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Charice on AERA News Magazine Japan Interview, January 2011 Issue

Charice on AERA News Magazine Japan Interview, January 2011 Issue

Singer Charice: “I don’t wanna be a singer forever.”

During her visit to Japan, Charice was interviewed by AERA News Magazine. AERA Magazine is a popular Japanese magazine published by the Asahi Media Group. The original interview article was published in both English and Japanese.

Since the magazineA?s first issue, profound editorials and edgy photography of the magazine have Order zestril medication attracted a wide variety of readers. The January 2011 issue with Charice is available now. Grab your copies Japan Chasters!

Charice aera magazine Charice on AERA News Magazine Japan Interview, January 2011 Issue

Aera : I’ve heard that, when you were really small, you couldn’t “speak” English. But you could “sing” English songs emotionally.

Charice : My mom translated English lyrics into Tagalog so I could understand songs. That was our technique. In this way, I was able to feel songs.

Aera : Then, how did you acquire perfect conversational English?

Charice : When I first got to America, I couldn’t even say a word of English. Perhaps, I could say basic words like “How are you?” and “What’s your name?” My mentor, David Foster, was really strict when it came to English pronounciation. When he heard some Tagalog accent, he said “No, don’t say that. You should say it like this.” I learned a lot from him.

Aera : Even though you’ve acquired fame, I’ve heard that you want to be a lawyer in the end.

Charice : That’s the main goal for my career and I want to have my own business. You have to plan your future, and I don’t want to be a singer forever.

Aera : A straight question. Do you have a boyfriend?

Charice : My mom is always teasing me by saying, “Hey, now you’re 18, you should find a boyfriend.” But I’m always like, “I’m not ready yet.” When you have a career that is so focused and are so loving it…I’m just not ready for it.

Aera : Any preference of nationality when it comes to a boyfriend?

Charice : It doesn’t matter. As long as he’s funny and responsible… it all depends on his personality.

Source: Harry ClarkA?s Posterous

Watch the video interview with Charice:

Video Uploaded by AERA News Magazine

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28 Responses to “Charice on AERA News Magazine Japan Interview, January 2011 Issue”

  1. khatman says:

    Charice spoke very good english when she first arrived here in the US. She should not perpetuate DF’s assertion that she could not speak a word of english when he first met her.

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  2. dabur says:

    definitely charice has a natural talent not only singing but also on learning other things plus her amazing memory of all the songs she sings.i believe this girl is very smart . genius of a kind

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  3. TonyVernsky says:
    Charice, I admire you because you learned English pretty well and even faster than some of the people that I know. For me, you’re a bright young woman. Just keep on reading books during your spare time and it will help you more.

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  4. Suvaree Lara says:
    Hi Cha,
    English is my second language. I am Thai and you speak better English than I do for a short time here in America. My husband is Filipino and he speaks very good English. Practice makes it perfect or close to perfection in everything. We will cherish and proud being your fan and praying for your happiness in the future and we will enjoy hearing your voice forever, even you stop singing and become something else. Chasters forever…

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  5. ctabelle says:
    I think what Charice really meant by “I couldn’t speak a word of English is really good conversational English.” This is very true for most Filipinos. We can speak basic simple English but we lacked confidence in expressing ourselves freely in English. w/out being apprehensive. As I noticed w/ Charice, we shouldn’t interpret what she’s saying word for word but rather understand the thoughts she wanted to convey. When she first came to America of course she can converse in English but not really very good. I said “I think” this is what she really meant by that statement. I really don’t care, not bothered by how Charice express herself in English as long as I understand her message well & interpret it based on Filipino thinking not foreign lest I will misunderstood her. For me she’s fine, okay & Really Really Awesome, a very good & talented Performer, Period.. “Merry Christmas to All Chasters & esp. to Charice & Family.” God bless us all!

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  6. Ver Videz says:

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    • barooze says:
      I suggest you watch
      it got awkward at times… though it really didn’t matter much to most of us but her conversational English has improved leaps and bounds since then… truly amazing in a short period of time… peace!

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    • kenshin says:
      Andrea Bocelli even said when he first work with David Foster all he can say is “yes, Thank You”, “yes, Thank you”, would you believe that?
      you are taking the words literally! try understanding what people meant first, before making a comment
      sometimes you need to read between the lines

      btw, didn’t you know that from her early guesting most of her “words” are memorized?

      what charice meant was she is not that good in conversation, she cannot readily express herself then, but look at her now, in just 3yrs.

      Charice is miles better than my conversational English now
      and i’m not just in High School or College, i’m a professional with already 8yrs of experience, but still I can’t hold a candle to Charice now when it comes to conversational English.

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  7. Daniel says:
    No boyfriend yet to our Princess. After meeting Charice a few times, I can sense her standard for a loving partner is high. He has to be responsible, very mature, have a sense of humor, and be able to handle Charice’s fame and rigorous appearance schedule, not to mention chasters who are constantly following her around the world.
    We have to enjoy her singing career before Charice switch gear to become a lawyer and spend full time studies.

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  8. starbuck245 says:
    Is there a part 2?

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  9. osuna says:

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    • Nsanitee says:
      this is not necessary, what is your point? you are showing your intelligence.

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      • osuna says:

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        • osuna says:

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        • SYLVIA says:
          osuna…How are you??
          i read your comment..little about your self ,how you came to america,know little english and about your work what you do or i called it your “remuse”..i’m glad that you do good about your life in america …but osuna…what is your point!!. i did not get it!!this not about YOU nor I…this about charice …in her interview,She learn to very younger age her mother help to understand the meaning of what she singing because its in english version!!she sing with feeling.charice dont have to wear circus outfit or not fully clothes to like her!!because she sings it in her heart and feeling !!and that awesome voice!!that all she have to do!!!by the way i work in casino field around here they do not copmlain ($$$) but they pay good to uncle sam..peace out…

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          • osuna says:

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  10. justcharrie says:
    Hey, go to bookstore NOW justcharrie!

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  11. ebjohns11 says:

    yes no boyfriend yet, hard to find a man these days esp u r a fame, u might have to feed him lol j/k

    Nah, love comes in the right time, BF is fun too!

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  12. Nsanitee says:
    this is really telling my age but the reference to DF as charice’s language coach reminds me of Dr Doolittle of My Fair Lady. those of you who have seen the movie will remember this: THE RAIN IN SPAIN STAYS MAINLY IN THE PLAIN. it must be funny hearing DF correcting our little lady’s english pronunciations :-)

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    • charchar says:
      lol… that is my favorite movie real classic. One thing I know you pick up the normality of surround you. Have pinay friend here in Charleston and she sound like born and raise here in the south.

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    • webmarketer says:
      Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn? Yup, that’s a classic.

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  13. CutieSinger23 says:
    I want to get a copy of that :D

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  14. scoobydoo says:
    it should be Jan 2011?

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