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Hard-Working Charice Still Carrying a Smile

Hard-Working Charice Still Carrying a Smile

There are still three weeks to go before Christmas but Charice has been doing the yule-tide circuit with aplomb over the last week. So much so, in fact, that it would be hard to believe if not everyone in the US had managed to catch a performance of hers yet.

Charice NBC Christmas Hard Working Charice Still Carrying a Smile Not only did she produce yet more acclaimed performances in Los Angeles, at the Citadel Outlet’s 9th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and at The Grove, but she also wooed the audience at theAi??Rockefeller Center in New York last Tuesday night . And she still managed to squeeze an impromptu performance at The Darby restaurant on Long Island, New York, on November 27.

For all true Chasters then, the question is a simple one: ai???how well the Laguna-born teenager is handling it The music industry is ruthless and demanding, on an artist’s time if not their voice, and crisscrossing the US Order dipyridamole eye and Canada is certain to take its toll. Even if she is 18 years old, can Charice roll with the punches?

The answer was provided by her appearance on’s Q&A session on Monday, with presenter Ty Comer. It was one of the most revealing interview sessions with the Filipino songstress, with more than simply a few kind queries sent her way.

Behind-the-scenes footage reveal a working girl that seems to be taking it all in her stride. Arriving at the Billboard offices, she is seen to be upbeat, hugging hellos and smiling thank-yous to those who greeted her, dancing through the corridors and even taking in a little time to sing a goosebump-inducing, gospel-sounding version of “Happy Birthday To You” to an unsuspecting recipient.

Billboard Behind-the-scenes footage

During the Q&A session itself, Charice showed all of the wit and charisma for which she’s known. She laughed off Comer’s introduction where he described his special guest as ‘small in stature but she’s got a huge voice’. “I just love that introduction. Thank you so much,” she chuckled.

She also had to deal with probing questions from fans relating to a love-life that the media has already signed over to David Archuleta, who she had shared the stage with at The Grove. In truth, it’s a fair question, since she has described her experience singing with Archuleta on EXTRA as “perfect”, but Charice deflected the delicate matter with a commandingly diplomatic response, stressing Archuleta’s singing talents and his “greatness” as a guy.

EXTRA at The Grove

She spoke confidently of her recent recording work, revealing her new album to be different to her first. She also admitted she is collaborating with some of dance and RnB’s best producers and artists, but refused to name any of them. She also confirmed she would be returning to Glee, with recording starting “maybe in January”. She even admitted to finding singing in a recording studio to be harder than singing on stage.

These may seem to be normal, run-of-the-mill responses to give in an interview, but what strikes me is the notable quality in her reactions was her cool control. Charice exudes a maturity that doesn’t reflect her tender years.

At 18, we might expect her to be quiet and hesitant. As a teenager, we can forgive her for fielding questions of romance with red-faced coyness. As a newbie in a dog-eat-dog-and-its-owner world, we could be excused for expecting her to show signs of uncertainty. Instead, we see a teenage newbie that has taken to the limelight and control of her public appearances like a seasoned veteran, through the strength of her performance.

What does this mean? Most probably a lengthy and healthy music career that will see her attain the same stature – musically if not in size – as her idols, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. According to Charice herself, she is already in the middle of recording a second album, is preparing to launch another single, is set to begin recording a second series on ‘Glee’ in January, and has dates secured for a Japan tour in February,Ai?? 2011.

Weary and overwhelmed are two words that can’t be associated with the Laguna teenager, despite the hectic schedule she’s living by, which can only add to her growing reputation as one of the hardest-working and positively motivated starlets under David Foster’s wings.

2011 will bring us more of this hard-working, forever-smiling, street-smart Charice, who may be small in stature and huge in voice but is equally small in naivity and big in charm.

By Robert Sheen,

Grown-Up Christmas List EP is Now Available on Amazon

  1. Grown-Up Christmas List – Originally released in 1990 by Natalie Cole and composed by non other than Charice’s mentor David Foster. Charice new rendition is deeply soul searching. Her voice brings a fresh life to one of the most underrated holiday classics in recent years.
  2. Jingle Bell Rock – Charice has recorded 5 holiday songs. So far, “Jingle Bell Rock” has the liveliest beat, appropriately expressing Charice’s natural cheerful and playful self in this own rendition.
  3. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) – Charice has grown leap in bounds in the past 3 years. Her voice is getting lovelier and lovelier each day. She sound more confident and relaxed in this John Lennon’s Chritmas classic.

42 Responses to “Hard-Working Charice Still Carrying a Smile”

  1. TonyVernsky says:

    Charice is not only an amazing singer but a super trouper that “never say never” when it comes to reaching out to her millions of fans.

