Charice came down from the building and performed to the choatic mob scene of thousands of electrified waiting “chasters” at Toronto’s Eaton Centre Mall.

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  3. bld9696 says:
    So many times I have wished to be at an interview with Charice to help her when she stumbles with her still-improving English skills. But then I realize that she is even more charming and real during these interviews. She is not coached or rehearsed; she is just Charice being Charice. It is so adorable and refreshing to watch her being so genuine and humble. We have a term in the South called “good people”, meaning kind, caring, humble and unpretentious. Charice just seems like good people in her interviews. There will come a day when Charice polishes these rough edges and becomes an expert in the art of being interviewed in English. I, for one, will miss the “old” Charice and the innocence she currently shows. She is simply a living doll.

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  4. hermiemel says:
    Like Larry’s “speechless and goosebumps” reaction to Charice’s live performance of “In This Song” at VOA.
    Words truly can not do justice to the beauty of her voice.

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  5. jip140sef says:
    charice radio interview at Z100 as she show her other amazing talent “impressions” I’m totally entertained on that if you added charice gets interviewed at UK’s superfreshlysqueezed I’m also entertained on that but i guessed it’s not her radio interview but a tv interview if I’m not mistaken so i understand it’s not included on this voting poll.

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  6. Yojan says:
    I loved her JohnJay and Rich interview/ guesting the most! That was hilarious!

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  7. jinXT says:
    her radio debut in Canada isn’t included? =(

    Charice @ CHUMFM (Toronto, Canada):

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