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Charice 2010 Year in Review: Top 5 Best TV Performances

Charice 2010 Year in Review: Top 5 Best TV Performances

There is a long, long, long list of TV performances given by Charice this year, so how our dear Editors managed to shave the selection of greats to just 5 is beyond me. What’s important, though, is that they did, so you can consider the Top 5 Best TV Performances before voting for what you think is the best of them. Having jetted all over North America and around the world, Charice forced our net to be cast wide and performances of hers in South Korea and Italy have both been included. We also know that you might be miffed at the absence of Charice’s performances on Oprah on the occasion of her CD launch, and the highly popular NBC Christmas Special. Both of these are included in the Top 5 Most Anticipated Events, published earlier here, and we didn’t want them hogging all the attention. In any case, check out the selection we have compiled and vote for your favorite. But, don’t forget to comment below and let us know your thoughts. Did we miss a highlight that you watched? Or even, why do you think your vote is the best TV performance?

Best TV Performances (Editor’s Choice)

1. Io Canto – Adagio (Charice & Cristian Imparato duet) Milan, Italy, January 23 – Charice was already

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known to Italian TV audiences through her performance on “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” in 2009, but she appeared in January this year as a guest in the singing competition “Io Canto”. She performed some of her best known songs, including “Note to God” and “I Will Always Love You,” but it was her duet of the song “Adagio” with 14-year-old Christian Imparato that left the biggest impression. >> Full story

2. An Evening with ChildHelp – Bodyguard Medley Washington DC, USA, April 13 – One of Charice’s finest performances, her appearance at the Childhelp 50th anniversary celebration event in Washington in April saw her sing the Bodyguard Medley. This is one of her most sought after songs, and the depth of heart in this rendition wooed the audience. Hitting the high notes with power and precision, she had those in the Warner Theater on the feet before their heads even noticed it. >> Full story

3. Star Live Music Show, ai???THE MUZITai??? – Endless Love (Charice & K.Will duet) Seoul, South Korea, July 31 – South Korea is certainly close to Charice’s heart, which perhaps goes some way to explaining why her duet of “Endless Love” with one of South Korea’s most popular ballad singers, K.Will, is one of her most talked about TV performances. In terms of her voice, ‘power’ was replaced by ‘tenderness’, creating a singing experience that gave the romance-loving Korean viewers everything they could have hoped for. >> Full story

4. Dr. Phil 60th Birthday Celebration – One Moment in Time Los Angeles, USA, September 17 – Not satisfied with his old friend Oprah hogging Charice’s day-time TV diary, Dr. Phil had the songstress on his own show for his special 60th Birthday Celebration in September. Singing “One Moment In Time” with David Foster at the piano, she gave a commanding performance of the Whitney Houston hit, which the Doc, for one, was taken aback by. >> Full story

5. CBC’s Season of Songs – The Prayer (Charice & The Canadian Tenors) Toronto, Canada, December 13 – Only a few weeks ago, Charice travelled to Canada to feature in the CBC’s Season of Song’s special featuring The Canadian Tenors. Stealing the show seems to have become something of a habit of Charice’s but her uplifting, spine-tingling rendition of “The Prayer”, which performed with the four Canadian opera singers, left none of the viewers with any doubt over who the real star of the show was. >> Full story

. CBC will re-air Season of Songs, December 25 By the way, CBC will re-air the Season of Songs show, featuring Charice, on Christmas Day. Check your local TV listings for additional info. By Admin, Assignment

49 Responses to “Charice 2010 Year in Review: Top 5 Best TV Performances”

  1. mickey says:

    I like her performance on Kelly and Regis. she sang In this Song….hope she will sing this song more often..

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  2. Dakkeltibuto4466 says:

    Why don’t they include her performance in Rockefeller Tree Lighting. Her performance in that TV special was historic and phenomenal.

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  3. Dennis says:

    Oops… sorry guys… I didn’t read TV performances….

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  4. Dennis says:

    Can Charicemania get with the times? She has sung some of these songs before and why choose all ballads? If u ask me her best performace is when she opened for Debrah Coxe at the cherry festival and sang the Pyramid remix! Her ability to belt out a dance song live clearly and with so much power and beat is amazing in itself… and to amaze a younger group of people who did not really know her is even more amazing.

    I’m so glad Charice is veering away from ballads. Though I love her singing them, in a time of recession, many people just don’t want to hear sad songs or slow songs.

    My advice for your next poll, have a little diversity in the choices.

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    • Dennis says:

      Sorry guys… I retract my comment… I didn’t realiz this was an article about TV performances. I thought it was for any live peerformance… In that case I like her Xmas performance in NY TREE LIGHTING and pyramid live on some Filipino talk show…

      Thought I still prefer her to sing newer songs…

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  5. Joan says:
    Wow! Not seen the Bodyguard Medley rendered that way before. How could I have missed it. My new fave.

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  6. Princess Serena says:

    I like the one in Star King’s One Moment in TIme. I love seeing the audience’s (Kpop Idols) again and again and again. LOL!!!

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  7. chit says:
    I picked her performance of THE PRAYER with the Canadian Tenors. She stood at under five feet but her performance belied her diminutive size; it was simply amazing! Her voice stood out and she was not outshone by the tenors-she held her own in an outstanding manner. Go, Charice!!

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  8. lea says:
    for me the best was her performance in “an evening with childhelp”..

    she made her body guard medley to the next level..

    it shows not just how powerful her voice is,

    she showed everyone how she can blend,play,vibrate her voice or whatever to call it, her voice there is very HYPNOTIZING..

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