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  2. supercool says:
    charice must have a lil break so she can rest enough for her hectic schedules .. look at her eyes guys she has to rest .. the guy holding the camera was laughing while watching of her face look so stress ..charice take good care of urself u have to rest so u even more beautiful .. more power and Godbless

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  3. LAfan says:
    Thanks for this article Robert! Yes, Charice has had a grueling schedule since the start of this year, particularly after the launch of her album in May. All we have to do is click on the “Events” tab at the top of the screen to gain some perspective on what Charice has gone through over the past 12 months… it’s quite overwhelming at first glance, and I recommend everyone click on that tab just to see what I’m talking about.

    Yet, not in spite of, but more so, BECAUSE of this schedule, I think Charice would attest that she has had the TIME OF HER LIFE this year. Like Arrvee so eloquently described, from where she was during her childhood, to where she’s been (literally flying all over the world this year), Charice is living out her dreams, and watching them unfold into her new reality.

    It IS a good thing she is only 18, with the energy, drive, and passion to continue to pour herself out with each performance, each interview, each encounter with her Chasters, allowing us to join her, as she climbs up that Pyramid. Just like in the new song by Unique and Charice, “No matter the time or the distance apart,” we’ll be with you Charice, wherever you are, behind you every step of the way on this magical journey!

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  4. stefie2325 says:
    same here guys.! my schedule is jumping from morning then broken then the next day is late its like..too impossible to know that I find myself the quality time here in CM, taking the most important routine of my day..even if i finish work at 12 midnight then reach home by 1a.m. …this is my normal day here in kuwait for the last 12 months following our’s seems that if i miss on something on Charice i feel…half, sad, and the nights in bed is like tossed and’s like an agonizing feeling of regret..i normally starts my day hearing my alarm playing “Pyramid” and I grab first my player and starts playing Charice’s “Note to God” b4 I head a quite time in the bathroom,then as I finish, the player then followed the song “In this Song” and my day starts just right…I eat bfast , lunch and dinner with Charice —always playing her songs when i Start to eat..just so peaceful to listen to ringtone is the best since it plays the video of Charice and Iyaz in the studio..just love to stare my phone as i feed myself…then i end my day at work playing her song pyramid..its like hearing it for the first time over and over..and now as I have my first cigarette..i’m glued to my laptop and check on CM for any article on my princess…then as i finish typing my comment on Robert’s article..i feel so happy that I got to share to all of you Chasters the thoughts i have at this very may be not related to the article’s really a psalms that i have to do before i head to my bed…now i made it another with Charice just by my side continuing to inspire me and keeps me living this life…to you robert…more power to you and GOOD MOR-NIGHT TO ALL CHASTERS..CHARICE YOU ARE MY DAILY DOSAGE OF LIFE…muah from kuwait!

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  5. justcharrie says:
    It has been a busy year for Charice and us Chasters catching up with all her performances and soon she’ll be facing a year with a more hectic schedule. Hoping she would continue to enjoy everything so as for her not to feel the pressure of Hollywood life cuz however hard a job is, it’s nothing if you’re enjoying it. But first and foremost, I pray that God bless her with a healthy body.

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  6. osuna says:
    For some reason, some chaster is so fixated or obsessed with DA and Charice friendship, I always though that cheek rub, kissing in the cheek , hugging are standard in Hollywood crowd, I always witnessed it when they recieved “awards” in groups up in the stage, they just kiss in the cheek like nothing to it.

    I suppose kissing in the cheek is a sign of good professional and close friendship in their community, and few interpret it as something else…..then I suppose…..David Foster and Randy Santiago is dating too…..LMAO now…Randy kissed him in the cheek the last time Randy was up on the stage at the Araneta Coliseum remember ?…..oh well , like others said , “kissing in the cheek” is nothing in HOLLYWOOD….Hollywood is infested by PAPPARAZI , did I spell it “right”?….There should be a single photo of them two somewhere in an intimate moment…so far there is none ….oh well….plus Charice is cautious on this matter, Mom Raq and all of them are victim of spousal abuse for that matter, (MOM RAQ) PEACE

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    • GLEEfan says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Lolo Menehune says:
      Aloha, some Chasters like to speculate on Charice private life. In the Posting Etiquette located under ABOUT at the top of the Webpage contains this rule:

      Chat Room Rules

      * Charice’s Privacy: We know it’s interesting finding out more about Charice, but please don’t discuss her private life here. If Charice announces something in public, then it’s OK to talk about.

      Charice answered with a NO…end of subject. It seems these same individuals believe that Charice lied. We know your opinion from your comments. Please stop spreading and repeating unsubstantiated rumors.

      Aloha Chasters and Mahalo(thankyou) for supporting and respecting Charice’s right to privacy.

