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Charice Confirmed for Hershey Jingle Ball with Jesse McCartney, December 9

Charice Confirmed for Hershey Jingle Ball with Jesse McCartney, December 9


Charice has been added to a third date in the 2010 Jingle Balls tour, with an How much is combivent respimat appearance alongside Jesse McCartney, Miranda Cosgrove and Emily Osment, confirmed for Thursday night.

The near-last minute announcement makes the December 9 event at Giant Center in Hershey, PA, the third that Charice will sing at in three days this week.

Charice takes the stage and gets a giant round of applause from screaming fans and gleeks in the house at Giant Center, Hershey, PA. (videos to be updated as they become available).

Playlist: Grown Up Christmas List, Pyramid, Applause & Interview

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GiantCenter2 Charice Confirmed for Hershey Jingle Ball with Jesse McCartney, December 9 GiantCenter4 Charice Confirmed for Hershey Jingle Ball with Jesse McCartney, December 9 GiantCenter5 Charice Confirmed for Hershey Jingle Ball with Jesse McCartney, December 9 GiantCenter6 Charice Confirmed for Hershey Jingle Ball with Jesse McCartney, December 9 1786 12919293263 Charice Confirmed for Hershey Jingle Ball with Jesse McCartney, December 9 1786 12919447742 Charice Confirmed for Hershey Jingle Ball with Jesse McCartney, December 9

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Charice will also appear at the WNCI 97.9 Jingle Ball in Columbus, OH, tomorrow night (Dec 7), and at the Q102 event in Camden, NJ, on Wednesday night (Dec 8).

Once again, Jesse McCartney will feature alongside the Filipino singing superstarlet, having already appeared together, at The Grove in Los Angeles on November 21. The two look set to work even more closely together with confirmation that the Filipino songster is recording with RnB producer Sean Garrett, one of the most highly regarded record producers in the business. Garrett worked on McCartney’s new album “Have It All”, which will be released on December 28, and the link has prompted speculation that a collaboration could be on the cards.

Charice will have become familiar with Miranda Cosgrove’s work too, as both appeared in the 2010 Kissmas Bash in Buffalo, NY last Saturday night, along with Maroon 5, amongst others. At the age of just 17, Miranda Cosgrove beats Charice in the youth stakes but is only beginning to develop her own career in music. She is best known as an actress, appearing in the lead role in ‘iCarly’ and supporting role on ‘Drake & Josh’ on US TV. She broke into music in 2007 when she recorded the ‘iCarly’ theme song “Leave it All to Me”, which crept inside the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 100, and she released her debut album, ‘Sparks Fly,’ in April this year, which reached No 8 in the Billboard 200 Album Chart.

Meanwhile, 18-year-old Emily Osment is another teen actor to make the crossover into music, with her appearances in ‘Spy Kids 2′ and ‘Spy Kids 3-D’ movies and the ‘Hanna Montana’ TV series making her a highly recognized figure in the genre. Osment’s debut album, ‘Fight or Flight’, was released in October.

Also on the bill is Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper, rap artist Flo Rida. He’s best known for his singles ‘Low’ from his debut album ‘Mail on Sunday’, which reached No 1 in the US, and ‘Right Round’, from his second album ‘R.O.O.T.S’, which was at No 1 for 6 weeks. His new album ‘Only One Flo (Part 1)’ was released on November 30.

The addition of Hershey’s Jingle Ball to her itinerary brings to 11 her itinerary of events Charice will have performed at by Christmas, making it a very busy time for the Filipina.

205274988 ac1f22623e1 Charice Confirmed for Hershey Jingle Ball with Jesse McCartney, December 9 Event Name: Jingle Ball 2010
Event Details: Featuring: Jesse McCartney, Miranda Cosgrove, Flo Rida, Auburn, Charice & more.
Event Date: 12/09/2010
Event Time: 6:00 PM
Event Venue: Giant Center, 550 Hersheypark Drive Hershey, PA 17033-0866
Admission: $49.50 and $39.50, Processing Fees Apply, 8 Ticket Limit

Tickets can be charged by phone at 717.534.3911, and on-line atAi?? >>

Note: Cameras are not permitted. Audio and video recorders, movie cameras and press cameras are never permitted except by special permission of the artistai??i??s management.


