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“30 Days With Charice” Documentary by Matthew Mills Airs December 1, 2010

“30 Days With Charice” Documentary by Matthew Mills Airs December 1, 2010

Half a year ago, Charice was spotted being followed by a camera crew – TMZ paparazzi? Not even close. Matthew Mills is quite an upgrade from the anonymous man behind the lens who stalks celebrities – he’s actually an Emmy Award-winning director who has produced and directed MTV Unplugged episodes featuring artists like Katy Perry, Adele, and Paramore.

Details have been quite few about this documentary, with Matthew Mills’ twitter page the sole source of news and updates. And now, he’s been quite active in tweeting and re-tweeting details on the documentary’s official premiere. Here’s two of his latest tweets:

“My girl @OfficialCharice pretty much lives on the road. “30 Days With Charice” debuts 12/1/10 on Trailer:

Catch @OfficialCharice tomorrow, 12/1/10, on! It’s the debut of my documentary series, “30 Days With Charice””

No exact show time has been confirmed by Mills and, so just stay tuned and we’ll break the news here at once more information is available. For now, keep yourselves excited with the official trailer of “30 Days With Charice” below:

Are you excited about the documentary’s premiere today? And would you also want to spend “30 Days With Charice”? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.


Spend “30 Days With Charice” in Our Brand-New Web Series!

Bummed that Charice Pempengco, aka Glee‘s Sunshine Corazon, didn’t make a cameo in last night’s Sectionals showdown? Yeah, us too. But here’s something to hold all you Charice fans over until the inevitable Sunshine vs Rachel Berry diva duel at Regionals. Full story >> Teen.Com

By Sofia Carrera,

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  1. justcharrie says:

    Epi 3. Have a Kleenex.

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  2. gunrunner says:
    i preferred eternity with charice not just 30 days he he he

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  3. EBjohns11 says:
    I saw this one and i love it, looking forward next friday for day 2 episode. You can even see Alex Moy on episode 1 LOL. I made a comment on the Teen website too. and Heck, im not even teen but what am i doing there? hehe. Its all because of Charice!! She made me young hah.

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  4. Zee says:
    Be sure to watch it in to increase the views!!!!!!! Tweet with #30DaysWithCharice & THANK Matthew Mills @spacemanmills :) & spread it to everyone. *Wednesdays & Fridays*

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  5. Juerry says:
    i’m very excited to watch the whole episode of 30 days with charice..

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  6. JR says:
    Admin, can we please remove the Youtube video here in Charicemania. Just put the link for

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    • schoen says:
      Video is embeded JR thanks. That dog must be famous now. LOL!

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      • Bigfan says:
        Schoen, we are still not supporting website by embedding their videos here…
        I agree with JR to use the link that he suggested instead… So people can read their article there.

        If not, I’d like to understand your reason why we can’t do that…

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      • Bigfan says:

        On the other hand, can’t you embed the entire page instead of just the video?

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        • schoen says:
          The video is embeddable, they added it on their site to be copied and posted (otherwise they would have blocked that option). The source link is added below it for Chasters and readers to click (which is usually being done). The entire page cannot be embed but could be copied and pasted. But since this article is written by our writer Sofia, CM as you´ve noticed is publishing own articles. I can´t seem to find the trailer though on their site, maybe I´m wrong. And yes, we are supporting

          Thanks for the thumbs down too.

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          • Bigfan says:
            Schoen, you are probably one of top fans who commit several hours a day for charice and this website. Thank you for that  and to other contibutors like Sofia.  This website will not be here without you.  I owe my daily entertainment from reading this site to you guys.

            However, please do not discourage people to ‘thumbs down’ anything that we disagree with.  Sorry if I offended you, but we have freedom of speech, most especially if we have a point to make.

            And here is my point.  This 30 days with Charice, is not just any other article that we can copy and post here.    It’s a month long web series that uses to promote their site as well.  Let’s give credit, where credit is due. 

            I’m guessing people will not be as excited to go if they already read it here.  I just went to when I realized they are counting hits (from @officialcharice tweet) – and I’m sure I’m not the only one.   

            This site plagiarizes by putting the entire article in chaicemania.  it’s not even just a teaser, we copy and post the whole story verbatim (word for word).  There is nothing more to read in the source’s site.

            The fact that we have to tell people to go to to watch, to increase the number of hits means we are not really helping by putting the whole story and embedding the video here.

            If you just post the link to the page like JR suggested, then you know ALL of Charicemania’s followers will watch only from  Then we become part if the solution, not the problem.

            Anyhow, you are the admin, you and a few others are still the boss.  Please think about this request when you post the next segment of the web series.

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            • Gleekster says:

              Embedding the video from is fine. They do have analytics still for embedded views. However COPYING the whole article there and PASTING it here, there’s no analytics for that — the ability to know how many views they got for the article PLAGIARIZED in another site.

              Are the admins of this site turning a blind eye and so too the avid fans of this PLAGIARISM?

              Yeah there was something written original at the top of this article but when you reach at bottom, HELLO PLAGIARISM! Best of both worlds right?

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  7. Muthu says:

    She is not a National Leader,Just a business girl, so don’t get any buldups

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    • Muthu says:
      No She is Good Girl.she got big achievements in under 18 age. so very talented girl,my warm wishes to her.all the best for ur life

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  8. daddy 0 says:
    SEE..SEE..SEE.. Imagine you are having a very simple b-day in NY and joining you are VP of 143Reprise and DF and LR and MJ.

    She is really going big!! I love the way she paly with her computer with DF. I also love the French Bulldog!! Charice..your so sweet and jolly..Got to be like that always!! Most priceless one is when DF gave you a hug and LR help you with the wish and blowing the candles.

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  9. ella says:
    oh my God…..i can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes

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  10. CHAYAZ says:
    i love iyaz and charice both amazing and great singers… they are crazy funny buddies ..

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  11. Zifi says:
    Didn’t see Bigfan’s post below. Sorry :-)

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