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Charice Appears in Japan’s Mezamashi TV

Charice Appears in Japan’s Mezamashi TV

UPDATE: DECEMBER 23, Video with English Subtitles added! Charice continues her promotion tour in Japan with an early morning appearance on Japan’s Mezamashi TV where she performed her cover of John Lennon’s classic “Happy Xmas (War is Over). Word has it that many Japanese got up early to watch Charice perform just before 8a.m. No matter the time of day, Charice never fails to sound studio perfect while on live television. We see the hosts get goosebumps after Charice is asked to sing a bar of “To Love You More” during the interview portion. Charice looks lovely in typical Japanese fashion with black stockings, skirt, a Christmas red top, cropped jacket and her signature hat (as she’s been known to appear in Japan). Immediately after her performance, the host greeted her in her native Filipino language, saying “magandang umaga” [good morning]. Charice likewise delights the audience during the interview with her self-introduction in Japanese “Konnichiwa, watashi wa Sharisu desu, arigatou gozaimashita for all the support.” [Hello, I'm Charice, thank you so much for all the support.] She showed her Japanese edition CD which is enjoying a resurgence on the Japan iTunes charts at no. 12 on the day after her appearance on Mezamashi. The CD has already been Certified GOLD in Japan in late September, just barely three months after it’s release in early July. Charice is in Japan for a few days to take part in Japanese radio station J-Wave’s winter campaign for which her rendition of “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” has been selected as their theme song. J-Wave sponsored a live mini-concert at Tokyo City View at Roppongi Hills on Sunday, Dec 19th, where Charice performed atop the 52nd floor of the landmark building before a select audience of raffle winners and early ticketholders. Her next appearance will be on J-Wave’s “Curious” program on December 30th, from 11:30-14:00 Japan time. And she’ll also return to Tokyo on February 22-23 for two nights of concerts sponsored by Zepp Tokyo. Enjoy the show from Mezamashi TV as Charice performs “Happy Xmas (War is Over)”

Uploaded by Noypi1

And here are what some Japanese were tweeting after the show:

“I want Charice’s CD! It’s quite rare for me to want to listen to (non-Japanese) music.” “I cried after hearing her sing Happy Christmas.” “There was a kid named Charice in this morning’ Mezamashi TV. I checked her out and now I like her.” “I was listening to Charice and I forgot about my cooking!” At one point, “Charice” was also the number one word searched in Google Japan. Check out how she is

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doing in Google trends Japan. Searches for her name peaked right before 8:00 am when she finished her performance. What a successful trip to Japan! by Eve and Mooffin (translations),

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  1. Chet says:

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  2. Hi Ronald, have you been at the David Foster & friends concert in Tokyo last year? Well, we might not have an official Charice fan club in Japan, but when Chasters meet, we simply connect. A lot of us waited for her at the lobby’s entrance after the concert. We basically made “kulit” to the staff and their manager to pls. tell Charice’ team that her fans are dying to meet w/ her. We were rewarded by her presence afterwards. I got a signed CD, stood by her side while she signed them and got to touch her arm from time to time. It was such a blast. I had so much fun with the other Chasters. Such a memorable, fantastice night.

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  3. simply_telai says:
    Guys have you seen this?? Check this out. Charice doing a short cover of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” —–

    I really think she should do this cover on glee.
    Thumbs up if you agree!!!

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  4. Rihr says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • ceedum says:
      I think the morning shows in Japan are similar to the US, where the hosts & its audience are in the older demographics (30+ and older). Right now, she is mainly associated with David Foster whose fans are in that age group. When Charice comes back for her concerts in Feb and releases danceable tunes in both her American and Japanese CDs, she should be appearing in a all music theme MTV type shows & market her music for the younger age group. It would be nice to see her guesting on shows along with Arashi, Utada, KARA & AKB48.

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      • TheVamp says:
        If I see Charice guesting on shows with Arashi such as Music Station, I think I can

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  5. ronealika says:
    Hi Eve and Mooffin. My name is Ronald. I think CHARICE deserves to have the greatest quality vids to share to all of us. As Mr. David Foster said, “It has to be GREAT not GOOD”. That’s why i’m doing my best to share CHARICE’s great quality vids to all CHASTERS around the world. I DON’T CARE if YT keeps deleting all my CHARICE vids, I’ll keep reuploading it then, LOL!