By Robert Sheen,

110 Responses to “Charice Confirmed for Hershey Jingle Ball with Jesse McCartney, December 9”

  1. Eye says:
    She is doing a live duet with the studio version of herself and the live one wins! Amazing talent!

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  2. rob47 says:
    I encourage all CHASTERS to read LAfan’s article on “Operation White Elephant”. It is an excellent article and I believe it will work!

    Thank you again LAfan! It will definitely help CHARICE to the TOP!

    More power to CHARICE and CHASTERS like YOU!

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  3. Daniel says:
    The crowd at Hershey, PA is SCREAMINNNNGLY AWESOME! This is the kind of crowd that will catapult Charice to the top. Teary eyed once again upon hearing her GUCL version. I have requested this song to be played here in LA station KOST 103.5FM that play nothing but X’mas song until Dec 25. But the music they played is the duet with David (Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas). Very happy just to hear her voice on the airwaves once again. But all of this will change next year, when her album and new single comes out, the crowd on all her X’mas events have been forewarned that she’s working on a new album. 2011 will be the year Charice will dominate the airwaves.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Daniel, how did you request GUCL @ KOST? phone, email, letter?

      I tried their general number, 818-559-2252, but need to know extension # to get anywhere; googled request #1-800-929-5678 but it’s always busy. I was going to try sending letter to address tomorrow.

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    • cueA says:

      Only listen to the radio while I’m driving yet I’ve heard the David-Charice Xmas duet 6 times already on LA’s 103.5 FM. First time, only David’s name was mentioned then after that they started mentioning Charice’s, too. Now that is real progress! I was tons disappointed this past year when I didn’t get to hear Pyramid at all on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM pop-rock station. But things are changing, this is a new era for Charice…The New Ming Dynasty!!

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  4. tsuki says:
    Charice, Congatulations!!! As Al Roker said, Charice (angel) is so talented that if Al do not watch out, angel can do the weather broadcast. Due to angel’s cramp/leg injury, recommend Charice include as part of her routine, dance aerobics to keep her healthy, in shape, and trim. She’s getting hot and will be hotter with those slim & sexy waistlines.

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  5. aroc says:
    Charice please take good care of yourself.I love u soooooo dearly and seeing you like that hurts me a lot.

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  6. rob47 says:

    I hope that the hat is just for winter if only to keep Charice’s head warm. Charice looks much better without the hat…

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  7. daddy 0 says:
    This Gig was awesome!! I am lovin it!! Charice was introduced nicely by the host and the fans are SCREEEEAAAMMIINNGG!! What a fans. Charice is now on American music mainstream… actually Global music mainstream!! i bet the next time she travels around the world the concert will be packed!!!!!!! Oprah, you are the lady Santa for Charice!!!

    what year is it right now PEOPLE??? 2010 and 2011 is so close.. WHAT MORE!!! GLEE… NEW ALBUM… maybe some American comercials… Endorsement!! Grammy… American Music Award… More MTV!!! Videos…American Video Awards!!!Maybe CMA.. who knows!!!WHAT ELSE!! EMMY???? You don’t know… DF said Sky is the limit!!! Charice is a tech Geek remember!! May be a commercial by Steve Jobs with MAC or Iphone!!! Maybe sing like Charice and Xbox will make a game for her and she will be in the game!!

    Or maybe she will be a soldier or fireman or a cop or lawyer or senator,.. SSSIIIIYYEEEETTT… CHARICE FOR PRESIDENT!! DAAAANNNGGG!!!


