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“30 Days With Charice” Episode 2: QVC Performance

“30 Days With Charice” Episode 2: QVC Performance

“30 Days With Charice” is a documentary by Emmy-award winning director Matthew Mills, cut into four-minute-episodes with new ones released every Wednesday and Friday on Previous Episode The premiere episode was the perfect introduction on Charice’s background and current life as an artist. Her 18th birthday celebration is the main focus, which is just a low-key and simple party but with a happy and very contented Charice. It’s May 10, 2010, the day before the launch of her debut album, so she’s doing a short webcam video with David Foster urging fans to go buy her album tomorrow. Mixing work with a party? Charice is really hardworking and it shows how much she loves what she’s doing. QVC Performance It’s the day of Charice’s debut album release and she’s off to two shows, Oprah and QVC, for some major promotions. In this episode of “30 Days With Charice”, we go behind the scenes with Charice on her live QVC performance. QVC actually means Quality, Value and Convenience, and is a multinational corporation with a focus on bringing shopping to the comfort of our homes through television. Currently, there are 160 million viewers tuning in to QVC across five countries: US, UK, Germany, Japan, and Italy. It is the no. 2 television network in the US in terms of its total revenue, which reached $7.4 billion in 2009. For Charice’s album launch in QVC Live, she’s performing with David Foster and is going to sing six songs from her self-titled debut album, “Charice”. Iyaz, featured on her no. 1 hit Pyramid, will also perform with her live on the show. The episode starts with a frenzied sound check, where everyone is trying to make everything perfect and ready by the time they go on-air. We see how David Foster guides Charice and how she takes those directions and improve her own unique style. In the short interviews, we hear David saying how Charice is “a racehorse” during sound checks since she always sings like she’s already performing for the real thing. Tommy Page, VP of Top 40 Reprise Records, says that David is indeed “tough on her, but she responds” and they actually “work great together”. We then see Charice getting her hair done while she talks about her fear of going onstage and performing. She explains that she’s only afraid of the “before and after” but when she’s already there singing in front of everybody and the cameras, “it’s all good”. It’s definitely all good for the Charice camp as her QVC stint was extremely successful. The sales of her album were really high for that short 30 minutes of airtime. Charice then says thank you to everyone who bought her album. Tommy Page then ends the episode with positive remarks about the whole QVC performance, “Charice completely nailed it on QVC, we sold lots of records, everybody was happy, and once again we go out with a big grin on our face – job well done.”

. What’s Next? Charice is off to the Big Apple, where she’ll meet with different reporters, magazines, newspapers, and TV stations. Let’s follow her behind the scenes of countless interviews, tapings, photo shoots, and impromptu

performances – what a hectic schedule! Will Charice survive all these and still be able to say “I heart NY”? Watch episode three on Wednesday at to find out. By Sofia Carrera,

40 Responses to ““30 Days With Charice” Episode 2: QVC Performance”

  1. Amazon says:

    Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked
    submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing
    all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say superb blog!

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  2. TonyVernsky says:
    For me, the showing of the “30 Days With Charice” is good for Charice herself for it will help boost her career as an artist.

    On the other hand and talking about Christmas, I have discovered that listening to Charice’s “My Grown Up Christmas List”, “Jingle Bell Rock” & “Happy Christmas (War is Over) always make my every day a Christmas Day. So please try it yourself and get this short but beautiful Christmas album of Charice @ “itune” or “amazon”.

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  3. Jaju says:

    Do you think Cha’s staff which include Tommy Paige will put him on the video if he meant to detract Charice? Hello?????? Where’ have you been? toidi….

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  4. CharisseToo says:
    All I want for Christmas is a Charice overload!

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  5. jn says:
    Ohhh, this is off topic but I want to share with you this article, i recently read….Charice with mom will be the cover of December 2010 Housekeeping issue ( I think this is PI edition)
    Here’s the link

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  6. Pinaybug says:
    clap! clap! clap! clap! it’s great to see charice behind the scenes. you can really see her commitment to her art. i just love how she speaks in this segment. she has learned a lot in a short time, including speaking like a “native” american. she’s very adaptive.

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  7. noelbd says:
    my goshhhh…..cant wait till the next episode….

