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ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? Episode 5: Charice Takes Japan

ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? Episode 5: Charice Takes Japan

ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? is a documentary by Emmy-award winning director Matthew Mills, cut into four-minute-episodes with new ones released every Wednesday and Friday on

Previous Episode

The fourth episode showed us how much Charice loves performing and interacting with her fans. After taking New York City by storm, Los Angeles was next on Chariceai??i??s list. She performed at the 13th annual Wango Tango by KIIS FM at the Staples Center. But before enchanting the crowd with her incredible voice and moves, she focused on her devoted Chasters ai??i?? posing for photos and signing autographs and making sure that no one left empty-handed. After a fun and successful live performance with Iyaz of their no. 1 hit, Pyramid, the dayai??i??s not yet over for the hardworking Charice. She headed to the recording studio and started working on her cover of Ayaka Mikazukiai??i??s ai???Crescent Moonai???.

Charice Takes Japan

After crossing America from the east coast to the west, Charice is headed to another continent for a new round of album promotions ai??i?? and weai??i??re tagging along for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Chariceai??i??s first-ever trip to the amazing Tokyo, Japan.

Arriving at the Warner Music headquarters in Japan, Charice is greeted by applause from the warm Japanese crowd. Marc Johnston, her manager, comments Order cefadroxil for acne that this is a special opportunity for Charice and itai??i??s great being given top priority as sheai??i??s also Asian like the Japanese, and better yet, as Japan is the second largest music market in the whole world.

Charice immediately gets prepped for the showcase attended by whoai??i??s who in Japanai??i??s music, print, TV, radio and online world. With make-up, hair, and sound check done, sheai??i??s ready (though understandably nervous) to win over the hard-to-impress Japanese. Johnston has full confidence that sheai??i??ll do wonderfully and quotes David Fosterai??i??s ai???laser beamai??? description of Charice.

After sharing her background and her road to being an international superstar discovered through YouTube, Charice belts out the David Foster-written ai???In This Songai??? which garnered applause and cheer from the audience. Fast one-on-ones with countless reporters and writers gave Charice the chance to express herself on who she is as an artist and as Charice said, ai???to get a sense of who I am and what Iai??i??m all aboutai???.

After charming them with her courteous bows and memorized Japanese phrases, Charice seem so happy with the reaction they had about her talent and their excitement for her album release. She said their good feedback might be caused of her being also Asian, but who could even question that race-factor when she is actually the very first Asian to break into the top 10 in Billboardai??i??s Top 200 album chart ai??i?? of course,Ai?? thatai??i??s really something to be proud of.

Day 2 in Tokyo means a photo shoot for Chariceai??i??s new album cover exclusive for the Japanese edition. Looking ai???really J-popai??? with her white fedora, monochromatic outfit and iron-straight hair, she totally got the ai???itai??? look to pair with her already amazing voice. Even for those who canai??i??t understand Japanese, the final album cover still makes you want to buy one because of Chariceai??i??s killer-stare that oozes superstar confidence. And itai??i??s not only us Chasters who can sense Chariceai??i??s potential, 40-time Grammy Award nominee, David Foster, also sees the possibility that Charice will be the next world superstar, considering especially her huge following from the very populous Asia.

Episode 5: Charice flies to Japan to to meet the press and star in a special photo shoot

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Whatai??i??s Next?

Chariceai??i??s Asian country-hopping continues in episode six, and her stop? Her homeland, the Philippines! Her family has planned a little birthday party for her, but being the very generous soul that Charice is, she also decides to celebrate her birthday by performing for some disadvantaged children. Coming home is something thatai??i??s always memorable, and luckily, we get to see everything that needs to be seen this Friday in the sixth episode of ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? at

By Sofia Carrera,

31 Responses to “ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? Episode 5: Charice Takes Japan”

  1. Pure Brown44 says:

    Can’t get enough of charice every episode is too short for me, lol!

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  2. Karinyoso says:

    Hi to all fellow Chasters, thank you so much for posting this video, I hope 2011 will be more success for our Princess. Happy Holiday to all…

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  3. EBjohns11 says:
    I love following this show from TEEN. i had seen some of familiar faces of Chasters! Like Tintol, Alex, Ed, Mark, hehehe, its so cute!!

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  4. abi says:
    I was wondering if Korea is part of the documentary. C’mon I wanna see the, behind the scenes of Star King. ;(

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  5. richard says:
    i feel incomplete without charice’s appearances, tv shows, guestings, videos etc.. she’s my vitamins, oxygen, fuel, the reason why i want to live another day by day by day by day…….

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  6. kate says:
    japanese people loves her.. wow.. go go go.. kirei..

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  7. rob47 says:
    Reminder to All Chasters!

    We only have one week left to buy Charice’s CDs for our “Secret Santa”. Be sure to add Charice’s CDs on your last minute Christmas shopping list and be counted. Call the store near you (Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc) for availabity of the CD or just simply look at the CD section. Ask the cashier or any employee of the electronics/music department if you can’tfind it.

