“Wherever You Are” by Unique feat. Charice now available!

“Wherever You Are” by Unique feat. Charice now available!

DEC 22. UPDATE: UNIQUE “FROM BROOKLYN TO YOU” TRAILER VIDEO ADDED Hello Chasters! Remember being surprised by a sample of a new song featuring Charice made available on Youtube? The wait is over! “Wherever You Are” by Unique featuring Charice is now available!

As of this writing, the song is only available on iTunes Japan. You may, however, buy Unique’s CD “From Brooklyn To You” which contains the song from HMV Japan. HMV Japan delivers to most countries in the world.

HMV sat down with the two to talk about their collaboration.

Please introduce yourselves.

Unique: What’s up! I’m Unique.
Charice: I’m Charice!
Unique: We are both in Los Angeles now and I’m so excited because I just collaborated with Charice on a song and we just finished recording it right now. I would like all of you to listen to it – it’s called “Wherever You Are”. It’s dope!
Charice:Yup, it’s dope! (laughs)

Tell us about your first impression of each other.

Charice: He’s a wonderful person. I’ve met him once before but we never had the chance to work together so it’s really great that we were able to collaborate now. It’s important to me to work with people who are able to say that they are good. I don’t think I want to work with people who think that they aren’t good. That’s the important thing for me.
Unique: She’s a really cool girl and talented too. She has a mature, wonderful voice. I think we were able to create a very good song.

How long have you known each other?

Unique: This is the second day I’ve really known her (laughs). Charice and I met a year ago. I saw her rehearse for Oprah’s show before. Her voice was wonderful then, and now, one year later, we are working together in the studio so I’m really happy. We met one year ago, and now we are here working together.

Charice is also Asian, have you been to Asia before Unique?

Unique: I haven’t been yet. I am looking forward to learning about Asian culture and meeting different kinds of people. I am also curious about (Asian) fashion, and I want to try different kinds of food too.

You are singing a song produced by Jeff Miyahara, a Japanese producer. What did you think when you first heard the song?

Unique: I am really honored that someone like me from Brooklyn was able to work with Japan’s number one producer. Of course Charice is also wonderful. It’s a great track, has wonderful lyrics and with both of our voices mixed with these – I think we were able to create a powerful song.
Charice: When I first heard it I thought that the lyrics, as well as the melody and the beat were powerful. Jeff is a great guy, and interesting as well. It was easy to work with him, so it was good.

Who wrote the song?

Unique: Claude Kelly and I wrote it. I want to create timeless songs that people of all ages can relate to. It’s a song that, when you close your eyes, makes you feel close to a person you want to be with even though you aren’t together all the time.

Tell us more about Claude Kelly.

Unique: Claude’s like a brother to me, we’ve been working together for a long time. He’s written songs for Britney (Spears) and (Cristina) Aquilera. He’s been successful worldwide so I’m really happy.

What’s your impression of the Japanese music scene?

Unique: Honestly speaking, I would like to know more about many things. I know I want to go to Japan as soon as I can.

Charice, you know a lot (about Japan) right?

Charice: I covered Ayaka’s “Crescent Moon”. It’s included in my album.

Do you like Japanese music?

Charice: Yes, I do. J-Pop right?
Unique: I don’t really know much about the Japanese music scene but I do know that my song was number 4 in Japan’s iTunes so I am part of the Japanese music scene, right?! (laughs)

What inspired you to become a singer?

Unique: That’s hard. I grew up creating music. Even before I started talking, I was already humming (songs). I am inspired by my experiences in life. I convey in songs what I can’t say in words. I am inspired everyday.
Charice: I was inspired by my Mom who was singing in a band when I was little. I asked her to teach me how to sing.
Unique: Your mom must be great…
Charice: She’s really good. She recorded a song in the Philippines.
Unique: Wow! That’s exciting.

Brooklyn has produced a lot of hip hop artists – which rappers do you want to collaborate with?

Unique: Yes, Brooklyn is famous for turning out a lot of rappers. I want to collaborate with Jay-Z, Lil’ Kim, Fabolous and others. I don’t think there are a lot of collaborations between artists from the same place like Brooklyn, especially R&B artists.

As a singer, is there anything you want to try out in the future?

Charice: People think I’m a simple person but I want to be in movies. I would like to try being in a movie like “Grease”. That kind of movie would be perfect.

Please give a message to your fans in Japan.

Unique: Hello Japan! Thank you for the support. I hope you will like my new album. Thank you for listening to us – I hope you will be able to listen to our song soon.
Charice: Arigato gozaimashita! It’s Charice. Thank you for the support – I hope you can listen to our song soon!
Both: Peace out! Love you!

