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6 Reasons Why ‘Glee’ Is Going Downhill Fast!

6 Reasons Why ‘Glee’ Is Going Downhill Fast!

FOX’s once-incredible musical comedy has gone totally downhill — but we know exactly how to fix it! Like the rest of the world, we absolutely fell in love with Glee when it premiered on FOX last year. The stories, the songs, the characters — Glee was a breath of creative, fresh air in an otherwise stale television landscape. But we’re now midway through the second season, and we’re sad to say the spark that first drew us in has all but fizzled out. The staff put our heads together and came up with six major reasons we think the show is going downhill — and how to turn it around before it’s too late! (1). There’s way too much Sue Sylvester! Don’t get us wrong — Jane Lynch is easily the funniest actress on Glee, but her character is also a very delicate creature. Sue’s cruel, biting sense of humor has made for some of the funniest scenes in Glee history, but the show’s creative team needs to start using her more sparingly so we don’t get desensitized to her oft-shocking one-liners. Everything in moderation! (2). We. Want. Charice! When the buzz was building around season two, one of the biggest draws for new viewers was the introduction of international pop sensation Charice as Sunshine — a worthy rival for Rachel. We LOVED her in the season premiere and eagerly awaited her epic return… but sadly, it

never came. Please, gods of Glee, return her to us! >> Full story Source: by staff,

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42 Responses to “6 Reasons Why ‘Glee’ Is Going Downhill Fast!”

  1. ranty reyes says:


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  2. TonyVernsky says:
    This proves once more the saying, “In every cloud, there’s a silver lining” but that silver lining, in my opinion, is Charice. So please bring her back ASAP.

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  3. Ohyayay123 says:
    Glee is going downhill because there’s no sunshine that gives them hope. they need Charice really bad. I only watch the first episode and then stop watching it because Charice isn’t there.

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  4. fritz zegger says:
    Charice , the silver bullet to arrest downhill ratings !

    SUPERBOWL Ha HA . Murphy genius.

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