Charice LIVE on Japan’s J-Wave Radio, December 19

Charice LIVE on Japan’s J-Wave Radio, December 19

So we’ve heard her sing Jingle Bell Rock and Grown-up Christmas List live. If one of your Christmas wishes is to hear her sing Happy Christmas live, this is your chance! Don’t live in Japan? No problem, you can still listen online. Chasters worldwide, mark your calendars! Charice will be a guest at the Japanese radio station J-Wave on Sunday, December 19! With her cover version of the Lennon classic initially charting in at number 6 on J-Wave’s Tokio Hot 100, she will be interviewed in the same program and will sing Happy Christmas (War is Over) live!

2010 12 17 JapanArrival2 Charice LIVE on Japans J Wave Radio, December 19

Here she is singing Happy Christmas at Warner Music Japan (courtesy of her Japanese blog)

You can listen to Tokio Hot 100 online here. Click on the “Listen Now” button at the left side of the screen. The program airs from 1:00 pm – 4:54 pm Japan time (12:00 noon – 3:54 pm Philippine time and 8:00 pm – 11:54 pm Los Angeles time on Saturday, December 18). According to her Japanese website, she will be on the air at around 3:00 pm. And that’s

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not all! Exclusively for Japan-based listeners, J-Wave will be giving away a Christmas ornament with a hand-written message on it from Charice! If you win, it will be delivered to you just in time for Christmas. How awesome is that? So don’t forget to tune in and listen to Charice LIVE and find out how to win that ultra-special Christmas ornament! by Mooffin,

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  1. 1604-bg says:

    Chasters in Japan will hear Charice on radio J-WAVE again.
    WANER MUSIC JAPAN inform that Charice will feature as a guest star in J-WAVE[CURIOUS]. Emcee is Ms. Kris Tomoko, and this program will be aired on 30th. Dec. from 11:30 -14:00.

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  2. 1604-bg says:
    All Chasters, here you can here Chas interview by J-WAVE on 19th.dec

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  3. rudiman29 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • DENNIS says:
      I don’t think it is discrimanation, I think it is a lack of understanding. I am white, when I was station in South East Asia, All the Fillipina entertainers would perform at the clubs on base. They were AWSOME!!!!!! The only people from the US who knew about them were American service men. Fillapinos have many talented singers. What is needed is exposer to the rest of the world. Charice is opening that world up to you, she is paving the way and she has what it takes to be a super star. What she needs is 100% support from all us to be successful. Now Iknow that some may like her, but those of us who love her out number them. By the way what pinoy singer is love around the world today , who sale out her concerts and recieves standing ovations every where she goes and has sung with superstars Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion and Josh Groban. tell me who!!!!!!!!

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      • BudNoy says:
        I always checked her website and see the latest happening. She always incredibly superb when she sings.She always put tears in my eyes every time I listen to her songs. Thats why she number one to me no matter what they say. The only one that will make the best rendition for all the songs she will sing.

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  4. rob47 says:
    To All Chasters:

    Check this out!

    It is incredible that Charice “Happy CHRISTMAS (war is over)” by John Lennon is now # 3 in Japan considering that Japan is not even a predominantly Christian country! More power to Charice in Japan and the rest of the world!

    Also, there is no denying that Charice’s CHRISTMAS performance at the Rockefeller Center in NY was the best one. The number of hits on youtube would attest to this fact. Her “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Grown Up Christmas List” have 180,000 & 127,000 number of hits on youtube as of this writing. The second best in terms of number of hits on youtube is 55,000. Even the biggest name in the event has mereley 49,000 views. The ratio is over 3 to 1, which means that for every viewer who wants to see the second best, three would want to see Charice.

    And what is more interesting is that the number of viewership on youtube of Charice’s performance at the Rockefeller Center CHRISTMAS Special is even higher than ALL OF THE OTHER ARTISTS COMBINED!!!

    I hope that Team Charice will release a major CHRISTMAS album next year and make it available in stores!

    Lastly, I would want to take this opportunity to greet Charice, Mom Racquel, Carl, All Chasters around the world, and everyone else a Very Merry CHRISTMAS and a Wonderful New Year!

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  5. 1604-bg says:
    No,1 and 2 are japanese artists, Cha is No,1 form foreign artists, even Black Eyed Peas is behind Cha. WOW!

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  6. 1604-bg says:
    Happy Xmas(War is over) is already No. 3 in the Tokyo Hot 100.

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  7. cesjj1058 says:
    How I wish I could buy any of charice CD’s. I’m here working in the Middle East. Hmm, Hopefully I can buy it when I go vacation in Phils.

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  8. thots_n_notions says:
    hope you guys are ready. here’s an alternate link just in case you’re having difficulties connecting… i’m listening now but Charice isn’t on yet…it’s Ai on air now. Any live streaming link?