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  8. EZ says:

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  9. Angela Teves says:
    I LOVE YOU CHARICE!!! We’re really really really proud of you! ♥

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  10. ZiFi says:
    Tommy Page said that if something goes wrong then it will also show on TV and people may think “this girl isn’t really as great as everybody says she is.” He was NOT putting down Charice; he was just expressing their hopes that everything goes right during her performances. Geez, how can anybody misunderstand what he said?

    Also, enough about the comments on her dress, her makeup, hairdo, necklace, whatever. She looks fine as far as I’m concerned.

    The only thing I don’t like about “30 Days with Charice” is that the episodes too short! :-)

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  11. im sorry says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  12. Joel says:
    So I don’t know why some are all bothered about what Tommy Paige said. If you can’t hear yourself over the instrumentals you will be pitchy. That’s why performers perform live with monitors. All he was saying is due to these circumstances where IF she can’t hear herself, she get’s pitchy which is understandable. After all YOU CAN’T HEAR YOURSELF SING THE RIGHT NOTE. So he says it’s important that sound check and everything on QVC is correct so that people can hear her true talent.

    Her being pitchy is not a negative. It just means she’s human. Her perfection comes from practice and practice and more practice. That’s why when WE listen to her we are always amazed on how perfect her singing is. That’s why on some videos we see her point to the monitor or her mic and gestures to turn it up.

    BOTTOM LINE: Nothing negative was said from Tommy Paige. Singers just have to be able to hear themselves when singing so they know their singing the right notes.


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  13. Maria Jane says:
    Yes, Woody. You just misunderstood it. I got what he meant when i listend to it and just got curious after I saw the psost discussign about that .14 minutes from Tommy Paige. nothing really…

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  14. ChariceFan says:
    All the man was saying is how important is the sound check prior to the actual performance. As what David Foster noted, “Charice have a real problem, because she’s like a race horse, so she gets the sound check and she just go….and like perform just like she’s on the stage..”

    Nothing offensive really..they are just putting all of Charice’s stars in the right place :)

    In the epi One, they mentioned that Charice is still like a child, and I do believe Charice is so furtunate to have these type of people around here.

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  15. Bert Rondario says:
    QVC is great in helping sell the album… i’m just wondering, how many copies of the debut album, “Charice” have been sold to-date?

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  16. jn says:
    All I can say that Charice team is consistent with their quest to bring out the best of Charice…..Right sound and etc, Cha is able to perform her very best because she, herself has already got the voice and personality….More power to Charice and her team,….will be looking forward for more of her documentary vids. Merry Christmas everyone as we are overloaded with Cha’s events…..The best!!!!

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  17. osuna says:
    CHARICE probably work 24 hours a day, she been away from his native country for so long, she missed all the fun with her long time friends, if you mathematically compute the figures in hours and days, its really a sacrifice for this young lady, she loves the job, and that is big consolation for her……

    Now , we are hearing this 00:14 MINUTES of statement from this guy that no one can decipher what he meant……


    Is it the end of world for Charice ?????
    Is it really a big deal ?

    Dont watch Charice on this 2 episodes, just watch the people around her, she is so loved, she brings happiness to the surrounding…..and yet…..this so called 00:14 MINUTES of statement bothers others, and want to bring it up…..FOR WHAT ? AND WHAT IS THE POINT ??????


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  18. Woody says:

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    • rob47 says:
      Yes, he meant exactly what he said. It will be very hard even for the best professional singers to sing the right note if he/she could not hear himself/herself through the monitor because of the noise while performing, or if the monitor is not working exactly as it should.

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      • Woody says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • deadlysweet says:
          Relax woody, you misunderstood Tommy Page. What he meant was if something goes wrong or technical difficulties like she cant hear herself sing through the noise and faulty monitors, she might become pitchy and out of tune so PEOPLE HEARING HEAR LIKE THAT ON QTV WILL SAY “wow, she aint as great as people says she is”. So their team makes sure that everything goes well with QTV and people will see that her talents are real.

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          • deadlysweet says:
            ooopss typo with the “hearing hear” .. i meant HEARING HER (Charice) pitchy on QTV people might go “wow, she aint as good as they say she is”..

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            • Woody says:
              OK deadlysweet, I’ll accept your explanation of wht was said, although, I think he could have made it more clear that he was speculating on what other PEOPLE might think if these glitches occurred. I watchhed the clip several times and got mad the first time I saw it and didn”t hear anything else until you pointed it out. Thank you rob47 and deadlysweet for straightening me out. I realize that Charice is not perfect but she is so darn close that you can’t detect the difference.