    By the way, i’m just wondering why is there no CHARICE FAN CLUB here in Japan…

    Well, looking forward to meeting you guys. Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year.

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  6. dadartful says:
    Mooffin, thanks for reposting your “Why Charice Is No. 1″ article below. When it first was posted I hurriedly read it, and now reading it again I truly can relate to what you are feeling in your article. I’m a third generation Japanese-American and perfection in everything in life was what I was raised up with. Japanese in general love sad, emotional type of scenarios as typlified in their movies and tv soaps. And I may add Koreans are the same way as their soaps are very popular here in Hawaii. Charice’s down to earth personality and very emotional life story of struggle and success has slowly been exposed to more Japanese tv viewers and they have in a way adopted her as their own. Thanks again and looking forward to more of your articles.
    To all chasters have a Aloha Merry Christmas!!!

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  7. dante says:
    that was amazing. if you noticed, some of the hosts in the show had goosebumps. :D

    just a minor detail, though. it would’ve been nice if the editor of the video spelled “Christmas” properly, instead of “Xmas”.

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    • osuna says:
      not sure if the video editor is japanese or not, bear in mind that japan is not a christian country but yet they were able to decorate the studio with santa claus and all this christian favors, give em a break, they treated charice very well….no big deal i think….PEACE

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    • mooffin says:
      yes, it was indeed amazing!

      the editor was just following how it was originally spelled. we try to be as accurate as possible – john lennon spelled it with an “X” so that is what the editor wrote in the article.

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      • dante says:
        You may be right.

        Lennon wasn’t a Christian, I think. Thus, the “politically-correct spelling.”

        I don’t know. I think it just downgrades the spirit of Christmas. Christ, after all, is the whole reason for this season.

        Just a thought.

        Peace! :)

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        • happykim888 says:
          Hey friend! No need to be offended ;) Using the symbol X for Christ goes back a thousand years at least. And I don’t think they knew what “polically correct” was back then lol! No seriously, X comes from the Greek alphabet. X = chi which is the first letter of the Greek word Christos or Christ.

          I had to endure many years of Catholic school and on our uniforms was what looked like a X with a P over it. For us that represented Christ. Which again comes from the Greek alphabet X=chi and P=rho => Christ.

          So when you see Xmas, you are actually seeing a very old way of writing Christmas.

          I’m a chaster so I have to add a youtube link lol! And actually this editor at Merriam-Webster explains it a lot better than me.
          Peace! ;)

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          • dante says:

            I didn’t know that. Thanks!

            But I wonder if the people who are using the word “xmas” actually have “Christ-mas” in mind.

            Wasn’t Lennon an atheist or at least an agnostic? Maybe that’s the reason why he used “Xmas”…

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        • SatanSon says:

          Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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          • dante says:
            Not a very mature response.

            I don’t know what Lennon’s religious beliefs were. Perhaps the song Imagine gives us a hint of what it might be?

            “Imagine there’s no countries
            It isn’t hard to do
            Nothing to kill or die for
            And no religion too
            Imagine all the people
            Living life in peace”

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          • osuna says:

            LMAO…….Charice is right after all, that some Filipinos are hard to please, and this is one example, I listened to the music and John and Yoko uttered the word “Christmas” over and over again.

            Off topic, now we all know, why there is not very much merchandise around, that are “made in the Philippines”, probably the the negotiator are “hard to please”….LOL
            so the manufacturers just said….never mind…I will go to China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc..etc….LOL …here comes the thumbsdown, na pa pag iwanan tuloy…he…he..he..

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            • dante says:


              Are you referring to me?

              Why do you say I’m hard to please?

              I loved the song, and loved Charice’s rendition of it. I was simply wondering why the title is spelled “Xmas” rather than “Christmas”.

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  8. justcharrie says:
    The buzz on Charice still lingers in Japan as her album keeps on soaring high in iTunes.

    Today at #11 and so HOT!

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  9. 8yerhartawt says:
    I was Feeling motivated today so i have decided to Sub this TV guesting Thanks too Mooffin for the translation and youtube user Ronealika2

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    • starbuck245 says:
      ty, 8yer. That was mighty kind of you. It sure makes the vid more enjoyable to watch and listen.

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  10. rob47 says:

    Oops! I attached the wrong clip! Below is the right one. The earlier video is the the performance of Charice when she was 12 years old!

    By just using the name of CHARICE, this video had over 200,000 hits.

