“Wherever You Are” by Unique feat. Charice now available!

“Wherever You Are” by Unique feat. Charice now available!

DEC 22. UPDATE: UNIQUE “FROM BROOKLYN TO YOU” TRAILER VIDEO ADDED Hello Chasters! Remember being surprised by a sample of a new song featuring Charice made available on Youtube? The wait is over! “Wherever You Are” by Unique featuring Charice is now available!

As of this writing, the song is only available on iTunes Japan. You may, however, buy Unique’s CD “From Brooklyn To You” which contains the song from HMV Japan. HMV Japan delivers to most countries in the world.

HMV sat down with the two to talk about their collaboration.

Please introduce yourselves.

Unique: What’s up! I’m Unique.
Charice: I’m Charice!
Unique: We are both in Los Angeles now and I’m so excited because I just collaborated with Charice on a song and we just finished recording it right now. I would like all of you to listen to it – it’s called “Wherever You Are”. It’s dope!
Charicei?sYup, it’s dope! (laughs)

Tell us about your first impression of each other.

Charice: He’s a wonderful person. I’ve met him once before but we never had the chance to work together so it’s really great that we were able to collaborate now. It’s important to me to work with people who are able to say that they are good. I don’t think I want to work with people who think that they aren’t good. That’s the important thing for me.
Unique: She’s a really cool girl and talented too. She has a mature, wonderful voice. I think we were able to create a very good song.

How long have you known each other?

Unique: This is the second day I’ve really known her (laughs). Charice and I met a year ago. I saw her rehearse for Oprah’s show before. Her voice was wonderful then, and now, one year later, we are working together in the studio so I’m really happy. We met one year ago, and now we are here working Purchase lady era reviews together.

Charice is also Asian, have you been to Asia before Unique?

Unique: I haven’t been yet. I am looking forward to learning about Asian culture and meeting different kinds of people. I am also curious about (Asian) fashion, and I want to try different kinds of food too.

You are singing a song produced by Jeff Miyahara, a Japanese producer. What did you think when you first heard the song?

Unique: I am really honored that someone like me from Brooklyn was able to work with Japan’s number one producer. Of course Charice is also wonderful. It’s a great track, has wonderful lyrics and with both of our voices mixed with these – I think we were able to create a powerful song.
Charice: When I first heard it I thought that the lyrics, as well as the melody and the beat were powerful. Jeff is a great guy, and interesting as well. It was easy to work with him, so it was good.

Who wrote the song?

Unique: Claude Kelly and I wrote it. I want to create timeless songs that people of all ages can relate to. It’s a song that, when you close your eyes, makes you feel close http://weddingdjspain.com/2018/02/11/order-alavert-coupon/ to a person you want to be with even though you aren’t together all the time.

Tell us more about Claude Kelly.

Unique: Claude’s like a brother to me, we’ve been working together for a long time. He’s written songs for Britney (Spears) and (Cristina) Aquilera. He’s been successful worldwide so I’m really happy.

What’s your impression of the Japanese music scene?

Unique: Honestly speaking, I would like to know more about many things. I know I want to go to Japan as soon as I can.

Charice, you know a lot (about Japan) right?

Charice: I covered Ayaka’s “Crescent Moon”. It’s included in my album.

Do you like Japanese music?

Charice: Yes, I do. J-Pop right?
Unique: I don’t really know much about the Japanese music scene but I do know that my song was number 4 in Japan’s iTunes so I am part of the Japanese music scene, right?! (laughs)

What inspired you to become a singer?

Unique: That’s hard. I grew up creating music. Even before I started talking, I was already humming (songs). I am inspired by my experiences in life. I convey in songs what I can’t say in words. I am inspired everyday.
Charice: I was inspired by my Mom who was singing in a band when I was little. I asked her to teach me how to sing.
Unique: Your mom must be great…
Charice: She’s really good. She recorded a song in the Philippines.
Unique: Wow! That’s exciting.

Brooklyn has produced a lot of hip hop artists – which rappers do you want to collaborate with?

Unique: Yes, Brooklyn is famous for turning out a lot of rappers. I want to collaborate with Jay-Z, Lil’ Kim, Fabolous and others. I don’t think there are a lot of collaborations between artists from the same place like Brooklyn, especially R&B artists.

As a singer, is there anything you want to try out in the future?

Charice: People think I’m a simple person but I want to http://nictis.ru/hydrochlorothiazide-buy/ be in movies. I would like to try being in a movie like “Grease”. That kind of movie would be perfect.