Playlist: (1) Wherever You Are featuring Charice, (2) Behind the Scenes, (3) UNIQUE “FROM BROOKLYN TO YOU” TRAILER
Please use left- and right-point arrows to select video in the playlist.

Source: http://www.hmv.co.jp/news/article/1012130080/

Translated by Mooffin, charicemania.com

97 Responses to ““Wherever You Are” by Unique feat. Charice now available!”

  1. MultiThunder143XXX says:

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    • NOYVEE says:
      @ multithunder143xxx, in my opinion you don’t know nothing about music and the FANS of the artists. that’s why they were called fans, right? and we are FANS… This is one of the coolest and smartest collaboration ever of two artists… If you have the chance to lurk in the future, you might wanna go check tokio top 100 then you will have a clearer view of what to say next time… gotta bounce now… NOYVEE out!

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    • rabbit says:
      multi nice try with your intelligent-sounding terms but sorry you still did not get it. it is the fans, the buyers who decide it all! Blind? Maybe. But still they decide on what to buy.

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      • sucky88 says:

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  2. kristen says:
    Another great brother for Charice…UNIQUE !!
    Congratulations and Best Wishes to your new song !!

    Avoid wearing always too much high heels……… !!

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  3. camo says:
    guys something to remember here its not charices song she is a featured artist. not her song.

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  4. sucky88 says:

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    • eve says:
      the song is currently #16 in Japan iTunes. Each country has their own taste in music. This song and CD will have limited release in JAPAN ONLY. It’s produced by a top Japanese-Korean music producer Jeff Miyahara who is credited with selling more than 16 million digital downloads in Japan. I would hardly listen to advice from someone who calls himself sucky88. Japan is the second largest music market in the world. More power to Charice for having another hit in Japan even as a featured artist.
      At The Top of the World Baby!


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      • Theo says:
        This is a good song. It has a different edge to it; definitely more modern. Will they have a music video for this?

        Thanks for the posting.


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      • starbuck245 says:
        Haha, Eve. You’re pretty feisty here. Also, noticed your more active posting comments lately. Cool, I like seeing your comments. Also, great job on Fan Talk too. :)

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      • eve says:
        I certainly hope so Theo. Videos are a MUST to go with any and all song releases which they expect/want to hit the Top40. I don’t know how they operate in Japan though, maybe it doesn’t matter, it seems Charice is gonna hit it big there regardless. But I do hope Charice doesn’t miss the boat in America with her second CD, meaning “WHERE’S THE VIDEO??!!!!” oh oh… am I about to start something again? LOL

        thanks starbuck245. CM Team teases me about running the Comments Derby, but it all depends on my work commitments and energy level. I do enjoy FanTalk and encourage more Chasters to call in. We welcome all your input!

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    • JoeLR says:
      Ha ha!! Ownd by eve…

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  5. Zee says:
    Unique’s album is #5 in iTunes & Wherever You Are is #3 in Japan!!!

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    • amaineko says:
      That’s good to hear! Wherever You Are is now my LSS… Love this J-poppy song. For some reason, their voices blend so well.

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    • mooffin says:
      wherever you are is number 16 now on iTunes, but i think it hasn’t charted yet in any of the charts. (charts are made weekly and it hasn’t been a week yet since the song was released.) i think that the number 3 you mention is the number of the song on the CD.

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  6. madohia says:
    this really is not my type of music.. but i just can’t stop playing it again n again~ chaddiction it is..

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  7. banjo says:
    very nice collaboration indeed!!!!

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  8. king says:
    I can’t wait for the next single of Charice to be released!

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  9. king says:
    I love the song! nice collaboration. check out other songs of unique. “Foundation” with Claude Kelly and “Maniac”. You’ll like it too!

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  10. draeger says:
    Just bought the album off Japan iTunes. Fantastic vocals as usual by Charice!

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  11. markgelo says:
    Love this song =]

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  12. rob47 says:
    Check out this new video posted on youtube.com by Lantao showing Charice on crutches at the start of her performance at Q102.
    I love to hear the crowd screaming for our Trooper!


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  13. stefie2325 says:
    loving the song already…so powerful voice with two great artist…as i listen to it..it’s really true that once you hear it as if you are so near to the one’s you love even so distance away..Just loving songs like this that nurtures your mind to sink in and melting your heart as you listen closely to the lyrics…gosh…i hope i cud find it tomorrow so i cud buy now..now..now.. but no rush..i don’t want to disappoint myself since the last time i was lost since the first time i did it …bought on itunes i was quite lost since internet connections was so slow here in my area but nevertheless i never give up coz it’s only from trying that I made myself a true full pledge Chaster since here in kuwait the CD is like wishing the moon to fall…but congratulations to our princess and unique…you are both rare gem to find….Good mor-nights CHASTERS!