    Trust me. It is entertaining to listen to non-Filipinos singing “Paru Parong Bukid”. And the arrangement is fabulous!

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  11. rob47 says:

    Check this out.

    By just using the name of CHARICE, this video had over 200,000 hits.

    Trust me. It is entertaining to listen to non-Filipinos singing “Paru Parong Bukid”. And the arrangement is fabulous!

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  12. hermiemel says:
    The Japanese are always in pursuit of perfection and Charice at the age of 18 is a perfect blend of youth, beauty, mind blowing voice, experience, lovable personality and huge highly tested talents. Can anybody says “Hello Kitty” cute too?

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  13. chesfern says:
    One of the hosts jokingly commented after they greeted Charice Magandang Umaga :
    UTA MO UMA GA… which means: (Charice) is likewise good at singing.
    UMAi means good, while GA is just a particle (connective). The normal expression is : UTA MO UMAI GA…

    This is what Japanese calls SHARE, generally a witty and funny remark but not corny. Corny jokes are called DAJARE.

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    • mooffin says:
      thanks chesfern! i didn’t think of that =). i thought he just made a mistake and used “umaga” instead of “maganda” to describe her voice.

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      • Mooffin says:
        oops you meant a different person said that, not the man in glasses. i didn’t catch that, you have keen hearing! thanks for sharing =)

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      • chesfern says:
        You’re welcome, moofin. I only wanted everyone here to feel the admiration of the Japanese present for Charice. It is their honest opinion about her and they express their admiration even in jokes (SHARE).

        By the way, this is my first time to post but I have always been a Chaster at heart even when Charice was just starting. I am one of those who can’t have enough of her (Chaddiction at its worst!)

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        • mooffin says:
          i too, lurked for a long time before i started posting here at CM. please do continue to post. and if you are in japan, please let us know if you come across information about charice and please do share with us.

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  14. litodavao says:
    I am a lurker and I noticed lately that the more haters or “crabs” attack Charice’s image, the more the Chasters become solid and united. The more haters showed disrespect and negativity to Charice’s YTs, the more they showed their disturbing personalities and ignorance in Music.

    Furthermore, the more these haters described Charice’s face as ugly like the “ugly duckling”, the more Charice transformed herself into a “beautiful swan” if not, a “Japanese Doll.” I am a man and I am one of those men who truly admired her pure talent and loved her looks today.

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  15. ronealika says:
    To my fellow CHASTERS and to the staff of Charice Mania,

    I had to remove my vid of CHARICE before YT totally delete my YT account, but I already reuploaded it to my other YT account(ronealika2). So please repost it.
    Here’s the link:

    Mabuhay si CHARICE!! Mabuhay ang PILIPINAS!! Mabuhay ang mga PINOY!!

    Merry Xmas to all CHASTERS!

    thank you very much for the Christmas gift! And a Happy New Year to you…
    from Eve

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    • Mooffin says:
      thank you for sharing your videos. i hope that we japan chasters can get to meet some day.

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    • SaTrinomaNagkita says:
      That’s what I have thought earlier when I tried to see again that video in my Japan playlist. Thanks for your efforts and Merry Christmas to you too!

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  16. fef says:
    She is amzing.I think Japanese love her too just because she’s that great & the best. She has the perfect image of an idol worthy to be a model of young generations. Japanese friends that I knew value so much about respect & perfection. Happy Holidays to all.

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  17. windchime says:
    I dont know if i am right or wrong in my assumption…but i believe Charice does not have any say in HOW the song she was asked to sing be sung. The arrangement if i am right was NOT done by her nor approved by her… She is new in the business and even if she is getting to be known now, i dont think she has that much of a clout yet to make any changes to a CLASSIC song that was not approved by the owner of the song. She just did her job…and it was FANTASTIC! The classic version will always be the best, but nowadays if someone can pay for the right to reproduce it and have it arranged the way they want it and hire any singer they choose… should we blame Charice if she diverted from the original arrangement? Yeah… :-p i dont think so!

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  18. spring says:
    Thanks for the translation. But I’m sure the hosts of the program have names posted somewhere…I don’t think to be called “Old man” is very flattering lol. What would he think if he happens to read this article?