Please give a message to your fans in Japan.

Unique: Hello Japan! Thank you for the support. I hope you will like my new album. Thank you for listening to us – I hope you will be able to listen to our song soon.
Charice: Arigato gozaimashita! It’s Charice. Thank you for the support – I hope you can listen to our song soon!
Both: Peace out! Love you!

Playlist: (1) Wherever You Are featuring Charice, (2) Behind the Scenes, (3) UNIQUE “FROM BROOKLYN TO YOU” TRAILER
Please use left- and right-point arrows to select video in the playlist.

Source: http://www.hmv.co.jp/news/article/1012130080/

Translated by Mooffin, charicemania.com

97 Responses to ““Wherever You Are” by Unique feat. Charice now available!”

  1. Hans says:

    Is this the US Radio version? I hope so…


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  2. Kiesme says:

    Oh darn, I really want to buy this track but when i went to itunes japan I didn’t understood a thing… no offence to unique but I don’t want to buy his entire cd coz I’m too broke for that just this track badly T_T

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  3. Chajenmer says:
    Congrats Charice & Unique!!! Way to go!!!

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  4. jimfan155 says:
    The real deal is the song reached #1 in itunes in Japan. Congrats to Charice and Unique. Just can’t understand why a couple of attention seekers are getting a rise from many here. They only represent a two negative opinions. That’s ok but the facts are in the sales and you can’t do better than #1.

    Ignore them and stay positive.

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  5. Portia says:
    Congratulations Unique and Charice for garnering the top most “No. 1 Hit Song” in Japan. Wherever You Are is so great and I love your voice harmony, I love it and may you have more songs to sing along the way to more success.

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  6. justin says:

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    • dadartful says:
      Hello muskrat, thanks for this blog, very informative. I assume this blog is from Korea? or Korean related in the US? Korea loves Charice, maybe a major concert there would apply in the near future, even though the music market isn’t as big as in Japan. Charice is so busy nowadays scheduling seems so cramped for Team Cha and times flies so quickly for them. Charice’s amazingly fast climb upward has my head spinning but I’m truly enjoying the ride!

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    • EBJohns11 says:
      Tnx, she deserves it! God her voice is so angelic. I cried again listening to her song in Rockfeller.

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  7. gary says:
    congrats unique and Charice i know when i first heard this song it will hit the no.1 “Merry christmas” Chasters around the world and lets party.

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  8. Ripley says:
    Congratulations on being No. 1! They knew that Charice is a rocketship to the top of the charts! Go! Go! Go!

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  9. mpasig52 says:
    Congratulations, Charice & Unique! We are so happy for your being No. 1 in Japan. I hope both of you can take a break and enjoy the holidays.

    Merry Christmas to all!!!

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  10. genesis says:
    to multithunder–
    you are right!!!!!!!-very few fan base, ONLY…. her MOm and Brother but now……. theyre everywhere…,stick around and who knows you might be converted…. and by that time you will learn to know HER NAME..TSK..TSK.. TSK.I DONT COMMENT A LOT BUT I NEVER LEFT THIS SITE.TO CHARICE I’m still your big fan and support you all the way.i can fly,drive anywhere… money is not the object……labyo,labyo,labyo

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  11. MJ says:
    Oh My Charice! I am so loving you. When can i satisfy this urges of mine, that is to see you in person and hear you sing live :-). No matter whom you collab with it always comes out great. More power and love you.

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  12. vil26216 says:
    Congratulations Charice and Unique for being #1 in itunes Japan. Hope they also make it available for download here in the US soon.
    By the way, please don’t forget about our ‘Operation White Elephant’ and hurry because her CDs are currently available at Target Stores.

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  13. Fran says:
    It’s time someone calls them out….“Multi and Sucky” purposely came here to ridicule, be disruptive and insult Chasters by first belittling us as “You People”, and not to contribute anything whatsoever on their multiple postings. These pathetic egotists are resorting to demagoguery when the facts and events don’t go their way. We’re just too smart for their BS. Sorry, their malicious intrusion do not merit any respect in return.

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  14. Mooffin says:
    thank you for your comments. let us remember that this is a site for promoting charice, let’s keep the comments positive and/or constructive. let us also remember charicemania policy: “It’s perfectly fine to disagree with someone as long as it is done respectfully, but do not attack other posters.”

    happy holidays to all!

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  15. camo says:
    hey guys ignore that troll he is insignificant right now the song is #1 on itunes thats validation enough let him have a coronary for all we care

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  16. stefie2325 says:
    got the song now in itunes..oh GOD what will i do without itunes…it’s no.1 song in Japan right now in this very moment and took a snapshot of it and post it on my walls…congratulations Charice and Unique!