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  9. chit says:
    Folks, Please, please post any video about Charice’s Japan appearance. We beg you. Thank you very much and God bless your kind hearts.

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  10. rudiman29 says:
    In reply to those who destroy charice.they just want to be famous too, but they dont have the talents like she has.Badmouthing that is the talent of these people,these kind of people are just liabilities to the Filipino race, nuissance to the society.They dont have the love of their family ,or dont even educated by their parents.their attitude shows what kind of parents do they have.Same of course.So be understandable to these people.they are part of the Satan disciples sent to this world full of jealousy,regrets,devilish,etc to destroy and confused good people. thannk you…

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  11. 1604-bg says:
    Chasters in Japan!

    Look out this!
    This could be a great song.

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  12. thots_n_notions says:
    Charice on J-wave playing right now 14:53

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  13. Two hubdred sixty ( 260 ) nillion hits in Tou Tube per our Webscribes !

    Holy Cow Charice !

    Another 250 million after her return to Glee ?

    Its really nice to “Dream ” and be part of the ride …..

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  14. kristen says:
    Merry Christmas Charice and to all Chasters !!

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  15. rob47 says:
    Reminder to All Chasters!

    We only have one week left to buy Charice’s CDs for our “Secret Santa”. Be sure to add Charice’s CDs on your last minute Christmas shopping list and be counted. Call the store near you (Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc) for availabity of the CD or just simply look at the CD section. Ask the cashier or any employee of the electronics/music department if you can’tfind it.

    Make LAfan’s “Operation Chasters White Elephant” a Big SUCCESS and
    you’ll be Glad you did!

    Enjoy the rest of the Season!

    PS: Buy Charice’s CHRISTMAS Album from

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  16. jay-o says:
    kb117: @ all, regarding the offensive FB page [link] , there is a link at the bottom left “Report Page” [link] hope this help to shut down said page

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    • nautilus_stone says:
      Thanks for the info. I have already reported the page to help shut down the Anti-Charice Pempengco page.

      EVERYONE!!! Let us UNITE and REPORT this page to help shut down Anti-Charice Pempengco account in Facebook.

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  17. rotciv says:
    Wow Charice, Merry Christmas to you, chasters and the people of the world. God bless everyone!

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  18. Arianna says:
    She will be making a live appearance on Mezamashi TV on the 22nd of Dec according to her Japanese blog.

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  19. 1604-bg says:
    Charice will be appeared on FUJI TV[Mezamashi telev]
    on 22nd.dec. This is LIVE program,so can be changed.

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  20. justcharrie says:
    yey love seeing her in sneakers again, so cute. haayyy…the online broadcast doesn’t work on my end…

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    • mooffin says:
      oh no justcharrie! is there anyone else who can’t access it? overseas chasters, could you try and let us know?

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      • mdsjr says:
        There is the sign Now On Air and the button “Listen Now”. When the button is clicked, a player pop out but it doesn’t play. A message appears and it say (rough translation) “Error occurred, can’t play a sound”. Accessing J-wave Radio from PH.

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      • justcharrie says:
        huhu moofin, sad can’t join the contest…

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  21. jemgirl says:
    Merry Christmas Charice !! You will do good in Japan !! Take care of your health !! We LOVE JAPAN !!

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  22. Yobhtron says:
    Japanese Chasters will be merry and bright this December. Charice will surely mesmerize them all.

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  23. 1604-bg says:
    On 17th Dec. Cha`s Happy Xmas initially charting in at number 5 on J-Wave’s Tokio Hot 100

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  24. mooffin says:
    just to clarify, charice will be a guest at j-wave radio and sing live first then she will have her mini live concert at tokyo city view. both appearances will be on dec. 19. for those of you who can’t make it to the mini live concert, j-wave says they will air the footage on dec. 25.

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  25. mooffin says:
    Charice’s Japanese blog post reads:

    “I Performed My New Song!”

    “Hello everyone. I performed my new song ‘Happy Christmas’ a while ago for the staff of Warner Music Japan.”

    “Have you heard it already?”

    “Warner is also on ‘Happy Christmas’ mode.”

    “I am looking forward to singing in front of all of you on J-Wave’s ‘Happy Christmas Live’ on December 19 at the Tokyo City View, the observation deck of Roppongi Hills.”

    “I am so thankful that I was able to come back to Japan.”

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  26. Amor says:
    Yaaaaay! Me and my friends will Be there at roppongi hills on Sunday. C u there charice!!! Can’t wait

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    • stefie2325 says:
      you are a lucky lad amor! don’t forget to share with us your experience with Charice…can’t wait for the vids on this event..merry xmas to you and your family! muah from kuwait!

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