    Make LAfan’s “Operation Chasters White Elephant” a Big SUCCESS and
    you’ll be Glad you did!

    Enjoy the rest of the Season!

    PS: Buy Charice’s CHRISTMAS Album from

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  8. uniquecharm_24 says:
    Charices rocks down the whole asia, here in canada my sister bought charice cd’s to give as a gift to her canadians co worker, and they are all delighted for such a great talent…. lets help charice here in our own little way i’ll be back in california i’ll do the same,,, proud to be filipino and proud to be asian…. yes there will be difficult moments for you cha but your chasters will be here to support and pray for you all throughout your career….God bless!!

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  9. Fly N Dance says:
    and influential label, manager, producer, publicist & great and loyal fans = superstardom

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  10. Fly N Dance says:
    Charice has talent plus back up from strong media connections = superstardom

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  11. Princess Serena says:
    30 days with charice…31 days with chasters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

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  12. Amor says:
    Who wouldn’t love our princess? She’s just so charming and cute! Japanese love Charice!

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  13. Maria Jane says:
    Yes, Mpasig52 Charice is star of the world. Those people in tv talk shows who said she is like a “mangigisda” should remember that Charice was givente h big break here int eh US. And its teh US mgt that gave her a recording contract so the US commitmetns is her primary concern, not tv shows in the PI. Besides if she was sick and advised to rest for a few days (to be ready for the show in Rockefeller,NY) she just cant be flying back to the Phil and tape that Christmas show and fly back here again for the US shows in a short time. It is really disheartening that these people uses the media to malign Charice because they have nothing to say anyway. They forget that before Oprah discovered Charice, did these TV execs there even noticed her? I am sosrry for bringing that article again in MB but I just can’t help but share my thougths on that and from here I move on..

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    • eve says:
      I don’t know what a mangigisda is and sounds like it’s better off if I don’t know it anyway. I hate “intrigues” such as you have in PH so I just don’t read the articles there. The title was enough to tell me ‘not worth reading.’ I do love this episode of Charice’s first visit to Japan… AWESOME RECEPTION by the Japanese media… yehey!
      At the Top of the World, Baby!

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  14. starbuck245 says:
    These segments need to be 8 minutes. Four minutes in Japan is too fast. I hope a DVD version is released with additional footage and mini-interviews with Cha the people around her. I would love to see more of the behind the scenes and day to day activities that may seem boring to people in the business but unknown to those of us on the outside.

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  15. I have always wondered why Charice and Asians in general have difficulty making it in America . I say tough , David F says a melting pot of many many talents ,unbelievable competion etc.

    My friends say “hidden bias” . Taboo and never discussed. They made a preety convincing case

    Heard . With over 3 billion Asian people, only one ! ( Charice ) reached Top Ten Billboard ? Talent connected , the group think not .Where are the extra beautiful, talented Indian beauty queens ?

    South American and African-Americans seem no problem. Its the
    ” Mold ” . They are fixtures of the scenery already and part of history and geography. Charice is destined to toil as she represent the converse , open the gates for Asians.What destiny !

    Mixed bloods, Japanese, Pilipinos, Chinese and koreans in the ” mold ” seem to have fared better

    Can not break it with the best talent , Management team and horrendous backing ? Has to be white or black to be good and score ?

    Let us criss-cross China, Japan , Brazil, Portugal ,Korea and more.
    These times are near , the bias is weakening Charice , and you will do it , the right person to do it.! The Americas are looking to the East today.

    Webscribes , this sound racist and may even hurt Charice. But this is the way 15 people discussed it.

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    • trust says:
      hola kakawati I just wanted to say something here I see there is a lot of confusion,starting at mexico …means my country is not considered part of “south-america” but noth america in fact my countrie’s name is ” ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS DE NORTEAMERICA ” RESUME IT : MEXICO. if you see tv. there are a lot of asians already making a name. in music scene there are a few but the truth is no one comes close to charice and thats why no one made it before as charice is doing it now,it is not about mold look glee or any tv show ,any movie,there are a lot of great asians representing the whole asia years ago.
      do you know utada hikaru? she already made it in usa but most people dont know..look at some of her achievements,She was described by Time Magazine as a “Diva On Campus,” a reference to her having attended Columbia University for a brief, career-break semester in 2000 she is 27 years old Utada is most well known in the West for making two theme song contributions to Square Enix and Disney’s collaborative video game series Kingdom Hearts: “Simple and Clean” (which is the re-written English version of her 10th Japanese single Hikari) for Kingdom Hearts and “Passion” for Kingdom Hearts II (later re-recorded with new English lyrics as “Sanctuary” for the North American and European releases of the game) In 2007, her single “Flavor of Life” reached number 2 in worldwide digital download yearly single chart with over 7.2 million downloads,and contributes to 12 million digital sales for her over the same year,Utada has had twelve number-one singles on the Oricon Singles chart, with two notable record achievements for a female solo or group artist: five million-sellers and four in the Top 100 All-Time Best-selling Singles. Utada has an estimated more than 52 million records sold in Japan only…my point is.. why charice is the first one to reach top 10 billboard? because shes the best ever from asia,she is the one and I think it will be very..very hard for future asians achieve what charice is doing now if someone ever comes that famous after her..time will tell if I’m right or wrong but I bet on my theory merry christmas and sorry about my english skills :)

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      • Thanks for the comments TRUST.