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  14. kaye says:
    danceable or not, it is indeed a great song..

    this is the kind of music when
    you hear it playing on the radio,
    you won’t change the frequency,

    youl ask yourself:
    “what’s the title of this song? who are those artists?”…..

    And when the play-time ends, you’ll try to search the other radio stations for this song…… coz its catchy, lively, upbeat, and very modern..

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  15. Syamasundara says:
    One of Charice Interview I watched (I think this is Interviewed in manila) and she quoted saying “There so may singers in the Philippines whose better and talented that me”. I think this is the only answer from Charice that I beg to disagree. Yes and it is true that there are so many talented singer in the Philippines but I personally believed that you’re gift is rare, A gem and precious came from above and this is because of you’re down to earth and professionalism on and off stage, I’m never tired of listening to your music in Tagalong, English or Italian. Truly and definitely, you are the only one who can do that and I hope you’re blessings will continue and stay as sweet as you are right now and all CHASTER will keep supporting your Pyramid (at the top baby) no matter what.

    Your voice is our Joy
    Your story teaches us Hope
    Your attitude giving us Guide
    Your generosity making us Proud
    And Your talent keeping Filipino (CHASTERS) United

    Syamasundara “/

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 48 Thumb down 5

    • rose says:
      I disagree with that statement too, that there are a lot more talented singers than her in the Philippines. I was thinking maybe she said that self-deprecating statement out of modesty. Charice is a very humble person.

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      • syamasundara says:
        True, Charice attitude is remarkable down to earth, but this comment is based in my assestment, I’ve seen Filipino Artist sing and foreign too, They all Good and Great but the compilation of everything is what makes charice unique to everybody the telent, voice, moves and atitudes makes her a good sample to youth.

        I hope that the overwhelming success and fame wont change his attitude to other artist and to her fans as well.

        In order to get the entire view of an object
        depth, volume, area and height is considered

        Syamasundara “/

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    • Theo says:
      There may be other singers in the Philippines that may be bit than Charice is some areas if you consider everything (voice, acting, fashion, beauty, etc. etc.), but Charice is just the best package out there.

      Sorry, Charice..I don’t accept your humility…you are definitely a class act on your own!

      You have the dance moves of Philippine All Star
      You have the magic of Kuh when you sing ballads
      You have the versatility of Gary when you sing and dance
      You have the comedic element of any funny actor in the Philippines
      and you have the vocal range of …well..Charice only.

      Go Cha!

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    • EZ says:

      I actually thought that way too when I first heard Charice. I always say that “THERE’s PLENTY WHERE THAT CAME FROM”. BUT! As I continue watching her videos and listening to her songs, I slowly come to realize that her TALENT is NOT ORDINARY….EVEN in the Philippines. She definitely has something that NOT EVERYONE has. I believe it’s a special GIFT that was given to her specifically. No one CAN DO (in this generation) what she’s done and what shes doing and what SHE WILL ACCOMPLISH in the future. I’m just glad that I am alive today to WITNESS ALL THESE! I feel blessed as well!

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  16. Boring Song says:

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  17. Portia says:
    Wow!!! thanks Mooffin for the translation, grat interview as always. I love the song, best lyrics, harmony and great melody. I can foretell it will be a “big hit”.

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  18. justcharrie says:
    as usual, great translation mooffin!

    Those who want to work with Charice must be like her who believed in herself. One must be good(great) and believe that you are good(great).

    Charice has gotten the mindset of his godfather DF. :)

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  19. mooffin says:
    first (and so far, the only) customer review on iTunes japan:

    “it’s been a while since i’ve encountered good R&B. The third song is especially wonderful! it feels exhilarating and accessible (easy on the ears). i wish they would come to japan…”

    and of course the third song is “wherever you are”!

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  20. LAfan says:
    Thanks as always Mooffin for the translation! Awesome interview of the two rising stars. It made me smile when I read this part from Charice:

    “It’s important to me to work with people who are able to say that they are good. I don’t think I want to work with people who think that they aren’t good. That’s the important thing for me.”

    Hmm, the ‘pursuit of not just good but GREAT’ from David Foster rubbing off on Charice? :) The real definition of HUMILITY is not discounting one’s talents and gifts, but being able to acknowledge one’s gifts and being true to one’s abilities, without giving off an air of arrogance or pride.