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    • eve says:
      @spring – thank you for pointing that out, hope you like the change to “other man” lol. But names wouldn’t help the readers if we don’t know which name refers to which person? I’d be glad to include names (and description) if you’d like to help us out to find “the names posted somewhere.” Good luck reading Japanese, I’m sure it’s in English “somewhere” or what the japanese call “romaji” (roman alphabet used to write kanji-japanese characters).

      I’m grateful to mooffin for posting the translations. A lot of time and effort goes into publishing CM articles by our whole team. Suggestions are appreciated; answers.. even better!


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      • spring says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • eve says:
          No offense was taken and no sarcasm was intended in reply… my apologies if you took it as such. I was sincerely asking if you know the names or can find them, we’d be glad to post it. I chuckled when I read your comment, hence it’s changed.

          Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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          • nordin says:
            Yes “@spring” I beg you to find the names for us? I tried finding it because you said you are sure names have posted somewhere but unfortunately I couldn’t find it.

            I hope you can find it, because it’s really frustating finding things that you cannot find specially when someone thinks it’s there somewhere.

            Now I understand how hard it is to be part of ADMIN’s team and they doing it for free.

            To ADMIN and team I salute you guys for keeping us updated about Charice, you are just like a drug dealer keep on supplying us with different Charice drugs and look what happened to us we become chadictive.

            Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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    • mooffin says:
      my mistake. sorry the translation was written with the purpose of uploading it here at CM and emailing it to our friends over at CTV for subtitling. i needed a description so that our encoder friends could figure out who was saying what. maybe i should have put older man.

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      • Gleekster says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  19. pakiyowfan says:
    i think you deserve a big compliment for being very intelligent and correct with your analysis. Nobody and especially not me has any idea of just how accurate you are in giving yourself the name “sucky” because you really do suck!!! And you really do deserve that title….and i believe that you are the pound for pound greatest “sucky” in the whole world…congrats!!

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    wow! what a powerful vocal range the blending and tone are superb. she’s really gifted.

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  21. starbuck245 says:
    Thank you for the translation, I’m assuming from Moofin via Eve. I love the restraint she shows with this John Lennon song. I’m slowly learning musical terms but I guess what I like is her singing in the “lower register.” All of her songs sung this way get me hitting Replay over and over — “If I Were a Boy” is another example.

    While I’m thrilled for Charice, I am still fascinated by how the Japanese have embraced Charice. For her to solo there with four shows in February before doing this in other countries such as USA, Thailand, Singapore, and even the Philippines, speaks to the strong support for her there as confirmed by super strong ticket sales (are all the standing room only tickets sold out too now?).

    I still remember the comment by a Thai Chaster, something to the effect that Charice makes her feel like “someone” although she is just a “nobody.” I still get choked up when I think about that comment. What is it about Cha that fascinates the Japanese? Inquiring minds, want to know! Moofin…? :)

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    • chit says:
      As I have always wondered before, What is it about Charice that makes her so loved and embraced by the Japanese? We know what Charice stands for, BUT WHAT IS IT REALLY? Anyway, whatever it is, I just would like to thank them for their great enthusiasm and support for Charice.

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      • rob47 says:
        Charice has that “aura” that is hard to explain! She has captured the hearts of Oprah, Ellen, David Foster, Japanese, Italians, Koreans, Thais, Singaporeans and the rest of us, I believe, for the same reason! Just give her more time and she will capture the hearts of the rest of the world! They just have to see her perform.

        And it is our job as Chasters to spread the word and send video clips of her outstanding performances to friends and relatives to show them what they are missing!

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      • chesfern says:
        I think the image of the underdog who went against all odds and came out victorious in the end fascinates not only the Japanese but all people. They love her because she is an Asian (the first) to enter the Top 10 of Billboard, better than their own Kyuu Sakamoto whose song (UE O MUITE ARUKOU) managed to reach only 14th in the charts. Not even their crop of present-day divas (Hikaru Utada, Amie Namuro, etc) have accomplished what Charice did. But more that that, the image of OSHIN in a TV soap could have played a part too. A little girl who suffered a lot and persevered and overcame hardships in life.

        Or maybe because before Charice, they had (and still do) loved Marlene (dela Pena) first who is also Pinay. You see, they have special affinity to our singers.

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    • Mooffin says:
      starbuck245 i asked myself that too hence i wrote this:
      please do read if you haven’t read it yet.

      i really am not sure myself but it’s definitely a combination of factors. but i’d like to think that the appeal she has draws in everyone, whatever nationality they may be.

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