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“30 Days With Charice” Episode 4: Wango Tango

“30 Days With Charice” Episode 4: Wango Tango

“30 Days With Charice” is a documentary by Emmy-award winning director Matthew Mills, cut into four-minute-episodes with new ones released every Wednesday and Friday on

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The third episode got us all teary-eyed and inspired with Charice’s life story and her uphill battle to worldwide recognition. But overcoming all those obstacles is not the finish line for her, as Charice still wants to do more. Her boundless energy is really amazing which even prompted Tommy Page, VP of Top 40 Reprise Records, to describe her as something “like a machine”, and we also get to witness how she get’s everything done in one single day without a single diva-breakdown. And the best part of this episode was seeing her having fun in photo shoots and fearlessly singing live and without rehearsal some powerhouse songs that sounded like they were coming from a cd-player. Charice definitely conquered NYC.

Wango Tango

Charice is now taking us across the country from the Big Apple to the City of Angels where she’ll be performing at the 13th annual Wango Tango by KIIS FM. Upon arriving at the Staples Center where the concert is held, Charice immediately got surrounded by adoring fans wanting their pictures taken with her. And being the very nice and fan-loving Charice that we all know, she readily granted her fans’ requests.

After those countless pictures, Charice still has to do autograph signings on-stage, and it shows how she loves interacting with her fans. Tommy Page even comments on how Charice is really “willing to stay the extra minute and sign every last autograph”. Hopefully, all those picture-taking and signing haven’t drained her energy as she hasn’t even performed yet!

Charice proved that there’s really no need for us to worry about her being tired as she’s immediately charged-up upon hearing a screaming and cheering crowd when she’s coming on-stage. Charice is indeed a born-performer and her manager, Marc Johnston puts it this way: “There’s only one thing that she wants to do and that’s perform. Period. And when she’s put on a stage, in a recording studio, she’s just in heaven.”

Iyaz was also there with Charice to perform her no. 1 hit, “Pyramid”. Charice certainly got the crowd going while still managing to sing flawlessly. You can watch her whole Wango Tango performance here. She certainly enjoyed despite it being her “first time performing in front of a lot of teenagers not only Filipinos” and was feeling really happy “as the crowd was singing my song and that they know it.”

Charice’s busy day doesn’t end with that single concert, as she still has to go to the recording studio. Page explained that Charice, being a pop artist, needs to stay current and constantly record songs to find that next great beat. And now, she’s working with Drew Ryan Scott, music producer and singer, on “Crescent Moon”, a Japanese song that was included in the Japan version of her debut album, “Charice”.

Grammy award-winning songwriter David Foster talks about the “problem” of Charice being so great in doing a lot of things, it’s hard to pick a single thing to let her focus on. But he believes that as Charice matures, she’ll naturally gravitate to what she really loves.

Crescent Moon – Charice

Crescent Moon – Ayaka Mikazuki

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What’s Next?

Travelling from the east to the west coast of the U.S. seems not enough for Charice, as she’s going to Japan in the next episode, and we’re tagging along! Photo shoots, press conferences, interviews – let’s all witness how she charmed the Japanese and wowed them with her amazing voice. This trip must have been a huge success since we already know that her album went gold, just after two months of being released. Though Charice doesn’t know how to speak in Japanese, there certainly won’t be any problems as her voice and talent is enough to break down any language and cultural barriers. And now, the countdown starts for episode 5 of “30 Days With Charice”, make sure you don’t forget to visit on Wednesday.

By Sofia Carrera,

Grown-Up Christmas List EP is Now Available on Amazon

  1. Grown-Up Christmas List – Originally released in 1990 by Natalie Cole and composed by non other than Charice’s mentor David Foster. Charice new rendition is deeply soul searching. Her voice brings a fresh life to one of the most underrated holiday classics in recent years.
  2. Jingle Bell Rock – Charice has recorded 5 holiday songs. So far, “Jingle Bell Rock” has the liveliest beat, appropriately expressing Charice’s natural cheerful and playful self in this own rendition.
  3. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) – Charice has grown leap in bounds in the past 3 years. Her voice is getting lovelier and lovelier each day. She sound more confident and relaxed in this John Lennon’s Chritmas classic.

18 Responses to ““30 Days With Charice” Episode 4: Wango Tango”

  1. ilovecharice says:

    agree .. charice looks like she’s from japan .. due to her looks soooooooooooooo japanesse..i think she has japanesse blood..

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  2. gunrunner says:
    this is one of the reasons why charice is popular in japan, her voice gives soul to their music as well and allow me to say japanese can relate with charice… she looks japanese to me stare at her album pics in japan shes a lovely sight like a japanese princess.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  3. jimfan155 says:
    Was cleaning up a bit and came across my DF and Friends cd/dvd from 3 years ago (3 years ago?) and threw it on. Stood in front of my tv dumbfounded as I watched Charice singing the Bodyguard Medley. Needless to say the cleaning up stopped as I could not move. What a feel good moment especially when the standing ovation came. Replayed it 2 more times and had to turn it off. My wife is coming home in a half an hour, so back to the honey-do list.

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  4. Richard says:
    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know how I can buy a copy of the Japanese version of Charice’s cd



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    • chaster68 says:
      @Richard go and there is an english language option, just search for charice, I lived here in Canada and I did order 2 cd because during her release date you are not allowed to order more than 3 or maybe some chasters know a quicker way to do it I hope it helps merry christmas to all!

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  5. rob47 says:
    I encourage all CHASTERS to read LAfan’s article on “Operation White Elephant”. It is an excellent article and I believe it will work!

    Thank you again LAfan! It will definitely help CHARICE to the TOP!

    More power to CHARICE and CHASTERS like YOU!

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  6. Lola Lily says:
    I love this song so much and I enjoy listening to both versions. Both versions are beautiful! I hope this song will be on Charice’s second CD. Charice take care. Thanks Chasters for sharing.

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  7. jaju says:
    Excitedly waiting for episode 5.

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  8. starbuck245 says:
    Wow, Ayaka’s voice is incredible on this song, Crescent Moon. Tragic that she can’t sing at this time due to her illness. All the more reason for us to cherish and enjoy Cha’s singing and not take it for granted.

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  9. Rihr says:
    I like Charice voice but her version of Crecent Moon is somehow upbeat. I wish they just follow the smoothness of the melody just like the original. I mean just like what they did in My Grown-Up Christmas List that Charice voice was so Angelic, less belting but very hypnotizing.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 26 Thumb down 4

    • Joel says:
      Well going from Japanese to English is somewhat different. It just sounds upbeat to you because Charice’s version the drums are different. But the songs are very similar. Listen carefully. Also translating from Japanese to English the words differ, meaning like one Japanese word would mean a few words in English.

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      • jimfan155 says:

        Question Joel. Are you able to play songs from her album where you dj? If so, what is the reaction? Just curious.

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    • Joan says:
      Listen to her sing it live on a radio station in Japan. You will fall in love with Charice all over again. Both version shown here are awesome.

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      • jimfan155 says:

        Can’t love Charice anymore than I do now. Even when listening to her earliest songs she had me from the first 3 notes I ever heard her sing. The most magical voice I have ever heard.

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  10. yeng says:
    i’m the one wearing a white top, holding a poster of charcie! i’m talking about the episode 4 vid.. : )

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  11. pom2pom says:

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  12. jn says:
    Charice voice is just so lovely….Loved her version of Crescent Moon….

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  13. ilovecharice says:
    they’re both nice version but i love charice version ..

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