Japan: Charice’s Official Blog

Japan: Charice’s Official Blog

Charice has arrived in Japan and Chasters have another whirlwind of events to look forward to as she starts off with a live performance of “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” at J-Wave radio’s Tokio Hot 100 on Dec. 19. Then she’s going to have a live mini concert at the Tokyo City View of Roppongi Hills on the same day. Next week, Charice will appear live on Mezamashi TV on December 22, Wednesday.

While she’s here, Charice is staying in touch with her fans through her official Japanese blog. Here are translations of the first three blog posts since she arrived.

Click on the entry dates below to go to the official Japanese blog page. Many comments are posted there from Charice’s Japanese fans, but it’s in Japanese of course!

December 17, 23:15:05 entry

Charice Japan Blog 3 Japan: Charices Official Blog“Hello everyone.”

“I know this is sudden but I will be appearing live on Mezamashi TV on Fuji TV next week, on Dec. 22 (Wed)!!”

“I’m really looking forward to it.”

Note at the bottom of the entry:

“Charice will be on Fuji TV’s Mezamashi TV on Dec. 22 (Wed), 5:25am-8:00am. Since this is a live program, please be aware that there may be sudden changes in the program.”

December 17, 21:15:43 entry

Charice Japn Blog 2 Japan: Charices Official Blogai???I Performed My New Song!ai???

ai???Hello everyone. I performed my new song ai???Happy Christmasai??i?? a while ago for the staff of Warner Music Japan.ai???

ai???Have you heard it already?ai???

ai???Warner is also on ai???Happy Christmasai??i?? mode.ai???

ai???I am looking forward to singing in front of all of you on J-Waveai??i??s ai???Happy Christmas Liveai??i?? on December 19 at the Tokyo City View, the observation deck of Roppongi Hills.ai???

ai???I am so thankful that I was able to come back to Japan.ai???

December 17, 18:45:43 entry

Charice Japn blog 1 Japan: Charices Official Blog“I arrived in Japan (sniff)!!!”

“Good evening everyone.”

“I finally arrived in Japan. I’m surprised it’s cold in Tokyo too.”

“And now i just arrived at Warner Music Japan.”

“The staff welcomed me this way.” (picture)

“I am very happy I’m back in Japan.”

“I want to meet all of you soon.”

Charice Japan1 168x300 Japan: Charices Official BlogDecember 18 12:52:01 entry

“Gone out for a bit”

“I went http://nictis.ru/buying-cannabis-seeds-legal-in-uk/ out for a while in between work.”

“I soooo look forward to shopping here when I can come to Japan.”

“If I have time, I’d like to shop some more.”

Jpan Charice1 Japan: Charices Official BlogDecember 18 18:27:33 entry

“In a TV program’s dressing room”

“Hello everyone.”

“I’m about to shoot a TV program.”

“It’s drawing time in the http://webdesignbucket.com/zyban-cost-canada/ dressing room before the shooting starts.”

“Some of the staff said my drawing’s a little scary.”

“What do you think?”


Charice Drawing Japan1 Japan: Charices Official BlogDecember 18 19:26:17

“Just right before shooting”

“I’m so preoccupied with drawing right before shooting starts.”

“This time I’m going to draw a cute picture.”

“Maybe I’ll show Buy lady era pills you later what I drew after I’m done drawing.”

“I’ll tell you more about the TV program later ok?”


Check back often as we update you with translations of new blog posts right here at Charicemania.

Don’t forget too to watch Episode 5 of “30 Days With Charice” documentary, which is all about Charice’s very first visit to Japan on the launch of her Japanese CD

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And if you haven’t downloaded it yet, Happy Christmas (War Is Over) is now available on iTunes (please check your country’s iTunes).

by Mooffin, charicemania.com

34 Responses to “Japan: Charice’s Official Blog”

  1. 1604-bg says:

    Charice now enjoy herself in Tokyo. Besides Featuring on TV she went to the Kiddyland to buy some thing good for her. It`s very good for her to have some free time in Tokyo to spend it for herself only. She is simply a young girl too, should learn other cultures , customs, lifestyles, and mentalities.

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  2. Moira_Inori says:
    I sometimes think Chasters would one day need to put up a UN-like diplomatic service, like embassies in every country, for all the Chaster-translators needed to keep up with Charice as she sweeps across the globe. I rather think that idea wouldn’t be so far off. ^_^

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    • mooffin says:
      that would be awesome…especially in japan she is getting bigger and bigger and there will be more tv appearances, magazine interviews etc. justcharrie and i might need some help LOL.

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  3. justcharrie says:
    still hoping for an upload of her radio interview, and if lucky enough, a video of her mini show at Roppongi Hills. Urgh..

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    • mooffin says:
      justcharrie me too…although they will air the mini live on nhk tv in january! check out my report at the charice j-wave radio interview article.

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      • justcharrie says:

        yeah i saw it. with Charice getting bigger in Japan we might not cope up with all her radio and tv appearances…plus articles written about her…lol, we need a radar now.

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  4. osuna says:

    If you are lurking, Charice dont need TV5…GMA…ABS-CBN..
    Spend your time like you did on your 18th birthday in lieu of guesting with this giant network, this children needs you more than those rich producer /owners…..make a mistake and it will turn into a big issue…..(negative). Bless you Charice, wherever you are ….PEACE…enjoy your short stay and avoid “intrigue”..you dont need that !!!

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    • Cloudstrife says:
      There are many Filipinos who loves Charice but couldn’t afford to regularly check her performances in the web. She’s an inspiration to a lot of people.