    Here, Charice is revealing that she recognizes the value and privilege of working with the BEST in the business, with those who are also supremely confident in their craft. It takes a certain level of self-confidence to excel in any field, and Charice exemplifies the kind of self-confidence coupled with true humility that makes her who she is. For Charice to vocalize her desire to want to work with like-minded artists also confident in their craft speaks volumes to me about her growth as an artist over these past months.

    Ever since the first snippet came out for this song, I was hooked by the melody, but more so, the POWER behind the voices. And now after hearing the full version, this song rises to the top of my favorite new song list. You just can’t help but dance along to the music, and I love the positive lyrics.

    I find it interesting that some earlier have commented how this song “isn’t dance enough to be a hit in the U.S. b/c it lacks a strong bass/drum background track?” I definitely am no expert on what makes a strong dance song these days, but gosh, if this song isn’t danceable and radio-friendly, tell that to my legs and feet each time I listen to it!

    Also, is it me, or does Unique’s voice remind you of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson? Is this what a duet between the late King of Pop and the future Princess of Pop might have sounded like? One can only dream…

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 48 Thumb down 2

    • mooffin says:
      LAFan, it’s interesting you mentioned that because I wasn’t really sure on how to translate because the word used in the interview is “subarashii” which has a lot of meanings, “good” and “great” included. Maybe she said “great” since that’s what David Foster always tells her.

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    • JoeLR says:
      As far as whether this song is “danceable”, sure, in the strictest sense it is. But take it from someone who does a lot of club dancing (I used to be part of a dance program, and some of my friends at school are members of a couple different contemporary dance companies), it’s not something we’d expect to hear & dance to in a club AS IS. Then again, heck, we can freestyle to the guys outside Wrigley Field beating the bottoms of 5 gallon buckets…

      Still, it’s not really something I can “feel” as a dance song…but that’s just me, and probably my friends too. Others could easily feel differently. IF HOWEVER, it were remixed…that’s a different story. Isn’t there a poster here who DJs? He’d have a more global view of it than me, admittedly. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the song, I was just giving my take on its viability as a pure dance song… I guess for me, it’s not “urban” enough for hip-hop, and it’s not “atmospheric” enough for trance. Trends do change quickly though.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

      • starbuck245 says:
        I hope your post is respected and doesn’t get thumbed down too much. You are providing feedback on the danceability issue. I too don’t think that it is a really danceable song as it plays now — remixed, we’ll have to see, just as Pyramid wasn’t really danceable until remixed.

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  21. MrAspirant08 says:
    I am loving this new single… Great collaboration for the both artists.

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  22. ebjohns11 says:
    hopefully this will be out in the US itunes. oh come on, why only Japan. LOL, just want to have that song. cant waiy.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 16 Thumb down 1

    • JoeLR says:
      Hate to disappoint you (because I’m disappointed too), but don’t hold your breath… Unique responded to a tweet asking about a U.S. release>>> http://www.twitlonger.com/show/7gi83k

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

      • mooffin says:
        awwww why? it deserves to be released worldwide.

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

        • JoeLR says:
          My GUESS it’s either part of Manhattan Records’ strategy for Unique &/or the distribution deal w/ Japanese distributors limits the release. There are a lot of examples of albums that get released only in one country, or, especially, parts of an album–Charice’s album had Japanese-only tracks, for example…

          Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  23. oc fan says:
    just heard the full version, loved the melody & the beat! both of them are amazing!… will buy it if it will be released here in the u.s.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 20 Thumb down 1

  24. denb3ar says:
    Goodluck Charice to your new single! Another song to watch out and listen hoping to hit and top the billboard chart once again!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 19 Thumb down 1

  25. Earthquaker12 says:
    The song is really amazing, heard it already in full. If you will search the internet you will likely stumble upon it.

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  26. Extreme says:
    Where can we listen to the full version of the song?

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  27. bianca says:
    i was so blown away wen i first heard the full song “wherever you are” :) i cant stop listening to it now lol unique seems like a realy nice guy ^.^ cant wait for the song to be released in US :)

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  28. cassandra says:
    I heard the full song and it’s lovely!!

    I wonder what J-pop songs Charice has listened to and liked aside from perhaps Mikazuki of Ayaka?

    brb I’m ordering online at HMV! haha. Awwww Japan, why so special? CDs from Japan are more expensive.

    She’ll be in Japan next week right? Oh pleaseeee make her perform in music shows there.

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  29. Jochea says:
    Sooo lovin it!!! Hope the single would be released internationally!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 21 Thumb down 2

  30. karling says:
    love you Charice! thank you Unique!

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