        Precisely . Ms. Utada , with all her talents never got to the mainstream of American music. The nearest Asian personality mentioned was Ms. Lea Salonga of the Philipines also , winner of Tony and Olivier Awards , Peoples Choice, Disney , the darling of West End London and Broadway. But this is still the theater.! Mulan I , the Lion King…she did not make it too ..and she is brilliant,confident and pretty. Strong arguments really.

        But I agree 100 % with you. Never has there been anyone who can challenge Miriah, Witney, and Celine all at the same time , be alongside Justine Bieber , Britney ,Bruno Mars, Ne-O at 18 !

        Such talent !
        Unfortunately , she is one (1) in 3 billion today!

        Had a difficult time arguing the converse.

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        • trust says:
          hope they are more to come,Asia is huge !! I agree with you, what I think and maybe I’m wrong ie: japan singers dont try to penetrate the us market,they dont sing in english,they dont need,they are well known in asia,selling millions of albums and earning a lot of money,same as some singers from different countries in Asia. maybe if they try? if they try to cross the barrier? I mean if they realy have the desire to make it global and they have what it takes to make it as a global superstar and Icon.I dont know. as you said it is very complex and there are a lot of things involved but bottom line is thanks charice the doors are open for anyone that at least make a try and that is the most important thing right now,charice has paved the way to future singers with enough talent to make it global as I’m pretty sure more than one will dare and try in the future,they must realize how good you must be despite of looks since that barrier is already broken,I wish all of them good luck and keep going,if you have it you’ll get!! it merry christmas kakawati1000 !!!

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      • lito says:

        Trust, I completely agree with you.

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  16. orolph says:
    there’s just no stopping charice now, no matter what some filipino “crabs” try to do in order to drag our princess down. talent and humility – what a dynamic combination! at the top, baby!

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  17. stefie2325 says:
    glad i catch this today…it’s really short..was kinda hoping it’ll not end..but it’s okay…a lot of time and space for the next the Japanese people for thier remarkable and tremendous supprot for our princess..makes me cry again when i see Charice sharing her humble beginings and now how big she is right now…i love you so much Charice and i’ll go nowhere coz wherever you are ..i’ll be just right here…supporting you and praying for you! thank you…you rock guys! merry xmas! muah from kuwait!

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    • chit says:
      Like you Stefie, I also cried watching this. I don’t know why. I also wished it was longer. I truly admire the Japanese people for their support (and love?) for Charice. Our princess deserves all these, doesn’t she? God bless her.

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  18. WebScribes says:
    What a great Christmas present for us Chasters – Thanks

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  19. justcharrie says:
    Whatta girl! I got nervous just watching her showcasing her talent in front of the who’s who in Japanese music scene. I was the one who felt the pressure, lol. Thanks it’s already done and as we all know, she definitely won them over with her album reaching Gold status just a few months after its released. This episode coincidenced with her being here in Japan now and that she couldn’t wait to go home to the Philippines. I hope she can stop by to her beloved country after her gigs and have that big smile on her face when she gets to see her family and friends again.

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  20. tnt says:
    very nice production…nakakabitin lol

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  21. syamasundara says:
    We had known Japan as a country who loved their own work, their technology, culture and Art is simply embraces by their own people.

    Many Artist attempt to grace their market as far as recording is concern but most of them failed, but who ever made it came out big as a renowned Artist.

    It seems that they can easily detect art, talent and triumph over a certain way.

    Charice proved himself in Japanese market start with her beautiful voice, looks
    (as Anime? well I guess), rag to riches type of story and being professional artist. Japanese is not just simply a fan; we can consider them as a sign that once they love you as an Artist, then you’re an Artist.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Eyes can see emotions and soul
    Emotions can be translated into words
    Words can be narrated into a Voice
    Voice can be an interpret into Songs
    And Songs is an expression with no exception

    Syamasundara “/

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  22. mpasig52 says:
    Charice, we miss you here in the Philippines but it’s OK, we are more than willing to share you with the rest of the world. You are the Star of the world!

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  23. Stockpicker says:
    With such gleeful humility, Charice will undoubtedly conquer the world with her music. Go girl go, keep your spirits high… it’s your destiny!!!

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  24. MrAspirant08 says:
    Charice will be a household name all over the world…

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