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  17. dadartful says:
    Evidently the opinions of multi/suckee fall into the also rans, others, honorable mention, add ons, etc. catagories. Majority rules and Japan says it No. 1 ichiban today. This song arrangement with its vocals and lyrics are what people love in the music industry today. Congrats to Unique and Charice for this beautiful collaboration and more successes in the future! Happy Holidays To All!!!

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  18. khelcute says:
    Wow!! charice u r truly amazing u definitely conquer japan No. 1..
    Labya.. At the top baby… =)

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  19. starbuck245 says:
    Merry Holiday season to all readers of CM. Also to those who are interested in Charice either supportively and even critically.

    Let us try to remember that even critical comments serve their purpose. There is a time for celebration — yay! to Unique and Cha for their successful collaboration in Japan — and a time for reflection.

    Most crabs (not the over the top, idiotic, and irrational crabs) and critics serve a valuable purpose in life. Those familiar with the tale of the Emperor and his clothes (actually no clothes) should understand. Let us not be blinded by our love and support for Cha that we shout down too forcefully those who would question the adulation and accomplishments of others.

    Peace and love this season and in the future, Chasters.

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  20. Tina says:
    Congrats Unique and Charice! I’ve seen all the hard work and creativity you’ve done for the song through the video. This song really grows on you. It’s a feel good song – beautiful lyrics and melody which everybody can relate to. :)

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  21. Zee says:
    IT’s #1 now in itunes Japan!!!!!!! http://twitpic.com/3hxcoe Congratulation

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  22. frfyokohama says:
    To those who are critical of this song. Today,12/21/2010- No. 1 spot Itunes Japan.! Peace!! Labyo charice!

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  23. nautilus_stone says:
    I love this song!!!

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  24. MultiThunder143XXX says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • ceedum says:
      This is your 2nd posting saying how you really dislike this song. We get it already. But it’s one thing to diss the musical taste of her fans – we’re all entitled to our opinions. However you also diss the artist for whom this website is for! You refuse to call Charice by name only referring to her as ‘the female singer’! How classless and rude!

      This song is now no.1 on iTunes btw, and don’t you read the other articles on this site? Charice is not yet establised in the US but she has become VERY popular in Japan. You may be dismissive of that accomplishment but that is no easy feat specially for a young Asian artist like her.

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      • Avic says:
        to MultiThunder143xxx

        what exactly are you trying to say?…”A DOWNGRADE of previous collaboration”….that’s why it’s called collaboration… if you dont’ understand that word. We are not talking here about fanbase… we are talking about the talent of these young artists who are being given a chance by great and well known producers in the music industry because they believe that “these artists” can make themselves “BIG” because they got the “X” factor.

        And if you dont’ like the music and you dont’ like Charice… then what were you doing on this website? are you one of those radical people who cannot accept the fact that Asian artists can conquer the world of music industry?

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    • Jabongga says:
      Are you a music producer w/ grammy awards? do you know the ins and outs of the music industry worldwide? what is your qualification? or your just a nobody! just another worthless opinion from a crab!

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    • gnode says:
      @MultiThunder143XXX you are a classic example of someone who does not know what you are talking about, a classic example of someone who cannot and will never be happy with the achievements of newbies, a classic example of a bigot crabster, a pretentious know-it-all individual. how is it hard for you to mention the name Charice, you are too rude and arrogant.

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      • stefie2325 says:
        maybe he is mute on both voice and written…! this is just my opinion why this person can’t even write the name of our PRINCESS CHARICE…

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    • chit says:
      Multithunder143XXX: FYI: The female’s singer’s name is CHARICE. Now you know, okay?

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    • lancecobi says:
      Hey MultiThunder! Someday you’ll swallow all your words. If you don’t like Charice, then what the he** are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here in the first place if keep on dissing our Princess Charice like that. You are so disrespectful to her, what has she done to you anyway? She doesn’t even know you, nobody knows you that’s why you’re so desperate to have some attention.

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  25. rico says:
    this is what i want to say….it’s not about the technicalities..its about what we felt about this song.and this song gave as syndrome..”the last lyrics syndrome”..and that’s great…i don’t think there’s a need to review every single line of this song…if you love music…This song is a GOOD Example…

    just my comment

    thanks charicemania

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  26. makisig says:
    i actually like this song. it’s a feel-good song for chillaxing.

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