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              • justcharrie says:
                Woody, that’s the effect of being so defensive of Charice, lol I understand you. Haha Tommy Page admires Charice so much, the way he said he’s nervous everytime he’s with Charice worrying how people would respond to her speaks much of his affection to our girl. The video was created to promote Charice.

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              • antonjuan says:
                Ohh mmyy LloorDDD. i understood what Tommy Page was trying to say the first time i saw the video. it was as clear as daylight.

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            • Jimwell says:
              You’re right Deadlysweet. That’s all Tommy meant. They want to make sure everything is perfect. Otherwise, Charice may hear different and she becomes pitchy. Nothing to be alarmed Woody.

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          • princess says:
            i totally agree with you deadlysweet. People need to understand first what was being said before reacting otherwise you look stupid. Same thing happen with comedian David Spade when he said “she ruined it” that’s actually a positive comment on charice’s part it means she is really good he even mentioned like a prodigy. People get a grip!It is not only filipinos that is reading your comments!

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        • cubbie says:
          I don’t see what you’re upset about….??? Is English a second language? (I am NOT trying to be condescending by asking that)… Tommy said NOTHING derogatory toward Charice.

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          • Woody says:

            No! cubbie, English is my first and only language, however, I am old and my hearing is not what it should be. Go ahead and condescend all you want.

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    • rob47 says:
      I forgot to add that this was the same reason why CHARICE kept on adjusting the monitor at her back during the asian tour especially at the Araneta Coliseum. She wanted to hear herself clearly so that she would not be out-of-note or pitchy…or else people might think that she is not that great of a singer after all!

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  19. LAfan says:
    Thanks Sofia for posting the article! Your work is very much appreciated. The timing of this “30 days” series couldn’t be any better… we’re all nearing the end of this truly AHNBEELEEBABLE year for both Charice and all her Chasters, and watching each episode takes us back down memory lane, to the start of the summer, when this amazing chapter of Charice’s life began to unfold on the international stage.

    Though it was over half a year ago, all these memories are rushing back into my conscience as I watch these clips, and begin to recall the excitement I had this summer anticipating her next steps in this remarkable journey she embarked on since May of this year. I chuckle at all the sleepless nights we all had this summer watching all those videos from her summer radio shows, and then to imagine that she sang to sold-out arenas with DFF shortly thereafter and received that standing ovation in her motherland at Araneta.

    But I’m getting way ahead of myself here, as we’re just starting her swing through the NYC magazines, and that amazing video of “Halo” which everyone thought was her “Glee audition” video. LOL. Wow, so many memories from this summer, and we get to experience them all over again step by step twice a week, covering her amazing “30 days”. I’m already looking forward to the Toronto episode and that amazing scene at Eaton… represent tomorrow in Buffalo, Toronto Chasters!

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  20. starbuck245 says:
    Daaaaaaaaaaaang! That’s a quick 4 minutes. I could watch the entire series in one sitting and still want more. 4 minutes twice a week must be what it is like being on a 500 calorie diet…pure torture between meals.

    I looking forward to next Wednesday already!

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  21. amor says:
    whaaah! too short! can`t wait for d next episode!

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  22. madzee says:
    Two thumbs up! Can’t wait for the next ep.

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  23. heuge says:
    is the dog Cha pet? I cant wait for next eposode.

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  24. Mamavi says:
    This is so great! I enjoy following this video. Thank you.

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  25. pom2pom says:
    Charice you’re amazing. I was so excited when you launched your album. I ordered it from QVC and went down to Target to buy another one cuz can’t wait to listen to it. Thank you to all the people behind your success esp Mr. Foster and Ms.Winfrey. Can’t wait for the 3rd episode.

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  26. Tinka - Kuwait says:
    awesome! charice unfolded a new face of the HOLLYWOOD. She is unique, fresh, angelic, innocent. A new star perfectly and carefully created from Heaven. Hat’s off to her management—way to go. You guys only makes us excited, watching this video leaves us totally BREATHLESS!!!

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    • mlddz923 says:
      Hey Tinka I love what you have just said on Charice ” A NEW STAR PERFECTLY AND CAREFULLY CREATED FROM HEAVEN”. That is exactly what she is.

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  27. nautilus_stone says:
    Wow. This is great!!! Thanks a lot for sharing.

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