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  7. osuna says:
    I understand that Charice name was included in “Manila Walk of Fame” together with other famous actor singers and performers ?

    Any link to that ??????

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  8. jn says:
    Always love that smile of Charice…Thank you Mr. Sheen for writing this great article….did learn a lot from your Charice 101 series…And I agree, we are all fortunate to see this young gal in our lifetime. She is quite an inspiration.

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  9. rob47 says:
    I encourage all Chasters to E-mail the links to Charice’s Spectacular Performances to friends and relatives. You may also post them at facebook, etc….

    Only a maximum of 10 percent Filipino families here in the U.S. are FULLY supporting CHARICE. Please note that there are about five million Filipinos here. With an average family of five, there are about one million Filipino families here in the U.S. About ten percent or 100,000 are STRONG and DEDICATED CHASTERS.

    If each CHASTER will send the links to at least 20 people/families, there will be an additional 2,000,000 people/families who will appreciate how great CHARICE is as a Singer! This will speed up her popularity all over the world.

    Below are sample links of her performances during the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Rockefeller Center in NY. You may copy the two links below to your E-mail by clicking the left button of your mouse, and press the CTRL and C buttons of the keyboard. It will copy the highlighted links in blue. Then you may paste it to your E-mail by clicking the CTRL and V buttons of your keyboard.

    For the “Jingle Bell Rock” performance, I chose the link without the technical problem. It also includes the other performers. I think that it is good for the viewers to compare CHARICE with the other performers because she obviously outperformed them all!

    I hope this helps our BELOVED CHARICE!

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  10. trevor25 says:
    I may not posting comments as others but see to it that i know what’s happening to Charice. CM is very helpful and this year, I gained more friends – chasters around the globe. I am so blessed in a different way. God is good to me always and Charice is like my sister. She touched my inner soul and hearing her voice uplifts my spirit, especially when I’m down, after praying, i find myself listening to her music while on siesta, coffee, or even before bed.

    I dont know if this is normal but this makes me happy and I enjoy. That for me is the truth of living a life aside from a family.

    Merry Christmas to all Chasters and friends around.

    -tRiburcio of Charicemania-

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  11. yusuf germino says:
    we are all blessed! lucky that Princess Charice came in our generation, that doesn’t happen too often…. her voice will continue to inspire us 10, 20, 50 or more years to come.. God willing!

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  12. wow!! Thank you Robert, very nice article,,, and to all CM writers, MODS, Admin and Chasters ….. thank you for all the supports to our “DTE” princess!!!

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  13. supercool says:
    she is super douper cute cool young lady .. i love her

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  14. marianne says:
    same here EBjohn and hermiemel…my day is not complete without checking charicemania..but just recently i kinda upset coz the speaker is malfunctional so i cant listen to new vids..reading new infos will do until i fix this thing.

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  15. lancecobi says:
    she looks like a miniture Lady Gaga, how cute!

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  16. GLEEfan says:
    you know the funny thing about david’s recent interview in asia, he said that he wasn’t a kissy person, yeah okay david. rumors floating around that david might be in glee with charice taping in jan, 2011. i hope thoses rumors are true!. that would be so cool.

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    • Joel says:
      a kiss on the cheek doesn’t mean anything. If they were “dating” trust me there would be pictures of them out on a date.

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      • Lolo Menehune says:
        Aloha Gleefan, no one has bothered to point out that your endless speculations despite Charice and David denials are against the Posting Etiquette Rules listed in ABOUT at the top of the page. Charice private life is not to be discussed.

        Chat Room Rules

        * Charice’s Privacy: We know it’s interesting finding out more about Charice, but please don’t discuss her private life here. If Charice announces something in public, then it’s OK to talk about.

        Charice answered the question…end of subject. You can choose to believe she lied, that’s your opinion which we already know from your numerous posting.

        Aloha Chasters, Mahalo(thankyou) for supporting Charice!

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    • cubbie says:
      I’d say you’re just a tad bit fixated on this…. She denied it, so why can’t we just accept that until/unless proven otherwise?

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  17. GLEEfan says:

    daniel, hmm think again, on youtube, during the soundcheck at the grove tree lighting, when david was leaving when charice was doing her own soundcheck, he told charice ” i text you later” and some fans who were at the event saw david kissed charice on her cheek and i believe charice and david are offically dating. i really love that group picture and i like the fur coats too!.

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    • Joel says:
      kiss on the cheek don’t mean anything. Charice texts almost everyone she knows lol. She’s like a phone/internet freak.

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    • Jayson says:
      @GLEEfan: You show a certain symptom we don’t know yet…if it persists we fellow chasters will be obliged to bring you to a doctor to ensure your safety and health! LOL!