      There might be some truth about these networks but this is a quicker and best way for them to see her perform again this Christmas time. This is also to maintain her links with a wider audience. If she can do both, it will be best this Christmas.

      MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Properous New Year to Everyone.

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  5. Marriott says:
    Thank you Charice we are very happy to see you again todoay at J-wave mini concert. She sang 3 songs : pyramid, In this Song and Happy Christmas (War is Over). Imitated Lady GagA(Bad Romance) Justin Bieber (Baby) & Britney Spears ( sorry I do not know the song)
    Watching you singing live is very nice Christmas gift for my self

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    • mooffin says:
      you were there too! it was a nice mini concert…

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      • marriott says:
        Hi Moofin, I wished we have met! We were 5 of us came to watched her. We were arrived at 5:15 and the was very long already. Merry Christmas to you.

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  6. 1604-bg says:
    Happy Xmas(War is over) is already No. 3 in the Tokyo Hot 100.

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  7. 1604-bg says:
    Very thanks Mooffin for good translations from japanese, one of the most difficult language. You and Justcharrie are great Chasters in Japan and our important reporter from the land of Rising Sun. Merry Xmas to you and all Chasters in Japan.

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    • mooffin says:
      it is indeed a difficult language LOL. you’re most welcome though =). happy holidays to you too!

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    • justcharrie says:

      with it being difficult, still having a hard time understanding all. thank God there’s mooffin! Happy X’mas Chasters all over the world!

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  8. kikoro says:
    charice i think she has japanese bloodline .. she really look like japanese…

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  9. Arianna says:
    Awesome. Thanks for translating some of her blog entries. Now I am really curious as to what other TV program would she be appearing in apart from the Mezamashi TV one.

    Ahhh. Can’t wait to see more Japan guestings.

    Hopefully, she’d promote her concert there next February in a lot of TV shows. <3

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  10. lola-elrem says:
    is charice celebrating christmas at her tagaytay home?

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  11. EBjohns11 says:
    wow i like her blog, that is great. one more thing to follow hehe.

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  12. minbeauty8 says:
    millions and millions of people love Charice…it covers all ages…the young and the old… and the coming new year children will be filled with joys witnessing their own Disneyland called Enchanted Kingdom with Charice singing for them…what a treat and jubilations she is bringing to the world…thanks Kenshin for the link.

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  13. Ate Lina says:
    I’m happy for Charice! She’s having a fun time in Japan right now though she is there to work still . But she is in a new environment and she is having fun doing her job. Japan sure loves her and this promotions she is doing right now for her upcoming solo concert in February will establish her status in Japan as an upcoming superstar in the music industry.

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  14. flowjams21 says:
    That’s How Japan Loves Charice…..n hope those filipino’s who aren’t likes Charice,please,do a little respects…even for your loved country….give some credits for Charice that will uphill your flag around the globe.If other country will support Charice,why not Filipino’s?please…hope my opinion will not be misinterpret into a negative views.Merry Xmas Chaster’s All over the World,LOVE & PEACE!

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  15. 8yerhartawt says:
    ahh so that means she will be in another TV program i wonder wut…. mmmmmm

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  16. Zee says:
    lol I love what she drew haha

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 23 Thumb down 1

  17. Luisa says:
    I know that charice is now back in the Philippines for a short time, isn’t she guesting in any TV network there for Christmas celebration??

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 19 Thumb down 2

    • I’d rather hope she won’t… In reality, I don’t want our princess to be associated with any local media network here in the PI… Why? To make my point clear, I’m not in anyway inciting negativity towards my own race… with that said, I, (who unfortunately have been and is still being currently exposed to many local media’s power plays for almost all my life -about 20 years-), knew that these “big” networks are just lobbying for a chance to use Charice and her fame or any other up and coming artists and use them in achieving the hospital’s own goals… If i were to be asked i’d rather prefer Charice to pick people she can trust with her life as escorts…

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  18. justcharrie says:
    Yey just a few days away…so nice to be seeing her again on Japan TV program.

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  19. kenshin says:
    sorry off topic, but this is for Chasters – Philippine chapter

    Enchanted Kingdom, our country’s very own version of Disneyland, will celebrate the arrival of the New Year with a very loud bang with international singing superstar, Charice Pempengco!

    “Enchanting New Year’s Cheers with Charice” is still part of Enchanted Kingdom’s 15th anniversary, year-round schedule of festivities.

    Join this enchanting treat to start off the New Year and troop to Enchanted Kingdom to witness this once in a lifetime spectacle of song and soul on January 9, 2011 at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Admission is free with every purchase of a Regular Day Pass or Carousel Special ticket.

    “Enchanting New Year’s Cheers with Charice” is definitely THE event to welcome 2011! Enchanted Kingdom’s New Year salvo, made enchanting by Charice, will be the biggest opening event of the New Year, so don’t miss it!

    May the magic of Enchanted Kingdom stay with you always!

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  20. mpasig52 says:
    I am happy for you on your trip to Japan, Charice. Japan loves you!

    I hope you that you will come home to the Philippines for Christmas. Take care!

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  21. rabbit says:
    From the biggest music market, US, to the second biggest, Japan, Charice is fast gaining upper ground.

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  22. Princess Serena says:
    I do hope that someone can translate the comments of the japanese in her blog. ;D

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    • Yobhtron says:
      You can translate the page into the language of your liking by using Google translate. Visit translate.google.com and paste the web address.

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