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  8. tnt says:
    Wow !!! charice really Phl pride…anyone in the Palace who really loves music? maybe still not enough for them:)

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  9. Bianca says:
    Charice did incredibly well in all three shows she did this week. I cant last a day without hearing her amazing voice and im soooo excited to see her again in glee :) I already know that its going to be an epic comeback. We love you Charice and i hope your leg feels better so u can show us ur dance moves again…..of course with comfier shoes lol

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  10. MegaEwolf says:
    CHFI 98.1 in Toronto is playing David Archuleta and Charice’s duet “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. I heard it 3 times already. DJ’s mention Charice and David, and make positive comments about the song.

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    • ArrVee says:
      I have noticed that too, that they mention her name nowadays. Last year, they didn’t.

      I have made a comment about that song about a year ago that in the future, people will listen to this song and will comment something like “THAT’s Charice!” – after all, who couldn’t notice that beautiful voice accompanying David …

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Any luck calling/emailing and requesting GUCL by Charice to be played? I tried with KOST 103.5 FM here in Los Angeles, but haven’t heard it played yet.

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  11. MrsCue says:
    Are there any other videos of Charice’s performance in Hershey, PA besides the “Applause and Interview” one?

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  12. Fran says:
    Instead of Christmas cards or Xmas digital emails, I’ve just sent my family, relatives, friends, FaceBook acquaintances, workers and colleague’s one of these two links in YT. They loved it! The responses I get are thank you for sharing….an amazing voice and heartwarming video….who is this Charice…where do I get her CD, and…how do I look her up? Kudos… to the developers of these videos.

    We have fourteen more days till Christmas to share this link…a very a precious gift of Charice.

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    • Joel says:
      I just cried watching lol….watching the “Grown Up Christmas List” video. It’s one thing to listen to her sing it, and another to hear her sing it with such an emotional video.

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  13. oc fan says:
    2011 is gonna be HUGE for Charice!… NEW DANCE ALBUM, SOLO CONCERT & GLEE? cant wait for all of these to happen…for the meantime let’s enjoy the ride to the top!.. To the CHASTERS, CHILL & PEACE to us all!:)

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  14. oc fan says:
    i’m so thrilled to see how the crowd so pumped up & excited to hear/see charice!im always amazed whenever she performs any type of songs!i cant wait for her to add “nobody’s singing to me”(personal fave)to her set of songs! i think it’s gonna be a blast together w/ pyramid & jingle bell rock!

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  15. artemis gibran says:

    Intelligence Qoutient ( IQ ) = SUPERIOR

    Emotional Qoutient ( EQ ) = SUPERIOR

    Adversity Quotient ( AQ ) = SUPERIOR

    I am speaking as a FAN and hopefully as a friend.

    She is so BLESSED that is why she is so GRATEFUL…soooo GENEROUS of her talent…time…and treasure.

    NOthing can stop her from sharing her talents and herself…not FOOD POISONING…not SPRAIN.WHew! A girl who was tested in the CRUCIBLE of fire…turned into GOLD…and PLATINUM! lol.

    love you girl

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  16. artemis gibran says:
    Nice to see the vids where the emcee and the CROWD were SCREAMING WILDLY for CHA in Hershey PA.

    CHARICE ROCKED! I love her get up…adn that HAT.Whoa! Love it.

    Get some rest little girl… and continue ROCKING the WORLD!

    We just LOVE you!

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  17. justcharrie says:
    aside from listening to Cha’s voice, it was the wild screaming that keeps me replaying the video. Normally, i hate screams…but why i’m drawn to this video?

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  18. madzee says:
    hi charice mania, can you do us a favor please? can you post cha’s new poster here up close? the ones that are held by the girls on the picture above. the pink poster. thanks in advance.

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    • eve says:
      sorry to disappoint you all but the pink poster is another singer who was added to the Jingle Ball line-up named auburn. She is signed to the same record label as Iyaz at Beluga Heights. We wish her luck as well in her budding career.