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    • EZ says:

      @GLEEfan David considers Charice as a daughter. He publicly says that. I kiss my daughter on the cheek EVERYDAY! Does that mean we’re having a relationship? THAT’ts just ABSURD! And David has a GF that he takes with him to their concerts. Please be careful about these assumptions, It shows someone’s true colors when you think about things like these.

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      • Jenny says:

        OMG! Hey EZ, Gleefan wasn’t talking about David Foster. She was talking about David Archuleta. LOL geez! too many “Davids” in Charice’s life, sometimes Chasters get confused. LOL but i believe David is a lucky name for Charice. and David Duenas aka Falevoice was the original David. I believe that Someone up there really love her that much. Imagine she lost her father when she was young but He replaced him with three men/angels that plays a significant role in her life right now and they all named David. I don’t believe in fairytale but what a fascinating life story she really has. God bless you more Charice!

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  18. olanski says:
    keep smiling, Charice…

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  19. ArrVee says:
    I believe the maturity she displays is a result of her extensive dealings with industry heavyweights and professionals in the USA, who, because of her level of talent, treat her like they would a great star – with professionalism and great respect. This inevitably rubs off on her, and with her newfound self-confidence, she learns how to assert herself, conduct herself professionally, and deal with tricky situations that would put her on the spot.

    her criss-crossing the world from one performance to another, though on a much larger scale, harks back to what she has been doing since childhood, moving from one singing contest to another until the wee hours of the morning, when physical exhaustion would usually set in.

    David Foster also said that aside from her talent (which is just one ingredient for success), she is a quick study, has a great work ethic, working really hard to better herself, and has an instinctive feel for managing her own image online.

    beneath that sweet, charming and innocuous personality lies a bedrock of solid character, one that has been forged in the fires of her challenging childhood. While the stakes were much higher then (where a good performance meant food on the table), nowadays, she nevertheless feels the great responsibility of making the most of these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that are being laid before her, not taking anything for granted.

    she is unfolding before us into a Lady of Substance …

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    • thephenomfan says:
      In addition to what you said “where a good performance meant food on the table,” I think she still consider similar perspective only in a larger scale. She keeps on perfecting her craft and continues to perform her best all the time because she does it not only for all the people who helped bring her to where she’s at now, but also for her country and Asia.

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      • ArrVee says:
        that is so true @thephenomfan, and she is reminded of this when David Foster introduces her as “one of yours” in the DFF Asian tour, with “yours” referring to Asia.

        when they were in desperate need, Charice and her mom prayed hard at the Quiapo church for help, and as all the blessings continue to pour down on her, I believe that she remembers all that, and therefore does not take any of these blessings for granted. And yes, with such blessings come corresponding responsibilities.

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  20. Zee says:
    All I have to say is the family team is really taking care of Charice & we are grateful. Charice just have fun, don’t overwork yourself & get plenty of rest :) Before you graduate from LAW school you’ll be known & loved from around the world. The famous Singing Lawyer ^^ Take care & God Bless ‹3

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  21. hermiemel says:
    Charice is someone that I have to know about daily. She is like a religious ritual to me. A special place to go where I know my memories will be fullfilled.

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    • EBjohns11 says:
      same with you Hermie, its part of my routine, check her everday =) even with busy schedule, i gotta check her out. The thing is i cant chat longer anymore.. i miss those times.

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  22. Daniel says:
    All Charice wanted was to be recognized as a singer in the Philippines and be like her idols- Regine and Sarah, but look what happened. Not only her wish was granted, she’s now recognized around the world. She’s been working since seven years old becoming the main breadwinner for her family; so no work is too hard for Charice
    because she love to sing and enjoy sharing her angelic voice for everyone to hear.

    Regarding her relationship with David, I feel they’re just “friends” with no romantic attachments. She’s still prioritizing education as her main goal and she doesn’t want any distraction at this time. Some chasters were saying David might have a love interest that’s why he choke and sang off-key at LA Groove, but who knows. I was there myself and when David was introducing Charice, he paused a little bit before saying my good friend Charice. Her new look
    could mean a new Charice that could surprise us next year.

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  23. osuna says:
    CHARICE made a big mistake, all she wants is to be famous in her native country, look what happen, she have to work twice as hard now…but we are all happy that she is around during our lifetime.

    She will be around for a very long time….and we are the one who will benefit from it, lets enjoy it while we can.

    Long live Charice , we trully love you and the family.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Osuna, you did it again! :)

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      • osuna says:
        thank you starbuck245, unfortunately the thumbsdowner took the first few words as offensive, what I am trying to imply as a “mistake” is, she should have said in some of the interviews “just want to be famous in America, Europe, Asia and and all over the WORLD..LOL…not just LITTLE BIG STAR… well I suppose others cannot take a little fun (wink)LMAO now.

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