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Charice 2010 Year in Review: Rolling Out the Red Carpet Event

Charice 2010 Year in Review: Rolling Out the Red Carpet Event

The purists will tell you that the music scene should be all about the music, but when you get down to brass tacks, the glamor, style, fashion, gossip and the ‘who’s at which event’, that keeps the circus wheels rolling. With that in mind, it is impossible to ignore the multitude of red carpet events that Charice graced through 2010 and the shoulders she rubbed in the process. But which was the most significant Red Carpet Event of the year?

As usual, we’ve supplied you with a shortlist from which you can vote for the event you believe was the biggest and most important that Charice attended. Was it the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Award ceremonies, which had her amongst the biggest names in the music industry? Or, was it one of the exclusive celebrity charity nights that she wowed? Let’s not forget the “Glee” Season 2 Premiere, where America was introduced to Charice the actress!

Charice’s Biggest Red Carpet Events (Editor’s Choice)

1. 41st annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Award (June 17)

charice nikki yanofsky 75x75 Charice 2010 Year in Review: Rolling Out the Red Carpet Event Held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City, the 41st Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards ceremony is probably the most obvious of our shortlist, since Charice found herself amongst some of the greatest songwriters, producers and performers in the industry. Charice was reportedly looking a little overwhelmed at the event, which she attended in support of David Foster, who was being inducted for a lifetime achievement in music. Her nerves were understandable, since amongst the mega-stars there were Phil Collins, Paul Simon and legendary producer Phil Ramone, but once she took to the stage to sing “I Have Nothing” no signs of nerves were visible. >> Full story

2. Glee Season 2 Premiere Party (September 07)

Charice Glee Premiere 13 75x75 Charice 2010 Year in Review: Rolling Out the Red Carpet Event Given the fanatical following that “Glee” has world-wide, it’s of little surprise that the “Glee” Season 2 Premier Party gets onto our list. Charice attended as one of the cast members, with her debut as Sunshine Corazon eagerly awaited by Chasters. Held at the Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, and attended by the stars of the show amongst others, the reaction to Charice’s performance was one of awe as her rendition of “Listen” left more than a few mouths open – just as creator Ryan Murphy had predicted beforehand. >> Full story

3. Celebrity Fight Night XVI (March 20)

charice celebrity fight night 75x75 Charice 2010 Year in Review: Rolling Out the Red Carpet Event One of the biggest charity auction events in the US, the Celebrity Fight Night saw Charice produce yet another stirring performance, this time singing “Note to God” and “Just Dance” – you might recall that, last year, she sang “I Will Survive” on Muhammad Ali’s table! The event brings together celebrities from every sphere there is, from sport to politics. Amongst this year’s award winners at the JW Marriot Desert Ridge in Pheonix Arizona were Indy Racing star Danica Patrick and movie producer Jerry Weintraub, while country singer Reba McEntire, American Idol judge Randy Jackson and, of course, Ali’s himself were also there. >> Full story

4. The David Foster Foundation (November 19)

thumb 1.php1 75x75 Charice 2010 Year in Review: Rolling Out the Red Carpet Event David Foster could hardly have left Charice behind when he trekked north to his homeland for the David Foster Foundation event in Toronto in November. A charity designed to raise funds for children in need of organ transplants, the annual event is one of the most exclusive in existence, with attendance limited to 400 people, tickets starting at $30,000 and the charity auction comprising of just six items. Amongst the performing artists alongside Charice were Peter Cetera (Chicago) and Jackie Evancho, but the wealthiest and most powerful in Canada gathered to watch. >> Full story

5. Power of Dream Gala (May 18)

thumb.php3 75x75 Charice 2010 Year in Review: Rolling Out the Red Carpet Event In May, Charice was the guest performer at another exclusive charity night, the 9th Annual Power of a Dream Gala, to benefit the US Dream Academy’s good work with children. Held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington DC, Hollywood actor Chris Tucker was host with a lengthy list of names in the worlds of entertainment, sport and business in attendance – actors Angela Bassett, Charles S Dutton, Luis Gossett Jr, CBS broadcaster Dan Rather, and NFL veterans Rick “Doc” Walker and Darrell Green. Charice sang “Note to God”, prompting the now normal awe-struck reaction of the audience. >> Full story

Let us know your thoughts and vote for which of the five selected events was the biggest red carpet event of the year for Charice. As always, be sure to leave comments below and remind us of any events you think should have been on the shortlist – trust me, the Team won’t take it personally!

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11 Responses to “Charice 2010 Year in Review: Rolling Out the Red Carpet Event”

  1. hermiemel says:

    Charice red carpet performance of “Note to God” on Celebrity Fight Night XVI was highly satisfying to my soul.

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  2. eve says:
    ok, back on topic, forgot to mention my favorite Red Carpet event was the Glee premiere because it was also the most anticipated and the most high profile event of the year. It was THE singular event that gave Charice and continues to give her the greatest exposure for gaining more fans. She’s introduced in all of her appearances as the “new gal from Glee” and she’s asked in all of her interviews how she snagged the role. This is the most watched television show of the season, so it’s definitely a career milestone, stepping stone, upward stone, whatever, for her career. I know, we all have to be patient awaiting her return… I’m reaallly looking forward to that ^_^

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  3. eve says:

    thanks for sharing the video @simply_telai. The original version was acapella which Charice posted on Facebook because chasters were talking about the ‘Grenade’ lyrics posted on her Wall so she was just having fun humoring us with a short cover. I’m just tickled pink that she would do that, just like that! She’s a lot of fun.

    It’s a brief video cuz she posted it on the spur of the moment, without having a music track. Other chasters re-uploaded the original with music, they weren’t supposed to but.. oops.. can’t help it (chuckle).

    It was just for fun, so hope you enjoy it as such. I doubt it will be widely viewed beyond the circle of diehard chasters. acapella:

    … speaking of diehard chasters, it inspired a few (uh… Alex, Nicole & Lisa) to dedicate this parody to Charice. Listen… if you dare bwahaha to Grenade parody (Just Hope You Know My Name)

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  4. chit says:

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  5. eBJOHNS11 says:
    Glee for me coz a lot of viewers esp the teen ones!

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  6. arkitekto says:
    I voted for the 41st annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Award coz of the attendee who I believe can be an influence for her first Grammy; but I her performance in the Celebrity Fight Night XVI showed the true performer in her. By the way, this is my first comment ever in Charicemania…I’m slowly coming out from being a lurker ;)

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  7. simply_telai says:
    Oh and theres another one.. GRENADE – Bruno Mars feat. Charice [upbeat dance mix version]—-

    I hope they’ll do a duet of this song.. Very cool!!! Kudos for TheIntellectualTruth who made this video…

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    • dadartful says:

      Here’s a cool story. I live across the street from Punahou School that President Obama grad from, but the twist is Bruno Mars graduated from Roosevelt High School, three blocks from where I lived. I believe he was there from 2001-03. Just a short story for the history book.

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  8. simply_telai says:
    I would go for the glee season 2 premiere party!!! I started watching the show because of her.
    Anyways, have you guys seen this vid of Charice doing a short cover of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”???
    Check this out—-
    I do not own this vid.I just want to share this to fellow Chasters!!
    I hope Charice would sing this on glee!! It would be a hit for sure!! NO DOUBT…

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