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      • Lexie says:
        I heard her songs and she’s another auto-tuned artist. I’m tired of hearing robotic auto-tuned singers nowadays. That’s one of the many reasons why I’m hooked with Charice. Her talent is so raw and the best way to prove to the people that her voice is not “doctored” is through live performances. She deserves more recognition. I know she’s getting there…she’s slowly but SURELY getting there. I like the pace of her success now. She’s here to stay for a looonnnnggg time.

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  19. orolph says:
    what a trouper charice truly has become. in sickness and in health she continues to deliver. that, to me, is a genuine superstar/diva.
    i pray for her always! “to the top, baby!”

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  20. luvkcha09 says:
    These performances of Charice sitting down belting songs are so endearing, the crowd can’t help but love her! Charice knows how to turn lemons into lemonades. She has always turned adversity to her own advantage – wow, something to learn. Wow, she plays basketball? I remember trying to play basketball and the basket seems so high up there LOL.
    Great Job Charice on all these appearances, the crowd I notice seems louder and more enthusiastic at each venue!

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  21. guru says:
    i agree with you saudi charistic management knows best they are experienced i want to see charice to the top baby slowly but surely

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  22. Bryan13thO6 says:
    There’s no stopping our baby…soon to be a lady… Charice…just loving you more each day…get well soon honey…=)

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  23. Patsrick says:
    Hershey Jingle Ball Appreciation for Charice at end of her songs.

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  24. Portia says:
    I will be looking forward for tonight’s event videos uploads. Tnanks a lot in advance. I hope this time Charice is not using crutches and please take care of yourself.

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  25. saudi_charistic says:
    what a very interesting comments that you all have!!! But guys, you are just discussing one thing here and we know that all. the success of our princess CHARICE and it really interesting because all of you have a point. But not all your points are credited to charice faster growth of her career in the world. I do believe and her management believe that this stuff will make charice faster popular and saleable. Don’t just limit charice to us only. We need others, i mean new chasters to make charice to the top baby…

    Charice management believed that charice must go with the flow. I mean, look at the billboard top 100, mostly are pop and RnB songs. Then how you will say that if charice limit herself to sing her own song, it will be better? Guys, just believe what her management is planning. I believed that everything will be alright. Just patiently wait untill these days come!!!

    I loved your comments. You have all the bright idea but we need the brightest which her management is trying to look for!!!
    Just good luck for them and they need our support firmly!!!
    Merry Christmas to all of you…

    have a good day chasters and non chasters who just visit here!!!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 114 Thumb down 5

    • hungKZ says:
      I totally agree with you saudi charistic..good points..thumbs up mAN!!…and to Charice, what can i say she’s absolutely chamazing…BRAVURA!!!

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  26. markgelo says:
    Charice album! #7 on billboard’s poll results..

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  27. Joel says:
    Attention Chasters:

    This is your official CHILL PILL notice! lol. Relax guys and gals. Relax, and just let Charice ride the ride that she’s on and let us enjoy it and support her. We all have our opinions. Unless you have direct contact with Mark and David Foster, our opinions will be OUR opinions and nothing more. Let’s just enjoy and look forward to Charice’s future endeavors, performances.

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  28. Rachellajames says:
    Mr. Robert Sheen cheers mate for all your articles about our princess Charice, love all your writings. Press on, continue doing it and you will reap your rewards when times comes. Hope you all the best and may GOD bless you and your family always.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 37 Thumb down 4

  29. Rachellajames says:
    Charice will become one of the brightest superstars in the universe before olympic 2012 that’s for sure. I fall inlove to you Charice since i saw you performed in the starking you are trully phenomenon way to the top baby.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 43 Thumb down 5

  30. krazyforyou says:
    Charice take care of your body. Don’t get sick. You have been working very hard promoting your image and your talent. Thank you for great entertainment every time you perform. Just remember to be full of grace and be kind-hearted. In other words keep your coolness always. God is with you always to care for you wherever you go. Always be thankful to the Lord. I love to read, hear, and see the very best about you always. God bless you more! Merry Christmas and let the jingle bells rock!

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