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Charice 2010 Year in Review: Top 5 Most Anticipated Events

Charice 2010 Year in Review: Top 5 Most Anticipated Events

The end of 2010 is here and for every Chaster it has been something of a whirlwind 365 days. Not only have we witnessed more of her astonishing performances, but we’ve also seen just how much the world has embraced the Laguna-born songstress.

As part of our celebration of a year of remarkable achievement for Charice, we’ve put together a shortlist of the Top 5 Most Anticipated Events of the year gone bye. It has been no easy feat to reduce the number to just five since Charice has been extremely busy this year, with the launch of her first international album, her breakthrough on “Glee” and, of course, a Christmas schedule that would leave Father Christmas’ head in a spin.

In fact, to be honest, we’ve had some hairy moments ourselves keeping up with our Charice. The demand for access to has been so great that the site has crashed on more than one occasion. It won’t surprise you to learn that Charice’s at the “Glee” Season 2 Premiere in September (our busiest day), the launch of her album “Charice” on Oprah in May and the long-awaited release of her Star King performance in July were Betnovate n for sale the events in question. Our second-busiest event of the year was Charice’s appearance on NBC’s Christmas Special on November 30, but having upgraded our server three times by then, we were well-prepared for the deluge of visitors.

Check out our Top 5 but, of course, we want your comments and opinions and votes to establish what is the one true Most Anticipated Event in your eyes. So, don’t hesitate (we know you won’t!) to leave a comment below and click on your vote.

Top 5 Most Anticipated Events (Editor’s Choice):

1. CD Debut on Oprah
For any self-respecting Chaster, this has to be amongst the highlights of the year. Charice had already been making waves on Oprah, who could have done no more to make the world aware of the Filipino star, while the success of “Pyramid” (No 1 on the Billboard Dance Charts), and growing list of outstanding performances added to the feverish anticipation that preceded the official release of “Charice”. But it wasn’t until her fourth appearance on the show, on May 11, 2010, that there was actually an album to go with it all. >> Full story

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2. Star King Three-peat Engagement
Some chroniclers will argue that the international wave of interest in Charice began in Korea, with her appearance on the TV talent show Star King in 2007. In July this year, she made a highly anticipated return to the show (her third appearance), with over 5,000 viewing the show via the live internet stream, and a further 1,000 Chasters commenting in the Charicemania chatroom. >> Full story

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3. NBC Christmas Special
It’s already recognized as one of the biggest TV events of the Christmas season, so when Charice was confirmed as one of the world-class artists to perform on this year’s show at the Rockefeller Center in New York, it led to an explosion of interest globally. The most recent of our shortlist of 5, it succeeded in galvanizing Charice’s place amongst the biggest names in music in 2010. >> Full story

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4. Glee Season 2 Premiere
No prizes for guessing that this is on the shortlist, with Charice’s arrival on “Glee” as foreign exchange student Sunshine Corazon already built up since news first broke in June. By the time the Premiere came around, in September, Chasters were practically howling to see Charice’s performances. Her association with the show made the Yahoo homepage, which alone shows the intense interest shown in her inclusion. >> Full story

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5. Toronto Eaton Centre
A surprise inclusion but one that nonetheless has earned its place here. In June, around 1,000 fans were expected to greet Charice at a free concert at the Eaton Centre in Toronto, but it was estimated that six times that number were actually there. Whisked to the venue by Warner Music Canada, it was a rare chance for Chasters in Canada to see their idol in the flesh. >> Full story

Remember, if youai??i??ve got something to say, donai??i??t forget about leaving a comment. Also, you might want to share with us the Charice event in 2011 that you are most anticipating… and get our poll for next year up and running!

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46 Responses to “Charice 2010 Year in Review: Top 5 Most Anticipated Events”

  1. hermiemel says:
    I love the charged-up atmosphere of electric anticipation giving way to pure pandemonium of her thousands of diehard fans at the Eaton Centre Mall in Toronto.

    That day Charice came down from above the clouds and sing to her waiting fans below.

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  2. irene says:
    wow,every video moved me esp.her debut in Oprah Show…i keep on watching that video every now and then….and still it never fails to touch my heart….i can feel her emotion and it hurts….God is really there to hear His children’s prayers…she is now a strong woman and a blessed one…tama tlga ung kasabihan n “ang bida nagpapabugbog muna s umpisa and at the end,that bida becomes the hero”….i wish her blessings will continue flowing and inspite of it,that she remains the same Charice that we know,with a pure heart….she is leading the right path….Charice stay as sweet,respectful and humble as you are….i love you kiddo…God bless you all….c”,)

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  3. jimfan155 says:
    Ouch! My brain hurts from trying to choose. But I have to echo some of my fellow chasters and select her CD debut on Oprah. I waited overtime for this as they kept pushing back the release date. As I have said before I love this album and expect bigger and better sales for it as Charice becomes more popular.

    I must say a close 2nd was the Glee Season 2 premier. So much so it was almost a toss up. But right now, hands down, it will her 2nd appearance on Glee in 2011 that leads as the most anticipated event for the coming year. But, I’m sure that will be replaced if she has a solo concert in my area.

    More and more good things coming. Can’t wait. Isn’t life a little more worthwhile with Charice around?

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  4. eva says:
    i saw all this top 5,what i mean on youtube. the reason i choose TORONTO, first i leave here;2nd. thats the first time i saw here in person, 3rd. first time i saw the crowd at EATONS too many. GLEE every tuesday i watched this show. anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS CHARICE, to your family and to all CHASTERS around the GLOBE. god bless!!!!

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  5. dweenix says:
    I believe that Charice guesting on Glee become her key to be more known around the world and even in America alone. Besides, her guesting is recurrent and people are really waiting patiently for her to be back on Glee soon…

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  6. Pure Brown44 says:
    Charice is phenomenal, kudos to her!

    please check this: Charice Video Site

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  7. gunrunner says:
    to me everyday is anticipated for anything charice. i consider myself a clinical case a neuropathological patient, an oc personality when it comes to charice. i open charicemania first than my email and facebook. i started my day with the thoughts of charice. so your list is not enough for me ha ha ah ah ah

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  8. odie052s says:
    As if I am on a hot seat of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and I already have used 2 of my lifeline and now 50=50 but still coudn’t make the right choice. LOL . What the heck is happening? Will I lose all my rights and privileges of being a Chaddict and a certified Chaster if I have to abstain my vote. Definitely not I am sure, but still I find it so very interesting and fun, so fellow Chasters, my final answer, ALL OF THE ABOVE. HOHOHO Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!!

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  9. denb3ar says:
    Everything about Charice was very much anticipated and patiently watched. Can’t get enough of her and your Top 5 list is no exception. Truly its hard to narrow down everything to amazing 5 for everything are exceptional and you are there Charicemania to bring and share us the good news. Job well done!

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    • Donna says:
      I agree with Denb3ar. I myself can’t get enough of her talent. Charice, being vocal about wanting to showcase her talent in acting is no exception. We’ve witnessed her untiring effort/ performances in all of DFF concerts, and solo shows… she’s indeed a “star”!!!

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